Justin and Brittany?

A little over a month ago, we got an email from someone basically talking about a girl named Brittany that Justin has been apparently seeing for a while now. One of our old members overlooked it and never talked about it.

In this email, the anon messenger also included some VIP tickets/passes that were supposedly Brittany’s in which, Justin sent her. But of course, that could have been anybody’s tickets and VIP passes. Although the mailer did tell us she got it off Brittany’s Facebook. Beside just pictures of ‘Brittany’s’ tickets and passes, Attached in the email were a few pictures of Brittany at Bieber Meet&Greets and Backstage:

Here’s the email proof so you can read it yourself (click on it, to enlarge the image):

The email was sent to us after this picture of Justin kissing a girl (Who became rumored Selena):

Funny thing about this picture. People straight off the bat, were debating whether it was even Selena because this girl has a pretty flat face, kind of like Brittany’s. Then there were a few people debating whether it was even Justin since he has a mole on his neck. There was never a clear (non edited with color) image of Justin and whoever this girl is. That made it harder to find out who were in this image. People were sure it wasn’t Jelena, but could it have been Justin and someone.. else?

Just yesterday, the anon mailer contacted us again, through Formspring:

The link is to Brittany’s Facebook- and it’s a picture of her kissing someone who looks awfully like the Biebs. I must say, I do find it weird how there are only pictures of this Brittany girl and a boy, whenever Justin just happens to be in her area. (Her profile is private, so we couldn’t get the full big picture):

Brittany lives in NY, and just a few days ago Justin spent some time in NY but he was with Selena for most of the time, of course. It could be Justin, or just someone who looks much like him. We’ll update you on this situation. But for now, there’s not much to it. What do you think?


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139 thoughts on “Justin and Brittany?

  1. :) says:

    Nah…i don’t think it’s true.Somebody would definitely find out,things like this always come out….

    • Carcin taylor says:

      Not always. People didn’t find out about him and jasmine till they were makif out in the car. And there are no pictures of him an the Beadles having out. Justin has the power to keep things private. Plus someone did find out… Hence the blog

    • shhskeeta says:

      what do you think someones doing ? finding out and telling about it, thts what this iss >.<

    • Stella says:

      honestly, it could actually be Justin. because the jawline and collarbone are the same. the mole looks added to me, but never mind. In this photo(http://bit.ly/riKzvV) Justin doesn’t have a mole there. but the photo is edited to a sepia, so the mole editing might be true. Justin needs publicity either away from Selena if their really dating, and if their not, he needs publicity near her. And what better way to do that? Use fans as bait. Direct the hate onto Brittany. Have Selena talk about Justin breaking up with her. Or indirectly implying it. Of course there is the possibility that it is a look-alike, but to me it doesn’t seem like it. Justin hasn’t told us about Brittany or even say he met her. This could just be a publicity scheme.

  2. Celia says:

    i think it may be someone who looks like him

  3. Amelia says:

    Well I know one thing; they make a cute couple.

  4. Carcin taylor says:

    Awww I hope this is real. That would mean he was with a fan. You know like a normal girl, which I would love because she could keep him down to earth and couldnt use him for fame. Also if it’s real look how private it’s been kept. It’s not all in your face and flashy. Plus they look so cute together.and if anyone reads this there are pictures are Justin in NY shopping with just Kenny so maybe he went to see her then. I really hope he is with a normal girl.

  5. madi block says:

    i think it might be real…justin is always happy when he is in new york (or that is just what i feel) maybe its because he gets to see her. plus there is a few timese where he goes MIA while on trips. he could have saw her at night or with Selena. Maybe she came to see him. You dont know who is in his hotel room or what goes on. and it is weird how there are only pictures when he is in new york. maybe its the obvcs reason that she cant take pictures when he isnt there. plus how many people are there that look like both justin and this girl and what are the chances they are together…that is too weird. you know to find a girl that looks like her and a guy that looks like justin. its very rare. even rare that they are together. they are very cute together. i hope its real aand i hope he is happy.

  6. Marie says:

    OMG! I ve seen this girl before! It was backstage at a meet and greet in NJ. I was taking my picture with Justin and i saw her talking with Pattie. So proud of myself that i remembered that. Her face was annoying me the whole time i read this. Cute couple though 🙂

  7. anna says:

    justin would NEVER cheat. okay. he’s in mad love with Selena, so Im not worried. if anyone did the cheating in their relationship, it’d be sel, so. yeah no.

    • Ari says:

      its not cheating if its fake 😉

    • Sophie says:

      Lmfao you make me laugh. Justin and Selena are totally fake. Jelena is all publicity. They only do that so they can sell more records and get more attention.

    • Emilyy says:

      Ummmmmmmmmm you do know that Jelena is not real right? It’s just all fake, fake, fake, fake, it was all for publicity. But the publicity was for Selena because you know Justin VERY known! Everyone knows Justin, Selena not so much. Also because Selena had that new album and movie coming out. 🙂

    • Patricia says:

      ummm Jelena is a fake relationship. Where have you been? He is definatelly NOT in love with selena.

    • yo says:

      i dont think that. selena is very much into him as well, someone said she was crying like crazy because he was leaving.

  8. Jade says:

    I think the picture is fake because the mole or beauty mark or whatever it is is too high. Justin’s is lower and not as big. Also, I think the Facebook picture of “them” kissing is fake because, as far as I can see, the guy in th picture’s stomach seems larger than Justin’s. Like “Carcin Taylor” said, since Justin has the power to keep things private like he did with Jasmine and his relationship, I don’t think he would let Brittney put a picture of “them” kissing as her profile picture, especially when he’s “with” Selena. Lastly, if Justin really was dating her, wouldn’t he be happy to see her? When you’re happy to see someone don’t you smile? In the book signing picture he’s not really smiling. Then again, he might be tired or something but still.

    • Carin Taylor says:

      sorry but just asking why i have ” around my name? Plus her facebook is completely private and you would have never found it without this blog so why shouldnt she put it up? I mean maybe i am just happy that there is a chance he is with a normal girl but i mean on her private facebook that no one knows about besides personal friends and family she should put her own picture up. plus if anyone did find it like we did you guys are all saying its fake so theres another point why she could put it up. i mean wouldnt you put your profile picture of you and your boyfriend if you cared for him?

      • Jade says:

        I did ” because that’s what you called yourself on here.it’ nothing against you.The Facebook thing is true but I did not realize her Facebook account was private.Sometimes I’m slow lol(:

      • Sarah says:

        The “brittany” girl is a rumor, he seems happy with sel, so just leggo. And this girl sprang use the Facebook. And the up standing kissing pic is not jb

    • Nessa says:

      look at the first picture how is that not a real smile? JS

    • ... says:

      agreed! like, she must have about 500 fb friends, like the normal teenager, could she really trust ALL of them to not say anything about her and justin? do you know how much money they could make by selling the picture to tmz? she cant possibly trust that, plus if shes adding randos on her fb, its definatly fake.

  9. Jodeci says:

    Read this and read all your tweets through. About being with a fan he was with that girl he met on Vay-k that was a fan.ANd how do you know she is a fan? She could have just been a normal girl and went to all his shows because they were friends not because she was a fan. And sooo agree with Madi up there. What are the odds that there is a guy that looks creppy like Justin and a girl that looks a lot like Brittany and what are the odds that they are together. I think there is something going on. GET MORE INFO! haha

  10. anna says:

    also, the girl in the profile picture on Facebook is too skinny to be the girl in the pictures.

    • Nessa says:

      how can you till how skinny she is from the front? she looks really skinny

    • dena says:

      I disagree. The girl in the profile picture is clearly bending backwards, and the boy is too close and pressed up against her to determine if she’s as skinny as she appears. Also, in all the other pictures of Brittany, she’s facing forward. In the profile picture she’s to the side. There’s no indication that that girl isnt Brittany and is skinnier than her, mainly because theyre seen at completely different angles.

  11. Jade says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that in the picture of “them” kissing, there’s a beauty mark or mole or something on the girl’s left cheek and I don’t see any on Brittney’s cheek.

  12. Kristen says:

    am i the only one here that sees how close she looks to Carin??? What if everytime we saw justin walking with a brown hair girl and we thought it was Carin. It was her?! Woah Bieber ninja 😉 lol

    • Patricia says:

      haha that would be funny but Brittany is a 16 year old girl and Carin is like in her mid 20’s. There is a difference in their looks. Brittany is much skinnier than Carin.

  13. Emma B says:

    SHE ADDED ME ON FB! I just messaged her and she said sure. Looking through her profile. she is friends with Scooter and Kenny and Justins family…the real ones. Legit??

    • could u give me her fb

    • Well ,, She said sure to what ? .. Are you sure it’s her , & how’d you find her page ? I’d honestly like to see her .. To understand more of this . I mean , I do .. but you know ? If you could , Emma .. Can I have the link to her page , because maybe people have seen this & made a page to imitate her ..
      But , then again .. Scooter , Kenny & Justin’s family ? How do you know their real ? . I mean , honestly . Facebook takes seconds to make .. So , maybe an impostor got his or her friends to make them .. It’s just a thought , but could I have the link ? It’d be much appreciated .. Oh , if you would not like to post it on here , you could easily send it to me on here ; http://thegirlwhosheartisfried.tumblr.com/ask .. just answer anonymously unless you have an account . I will not post the link to her page . I know it’s a lot to ask , but please ?

    • Crystal A says:

      Are you serious??? what did she say about it? and whats your last name so I can look for her?

    • bigtimelover says:

      Did she delete her account? i cant find it anymore.

  14. Brandy says:

    I don’t think it’s real. I think it’s a fan with a look a like that wishes she was with Justin. You can only clearly see his face in the meet and greet pics. I saw other pics on her page and it seems like they’re always trying to hide the face I mean really come on…

  15. Diane says:

    She looks like the girl that sat behind me in the Monte Carlo premier in NY. I cant really say 100% because it was dark. but she looks like it…

  16. Blahn says:

    Well, she seems nice from the pics that I see. I definitely think that Justinn would have been able to arrange time to see her too. So, it could be. She seems like she might have a big heart and she’s a fan.

  17. Jenna says:

    She has a picture of her facetiming with justin on her facebook. Those who she added can see it if you go like a week back.

  18. Susann says:

    she looks awfully like carin! she’s gorgeous though, if this is real it’s no wonder justin likes her.

  19. Tiffany says:

    I got her on fb too. on her wall she has face times with justin and skype with people like Jacque Rae and Alli simpson….

  20. joy says:

    i saw her at the macys perfume launch. she was standing like kinda behind the stage just hanging out

  21. Nessa says:

    OMG THEY”RE DATING?! That explains it! I live in NJ and i go to all of his things around it. I ve seen this girl all over the place. Whenever i go to somewhere that has to do with Justin and he is there i always see a girl that looks just like her walking around. Aw 🙂 I ve seen them together he is always smiling and laughing. i just thought she was like carins family because they do look a lot. THEY ARE SO CUTE! I hope he shows how fake him and Selena are and date her. We could all agree we would want him to date a normal girl 🙂

  22. nadine says:

    well if its true….this girl will get her ass whiped byt selly!!! lol if its true i want popcorn and front row seats cuz this is gonna be good!!!

  23. marie says:

    Justin does look a bit fatter but then again it might be his shirt hanging. they are leaning over so his shirt falls forward? that would explain it because if you look closely the outline of the body looks skinny and the edge of his shirt is hanging so yea…. i think its real.

  24. Lexi says:

    I think it could be real. BUT the guy in the facebok picture looks way too tall and chubby to be justin. BUT again, the guy in the kissing photos looks like the same guy if you look closely at the noses,the two guys have the same profile picture. And why would she need to have a “meet and greet” with justin, which the first 2 pictures already are. Something strange IS going on, i think nobody has figured out what though.

  25. that picture of them standing up and kissing was taken ages ago i saw it on facebook about 4 months ago on ryan butlers page(obv’s not him but ya know;)) he uploaded and said it was him and his girlfriend! that photo wasn’t taken last week but like 5 months ago !!

  26. Kate says:

    SHE ADDED ME ON FB! I just messaged her and she said sure. Looking through her profile. she is friends with Scooter and Kenny and Justins family…the real ones. Legit??
    No she isn’t, I just checked all of them and she isn’t…

  27. Bella says:

    it’s not Justin on the picture saying “Justin and Brittany” with a heart 🙂 well, it doesn’t look like him that much.

  28. Melissa says:

    i added her on facebook and she was like “do i know you? i dont think so….” and she blocked me! What a bitch!!

  29. Andy says:

    i feel really bad for her… she is probally gett all these deth threat. she does not need them.

  30. Kelly says:

    Brittanys profile pic is a blond chick, wasnt she a brown head? And the dude in the pic is way fatter then Justin, Justin is really skinny, it’s not him. Anyways love your blogs(:

  31. Kelly says:

    Brittanys profile pic is a blond chick, wasnt she a brown head? And the dude in the pic is way fatter then Justin, Justin is really skinny, it’s not him.

  32. Emilyy says:

    I wish it was true. They make such a good couple. And if he is dating her everyone should be happy for him and her!!! 🙂 Like she is a fan, so she’s just a normal go. We don’t have to worry about her stealing him from fame and she can keep him down to earth like the Justin everyone knows and loves! 🙂 Oh My I really hope this is true. And if it is I can’t wait for all this Jelena shiz to go away, you it’s slowy going to fade away. And don’t you think that it’s weird that she meant him more than once. I feel alot of people going get to meet him once or not at all.

  33. :P says:

    This is kinda convincing, and I hope it’s true. But the kid her profile picture looks a bit “hefty” to be Justin….don’t you think??

  34. anon says:

    this is SO fake. this girl is just looking for attention!

  35. Naja says:

    She also just might be crazy and claiming that she’s dating Justin when they’re just friends. Besides I don’t think, if she was friends with scooter, that he would allow her to put up a pic of her kissing Justin. That’d be bad PR and it’d cause too much drama. But, hey, who knows. She might just be someone with really good connections. In all honesty, she’s not that cute. Not to me anyway. She’s pretty, but not someone to “Cheat” on Selena with.

  36. Bria says:

    im friends with this girl on facebook . . . . she has a facetime picture with himm.

  37. Rachii says:

    If he is dating her, I think they are cute 🙂 I think there is a chance they are going out, I think I will add her on facebook to try see for myself

  38. Uzzi says:

    Umnia Singing “World of Chances” by Demi Lovato


  39. Beliebeeerr says:

    O___________o Well…………. It’s sad that it still isn’t me with Justin (lolJK) but they make a cuter and more REAL couple than *ugh* Jelena!!

  40. idiot says:

    Bitch! Seriöst sluta gå in på thefanofjustinbieber och sno deras grejer och sen kommentera att dom tar från er bara för att du ska få mer fucking läsare. Ingen utav dom klickar på din äckliga hemsida. Snälla skaffa ett liv ingen snor för det här är inte ens någon bra sida för att man ska sno. Ingen utav dom vet att prettylittlebitches finns så hur fan kan dom sno. Skaffa ett liv äckliga ungar ni kommer inte få mer läsare för det. Gör inte som stor bloggarna bråka bara för att få mer läsare 😉
    // En läsare från thefanofjustinbieber.blogg.se ! Du behöver inte svara på det här för jag kommer inte kolla på eran/din blogg igen. Ville bara lämna en kommentar, och moget att vara anonym också. C yaa
    btw: Jag tror faktids det är du som snor :O

  41. yo says:

    ugh really biebs? her? if this and the shahnaz alamgir shit are true, he sure has bad taste. selena jasmine etc are all way prettier than these fans he supposedly hooked up with. it could very well be a fan looking for attention, i don’t buy it.

  42. Andy says:

    i added her and she messeged me and was all like LEAVE ME ALONE!!! i feel bad that i added her but i kinda want to see her pics!

  43. I hope this isnt true!! And i think its wrong to think she will keep him down to earth and not use him for fame, I look at this and think that all she want is to get discovered, she does it for fame , thats why this have been leaked out.

  44. fjgdkfg says:

    No- one has noticed the most obvious flaw- In the picture of then ‘kissing’ the guys joggers/leg has a gap in it on the bottom left where it has been photo shopped!

  45. Amanda says:

    That boy on the picture cant be jutins, look at his ear, and then watch a picture on justins ear, they are differene!

  46. You Know That Girl or Something says:

    wow i thought he was with another girl by the name of Taylor Belle or something. cool. Brittany is lucky

  47. C says:

    that’s obviously not justin in that facebook profile image – the face shape and body type are all wrong.

    and the reason there are no full color versions of that image floating around is because it’s obviously a photomanip. a good photomanip, and a cute one, but a manip all the same.

  48. Yeah, so um... says:

    But look at the pictures posted, they’re obviously online, and someone would’ve leaked them to the press if they were real.

    You know TMZ, E!, and so many others would be sure to get the pictures if they were legit.
    So many people can photoshop really well and just simply have friends who look like him.
    (Plus there’s only like 2 believable legit pictures of them, and that was at M&G with him. ANYONE can get those.)

    I don’t think it’s real to be honest. Justmine only had ONE leaked picture of them when they were a couple, and that came out right after it was took.

    If he’s been seeing this girl for MONTHS now, trust me, it would’ve came out.
    Headlines like
    “Is Justin cheating on Selena?” and stuff would be all over the place, but they’re not.

    And there’s a lot of people saying that they’re ‘dating’ Justin. They have ‘friends’ backing them up. ‘Real’ stories backing them up. And ‘Non-photoshopped’ pictures.

    It gets out to the press when Justin’s just crossing the street, trust me. If this was real, it would’ve been a big thing right now.

    JS lmao, I just had to get my thoughts out about it hahaha

  49. Anon says:

    If you know what is good for you you will remove this blog. Brittany Payson is a private matter of Justin and people knowing this will hurt a lot of people. Take this down or else. I dont play around. There will be trouble if you dont listen to me.

  50. ℬieber says:

    Justin does not have a mole .

  51. @Selenaa_Mileyy says:

    So fake. Have you guys ever heard of a thing called SITE MODELING? yeah, there’s site models that look like Justin from the side. & in the profile picture, that chick is WAY too skinny to be Brittany. And the guy has a bigger stomach than Justin does. & the pic of the people kissing ARE SITE MODELS! The girl is taking a picture, while the photographer is taking the pic. I’m pretty sure no one else would take it of Justin because everyone would find out. You guys need more facts and REAL picture. Brittany & Justin are fake.

  52. I don’t know, all of this is soooo stupid, just another rumor to try and get Jelena to break up. So some girl messaged, and got pics of someone who LOOKS like Justin kissing a girl, and now everythings real?!? Please, some people need to get lives and stop starting stupid crap that’s pathetic. But, maybe it is true, who knows or maybe it’s a couple of normals girls who don’t like Jelena. This is FAKE, as fake as cafeteria food 🙂

  53. ℬieber says:

    no justin doesnt have a mole on his chesty area. .

  54. Hannah says:

    Just saying, her current profile picture is different…
    so either she was worried (and saw this) and changed it, or this entire thing was fake….

  55. mimi says:

    Here’s a picture of Justin wearing almost the exact clothes that he’s wearing on brittanys profile picture.

  56. jess xx says:

    hey just warning u sorry if I repeat what any of u guys have said I just really cbf reading all of the comments but I don’t think it is true because if u were justin girlfriend and it was a secret..you would respect his privacy and not post pictures on facebook were everyone can see them especially when his in a relationship with someone else(even though its fake) with the pictures on face time..there are ppl that try to trick ppl all the time on chat ruleet and all that pretending to be jb on video call and it does look legit even though its not.(idk if that made any sense but u get what I mean) and if u look closely justin has moles/beauty spots on his face as well as his neck and I can’t see any in these photos so idk my opinion its fake.there are heaps software ppl that look like justin or maybe this girl is just good at photo shop u never no

  57. jess xx says:

    sorry I have no idea were ‘software’ came from I mean ‘heaps of ppl that look like justin**** ‘

  58. sharon says:

    i so dont think this is true, Justin is not the type to do this, seriously. this girl could really ruin justins reputations. this is so stupid

  59. Katie k says:

    Brittany payson doesnt exist!! Its brittany saal .

  60. aly says:

    guys this is so fake, that is not her. i just searched that girl up, that exact girl on your photo and i found the profile, her profile isnt on private, you can see who shes friends with and she is friends with fake accounts of chaz somers, ryan butler , chris brown and justin and other celebs.

  61. holly says:

    this is a video of brittany talking about justin last summer when she wanted to meet him, i remember seeing this ages ago… maybe this is how they got in touch? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP2ZOHToRUw

  62. gossip girl says:

    im just gonna say in the photo of “brittany and justin” the one on the bed. Justin has nail polish on. BAHAHA #justsayin

  63. Olivia Zarroli says:

    I cant find her on Facebook…? But I really like Jelena, but I hope that Justin’s with this girl. And all the pictures are him with his old hair, so they could’ve broken up awhile ago, and now Justin’s with Selena. Idk, but I wish I did! Someone help me find her FB please??

  64. Leslie ✔ says:

    The profile picture one doesnt even look like Justin..I think the last 2 are fake. I really dont think he would want that girl hes suppobly dating to have that pic as a profile piic if it was a secret.

  65. L says:

    hey she changed her name to Britt Isabella on facebook.

  66. Haley says:

    Totally fake. The person who emailed you was the Brittany girl wanting a blog written about her for attention. I’ve met Justin several times and have pictures on my facebook of me and him. Doesn’t mean we are dating.

  67. jess says:

    im really sorry but this shit is fake.A) I cant fnd her on fb and B) IF you were supposably this girls friend and they “WERE” going out and u new about it u wouldnt go and tell someone who would post it on the web ESPECIALLY if they guy she is daiting is in a fake ass relationship with selena. btw jb has a beauty spot on his cheack but it dosent seem to be in the photo were there making out and if she were ur girl friend wouldnt u look happy in the photo(pic number 3)

  68. Annie says:

    im not a fan of jelena . but you can tell that justin and selena are in love. and i support that . this is obviously not true . her profile picture isnt justin , and that photo of two people kissing is probably not real . but who knows ? but to be honest , i doubt this is true . it would be hard . and im sure it would have come out by now :\ this brittany girl is probably just a belieber who has met justin alot of times ..

  69. Matilda says:

    I can’t even find her on facebook…

  70. Annie says:

    whats her facebook ? can someone link me ? 🙂

  71. Jaidenn says:

    uh, well te last picture of a boy and girl in bed kissing, is not them. there is a mole on the boys clavicle. Justin doesn’t have a mole there. There is a mole on the girls cheek as well, so who knows if its brittany. Thats just my opinion.

  72. jackie says:

    I think it is real. I went to her Facebook page just out of curiosity. You cannot add her and she changed both her name and picture. Therefore she is covering something up.

  73. justinb says:


  74. Caitlin says:

    I dont think its Justin, it could be like you said, someone who just really looked like him. But I dont think he would do that when he’s with Sel :p

  75. im not sure what to think. however im a very big bieber fan ‘belieber’ and i no pretty much everything about bieber and im pretty sure this is not him its either a look a like or edited because he is either to tall or his nose is different.

  76. JaCynda says:

    she looks kinda like rebecca black

  77. Patricia says:

    It might be real. At least it makes me happy that Justin might be dating a fan like he always said he would 🙂 But that black and white picture is definatelly fake. It looks like something from a magazine or something, not a real picture. And thats not Justin cause he doesn’t have a mole on that spot of his neck. But for the rest it looks kinda believable. Justin wasn’t spending all of his time with selena in New York Im sure, so he would have time to go see her. But I feel bad for Brittany cause it must be hard for her seeing all of those pictures of Justin and selena holding hands and kissing, even though she would know they’re fake.

  78. me.. haha says:

    its a fake.. i mean shes not even friends with ryan or chaz on facebook.. and they would deff be friends with her kenny and scooter accept fans and they dont so honestly i think its a fake.. its probably her emailing the pictures ahahhaha

  79. bella says:

    do y’all know brittany’s twitter account ?

  80. Mona says:

    It may be real! Justin has never said he was with Selena. Not that I heard. The Ernie cover that he did he said to my beautiful girlfriend. The room was dark and everybody just assumed he was talking about Selena.

  81. yo says:

    btw, in the black and white pic, the girl looks like miley!

  82. Kat says:

    in that last picture, of justin kissing her with his hat on , that boy is to big to be justin, & to tall. & fat kinda.

  83. Rebecca Lynn says:

    honestly it could be justin maybe hes cheating on selena :/

  84. lieze says:

    i can’t find her on fb can someone send me a link (‘;

  85. what,, it real jb kissing brittany

  86. Jhsbdkxn says:

    THE SECOND PICTURE IS NOT HIM I MEAN ARE WE STUPID? that guy has facial hair. And who cares about his relationships anymore GOD JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!

  87. Could I please have the link to her facebook page ?
    Much appreciated , please .. ❤

  88. Amanda says:

    i could’nt find her twitter acc

  89. Amanda says:

    i mean facebook account

  90. Nicole says:

    She’s making herself look bad. How does she not feel pretty disgusting knowing that she’s “the other girl”? Whether Jelena is a publicity stunt or not (which I personally don’t think it is), I don’t see why Justin wouldn’t just date Brittany without Selena in the picture. If he’s scared that she’d get death threats and shit, that shows how little he cares for his own happiness. He’d rather have his fans satisfied than himself, and that makes him look like a little bitch.

    Now, that is IF this is real. Which I doubt it is.

  91. Francis says:

    i searched her on Facebook and i can’t find her. But this story might just be true

  92. Anastasia says:

    guys look http://twitter.com/#!/brittanysaal/status/89518738541522944
    she even said its not her . someone took her pictures and is pretending to be her okay ahha justin dating selena 🙂 us beliebers should support their relationship whether they are fake or not . okay so dont believe rumours .

  93. hamna says:

    this is a shock!!i never thought this cud happen with us beliebers knowing!!i thought he wud have tweeted or sumthing!!!

  94. Brittany Payson-Friemund…i found her on facebook just now and surprisingly the 2nd pic under her and justin’s pic with the a guy in a red hat and her friend im guessing…was her new profile pic…mysterious right? maybe Justin and her were friends with benefits…not sex meaning but maybe like Justin wanting to be treated normal=) i hope this is true because they r cute together!<3

  95. vanessa says:


  96. Carolyn says:

    Aww they look soo cute!!!!! Normal/fan girl right there!! They are perfect for each other

  97. natalie says:

    Its so hard to believe things like this .. yes you have lots of proof but i dont think justin would date someone like her (not saying theres enything wrong with her) its just she doesent seem like his type .. but justin is one to hook up with girls not nessacarliy date them ! mabey he did hook up with her before he got with Selena and now there friends .. but i do agree with the jelena thing being for publicity but i dont think this is true ! if it is then im happy hes dating a fan , but i think its really harsh on us aka his fans that he would pretend to date selena and acctually be dating a fan which is what most of us wanted in the first place . I do think justin may have just been fooling around with this girl or she has made up and posted bull shit .. coz ive seen facebook pages were they’ve tamperd with pics of justin and jasmine villegas and made it look like he was kissing her on the cheek or hugging her when i no for a fact i’ve seen that pic with his mom.. its very easy to edit pics these days .. but if it is true i think he needs to man up and tell us instead of leaving us in the dark .

  98. Aden says:

    another funny thing about that picture is that Justin doesn’t have that freckle on his neck! 😦

  99. Daisy says:

    Well….he could be cheating on Selena…you never know…

  100. […] This post was Twitted by widbaha_bahak […]

  101. […] I don’t quite know how to comment on this, but I think @xoxoplb does it better. Take a moment to read their blog, and decide for yourself. https://prettylittlebitches.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/justin-and-brittany/ […]

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