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The Cassie Morgan “Story”

Recently we’ve been emailed by Cassie Morgan. And she wanted to get her REAL story out.

Here’s what her email was to us (click photo to enlarge):

Overall, it’s just about how she got hacked on her Twitter by her friend. Her friend spread rumors about her and started drama with people on Twitter and there was nothing Cassie could do about it.

Since she said “PLEASE EXPLAIN” I guess we can go on with how this is portrayed in our eyes. Now, let’s just say, that we (PLB) have gotten hacked a few times so if Cassie really did get hacked, we understand how it must feel having hackers  pretending to be you and start drama with random people.  We get that. But from another point of view,  there’s no possible way to tell if all of what’s she said was 100% real and genuine. Last summer “Cassie Morgan” has started rumors about dating Justin.  Those rumors led to a lot of drama in the Belieber fan base.  Although Cassie says the person who hacked her made up those things, there are many people who believe that it was Cassie herself who started the rumors and drama for attention. If it was the real Cassie, it wouldn’t be a surprise to us because you wouldn’t believe how many fans make up rumors about dating  Justin then when they get caught up in their lies, they say they got hacked and that they never dated him. But I’m not saying this couldn’t be true. I think there could be some truth to it but overall, it’s still a mystery.

Do YOU believe Cassie Morgan’s story?

Cassie also posted this on Tumblr today and it’s been causing a pretty big riot on Twitter/Tumblr:

A few people have wanted OUR opinion on this all. So here it is: Personally, this could either be real or fake. It could be true because a lot of people have met Jelena together and have said the same things. Even a few Selenators have tweeted in the past about this happening and have ended up changing their Selena fan accounts. But no one knows for sure if this particular story is true. What do you guys think about all this?

– Cassie’s Twitter: @itsCassieMorgan


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Selena Gomez EMA’S Promo Video

Howdy partners!  As you all know, ever since Jelena evolved, Selena has gotten to host multiple big award shows. She’s now hosting the EMA’s (Europe Music Awards) 2011. What you’re about to watch is her promo video:

This is surely….. different than the usual Gomez promos.  But besides that, I’m sure we’re all still interested to watch the EMA’s and burst of happiness whenever our favorite artists win. Maybe Bieber will surprise us with a visit from Latin America. And who knows, Jelena could possibly have another International Television kissing session 😉 That wouldn’t be a surprise to much of us.

The EMA’s will be held at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena in the UK on Novemeber 6, 2011. Tune in on MTV to watch the EMA’s live!

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Jasmine Villegas “NUDE” Real or Fake?

Aside from the Sydney Dalton, Jelena, and the My World Tour controversy, some new Jasmine Villegas news have come about. Recently this picture was brought up on the web and people are CLAIMING it’s Jasmine Villegas. But honestly take a look yourself:

Now let’s all take a second to laugh. -laughs for eternity- Clearly, this isn’t Jasmine. This looks like one of those Playboy magazine shoots. Not only that, but the image looks very Photoshopped. Take a look from the neck up, as well as the hand. Those figures of the image doesn’t match up with the body of the picture. Our take? 100% fake and whoever created this image is a Photoshop genius.  For a second there, it could have many people fooled into belief that it’s Jasmine V.

This image is still lingering around the web, mostly on Tumblr. Of course those who aren’t very fond of Jasmine will all want to believe it’s her. But let’s be real, Jasmine knows better to never do a photo-shoot like this. At least not at the age of 17 anyway. What do you think? Is this another Photoshopped attempt at ruining a young teen’s career or is this really Jasmine Villegas?

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Sydney Dalton Drama Continues…

First off, I’m sure we’re all aware of who Sydney Dalton is. If not, here’s a summary of how her fame began:

Last year, around the Madison Square Garden big concert event. Sydney Dalton (@sydneydalton) was a Belieber, just like you all.  Sydney even met the Biebs multiple times. She posted a video last year with her friends on YouTube ripping up Bieber posters to symbolize that she was over her “Bieber Obsession” era.  Sadly, that didn’t go so well with Beliebers. Sydney deleted the video on YouTube but people still re-uploaded the video on their accounts. She got a countless amount of hate from Beliebers, death threats, Sydney got kicked out of one of the biggest Bieber Support Twitters: @BieberArmy and she was trending almost every day on Twitter last Summer.  Did I mention she would have been a movie star?  But Scooter kicked her off the Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” movie after all the drama that went down on Twitter.   Though being kicked off the NSN movie, Sydney was still able to attend Madison Square Garden for all the rehearsals and filming for Justin’s big MSG NYC showcase.  Slowly, the Twitter drama cooled down and Sydney stated that she was not a Belieber anymore. But guess what? She’s BACKKKKKKK!

Now the Twitter drama doesn’t revolve around Sydney and Bieber, it revolves around Sydney and One Direction. As you all know, a  little over a week ago Sydney met the new hot boy band, One Direction.  And of course, 1D fans were jealous and all the attention Sydney got from meeting 1D got her trending on the Twitter TT list:

Sydney then made a blog post on her Tumblr about how she met 1D then posted a video:

Here’s pictures Sydney took with One Direction:

From reading that post, viewing the pictures and watching the video you can tell that Sydney Dalton, her friends and One Direction had a blast that night. Let’s get into the post about her meeting 1D a little more. I’ve highlighted some things in the post that Sydney wrote that could have added to the reasons why One Direction fans were jealous and were sending her hate.

Sydney sure did get detailed in her 1D experience. Even the part about Harry staring at her ass could have alone could piss One Direction fans off.  Or maybe the part about Harry grinding on her (jokingly of course) could do the damage to 1D fans.

From searching through her Tumblr archive, this post from March came up:

I highlighted what Sydney said about whoever this person was claiming that she liked One Direction. Keep in mind readers, this post above was in MARCH. About 6 months before Sydney even met One Direction. But honestly, this is quite interesting. Sydney, as always, calls out Bieber fans. “MAKIN SHIT UP. typical bieber fans.” Though she used to be a BIG Belieber herself.  It’s only been 6 months and now she absolutely adores One Direction. Remember a few weeks ago BEFORE she met One Direction when her info box on Twitter didn’t even mention one thing about them? Things have changed:

Now that Sydney’s onto a new fan base, it’s pretty easy to just trash Beliebers all day now.

And let’s not forget the tweet that Sydney posted on Twitter then deleted:

If she has “bieber” in her twitter name #shestooyoungforyoubro

I find it funny that now is when she starts hating on Beliebers. The time when she joins a new fan group is when all these Bieber hate tweets come out. Let’s just hope that Sydney doesn’t rip up One Direction posters because then she’ll have to join the Cody Simpson fan group to hate on Directioners. Either way, it seems like her fame only comes from Twitter drama.

What are your views on Ms. Dalton? Do you feel that she deserves the hate that she’s getting from both Beliebers and Directioners? Are you a Dalton fan or could you just care less? Leave your comments below!


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Justin and His Short Shorts? – Summer’s Gone

First before hand, Click here. That will lead you to the song “Summer’s Gone” allegedly written and sang by Bieber.

Summer’s Gone

Now that YOU’VE heard it, let’s move on. According to some Belieber Tumblr pages, that is a leaked snippet of Justin Bieber’s upcoming song “Summer’s Gone” which will be on his new album.

What I think? It’s not Justin. Sure it sounds like Justin’s voice. Two words, audio effects. From all the lyrics Justin would choose to sing about, why would he choose “I miss my short shorts and my tank top too..” or whatever that was. I couldn’t hear with all the autotune. It sounds a little too feminine (in those specific lyrics mostly.)

A belieber also posted a comment on the post claiming it’s Justin:

I’m not saying there’s no chance it’s Justin. But I just don’t understand why Bieber would miss his short shorts? I’ve never seen him wearing short shorts. Ever.  From what I know, there are a lot of un-known artists that usually tweak up their audio on most of their songs, making it sound like other major celebrities because that way more people would view their song.  You can even catch a few on YouTube. So what do you guys think? Could this be another fake or does Justin really miss Summer and his short shorts?

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Justin and Brittany?

A little over a month ago, we got an email from someone basically talking about a girl named Brittany that Justin has been apparently seeing for a while now. One of our old members overlooked it and never talked about it.

In this email, the anon messenger also included some VIP tickets/passes that were supposedly Brittany’s in which, Justin sent her. But of course, that could have been anybody’s tickets and VIP passes. Although the mailer did tell us she got it off Brittany’s Facebook. Beside just pictures of ‘Brittany’s’ tickets and passes, Attached in the email were a few pictures of Brittany at Bieber Meet&Greets and Backstage:

Here’s the email proof so you can read it yourself (click on it, to enlarge the image):

The email was sent to us after this picture of Justin kissing a girl (Who became rumored Selena):

Funny thing about this picture. People straight off the bat, were debating whether it was even Selena because this girl has a pretty flat face, kind of like Brittany’s. Then there were a few people debating whether it was even Justin since he has a mole on his neck. There was never a clear (non edited with color) image of Justin and whoever this girl is. That made it harder to find out who were in this image. People were sure it wasn’t Jelena, but could it have been Justin and someone.. else?

Just yesterday, the anon mailer contacted us again, through Formspring:

The link is to Brittany’s Facebook- and it’s a picture of her kissing someone who looks awfully like the Biebs. I must say, I do find it weird how there are only pictures of this Brittany girl and a boy, whenever Justin just happens to be in her area. (Her profile is private, so we couldn’t get the full big picture):

Brittany lives in NY, and just a few days ago Justin spent some time in NY but he was with Selena for most of the time, of course. It could be Justin, or just someone who looks much like him. We’ll update you on this situation. But for now, there’s not much to it. What do you think?


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Hacked – Want to be a New Member?

*UPDATE.. we were hacked, but we restored out account by filling out the twitter form. But read on if you wish for more info. And how to become a new member. @XOXOPLB is BACK. So follow it. But the other twitters we made will be for backup/updates!

We got hacked, so you can follow our main twitter- @XOPLB and our back up @XOXOPLBitches. Yeah.. that’s pretty much it. Lol- and we’re probably going to need another member or two. Our email is prettylittlebieber@yahoo.com, so if you’re interested.. HIT US UP!  That’s all I have to say right now. But you may be asked to submit something so we can tell who would be the best for the position.

What we’re looking for:

Must be sexy, that’s a plus 😉 Haha but seriously-

Good punctuation.

Somewhat of experience in writing,blogging,etc.

Trustworthy (we’ll be giving you the passwords, secret accounts, and other topics)

Available at least 4 times a week. (To check up on emails, view twitter mentions)

Any age – Nothing but a number 😉 But the least age would be 13.

What you’re comfortable writing about.

-Send in an example of a blog, and also all that info. If you mess up just re-send :)-

Please follow everything. If we have to keep replying you, it’ll get confusing. And we might not see your actual email. We got a lot. So try your best to fit all the info in one email please. Thank you 🙂

**The deadline to sent in applications will be May 20th, 2011 5pm PCF time.**

Also we’re not sure who hacked us. But we were hacked earlier today around noon time. They only hacked our twitter though, so it’s fishy Usually they would hack the blog and twitter? Especially since both of our passwords were the same. Something’s not adding up. But anyways until we figure this out, talk to us on twitter. When you’re sending in the emails, make sure to add your twitter!!

Much love,


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