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Jasmine Villegas “NUDE” Real or Fake?

Aside from the Sydney Dalton, Jelena, and the My World Tour controversy, some new Jasmine Villegas news have come about. Recently this picture was brought up on the web and people are CLAIMING it’s Jasmine Villegas. But honestly take a look yourself:

Now let’s all take a second to laugh. -laughs for eternity- Clearly, this isn’t Jasmine. This looks like one of those Playboy magazine shoots. Not only that, but the image looks very Photoshopped. Take a look from the neck up, as well as the hand. Those figures of the image doesn’t match up with the body of the picture. Our take? 100% fake and whoever created this image is a Photoshop genius.  For a second there, it could have many people fooled into belief that it’s Jasmine V.

This image is still lingering around the web, mostly on Tumblr. Of course those who aren’t very fond of Jasmine will all want to believe it’s her. But let’s be real, Jasmine knows better to never do a photo-shoot like this. At least not at the age of 17 anyway. What do you think? Is this another Photoshopped attempt at ruining a young teen’s career or is this really Jasmine Villegas?

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5 Hour Vacation, Fun Fun Fun.

So I’m sure YA’LL know about Jover aka ‘Jelena’s’ Hawaii vacation. They flew to Hawaii yesterday and here’s a picture of them at the LAX airport:

At the beach:

And they went on their ‘vacation’ with Carin and (insert sarcasm here) surprise, surprise, Scooter Braun! (Creeping in the background):

But it looks like Jover took the shortest ‘vacation’ in the history of vacations. Here’s a post from Perez Hilton’s new blog:

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong to the Disney corporation.

It would seem that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez cut their Hawaiian vacation a bit short as last night, the pair were spotted back in Los Angeles on a group date with Selena’s BFF Demi Lovato and Justin’s chum Chris Brown. The foursome reportedly took in a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (supporting the parent company, very nice!) and apparently had a really nice time just hanging out…like normal kids.

Other movie-goers in the audience reveal that the stars were “so amped up to be hanging out they kept jumping up and down.” No one reportedly bothered them, which was nice since they supposedly didn’t have any bodyguards on hand. And, before the movie was over, the four of them snuck out of the theater without being noticed by a soul.

Must’ve been nice to just have a normal evening out for a change. No frenzy, no fanfare. Bet they could’ve been mistaken for any plain old group of high schoolers…and their chaperone, Chris Brown. HA!

Or…Gosh, please don’t tell us you two were trying to set Chris and Demi up? No!

Just no! Mark that down as the WORST IDEA EVER!!!

[Image via WENN & Ramey Pix.]

So let’s get this straight. Justin and ‘Over There’ flew to the Hawaiin island Maui, got to Hawaii yesterday, went to the beach. Then on the SAME day flew back to LA and watched a movies with a few friends? So much for a romantic vacation. I thought the purpose of a vacation is to, well vacate?  If they only went to Hawaii to go to the beach for a few hours, that’s just odd. Why not go to the Malibu beach?

Also considering they took LAX that means they would of planned their tickets ahead of time and for a specific plane and plane time too. So they must of well planned their airflights unless someone did it for them. Obviously planned. If you’re in Hawaii you wouldn’t just call up Chris Brown and Demi Lovato and be like “We’re in Hawaii and bored, should we fly back to LA and go to a movie?” It makes no sense. I can imagine the phone conversation right now.. *day dreams*

Justin: “Hey over there! Let’s plan our vacation.”

Over There: “YEAH!”

Justin: “Okay let’s go to Hawaii, then come back 5 hours later!”

Over There: “That’ll get some buzz.”

Justin: “Mhm, and the chance for the ladies to see my sexy body! ;)”

Over There: “YEAH!”

Over There: “And we’ll try to hook up Demi and Chris.”

Jover -together- : “YEAH!”


-If it were Scooter the conversation would probably go the same way. Lol but back to serious-ness-

It seems like after they got their huge buzz and magazine posts from going to Hawaii together they were probably done with that vacation cause it CLEARLY didn’t last longer than a couple of hours. Good job Jover. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

When there are more pictures update! What do you think about that little 5 hour Hawaiin getaway? All I gotta say is, I hope Justin got some in that hotel room 😉 Victoria Secret pushup bras for the win!



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Jelena “Sex” Pictures: Real or Fake?

Recently, these pictures of supposedly “Selena and Justin” have been floating around. And they came out around the whole Malaysia drama. they’re quite blurry so you can’t eve see who’s face it is. Everyone’s saying these are of Selena and Justin during ‘sex.’ The whole thing is quite hilarious, because there’s not really much to see. But we’ll let you decide for yourself.

(There are more pictures but this is the only ones we have, so if you have any clearer ones, send them in!)

Firstly, it doesn’t look much like them. For example, how there’s blonde hair in the back of Justin. He has lightish brown hair. Therefore, in this picture it wouldn’t be that light. But then again it could be the light mixed with the blur. And even though the picture is blurry, it doesn’t look quite like Selena.

If it WERE them, why would someone take pictures of them while getting intimate? It makes no sense. So we fully doubt these are real especially based on the fact that you can’t clearly see their faces. Maybe if someone sends in more clearer one’s it would be easier to decide.

Although many people and Beliebers are saying it’s ‘Jelena’ in this picture, there’s really no evidence of that. What do you think? Real or fake? Comment below.


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A Little More Of Jelena…

We cleared up that Jelena IS fake and WAS fake. Now, I did more research. More research giving me so much more pieces with this… fraud. Let’s begin.

As you know, Hollywood= Fake 99% of the time. Jelena’s relationship is fake. BUT, if you go all the way back in time (like we did with the last post), you’ll really get this.

Now let’s think back to the guys Selena has been known to date. All famous guys who happen to be the teen “it” thing. Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Dylan Sprouse, James Austron, many other big celebs, and now Justin. Coincidence?

This is all a set up basically for more publicity and fame. (That setup worked great at that) Especially now since Selena is ending WOWP she needs to start off her brand new ‘adult’ career somewhere right?

Okay, so, does anyone remember Pattie telling Justin to stay away from Jasmine because she was or could be using him for fame? We do. What makes Selena any different? The difference is obvious, Selena is way more famous than Jasmine. By “dating” Selena, Justin gets more out of it for himself. If he dated Jasmine and she really was using him, he gets nothing. She get’s all the benefits from the relationship.

I got this from a website. I’ll decode it for you. Read it. (WE DID NOT POST ANY OF WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO READ It’s all from an undercover blog that exposes Hollywood publicity stunts.) BLIND GOSSIP WAS THE ONE THAT SAID THAT PEOPLE TOLD THEM THESE THINGS. They’re actually sources for many blogs such as Perez Hilton, OU, and well known magazines/etc. But we’re not 100%. We’re just posting other people’s opinions on all of this. We’re open to all opinions in this blog..

Sincere couple/ no matter how sincere they might seem- No doubt Selena and Justin have a repuation for being genuine and real. They seem like people you can trust and that would never lie about something like this.

Young stars- Who else could this be? What other two stars are dating at the moment that “we love”?

A lot of buzz- EVERYONE was talking about their relationship after the Vanity Fair party. They made their public appearance Feb 27th, and this blind item came out March 1st. There was nothing but buzz about the two at that time.

She gets a ride on all the extra publicity- We all know no one is getting more publicity than Justin. He’s the biggest star around. Selena, needs all the publicity she can get with her show ending and her upcoming album and summer tour.

Arranged by publicist and management- This is how the game works in Hollywood. Managers set up these fake relationships for their stars all the time. That’s why it says “this relationship is ALSO a setup”. Because it happens all the time in Hollywood. ALL THE TIME. It really is nothing strange or new.  So here’s the part you all want to know, does Justin know? Is he in on it too? He doesn’t need publicity so why would he be okay with it? “he gets a piece of what he’s wanted for a really long time” If you remember, Justin has always been about making his cash. That’s right. Justin’s getting a huge piece and chunk of money for going along with this. I’m sure he’s not complaining about everyone thinking he’s dating Selena. Let’s admit it, she’s beautiful. Not only is Justin in on this, so is Sierra and all of Justin’s close friends and family. Why do you think Jared Justin’s cousin always talks about how hot she is? You don’t do that to your cousin’s girlfriend. Justin is also okay with Jared talking like this about Selena, which tells us it obviously isn’t a true relationship. We all know Justin is the protective type over his girls. We’ve gotten word that Sierra knows about the whole thing but has sworn to secrecy. But someone else, who knows about this has spilled everything. That person is Caitlin Beadles. Caitlin told us everything she knows about the topic and she has told us Justin herself has told her and Christian the relationship is fake. -BG

We’re not fully sure on who this was set-up by. But it most likely has something to do with Jelena’s ‘people.’ Maybe Scooter has something to do with this. Who knows, he IS the one that always denies Jelena and says paparazzi are lying. But how can paps be lying if there are pictures of them kissing everywhere? All we know is, is that Jelena is a fake relationship. It’s a publicity stunt. Keep in mind, this is NOT the first time this has happened in young Hollywood. Trust me. It’s not.

The website the picture was from is blindgossip.com (I think) Read more about it. We’re not 100% sure about what they said but all we have to say is.. “Oh the lies of Hollywood..


Credit to The Undercover Blog for the heads up 😉

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Jelena Reunited and It feels So…Awkward.

Justin and Selena are at it again. And by ‘it’, I have no idea what I mean.

The two were seen canoodling at Selena’s arrival in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, in Malaysia. I don’t know about you, but this seems fishy. (Actually, personally everything that happens between them is fishy to me). Any who, here are some picture of the two at the airport.

Now before I get into the question that you all are probably itching to know…”I thought you guys said Jelena was in a rough patch/Broke up! What is the meaning of this?!”. I want to analyze both of the pictures for you. It just seems like the ‘smart’ thing to do.

Now, first picture, of course Selena is hiding her face like she always is. This actually has nothing to do with Jelena because I have noticed that she covers her face whenever the paparazzi are around. It’s probably all the flashes, yet I still don’t see why she has to cover her face when Justin deals with the flashes just perfectly. Also, Selena is smiling. Justin is probably in the middle of a sentence and Selena is laughing at something that he said. It really doesn’t get any deeper than that.

Second picture, Selena is obviously ahead of Justin and is waving to god knows who. But then behind Selena we have Justin, who is giving one of the creepiest, fakest smiles I have ever seen him give to any Paparazzi. Honestly kid, if you’re not happy with the paps don’t try to be all smiley for them. We all know it’s fake. And behind Justin, theres Kenny. I can’t read the expression on his face but it looks like he’s giving one of those stressed out looks.

So there is my analyzed version of both of the pictures, be mindful that I have no idea what the situation was in real life…It was just an educated guess that came from my mind.

Moving on to the main topic of this blog, here. Alot of you have been tweeting us about how we basically are putting false info out there about Jelena “breaking up”. Honestly, I have nothing to say to that. If you don’t want to believe us then that’s on you but the proof is right in your face. Jelena WAS going through a rough patch in the beginning of the tour. It’s beyond obvious, but that’s another blog on it’s own right there. Being that we had said Jelena had broken up a lot of our readers were shocked on Justin and Selena’s little ‘get-together’ in Malaysia today.
And a lot of Jelena fans were getting extremely excited about this great ‘news’. If I were you I wouldn’t get too excited. My thoughts on this whole Jelena thing, is that it’s just a little plan to get everyone to hop on the drama bus again. They want rumors to go around, and they want people to start talking. They want buzz, buzz, buzz, and by ‘Jelena’ trending on twitter it’s obvious that their getting it. Because as we’ve mentioned, Selena is a fame whore and does anything to gain fame, off of anybody.

Let me give you the 411 on why this whole situation seems fishy to me.
Selena has been meeting up with her Nick Jonas lately, a lot. It’s pretty obvious she’s not over him. Those two have had a very deep, very interesting past together way before Justin even came in. Nick flew to LA just the other day to see Selena, too. So it’s not just her making the effort to seeing him, he is also a culprit. It could be possible that they are ‘just friends’ but come on, let’s be serious here.

Besides the ‘Nelena’ rumors, Selena was or still is touring with All Star Weekend. I’m not sure what is the deal with that, but I don’t think she is anymore. Yeah…Little known fact, Cameron Quiseng, (one of the guys from All Star Weekend) was rumored to be dating Selena Gomez around the time All Star Weekend first came out. Surprise, surprise. Then I guess after figuring out they the group wasn’t going to be a big hit, Selena dropped him and moved on to the next one. But recently, Quiseng and Gomez have been seen around a lot. And it seemed like one of the group members dropped a hint on the two in the video on Selena’s youtube page.

Listen at around 0:25. Selena says “Basically I’m going to be the only girl on this tour, HELP ME..” Then Michael Martinez, (the one to the right of Selena) says, “You’ve got Cameron…”. Then Cameron leans over and says something to Michael behind Selena.
I don’t know about you, but the two seem pretty close.

Now obviously, we know Selena is going to be the one to hang out with the guys. But, “What about Justin?!” You ask. “He’s innocent, right?” Think again young grasshoppers. Justin is just as guilty in this ‘cheater cheater pumpkin eater’ situation we’ve got here. Justin has been DM’ing a lot of fans recently. Knowing the boys hormones are going crazy and his ‘girlfriend’ isn’t there to give him the pleasures that he needs as a 17 year old teenager, he is going to flirt and be dirty.
March 22nd, @iBeliebed2007 had tweeted Justin saying something that was pretty sexual:

And Justin, being his 17 year old self, replied to her saying:

By the way the reason "Twitter" is spelled with 3 t's is because that's what she saved twitter as on her phone. It's not fake.

Sounds pretty cocky. “Nah, that’s not weird, I’m used to girls wanting all this sexiness.” Hahaha, no but let’s be serious.
Then after this happened, 3 girls DM’ed Justin saying something dirty, and he replied. Not gonna say he replied FULL FORCE dirty, but that’s another story that we haven’t digged up all the details on yet.

Anyway, see? Both Justin and Selena have some part in this business. And then for them two to meet up in Malaysia after all this drama, I can’t  help but think they aren’t in the happiest state right now.
Must have been pretty awkward for Justin to see his girlfriend after all those rumors of her with her ex, huh?

But what do you think about this reunion? Think them two are actually together again? Or, is this just for publicity again?
Do you even think they were together from the get-go?
Tweet us/Leave comments 😉


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