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Selena Gomez EMA’S Promo Video

Howdy partners!  As you all know, ever since Jelena evolved, Selena has gotten to host multiple big award shows. She’s now hosting the EMA’s (Europe Music Awards) 2011. What you’re about to watch is her promo video:

This is surely….. different than the usual Gomez promos.  But besides that, I’m sure we’re all still interested to watch the EMA’s and burst of happiness whenever our favorite artists win. Maybe Bieber will surprise us with a visit from Latin America. And who knows, Jelena could possibly have another International Television kissing session 😉 That wouldn’t be a surprise to much of us.

The EMA’s will be held at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena in the UK on Novemeber 6, 2011. Tune in on MTV to watch the EMA’s live!

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Justin and His Short Shorts? – Summer’s Gone

First before hand, Click here. That will lead you to the song “Summer’s Gone” allegedly written and sang by Bieber.

Summer’s Gone

Now that YOU’VE heard it, let’s move on. According to some Belieber Tumblr pages, that is a leaked snippet of Justin Bieber’s upcoming song “Summer’s Gone” which will be on his new album.

What I think? It’s not Justin. Sure it sounds like Justin’s voice. Two words, audio effects. From all the lyrics Justin would choose to sing about, why would he choose “I miss my short shorts and my tank top too..” or whatever that was. I couldn’t hear with all the autotune. It sounds a little too feminine (in those specific lyrics mostly.)

A belieber also posted a comment on the post claiming it’s Justin:

I’m not saying there’s no chance it’s Justin. But I just don’t understand why Bieber would miss his short shorts? I’ve never seen him wearing short shorts. Ever.  From what I know, there are a lot of un-known artists that usually tweak up their audio on most of their songs, making it sound like other major celebrities because that way more people would view their song.  You can even catch a few on YouTube. So what do you guys think? Could this be another fake or does Justin really miss Summer and his short shorts?

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Jasmine V Follwing Spree

Earlier today, Jasmine Villegas followed one of Justin’s “private” accounts. We’ve been under the impression that this is Justin’s private account, because many of his friends, now including Jasmine, have followed it. Although, one thing caught our eye. He didn’t even directly tweet her, she just followed him. We also had an annonomys source email us, telling us her experience with Jasmine. She innocently started tweeting Jasmine saying how her and Justin were a cute couple and such, when Jasmine followed her.

Which means she basically made it known that she reads those tweets, and likes them. There must be some secret feelings on her side. She is following him, and fans that support Justmine instead of Jinsu fans. Click yet?

Anyways, back to Justin’s private account. We had multiple people tell us that Jasmine had followed Justin’s private account. I figured I’d check it out, and there it was. We can’t give out his private account, but she did in fact follow it. Surely.

Is this a sign that Jasmine could be heading back to the Biebs, and not taking Jinsu’s side or starting to become friends like they were before? We all see the signs. All of us. We think Jasmine does love Jinsu, but still has feelings for Justin. All of this, for following his private account….says something.

Justin and Brittany?

A little over a month ago, we got an email from someone basically talking about a girl named Brittany that Justin has been apparently seeing for a while now. One of our old members overlooked it and never talked about it.

In this email, the anon messenger also included some VIP tickets/passes that were supposedly Brittany’s in which, Justin sent her. But of course, that could have been anybody’s tickets and VIP passes. Although the mailer did tell us she got it off Brittany’s Facebook. Beside just pictures of ‘Brittany’s’ tickets and passes, Attached in the email were a few pictures of Brittany at Bieber Meet&Greets and Backstage:

Here’s the email proof so you can read it yourself (click on it, to enlarge the image):

The email was sent to us after this picture of Justin kissing a girl (Who became rumored Selena):

Funny thing about this picture. People straight off the bat, were debating whether it was even Selena because this girl has a pretty flat face, kind of like Brittany’s. Then there were a few people debating whether it was even Justin since he has a mole on his neck. There was never a clear (non edited with color) image of Justin and whoever this girl is. That made it harder to find out who were in this image. People were sure it wasn’t Jelena, but could it have been Justin and someone.. else?

Just yesterday, the anon mailer contacted us again, through Formspring:

The link is to Brittany’s Facebook- and it’s a picture of her kissing someone who looks awfully like the Biebs. I must say, I do find it weird how there are only pictures of this Brittany girl and a boy, whenever Justin just happens to be in her area. (Her profile is private, so we couldn’t get the full big picture):

Brittany lives in NY, and just a few days ago Justin spent some time in NY but he was with Selena for most of the time, of course. It could be Justin, or just someone who looks much like him. We’ll update you on this situation. But for now, there’s not much to it. What do you think?


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In New York

As if the matching dog tags, J and S henna tattoos and matching outfits at the Oscar party weren’t enough, the couple decided to take it to the next level and get matching Louis Vuitton bags. They probably got them when they went on that shopping date on Justin’s birthday, and poor Alfredo was the bag holder.

It’s like this couple never stops with trying to prove how in love they are, how they are just like every other couple, doing what other couples do and trying to seem normal. The couple was out and about today all over New York. From rock climbing, to grabbing lunch at Mc Donald’s, to shopping at the Nike store, to ending the day with a nice dinner, they were non stop on the go today. Again, for a couple that seems to like their privacy and doesn’t want people in their business they seem to be in the public eye 99% of the time they are together. While they were out Justin had stopped for a couple of the fans that had asked for pictures. As he took the pictures- he seen sporting a brand new Louis Vuitton backpack unlike his usual black back-pack he always has on.

A few hours before that @AdamBraun (Scooter’s brother) Twitpic’d a picture of Kenny holding a bag. It was a female bag, and in the background Selena and Justin were there. So people caught on to the fact that it was Selena’s bag. but they missed the part where that bag is the same bag as Justin’s new back-pack, but in purse version. If you look closely you could tell they’re alike.

Anyways, Justin and Selena seem to enjoy strolling all around New York. That fun is soon to end this weekend seeing as Selena will be heading out to London on July 5th to finish promoting her new album “When The Sun Goes Down”. She’ll also be meeting a couple of fans at a signing there. After that, I assume that she will begin rehearsals for her Summer tour- since that starts a few weeks after her UK trip. With that said, do you think that Justin will follow her to the UK? Or do you think they will call it quits before her tour begins? If so, What will their break-up excuse if they split this month?


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Hanging with the Smiths.

Justin had a day to chill out with friends before he had to attend the BET awards yesterday. What did he do and where did he spend it you ask? He went to the movies and had a boys night with Jaden Smith. Now, before I get to the boys night part, lets talk about the movies. Everyone had thought that it was just the two of them hanging out, and being normal for a few hours. Little did they know they had a few girls that they were with them.. and I’m not just talking about the girls that were attacking them for pictures at the movies.

I’m not jumping to conclusion and saying that it was a date or anything, because I’m not really sure who these girls are- I was reading their bio and it said that two of them were upcoming singers in LA- and I heard that one of them was Jaden’s cousin? Whatever connection they have, they seem to know Jaden and his crew very well. Basically, all i’m trying to say is you know how flirty Justin can get when there’s girls around. He isn’t really shy to say what’s on his mind or pull some moves. He’s been knowing for flirting up a storm with any girl with a pulse-  and hey, Selena isn’t around to keep him linked to her hands. After their movie, the crew headed back to the Smith residence to play a couple video games, surprise fans on tinychat, hacked each other’s twitters, and slept over etc. Wonder why the paparazzi didn’t decide to show up? This just adds more suspicion to Jelena’s date night’s- because they always seem to make it out for those.

We’re always watching..


Got Justin On My Necklace: Paige Hurd

You may know Paige from many TV shows and movies. If not, you’ll most definitely remember her from Bieber’s Never Let You Go music video as she played Justin’s love interest.

We were sent this picture of Paige Hurd wearing a necklace that says Justin. First, before we jump to conclusions, lets list a few theories about this image:

1) This could be a fake photo, where someone edited the necklace name.

2) This could be a necklace about another person named Justin.

3) Lastly, As you would guess, it could be for the Biebs.

That might be unexpected since Justin and Paige were never really spotted together (outside the Never Let You Go video set, and Lil Twist’s ‘birthday bash’ last year). They seem more on a friendly level as of now.

What do you think?


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