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Justin and His Short Shorts? – Summer’s Gone

First before hand, Click here. That will lead you to the song “Summer’s Gone” allegedly written and sang by Bieber.

Summer’s Gone

Now that YOU’VE heard it, let’s move on. According to some Belieber Tumblr pages, that is a leaked snippet of Justin Bieber’s upcoming song “Summer’s Gone” which will be on his new album.

What I think? It’s not Justin. Sure it sounds like Justin’s voice. Two words, audio effects. From all the lyrics Justin would choose to sing about, why would he choose “I miss my short shorts and my tank top too..” or whatever that was. I couldn’t hear with all the autotune. It sounds a little too feminine (in those specific lyrics mostly.)

A belieber also posted a comment on the post claiming it’s Justin:

I’m not saying there’s no chance it’s Justin. But I just don’t understand why Bieber would miss his short shorts? I’ve never seen him wearing short shorts. Ever.  From what I know, there are a lot of un-known artists that usually tweak up their audio on most of their songs, making it sound like other major celebrities because that way more people would view their song.  You can even catch a few on YouTube. So what do you guys think? Could this be another fake or does Justin really miss Summer and his short shorts?

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Got Justin On My Necklace: Paige Hurd

You may know Paige from many TV shows and movies. If not, you’ll most definitely remember her from Bieber’s Never Let You Go music video as she played Justin’s love interest.

We were sent this picture of Paige Hurd wearing a necklace that says Justin. First, before we jump to conclusions, lets list a few theories about this image:

1) This could be a fake photo, where someone edited the necklace name.

2) This could be a necklace about another person named Justin.

3) Lastly, As you would guess, it could be for the Biebs.

That might be unexpected since Justin and Paige were never really spotted together (outside the Never Let You Go video set, and Lil Twist’s ‘birthday bash’ last year). They seem more on a friendly level as of now.

What do you think?


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