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Jasmine Villegas “NUDE” Real or Fake?

Aside from the Sydney Dalton, Jelena, and the My World Tour controversy, some new Jasmine Villegas news have come about. Recently this picture was brought up on the web and people are CLAIMING it’s Jasmine Villegas. But honestly take a look yourself:

Now let’s all take a second to laugh. -laughs for eternity- Clearly, this isn’t Jasmine. This looks like one of those Playboy magazine shoots. Not only that, but the image looks very Photoshopped. Take a look from the neck up, as well as the hand. Those figures of the image doesn’t match up with the body of the picture. Our take? 100% fake and whoever created this image is a Photoshop genius.  For a second there, it could have many people fooled into belief that it’s Jasmine V.

This image is still lingering around the web, mostly on Tumblr. Of course those who aren’t very fond of Jasmine will all want to believe it’s her. But let’s be real, Jasmine knows better to never do a photo-shoot like this. At least not at the age of 17 anyway. What do you think? Is this another Photoshopped attempt at ruining a young teen’s career or is this really Jasmine Villegas?

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Hacked – Want to be a New Member?

*UPDATE.. we were hacked, but we restored out account by filling out the twitter form. But read on if you wish for more info. And how to become a new member. @XOXOPLB is BACK. So follow it. But the other twitters we made will be for backup/updates!

We got hacked, so you can follow our main twitter- @XOPLB and our back up @XOXOPLBitches. Yeah.. that’s pretty much it. Lol- and we’re probably going to need another member or two. Our email is prettylittlebieber@yahoo.com, so if you’re interested.. HIT US UP!  That’s all I have to say right now. But you may be asked to submit something so we can tell who would be the best for the position.

What we’re looking for:

Must be sexy, that’s a plus 😉 Haha but seriously-

Good punctuation.

Somewhat of experience in writing,blogging,etc.

Trustworthy (we’ll be giving you the passwords, secret accounts, and other topics)

Available at least 4 times a week. (To check up on emails, view twitter mentions)

Any age – Nothing but a number 😉 But the least age would be 13.

What you’re comfortable writing about.

-Send in an example of a blog, and also all that info. If you mess up just re-send :)-

Please follow everything. If we have to keep replying you, it’ll get confusing. And we might not see your actual email. We got a lot. So try your best to fit all the info in one email please. Thank you 🙂

**The deadline to sent in applications will be May 20th, 2011 5pm PCF time.**

Also we’re not sure who hacked us. But we were hacked earlier today around noon time. They only hacked our twitter though, so it’s fishy Usually they would hack the blog and twitter? Especially since both of our passwords were the same. Something’s not adding up. But anyways until we figure this out, talk to us on twitter. When you’re sending in the emails, make sure to add your twitter!!

Much love,


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Selena Gomez Lost “IT” to Justin Bieber?

(*UPDATED: 7:40 pm April 11 -Nina)

Title says it all. In 2008 Disney star Selena Gomez promised not to have sex before marriage. To prove this, she bought a promise ring and wore it very frequently (of course).

But once Selena started dating the Biebs, she removed it. She was never seen wearing her purity ring again. And it’s been 4 months now.

In the first picture was the first pictures of Jelena 2011 during the time she was dating Justin; the second was Selena in 2008. You could see that it IS the same hand. No ring, ring. What I’m trying to prove is that it is possible that Selena and Justin had sex. Why we think this? Well it’s quite obvious. Ever since she’s started dating Justin she’s never worn a purity ring. Is that just a coincidence? Also, many of you guys know this. (From the video of Justin ignoring his fans when he was leaving a hotel with Selena over a month ago) But a week before Justin’s birthday, Justin and Selena rented a hotel room at the St. Regis Hotel, in California. And workers told paparazzi that they were seen at a dinner together and  Selena said “It’s your birthday. We can do whatever YOU want!” (She seems a bit pushy to me). Justin also paid for an extravagant hotel, specifically for only him and Selena and it was stated to only have one bed, a pool, great view, big space, jacuzzi, etc stated a worker at St. Regis. They also stayed together the whole weekend alone, no body guard, working, and asked if it could be kept on the down-low, which obviously failed.  Now what would two teenage stars be doing in ONE bed? Just a thought..

But wait, NOT just yet readers. I’ve been viewing a few pictures of Selena when she was dating some other boyfriends. (i.e; Taylor Lautner.)  And it seems to me like when she’s in a relationship, most of the time (probably depending on how famous the guy is), she doesn’t wear the ring. But when she’s single, she does. Here’s a photo of Selena and Taylor “hanging out” in late 2009, I believe it was.

Selena isn’t wearing the purity ring. Also when Selena DOES wear the purity ring, it always seems to be on her right hand. Not her left. Wearing your purity ring on your left usually means you’re 100% agreeing to wait until marriage and that you’re promising to God. Which is the whole purpose of a purity ring for Christians. And I believe Selena is a Roman Catholic (type of Christianity) or Baptist, so I would think that she would know better to wear the ring on her left hand. But in our opinion, if you’re going to claim something as important as a purity ring, you shouldn’t lie about it. It seems like she’s all lies when it comes to her career.

Basically, the purity ring is fake. It’s a Disney act (of course). She wears it to seem innocent, so that people would believe that Disney stars are good role models for little 5 year olds. Which is false. Isn’t it odd how everyone on Disney somehow has a purity ring but people on Nickelodeon, don’t? That’s because Disney is trying to build a fake “perfect” commercial statement. I’m sure Selena isn’t waiting until marriage. She obviously has already lost it. With that nude picture of her breasts lingering around the web, We’re positive this is all an act. And funny how when Selena’s dating Justin and when she’s  just about to leave Disney, that’s when she stops wearing her purity ring. Interesting…

Maybe she thought no one would notice, but wrong, again. It’s better to keep it real than to have to pretend to be something that you’re not Selena.

– New blogger & my name is Aleynah. Twitter: @yayforgrande ♥


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