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Selena Gomez EMA’S Promo Video

Howdy partners!  As you all know, ever since Jelena evolved, Selena has gotten to host multiple big award shows. She’s now hosting the EMA’s (Europe Music Awards) 2011. What you’re about to watch is her promo video:

This is surely….. different than the usual Gomez promos.  But besides that, I’m sure we’re all still interested to watch the EMA’s and burst of happiness whenever our favorite artists win. Maybe Bieber will surprise us with a visit from Latin America. And who knows, Jelena could possibly have another International Television kissing session 😉 That wouldn’t be a surprise to much of us.

The EMA’s will be held at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena in the UK on Novemeber 6, 2011. Tune in on MTV to watch the EMA’s live!

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Where’s Cameron?

Just as I was about to go to bed, we got this dm from a girl who sent us some pretty interesting info.  She linked us to a tumblr, I won’t give the account out just in case they don’t want to be out in the public. I will however show you the screen-shots i took of the tumblr. Let’s just say they saw some pretty awkward things go down in Allstar weekend’s live chat tonight.
If you can’t read what the screen-caps say, I’m going to be putting it underneath.
“Cameron is with Selena BREAKING NEWS. It’s 1 a.m and Cameron Quiseng is missing from the tour bus. The tour bus is moving…which can only mean…he is on Selena’s tour bus…. awkz.”
Is this a joke? Or real? REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I was just watching there live chat and Cam was not there, but the bus was moving. Everyone was asking where he was, but he’s not there and they were avoiding answering, because they can’t lie…the car is moving.”
“Cameron Quiseng is in a band called Allstar Weekend and they are on tour with Selena. So they were having this live chat for an hour or so, and Cameron was not there. They showed several places in the tour bus and it was visible that he was not in the tour bus. He is still very much on tour with them, and I am not implying he is sleeping with Selena, or dating her. I’m just saying he is riding in her tour bus. It’s cool, I was just pointing it out because everyone in there mother was writing ‘Where’s Cam?’ and Zach would look at the comments and avoid everyone asking. It’s kind of obvious if you ask me…or maybe he was taking a really long pee. Who knows.”
But that doesn’t mean he’s with Selena! I don’t like jelena at all, but I am just saying. What If he was in the bathroom? Was it a bus, or a car? That will make it more realistic for me here. They were in the tour bus, but they did show the whole tour bus and they were on the live chat for about an hour before Zach’s wifi wore out because they were driving. He even said they were driving. I’m not implying anything like he’s sleeping with her or anything, it’s just weird that he’s over there on an overnight drive. Mikey actually came out of the bathroom I believe, and then they started doing some awkward dancing…”
As you can see, things are looking pretty fishy. I’m not gonna start pointing fingers but where else could Cameron be? The tour bus was moving and it was in the middle of the night. 1am to be exact.
– One of the band members went to the bathroom during the chat, Cameron couldn’t have been in there. Unless they have two toilets in one bathroom.
– They were showing several parts of the tour bus during the live chat, and he was nowhere to be found- unless Cameron is a pro at hide and seek. A tour bus is not that big, you could see what is going down.
–  Cameron is their band member, how could they not know where he is or what he’s doing? That is just bizarre to me.
– If he was sleeping, don’t you think they would have said that? instead of avoiding all questions about it and looking awkward/getting quiet each time they were asked.
-It was a moving tour bus, they must be going towards the next tour date. Cameron can’t be out taking a walk, at a store, at a hotel room or outside in general. That wouldn’t make any sense, seeing as it’s a moving tour bus. He has to be on someone’s bus, if he is not on his own.
– Not only that, Cameron has been spotted side stage watching Selena’s set a few times right after their set is done. Don’t you think that if any of the other band members were side stage, they would mention their names too?
– Also, Cameron seems to be the only band member she spends most of her time with. Taking instagram pictures with, going to open mic shows, playing in the rain and etc.
So, what do you guys think? Where could Cameron be?

In New York

As if the matching dog tags, J and S henna tattoos and matching outfits at the Oscar party weren’t enough, the couple decided to take it to the next level and get matching Louis Vuitton bags. They probably got them when they went on that shopping date on Justin’s birthday, and poor Alfredo was the bag holder.

It’s like this couple never stops with trying to prove how in love they are, how they are just like every other couple, doing what other couples do and trying to seem normal. The couple was out and about today all over New York. From rock climbing, to grabbing lunch at Mc Donald’s, to shopping at the Nike store, to ending the day with a nice dinner, they were non stop on the go today. Again, for a couple that seems to like their privacy and doesn’t want people in their business they seem to be in the public eye 99% of the time they are together. While they were out Justin had stopped for a couple of the fans that had asked for pictures. As he took the pictures- he seen sporting a brand new Louis Vuitton backpack unlike his usual black back-pack he always has on.

A few hours before that @AdamBraun (Scooter’s brother) Twitpic’d a picture of Kenny holding a bag. It was a female bag, and in the background Selena and Justin were there. So people caught on to the fact that it was Selena’s bag. but they missed the part where that bag is the same bag as Justin’s new back-pack, but in purse version. If you look closely you could tell they’re alike.

Anyways, Justin and Selena seem to enjoy strolling all around New York. That fun is soon to end this weekend seeing as Selena will be heading out to London on July 5th to finish promoting her new album “When The Sun Goes Down”. She’ll also be meeting a couple of fans at a signing there. After that, I assume that she will begin rehearsals for her Summer tour- since that starts a few weeks after her UK trip. With that said, do you think that Justin will follow her to the UK? Or do you think they will call it quits before her tour begins? If so, What will their break-up excuse if they split this month?


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Fake Dates?

Yay, another blog about everyone’s favorite teen couple! After a month of being attached at the hip like Siamese twins, the couple finally decided to take a breather and let one and another have their own time to themselves. While Selena was sick in LA, Justin jetted over to his home in Atlanta, Georgia- to spend some quality time with his mother and some old friends back down south! It had only been a couple of days until the sighting rumors started to spread like wild-fire all over twitter.

The first rumor started in Dallas, Texas at Selena’s mall tour a few days back. The couple had not seen each other in a few days so, It has been all around twitter that since Justin was already in Atlanta, he was going to visit his ‘girlfriend’ at her show? Nobody was sure it would happen until Selena started her Q&A. A fan had asked her “Where’s Justin?” Selena replied to the question “He’s waiting in the car.” -insert smile afterwards- Excuse me but what? First of all why would Justin wait for hours in a car at your concert? Second of all, Justin has very low patience. Third of all, Justin was actually still in Atlanta during this whole Q&A. We (I) explained the whole thing on our twitter, so I won’t get into it much and just post the screen caps here:

Here a few of the tweets from fans at the Q&A:

Meaning, Justin shouldn't have cared about attention He should have just came in and saw everyone.

LOL is that the only way you can entertain your fans Selena?

It’s pretty sad how they had to make up some lie about them being together just to create buzz. Like we said before, during this whole Selena Q&A- Justin was actually spending time in ATL with his old friends he met a while back when he first moved to the states. He was nowhere near Dallas at any time of the day. You’re probably going to say ‘Well, you guys weren’t there so how would we know that he wasn’t there?‘ Well, we did a little investigating a few days ago and found a couple of tweets from this girl who works at a Pinkberry in ATL. She tweeted a few times that Justin came into the place, she served him his Pinkberry and even heard a bit of his conversation he was having with a friend.

If that isn’t enough proof for you, Justin was also seen visiting Mama Jan. If you don’t know who that is, she is Justin’s vocal coach who resides in Atlanta. Below are the tweets from her which she tweeted up a few hours later, after he got his yummy Pinkberry.

A friend of Justin’s had also joined in the Atlanta tweeting spree, and tweeted a few things about hanging with him, Kenny and Jaden. Here’s one..

There you have it! Justin was not waiting inside the car for Selena and he was surely nowhere near Dallas..

The second rumor Jelena or as we’d like to call it, Jover having a romantic dinner at Chops lobster in ATL. We all know how romantic Justin likes to get for his girls. When I heard about this, and saw the pictures of the table set up with all the candles and roses. Not gonna lie, I did let out a little “Awwww.” But sadly, That ‘aw’ went away quickly when I noticed that the Chops Lobster was not good at the Lying Game.

They tweeted this:

Then later on in the night, they posted a picture of Justin all dressed up in fancy clothes in front of one of their posters. Once fans saw the picture, their first question was “Where’s Selena?!” Where’s Selena? is right. We all know by now that Selena is no stranger to the cameras. So, why the sudden change of heart now? It doesn’t make any sense to us. I don’t have the tweet they posted minutes later, saying that Selena was unavailable to take a picture. But, they surely tried to cover up their lie by saying that Justin was the only one “available” for a picture. Usually both of them are “available.” Am I right? Well, Not this time. It’s weird how they’re having dinner together, yet Selena is not available. How that’s possible? I really don’t know.. To make this long story short, Justin was the only one in the picture because Selena was not there.

They tweeted this after the picture came out:

Someone needs a lesson or two in How to Lie 101. First they’re going to tell us that Justin and Selena dined with them. Tweet a picture of Justin, and say that Selena is not available- Then hours later after a hot mess surfaced the internet, they’re saying that only Justin dined with them? Get your story straight bro. That’s how rumors start. What makes this even more fishy is that the twitter for this restaurant had not tweeted a single thing for 44 days, until Justin and “Selena” decided to have a very romantic dinner at their place. What are the odds of that? Chops Lobster only wanted attention and business. They did what they had to do and got caught.

The third rumor Jover at Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta. After the couple had their romantic dinner at Chops Lobster, It’s been rumored that they went out for lunch at the local Chick-Fil-A. Now, this rumor might have seemed legit to most people cause we all know that whenever the couple visited Texas, they would always stop by Chick-Fil-A and grab a bite to eat. However, this time it was a little too impossible to do such a thing. First of all, Selena had to be at her mall show around 2pm. The Mall of Georgia is an hour away from Atlanta. How could they have had lunch, then have her rushed back to mall of Georgia to make it in time for her show at 2pm? That’s way too much cutting time, and wouldn’t be possible to do with all the driving in between. She also had to be at her show a little early to do sound-check, and all her warm-ups that she does before every show.

Here’s a picture a fan took from Chick-Fil-A;

As you could see in this picture from Chick-Fil-A. Justin is in line about to order his food, but where is Selena? If they are together wouldn’t they be next to each other? or Is Selena the one waiting in the car this time?  We already knew that this “lunch date” was false and impossible due to the fact that Selena had to be somewhere by 2pm, in a different city and a different location. Seeing that picture and this fan’s tweet about spotting Justin at Chick-fil-A made it more obvious.

It’s funny how the real person that saw him at Chick-fil-A didn’t even mention that Selena was there with him, yet they were together? She was there, she knows who was there or not. I’m sure the fan who spotted him knew who Selena was and would realize that they were together. There’s a picture, do you see Selena? I know I don’t. I’m guessing a Selenator, or better yet, a ‘Jelenator’ made this one up. Moving on..

The fourth rumor Justin visiting Selena at her mall tour in Atlanta. Every assumed since Selena and Justin are a couple, and they’re in town together, might as well support your ‘girlfriend’ at her show right? Wrong. This is also false. I’ve seen a few pictures of the two at the mall; don’t be fooled. Those pictures are from when they were in Arlington, Texas. Which happened around the beginning of June.

The two had not been spotted together for a little while. Therefore, Not too many people were convinced that Justin would go visit Selena on her big showcase. Well, that was until Kenny decided to tweet a picture of him at Macy’s. Everyone knows that 95% of the time when Kenny is somewhere, Justin is also there. So with that said, Those two being at a mall in Atlanta, the same day that Selena was doing her mall tour, created some thoughts into everyone’s minds that “HEY! MAYBE HE IS SEEING SELENA!!!!@#$%” Wrong again. Justin and Kenny were at Lenox mall. Selena was doing her mall show at Mall of Georgia, Those two are completely different malls. Both on different sides of Georgia.

Here’s the tweet from another fan saying that Selena was in Mall of Georgia.

Anyways, Moving on.. Wanna hear something funny? Selena’s mall show wasn’t even in Atlant. Yeah it was in Georgia but it was in a complete different city called Buford- which is a city an hour away from Atlanta. Wonder why Selena kept saying that she was in Atlanta? Probably so that she could let people create rumors like this. This girl don’t stop.

Justin could have easily driven there, but he choose to spend the day watching movies, shopping with Kenny, and playing video games with his buds. Distance never meant anything to them, they both have money to travel the world for each other. Wonder what changed their minds this time?

The fifth and last rumor, Justin following Selena to New York City/Canada for the MMVA’s. This is also so false. Selena went to New York to promote..for a day. Justin wouldn’t have followed her there. As you all know from all the party tweets, Justin was in ATL, but he is now in L.A celebrating Scooter’s birthday, while Selena is in Canada rehearsing for the MMVA’s (Much Music Video Awards) tomorrow night.

They must have mistaken Justin’s schedule. He will be in New York on June 23rd, for his Someday fragrance launch. Other than that Justin did not follow Selena around on her mall tour. Just because he’s on vacation, doesn’t mean that the first thing he’s gonna do is follow Selena around once she get’s busy.

Here’s a tweet stating that Selena is in Canada:

Here’s a few tweets from Justin’s crew stating he’s In LA and there are many pictures of him and Jaden performing at Scooter’s party (posting soon!):

Hope that these party animals are having a grand ol’ time. Don’t have too much fun without us now! 😉 Poor Selena, didn’t get to join in on all these festivities. With all this said, Some of these rumors, I could understand. Others, are just plain dumb. Especially with getting the management of all these restaurants to promote more Jelena ‘sitings’ with no facts of them being there? If you can’t back it up, don’t. Plain and simple.


Justin and Cameron Quiseng Feud

Everyone knows how Selena and Cameron from All Star Weekend seem to be the best of friends right? Well, I was creeping around twitter earlier today and ending up finding some interesting info about Cameron.

One of All Star Weekend’s band-mates, Greg (@GregSomething) was answering questions on his twitter and I found one question in which a fan was asking if she might catch a glimpse of Justin on the tour this summer, he replied: haha he and Cameron (in the band I work for) kinda have beef. Idk how much he will show his face.

Moments later, the tweet had already been deleted. He probably started to get attacked with tweets from Beliebers, asking why would he have beef with their “lover?” Greg later realized that it wasn’t such a good idea to tweet such a personal subject that will of course get people thinking and start talking. Why would Cameron and Justin have beef you ask? Well, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Or in this case, Selena and Cameron lane. I have always wondered if the two got along, Wouldn’t Justin feel worried about what his ‘girl’ could be doing when he’s away? Selena seems to hang out with Cameron every time she isn’t attached at Justin’s hip. Does Cameron have beef because he’s upset that Justin just came along and took his precious Selena away from him?

Whenever Selena would visit Justin on tour, the first thing she would do when she came back to LA- was hang out with Cameron. They’ve been seen many places together this year, without their crew members. Just them… alone. 😉 When she visited Justin in Asia on his world tour, The minute she was back in the states, Selena tweeted this picture of them hanging out with two other friends. Having a grand ol’ time while Justin was on tour singing love songs about how he wants her to ‘come home to him‘.

Before I get carried away, Let’s go back down memory lane so you will all get an understanding about how Cameron and Justin could have beef.

This little “friendship” didn’t just start this year. A year ago, The pair hung out a ton of times, going on mall dates, bowling trips, Jamba Juice trips, Twitpicing pictures of each other together and even opened up for her at her first few concerts when she began her singing career. They were together enough to where they were even rumored to have dated. This was way before she started to ‘date’ the Biebs. Cameron ended up asking Selena on a couple of dates, in which we saw pictures of them looking like they were having a good time, but Selena unfortunately got the wrong idea and thought they were just hanging out as friends.  Was it because he wasn’t famous enough at the time Sel?

Here are a few pictures of the pair hanging out back then.

I think they missed the memo on the funny face pose.

*Teach me how to Dougie theme* Teach me how to bowl. Teach me, teach me how to bowl! All the boys love me, all the, all the boys love me. All the boys love me, you ain't fuckin' wit my bowlin'.

"S: Guys, buy their album please. So one day I will be able to date him." LOLJK

She sure seems way more open about her hang outs with Cameron than she does with Justin.

Anyways, after all that misunderstanding the pair disappeared from the media for the rest of the year, but still remained to stay friends. She later then of course started dating the Biebs. Poor Cameron must have been heartbroken when he found out the news. Just because she was with Justin, that didn’t stop her from trying to rekindle her friendship with Cameron again. When Selena visited Radio Disney a few months back, Selena had talked about the ringtone on her iPhone. Which is in fact an All-star Weekend song. Wonder how Justin felt when her phone rang and they were together?

If that wasn’t enough, the same day she also had called him “the coolest person” she has ever met. Did someone forget about a certain someone at that time? You can tell how excited and happy she gets when she talked about Cameron. It’s completely different from when she talks about Justin. Selena and Cameron seem more of a real couple unlike Selena and Justin.

Here’s an article from Radio Disney on Selena talking about Cameron:

“In response to a fan’s question on who the coolest person she’s ever met, Selena said, “The coolest person would have to be Cameron (Quiseng) from All Star Weekend. He is so funny and he is very nice, and I don’t believe a person can be that happy all the time. He’s very interesting and he’s very sweet!” Ernie responded, “So out of all the people you’ve ever met and look up to, Cameron’s the coolest?” Selena added without hesitation, “For sure, yes.” “

Here’s a video of Selena at Radio Disney; Talking about her ringtone.

Later on in time, once Justin had left for his world tour in March. Selena was seen with Cameron quite a few times. She even tweeted things like she had before when her and Cameron hung out a lot, The tweets that weren’t just all about promotion. Her tweets were all about how Cameron brought her and her friend Jamba Juice, then a few other random Macbook pictures they had taken. In Selena’s case, It seems like when the cat’s out, the mice will play.

Here are a couple of pictures from their photo shoot if you must:

"I'm not listening, I'm just happy I got some Jamba juice."

"S: Do you think that Justin would get mad about this?"

"Let's all pull the clueless look, like we have no idea what's going on"

Here are Selena’s tweets about them, In which she deleted minutes after:

Those tweets were only up for a few good minutes before she ended up deleting them completely. She must have got attacked by some Beliebers, accusing her of cheating on “her man.” Or maybe she didn’t want her beau Justin to see them. Either way I really wonder why she ended up deleting them.

Let’s fast forward time just a tad bit, the pair was spotted, yet AGAIN chilling in ASW’s dressing room before their show in March of this year for Concert Of Hope Charity. Justin was still away on his world tour at the time, So he wasn’t able to make it. She kept Justin in spirit though, because in the video she is clearly wearing one of his dog-tag’s that he always used to wear around. Must have been awkward for Cameron, he was trying to spit some game while she was over there wearing another guy’s necklace. In the videos Selena and the guys talk about how tickets for their Summer tour is now on sale, then a bunch of bloopers of them being goofy and hanging out.

1) If you watch just the first five seconds, Selena’s arm is around all around Cameron, but she pulls it away once she starts talking.

2) If you keep watching and listen closely when Selena says “I’m going to be the only girl. Help me!” The other band member Michael, softly says “You’ve got Cameron.”  That’s when Selena gives him this look like “Oh, no you did not just say that!” Cameron also gave him a little whisper after that comment. Wonder what he said.. So, hmm, What’s going on over there Selena? Are you going to be having a little fun with Cameron now that Bieber could be possibly out of the publicity picture?

3) Selena has always been a touchy feely kind of person, but when she’s with Cameron it’s a different story. They just have some sort of chemistry that isn’t on the friendly vibe.  In the videos you can already tell that Cameron is still into her, and never got rid of that crush he once had on her. His face lit up during all three videos, It’s kind of cute how much he likes her. The question we have is, does Selena feel that way about him now? If she was like this with every band mate, somewhat flirting, touchy feely, hanging out on a daily basis type of deal then I would understand that she’s just being friendly. But she isn’t. So, that is why we think something could go down. Especially with how Cameron lost her to begin with.

Phew, now that it’s all over, What do you guys think? Do you think Cameron and Selena might re-lit their flame from the past? Do you think that Cameron is a little bitter and jealous that Justin got to have bikini humping sex with Selena on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii? Who won her heart?


Adios Jelena: Jelena Split?

We kinda weren’t going to blog about this. We’ve tweeted about what’s going on for the past few days. Since everything has gotten a bit confusing, we decided to blog all this recent ‘Jelena’ drama! Word on the street is ‘Jelena’ is NO more. If they ever were before 😉

The same source that sent us the Jelena ‘split’ information sent @LoveTiffanyAlex the SAME info today and she has already blogged. Therefore, if we were to write about the ‘Jelena Split‘, there’s no point because it’d be the same thing. But keep reading if you wish! Here’s the blog:

Via Formspring, no less. Contrary to popular belief, Justin does indeed have a Formspring account but doesn’t broadcast it. Of course, any fans who find it, he welcomes them. And there is proof of this being the real Justin.

Justin apparently sent out an announcement yesterday on his account for his fans following him to send him their numbers and that he would call them!

According to the source who sent me all this info (and yes, I have a legit source, I swear) Justin even called up and talked to her friend!

Now on Justin’s account, there are several questions asking Justin if he has a girlfriend and of course, Selena’s name popped in. Justin simply answered the question as “We broke up.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In my opinion, this very well could be real, especially since there’s proof of the account being real.

Now my only question is did Justin and Selena really “break up” or has the duo just agreed they earned enough publicity for one year?

xx Love, TiffanyAlex

What do you guys think about this? This could be for more buzz but it seems quite interesting. Especially with the fact that Selena and Justin haven’t been glued to the hip bone for the past few days, like they usually are. Oh, and while you’re at it, read this post too. It’s about Selena telling fans that Justin was waiting for her in the car in Texas, though Justin was in ATL with Wilson and Mama J (his voice coach):

Click here if you’re sexy 😉

Justin is at his second home in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment. But it seems like someone else is going to be in town as well! Check out this tweet Selena tweeted TODAY-

This obviously created for more buzz since we all know Justin’s already in ATL. The girl who sent the information also posted this Twitlonger

If Justin and Selena really did ‘break up,’ the irony that it’s before all the movie promoting, new albums, tours and so on is hysterical. Will pictures of ‘Jelena‘ leak this time? Doubt it. I guess we’ll see.


Twitter War

So, if you aren’t aware of the immense “Jasmine vs. Selena” drama that has been rising via the Twitter world, you must live under a rock. Ever since Justin and Selena started ‘dating’ and becoming more publicized it seems like everyone has been comparing Jasmine and Selena. Whether it came to dancing, singing, acting, showing more love to their fans. The two teen stars have been compared a lot. The main topic they’ve been compared in is who is better… for Justin. Last night, like almost every other night since “Jelena”, drama arose on Twitter. And this incident was actually worth laughing over.

It all started with a tweet (Lol, fairytale remix.) Jasmine tweeted a Selena hater on May 31st:

First, let’s explain this. The Selena hater (who has now changed their twitter name to @iSupportJasV), tweeted Jasmine about how much she loved her and how big of a fan she was of her and her music. Since Jasmine was replying to her fans that day, like she does daily, Jasmine replied to the hate account. Which was the wrong move.

Jasmine soon got hate from the tweets. The percentage of those hate tweets were from Selenators and Jelenators of course. Everyone suddenly went on saying Jasmine was jealous of Selena.

There were many other tweets that dwelled in the “you’re just jealous” excuse. Jasmine tweeted some of the haters that were replying her on twitter. Here are a few tweets to haters she replied:


Someone then asked Jasmine if she hated Selena, and her reply was, I guess you’ll have to see for yourself:

Jasmine also tweeted something stating “everything that’s fake eventually comes to an end”

This was very soon caught on by Jelenators and they went all monkey balls on Jasmine. Jasmine didn’t go complaining to magazines about the hate. She laughed if off, finished tweeting her fans and the drama was done for the day. Though, she’s been getting non-stop hate ever since from Selenators, she continues to ignore it.

–Now, let’s skip to where all the Justin vs. Jinsu drama happened.

Yesterday, the Biebster went all #badboy on us, and indirectly tweeted about Jinsu. Shortly after, Jinsu DIRECTLY tweeted Justin back.

Lol, ‘rookie’… haha. Alright, anyways! This was so uncalled for on both parties (see what I did there? I’m going politics on you guys ;D)

1.) Justin tweeting “go sell some records bro” is only showing that he thinks he’s better than Jinsu because he sells more albums. Seriously, Justin has accomplished a bit more than the KING Michael Jackson when it comes to Never Say Never movie sales, MSG, and a few young awards. So does that mean Justin is better than MJ because he sold more ticket sales than MJ in a week? No, never. I don’t think that should even matter how many albums you sell, unless you’re only in it for the sales, not the passion for music.. Which should be the only reason you’re doing this, right Justin?

2.) Justin would of been better off just saying “Some people just want attention. lol”

3.) For the other tweet, I can agree on because a lot of Beliebers were actually following Jinsu before and after this Twitter war. Most of Jinsu’s fans on twitter are Jasminators/Beliebers that found his music through Jasmine and so on. So props to Justin for being aware and creeping through Jinsu’s tweets. But it seems like with ‘Jelena’, Selena’s recent magazine covers mention a LOT of Justin. Wonder if Justin realizes he gives her more attention as well..

4.) Justin did play his cards right though. If he would of tweeted Jinsu directly, that would of caused more tension and more people would of found out about Jinsu in the first place. But sadly, people talk. Soon after, we all knew who Justin was talking about.

-You’re probably wondering how this all even started out with Jinsu… let’s  rewind, shall we? *makes magical dream noise that are usually overplayed on Disney shows*

For the past few days people have been tweeting Jinsu- @SQJinsu (Jasmine V’s new boyfriend) all kind of hate. And Jinsu has been sticking up for his girlfriend Jasmine no matter what.

A belieber tweeted Jinsu saying that Jasmine was jealous of Selena and that Jasmine was uglier than Selena and he simply replied back to this:

And that’s how him becoming involved in all of this started.

He’s dating Jasmine. That’s the most beautiful girl in his eyes at the moment. Both Selena and Jasmine are gorgeous. Selenators called Jasmine ugly, then Jinsu said Jasmine looks better. He never went on Selena saying “she’s ugly.” Simple as that.

People were also saying that Jinsu was a real man for sticking up for Jasmine and their relationship. Jinsu ended up RTing a lot of it:

Jinsu can tweet whatever he wants about this since it was involving him. But he should of just ignored RT’ing those. Why? Because then beliebers, once again, assume that he thinks he’s better than Justin. The RT’d tweets are basically saying that Justin and Selena don’t have a real relationship like Jinsu and Jasmine. Which is sad but true, I don’t think Justin would ever stick up for his relationship or Selena to his fans in that case. No one even knew Justin and Jasmine were dating before because Justin didn’t admit it. But ‘Jelena’ is different than what Jasmine and Jinsu have. So comparing their relationships probably isn’t going anywhere. It most definitely won’t change ‘Jelena.’ Jinsu created more drama involving himself by even RT’ing those tweets. He could of tweeted about it and went on with his day, ignoring everything else. He most definitely made everything worse.

Some of the hate Beliebers/Selenators have been sending in are were way too much. They weren’t even necessary to anything at all. The tweets have ranged from Jinsu/Jasmine being untalented, to all the way bashing on Jinsu and Jasmine just because of their race and ethnics. Many people were calling Jasmine a Mexican, how she’s ‘gross’, how she’s dating a N*gger, how Justin is better.. Basically a lot of ignorance and BS if you ask me. Here are some of the tweets caught that Jinsu/Jasmine’s mom RT’d, though there were a lot more:

These tweets were before the Justin vs. Jinsu drama even happened. When Jinsu and Justin were in their little argument, some people who claimed they are just true beliebers sticking up for Justin people that should die in a hole, started sending Jinsu a lot more racist remarks, as well as Jasmine and her mom (@quad_JmomV) as well.

Jinsu didn’t even mind that he was being called all these things. Because he STILL stood up for Jasmine and ignored the racial remarks:

Honestly, this was all just irrelevant. I applaud Jinsu for sticking up for his girl Jasmine even though Selenators/Beliebers were offending him. He got my respect for that. I don’t think him calling Jasmine prettier is a bad thing, at all. Although, he still wanted attention from the topic overall, I would of went crazy if I was sent racial hate. Like seriously it’s 2011. Some people need to take their ass back to the 1950’s if they want to tweet that. This all just started because Jinsu was trying to stick up for Jasmine in the first place, and it all got to his head. I guess Jinsu thought he could get more attention just by going along with the drama, instead of ignoring it. Which is what happened.

1.) The fact that Jasmine haters were even tweeting Jinsu first is totally irrelevant to anything. You don’t like JASMINE. So why do you have to tweet her boyfriend? And the reason for you not liking her is because she tweeted a hater of your ‘Goddess’ Selena? Tweeting Jinsu was basically bringing the drama to him. He is not going to step away from that. It all just added more fuel to the fire. If you look at Jinsu’s earlier tweets it didn’t even revolve around Selena/Bieber BS. He only started tweeting about it, after he was flooded with hate. He even ignored a majority of it that were flooding his mentions in the beginning (after Jasmine RT’d that Selena hater on May 31st.)

2.) Jinsu had every right to stick up for his girl. I mean what guy wouldn’t. Even Bieber himself claims he’d to anything for his girl and protect her from harm. And that’s exactly what Jinsu was doing to everyone hating on Jasmine. It’s not like he just jumped up and decided to tweet about it. If it weren’t for Seliebers tweeting him and Jasmine constantly, none of this drama would of even occurred. Honestly if you think about it, it’s true.

3.) You can tell Jinsu didn’t regret anything he tweeted. Why? Because he did it for Jasmine. Do you think he enjoyed being called a Nigger, ape, untalented, etc by ‘Beliebers’? NO. But he wouldn’t take any of his actions back because his feelings for Jasmine are that strong. Lets be honest, that’s what real boyfriends would go through for their girlfriend if they REALLY truly cared that much. Jinsu shouldn’t of had to go through that in the first place. I don’t know if all Beliebers know this, but discrimination is the low. The only thing you proved when you were ‘sticking up for Justin’ is that some of you are so willing to do anything for Justin, you’ll put other people down because of their race just to make Justin look higher. That is all. Justin should of most definitely said something about the racial acts. It seriously makes him look bad too because a lot of people judge Justin based on his fans. Which is one of the reasons some people have hate toward the Biebs in the first place- because of his fans’ actions.

4.) Now that this drama has occurred, Jinsu is more known. Along with that, the drama between Justin, Jinsu and Jasmine has surfaced to the top. Good thing Jasmine is ignoring it. Well at least on Twitter anyways…

Justin, as usual, gave us the “kill em with kindness” tweet and Jinsu seemed to agree:

But then, Jinsu went on talking about the situation. It’s like he found all the drama that occurred entertaining. It certainly seemed that he wanted more from it. While Justin, or Scooter (whoever was on Justin’s account) went on a RT’ing spree and continued watching the basketball game.

Then, like every other time, we have all of Justin’s other crew members suddenly signing on and adding their take to the feud:

It seems like everyone wanted to get involved somehow in this, and it’s just too funny.

1.) I remember when Scooter did that ‘Answer’ tinychat on January 4, of  2011, in which he talked about those ‘Jelena’ pictures of them on Christmas break that leaked. And SOMEHOW he happened to bring up Jasmine in it to take the blame off of Justin and Selena’s pictures. *go to 1:00 onward*

If you have the FULL tinychat video with Scooter, send it in. Basically Scooter was talking about how Justin wasn’t dating Selena because he didn’t see them kissing, but he did see JASMINE kissing Justin. That just caused more hate towards Jasmine on Scooter’s behalf. First of all, Jasmine kissing Justin was months prior to anything. So the fact that Scooter would go all the way back just to put somewhat of blame on Jasmine instead of Justin and Selena is truly tacky. To be honest, Scooter is the most publicized manager ever. He’s always with Justin even on some of Justin’s ‘dates’ with Selena, therefore everyone knows him.

2.) I thought Alfredo and Jinsu have been working together… Mhmm, this might put a dent in their relationship.

3.) Kenny’s just hilarious, I can’t even. Haha. Wow!

Even Mr. Rob had a lot to say, like he always does… Rob Swanson (@TheRobSwanson) went monkey balls and completely bashed Justin and Selena last night. If you don’t know who Rob is; basically he’s a Director/Editor in LA. He was good friends with Justin and he went on the My World Tour with the Biebs. Rob worked with him on many occasions with tour and all. Now they completely dislike each other for their own reasons. Surprise, surprise- one of those reasons include Scooter. Scooter, why are you always mentioned in all this teenage drama? Mhm.. anywho, Rob is still close friends with Jasmine, Jinsu, Jessica Jarrell, the Beadles and many other celebs and stars connected with Justin. Rob even tweeted this last night:

Then he quickly deleted it. Sadly, Scooter tweets for Justin 85% of the time and it’s increased a lot recently dude to all the drama going around. I think everyone knows that so let’s not even get into it.  About the mail/art, I guess a few people know about that from watching iJever’s video- in which iJever showed how a fan made a scrapbook for Justin, then Justin told the guard to give it back to her because he didn’t want it and so on. (Link to video:

I don’t know why Rob and Justin’s crew were even tweeting all of this though. The twitter fight was between Jinsu and Justin. Even Jasmine didn’t tweet anything about this mess, and it involved her! She’s smart and knows that tweeting anything about it causes a bigger problem.

Jasmine’s brother, an aspiring rapper, JDrew even had something to say as well:

I think by us viewing some of these tweets, it’s obvious that this drama didn’t all just start because of what Jinsu tweeted. There’s been tension between Jinsu and Justin months prior to all of this. Surprisingly, they all revolve around stupid drama that went down when Jasmine was on the My World Tour and started seeing Jinsu after her and Justin split up. As well as the drama between Selena and Jasmine personally within the recent months. Also, keep in mind that Jinsu and Justin have many mutual friends, if they’re BOTH talking about each other, word gets out to them- causing even more tension, hatred and jealousy. The tweets are deeper than what Jinsu RT’d about Selena.

If Justin was even tweeting that for Selena, Justin would of put a hint of that reason in there.

-I, for sure did not see Selena’s name anywhere in Justin’s tweets.

I don’t think Justin would stick up for Selena against Jinsu. Why? Because so many Beliebers dislike Selena and tweet worse stuff about her, so Justin might as well tweet his fans too, correct? Exactly.

I doubt it was just Justin sticking up for himself in some case either. A good amount of Justin’s old friends from Stratford have been saying he’s changed and how they don’t like him now, even hating on him and Selena coming back to Canada, but Justin doesn’t tweet anything against them about that. So why would he tweet Jinsu about it? What’s so big about that drama with Jinsu? It certainly is deeper than what we’re shown. Seems like their Twitter war is more about JASMINE than it is about Selena. Who knows, maybe Justin might still like Jasmine..

Jinsu and Justin are both different people. Selena and Jasmine are both different people. There’s no need to compare them. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Hopefully, they call each other and talk it out. If you ask me, #teamjustin and #teamjinsu is not necessary. Not only because more people will be on Justin’s side because he’s more famous, but because of the fact their Twitter fight was boring to be honest. Rihanna and Ciara’s Twitter war was WAY better.

Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of” HAHAHAHAHAHA -dead- Oh, Rihanna, how you crack me up. #teamrihanna..

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