Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline

We all have our own opinions. If you’re a huge Jelena supporter it’s YOUR choice to read or not to read. We’re not forcing you to do anything. We’re proving a point.

You don’t have to read anything you don’t want to. We’re just taking this into another perspective instead of the “perspective” of the people making MONEY off of ‘Jelena’ and the perspective of Jelenators saying everything Justin and Selena do is perfect.

Howdy again, perceptive readers 😉 So as you guys know, we get hate like every week. Hate from Selenators and hate from Beliebers who think we need to “respect Jelena.” We aren’t complaining though, we actually love all the attention. It’s actually funny, because unlike most Selenators or Jelenators we respect all opinions. Even if you 100% disagree with us. Plus, we love proving them wrong. Keep in mind, we never post anything without any proof. This whole blog is based on proof and exposing the truth. It’s also our opinion on everything analyzed or opinions of people associated with Justin. And if you actually take another perspective, instead of being so obsessed with your own belief, you’ll realize what we say actually makes sense. We go back and forth with these people because we are determined for every single person in the Twitterverse to believe us when we say Jelena is as fake as a three dollar bill and both Justin and Selena are faking Jelena.  90% of our readers believe us when we say Jelena is not real, then we have the 10% that stay hating and being in denial against our posts. So this post, this post goes out to that 10%. This goes out to the people in denial. We love you haters so we are about to single handedly make you eat your words up like no other.

“One less lonely New Year”

You know we had to start off with New years 2010. If you don’t know, Justin and Selena spent New Years 2010 in Times Square together at the Ball Drop ceremony and performed One Less Lonely girl together. Well, Justin performed and Selena just kinda sat there looking awkward until the end. Any who Justin serenaded Selena and she just looked awkward. The whole time she was just smiling and looking around like “Oh, kids. They sing the darnedest things!” If you have never seen the performance, you might wanna take a look.

Justin looked very genuine during that performance and looked like he was having a fun time. Selena looked like she was trying too hard. Sure, it was nice of her to come out there but the way she looked at him was like he was a little baby. Plus, Justin went out there with his broken ankle and all. Let’s hope she didn’t bruise his pride too much. But then she stood up and started dancing and singing along. Don’t know why, but she did and it looked awkward because she was so tall next to him.

If it wasn’t obvious enough, for Justin that performance wasn’t really fake. We think he genuinely liked her at that time. In 2009 he’d had a couple interviews before where he would say she was “only pretty” but he didn’t like her. This performance was probably the one where he began to like her, because straight after that they were rumored to hang out ever so often and become ‘best friends.’

Skip to 6:53 and listen to the conversation. The interviewer goes “Who’s your number two pick?” and Justin says, “I think Selena Gomez is pretty. But I don’t like her. I think she’s cute, I think she’s a cutie but…” And then they proceed to talk about what could happen between them in the future. (This video was posted September 29th, 2009. So he must have said that some time before that date.) Late 2009 Justin was just everywhere talking about Selena and how he didn’t ‘like’ her, he just thought she was pretty. But I think you and I both know Justin had a bit of a crush on little Ms. Gomez. Even though around that time, Selena didn’t really care. Before Justin’s HUGE burst of fame last year, Selena wasn’t anywhere talking about Justin even though she most likely knew Justin had a little crush on her, until…

HOLD UP. Lets go a little further back before the dates began.

Selena Gomez’s DREAM OUT LOUD.

This honestly, is the confusing part. It confuses everyone, including us.

Well, who has seen Selena’s Dream Out Loud behind the scenes video? I have. Maybe you haven’t but here’s a screen shoot of one of the screen shots.

Surprise, Surprise, now look at that. The Justin Bieber sticker. Now why in the world would they zoom into that? Perhaps It was zoomed in on purpose. Perhaps they knew a fan would see it. Yes and yes? What I find funny though is this was around the time Justin supposedly had something with Ms. Villegas. So the fact that Selena has his sticker is just confusing to me. Unless Justin is a two-timer.. then that’s another story.

Now this was way before they started thinking of each other in the girlfriend/boyfriend way. And way before they even started hanging out a lot.

Now, who else would tell the camera man to zoom in her cell phone? Perhaps, Selena herself? Maybe, maybe not. But the possibility could be..

Selena’s Stage Mom.

Now, when a celebrity has a manager it’s nothing unusual. But, when the celebrity’s manager is their mom, it says a lot. It says your mom is a stage mom. A stage mom is someone who pushes their child to be famous.

This comes to us as no surprise. Selena’s mom, Mandy Cornett also wanted to be a famous actress but wasn’t successful. Mandy’s aspirations to be a famous actress must have something to do with why Selena is famous today. When you have a stage mom who happens to be your manager, you don’t exactly have a lot of room to make your own decisions. Selena does what Mandy wants. Trust us when we tell you that Mandy is the type of person who wants fame. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that Selena met Justin through her mom from a call from Justin’s own manager, Scooter. It seems like Jelena’s ‘people’ are basically in control of their whole lives. No wonder why these teen celebs seem lost. Selena actually knew Justin a year before he became famous. But they were still ‘brother and sister‘ so she would “never think of him THAT way.”

Okay. Moving on.

– until….

The “Dates” Begin

October was when everything blew up for Justin and Selena. Selena was everywhere being asked about Justin, and she was just sticking to her same little line. Saying the same things, over and over. “He’s like my little brother!” “He’s a dork!” “He’s little!” Everywhere. Every interview, every question, same answer. This went all through October and November.

He’s a dork.’ – October 1st, 2010.

He’s little.’ – October, 14th 2010.

‘He’s like my little brother!’ – October 18th, 2010

(Notice how Selena replied so quickly to that statement Ellen made, and her reaction was so fake. She looked out into the audience too right when she said “WHAT?!” It didn’t look real. Probably planned out by their people, keep denying)

My question is, through all these interviews how Selena is saying she’s “known Justin for so long” and “Hangs with him,” when had she ever hung out with him personally in 2010, before October? (Which again is around the time Justin and Ms. Villegas had something going..) I recall Justin touring through most of 2010 so how was there ever any room for them to become ‘best friends‘? Selena was filming WOWP, doing her clothing line and working a lot overall. Justin was making a book, doing concerts nightly and hectic interviews/schedules. So I want to know, why all of a sudden Selena was saying that. It’s funny how she all of a sudden went from ignoring him to hanging out with him ‘ever so often.’

Straight after these interviews passed was when everything went down with ‘Jelena’ Starting with…

This must have been the funniest thing ever for us. Justin made it too obvious that this was just a little publicity stunt. The night of November 1st, Justin and his buddies were out at a haunted house. As you know, they were not alone. “Who were they accompanied by?” You ask? Well the answer to that cute little question of yours is obviously, Selena Gomez. They were both in California at the time and Justin made it too obvious that they were together. “But how is this a publicity stunt?” You ask. Well the night of the haunted house date Justin tweeted:
Why, Justin? Why would you tweet that if you were just in a haunted house with her? (And we’re assuming he does have her number. Because, I mean, according to Selena they “have been best friends for like years” or something, right?) I’m pretty sure Justin could have texted Selena that instead of going on twitter and slipping that tweet in. Some people are saying he didn’t have to. But Justin, if you’re really “trying to avoid drama” and you “want your life private” why would you tweet that for your millions of followers to see? He knew it was going to start something, which is exactly why he tweeted it. Then what do you know? More Jelena ‘dating’ rumors occur. Now I’m not saying this was Justin’s plan, but we are not that stupid. Come on, dude.
Next date was a little smaller, and not that big a deal. Same exact date of the last outing, a little weird. But it was still a date, none the less. It’s what we like to refer to as…
OUTING TWO: LE FOOTBALL FUN: November 1st 2010.
Let me just point out that this wasn’t at a random football game. No, Justin did not just pop into a random high school stadium and go “Looks like a swag football stadium, let’s sit here and watch it!” Even though that would be something Justin would say. But no, this was Will Smith’s oldest son (Trey Smith)’s football game at Moorpark, California. Justin joined Jaden and Will to the game and brought along his date, Selena. Honestly, for a date Justin didn’t look to excited to be there. He was tweeting on his phone the whole time and thanking his fans for not getting too wild at his arrival. So what kind of date is it when you’re not focused on the girl, nor the game? Sounds fun.
Next date was big. Out of all dates this was the one people made the most out of…
OUTING THREE: LE PANCAKE DATE – December 9th 2010.
If this didn’t spark up rumors, I don’t know what did. First of all, what’s with the sitting on the same side of the booth. On a date you are supposed to sit at opposite sides so you can look into the person’s eyes, so what was that? (UD: The people at the diner also stated that Justin and Selena basically spent the whole time just fooling around and looked very ‘touchy‘) Couldn’t you guys of just done that at your hotel room? Instead of having to go out in public? Then, they left with their heads down and linked arms. That’s how you were able to tell they were already an ‘item.’ (Unless you link arms with your little brother and go on iHop dates with him too, because that’s totally understandable.) Anyway, on this date was when Selena began to just become sarcastic and lie. This was when people began to dislike her. She was interviewed by MTV a couple days after and explained the whole thing. Saying it was “all innocent” Right, We’re sure it was.
What kills me Selena asks the questions that are most irrelevant. “Who doesn’t like pancakes?” Selena, everyone loves pancakes. But that has nothing to do with the subject here. Aha, oh brother. Honestly, she and Justin chose to go out and be flirty in public. You guys aren’t regular teens. It’s a big deal. Just in case Justin and Selena don’t know, there’s a thing called Paparazzi.
She also said on this date that Scooter was the one who called and told her that Justin wanted to hang out with her. And how she said ‘Yes‘ because she felt like a “big sister to him and wanted to protect him.” Yah’know, I can’t help but notice Scooter is always caught in the middle of these two between everything they do. He has some part in it. Then when they ask him questions he either lies about it or avoids the subject. Think about it. Maybe he’s into this publicity thing also. The more fame Justin gets, the more money Scooter gets. Anyways..
Next was jingle ball. Jingle ball 2010 wasn’t a big deal probably to most Beliebers because Selena and Justin weren’t seen together. But what you most likely don’t know, they were together. Trust me, they were together.
Honestly, I don’t really get the point of them having to take the picture of Justin with this coat on. I just don’t understand how this could possibly have “leaked.” It was obvious that they WANTED this to come out. Either that, or Justin was feeling silly and decided to flash a picture of him in the coat and send it out. Selena was probably performing or something while this picture was taken, or thye were all just hanging out in the dressing room. Who knows what really went on? This isn’t all innocent though. I don’t understand why the paps made a big deal out of this. Who knows, maybe it was Jelena’s ‘people’ doing. Like most of everything.
After Jingle ball went through, it was Thanksgiving/Christmas time. This is when it gets funky.
(Down there is Priscilla Deleon, by the way.) Anyway, up there is the picture of Justin and Selena together on Thanksgiving in Selena’s house. Funny how in the picture that “someone” sent to the Paparazzi, only got them two. (Which is what was apparently stated.) I mean I’m pretty sure there’s more to the picture, like the full family, but it’s funny how this was only picture that surfaced the web to the paps. Not to say someone didn’t crop it and only leak this, but to me it seems like Pattie wasn’t part of this Thanksgiving decision fully. Now, I don’t know if Justin was with his parents, grandparents, etc. in this little get together with Selena, but it doesn’t look like it to me. He was said to be with his full family. Not just with his mom and Selena’s family. Also notice how out of place Justin looks. He’s barely smiling and just looks downright uncomfortable. Meanwhile Selena just looks happy about it. Justin could of showed a little emotion in the picture. It was his first Thanksgiving with his ‘girlfriend.’ Right?
Next big public outing, I have nothing to say to…
OUTING NUMBER FOUR: LE TOUR BUS FUN 😉 – December 19th, 2010.
I honestly, don’t want to know what they did in that tour bus, or why. But the more deeper into the relationship we get, the more touch. Woah there, Biebs.
NEXT. THE BIGGEST DEAL OF 2010. It was a vacation we’d like to call…
This was honestly just…. no words really. This whole St. Lucia, thing changed our opinion on Justin fully.  Justin and Selena went to a private place in St. Lucia with Justin’s buddy, Busty. And Selena’s cousin, Priscilla. Justin and Selena were awfully touchy-feely during this vacation. So when this happened, things switched a bit. Obviously we all know something fishy is going on between Justin and Selena. But this vacation included a lot of lies on Justin’s part. There was a lot of things that weren’t exactly true. He said he was spending Christmas with his family and ‘chilling’ the whole vacation with them. But honestly, what the hell. What kind of Christmas was that? How do you spend Christmas with your alleged girlfriend, best friend, and girlfriend’s cousin? Where was Justin’s mother through all of this? We know for a fact that she was on the cruise with them and Justin’s father at the time, well for part of it. Because Justin was still 16 at this time. If it weren’t for paps ‘catching’ these pictures, we all would of thought Justin was in Canada his whole break. More importantly, I love how the paparazzi never caught Justin and Selena kissing. They looked like they were close to kissing, but didn’t kiss. Or it was a kiss on the cheek. Also these pictures look awfully posed to me. It’s like those “couple” pictures of swimwear you see in Vogue or Abercrombie and Fitch catalogs, am I right? And funny how the Paps only get the perfect shots of them touching. Not talking. Just touching.. Mhm. So does that mean they spent their whole time out there just rubbing on each other? Haha, dirty minds (;
Now before we continue, I would like to present to you all with the three Jelena theories.
a) Jelena is a full publicity stunt for both Selena, and Justin. Whoever says this, sorry but you’re wrong. A lot of Selenators just love to flip the script and claim Justin is using Selena. But let’s be honest right now, shall we? If you have more popularity, fame and money than someone why would you need to use them? And, If you have OVER 9 million followers on twitter and over 20 million ‘likers’ on facebook would you really want to take publicity from someone who was less ‘likers’ and less followers than you? Yeah, Didn’t think so. Besides, (not kissing ass here) Justin seems like an overall sweet boy. He treats his mother with respect and we’ve seen how he treats other woman. We doubt he’d do something that disrespectful especially since he doesn’t need to use Selena for anything. While on the other hand she does. You never know. But for all we know, maybe he could be using the fact that he’s with Selena as an advantage. Again, it’s really up to all opinions.
b) Jelena is a sex couple. (Friends with Benefits)
Not going to lie, this passed through our minds a couple times now because of how sexual they got. Especially after St. Lucia and…
LE VANITY FAIR 😉 – February 27th, 2011.
Left bottom picture. Obviously Justin is shoving his head into whatever kind of cleavage the boy thinks Selena has in there.
I honestly, don’t know what that is. Like is that a sign of respect where Selena comes from? Is that some type of cool think that people do nowadays? Nah, that’s just sexual. So there is a possibility that they are ‘friends’ with benefits. Minus the ‘friends’ part because I don’t really know how good of a ‘friend’ Selena really is. *cough* I mean what “friend” doesn’t visit their ‘best friend’ Demi in rehab (only calls, but doesn’t visit) but has time to go cruising with the Biebster? Anyways, that’s on a different topic. But why would Selena and Justin feel the need to take a picture of their pictures or let Paparazzi (that they “hate so much“) take pictures of it? I’m sure they could of bought two sets of these pictures from the machine. They are Millionaires you know.
But the thing that gets me is just how Selena looks like she’s the one who controls Justin. Pushing his head in and all of that. He looks like a lost puppy in all these actions. They seem kinda pushy, both of them. It just seems all planned out. Because it’s like right after they take those pictures, the paps get a snap of it, then they move on.
c)  Jelena is just a publicity stunt for Selena.
That’s more like it!
Keep those three theories in mind, and on with the time-line.
Let’s go forward to a great, great event that occurred at the Vanity Fair party as well…
LE FAKE KISS – February 27th, 2011
We call this kiss fake for a bunch of reasons. Obvious first reason: Justin had his eyes open. Before we get deep, let’s ask some questions. When a boy kisses you are his eyes open? Is he looking directly at a camera? “No and No.Cool, just asking. Moving along.. So Justin’s talking to some dude, showing him stuff on his iPhone. Don’t know much about that. But after that, Selena tilts her head and it looks like she smiles at Justin then he kisses her. Then they lick they’re lips and look around casually. Honestly, what kind of kiss was that? Here is an example of a REAL kiss shared between two stars:
Zac does not quickly pull away and look for paparazzi, neither does Vanessa. Given, they are much older. But a relationship is a relationship and that Jelena kiss was fake. I also love how Justin was looking directly at the camera when he kissed her. Then when he pulled away he barely smiled and she did. It was the quickest little kiss ever. Some would think “Well maybe they didn’t want anyone to see them kissing!” But that would make no sense, my friend. Because they had just attended a red carpet even together and took some very dirty pictures of themselves in a booth, which they SHARED with the Paparazzi normally. Also I’m loving how for some awkward reason the Paparazzi just seemed to be watching Justin and Selena. It’s like the Paps knew they were going to do something. Am I right? So if you still don’t think that was the fakest kiss in the history of celebrity kisses, then you’re just in denial.
(Some people say Justin didn’t fully kiss Selena because they’d just been dating for a few months. Haha, that’s funny also, because when Justin and Jasmine had their thing for a few weeks. Justin sure did give Jasmine’s tongue a fun time those car pictures last October.”
Afterward, we had…
LE HABIEBERTH DAY! – March 1st, 2011!
First of all, I love how Justin was at a mall with Alfredo and Selena on his 17th birthday. I would have spent it with my family. All of it. And there were rumors that Justin had bought expensive Selena some things on his birthday as he isn’t sweet enough, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. (Holla at the Loui Vuitton :D)
We’re here to talk about…
Would the Justin you know and you look up to do something like that? It’s safe to say he changes when he’s around Selena because he does. He becomes this disrespectful, annoying little jerk. We’re not taking his side on this. It was wrong what he did and it was wrong what he did in incidents before this. (The incident at the hotel when he ignored those fans)OR (The incident at the movies when he almost ignored that little girl) He just acts totally different, probably to amuse her. Or make it seem like he’s more mature, but this isn’t mature. This is sad, fake, and annoying.
Moving on to a big part of the fake part here on this time-line…
Pretty sure all of YA’LL remember this, don’t you? Justin tweets Selena he misses her, “Aww! So cute! How is that wrong?!” Honestly, kids. Do we even have to explain this to you? Back to what I said about the haunted house tweet. Why would Justin tweet Selena saying that he missed her if he could have texted her? Does that make any sense to you at all? “Well, maybe her phone died!” WRONG, because she tweeted him back directly from Echofon.
Echofon is a MOBILE APPLICATION, for people with twitter. Everybody uses it. So how could he have not texted her saying that he missed her?
Also, what kills me is that Selena replied exactly 11 minutes after. It was like he told her to go reply to his tweet. Selena hadn’t been on twitter for like a day or two, before she tweeted that. So I want to know how she all of a sudden decided to get on and tweet Justin back EXACTLY when he tweeted her. Coincidence? Don’t think so.
(We’re aware that you can choose who you want to get tweets from. But this is what’s interesting also, she only comes on once for Justin but not her fans at that time. And considering that she was just sitting around, because if she was busy, she probably wouldn’t of replied that early, she could of been thanking her fans via Twitter too, right? Not only Justin?)
So then recently, we have Malaysia. Which we already wrote about.
But not just yet Beliebers, there’s more to the story. And what a sad story it is. Apparently Justin took a picture of his iPhone4g background of him and Selena. (April 22) Here’s the pic:
And ‘somehow’ the paparazzi got a hold of it and sent it around. First. There is no possibly way a paparazzi can get a hold of your personal phone pictures unless you send it to them or they steal your phone. Which they didn’t. Why would Justin need to use his other phone to take a picture of his background of him and Selena? Something’s not adding up. Also, that phone background picture has never been seen anywhere else. So that’s a private “Jelena” picture. Some say that Justin left his phone lying around and a fan saw it, then clicked on the screen, then took the picture and then left the diner. Excuse me while we die of laughter. First of all. Why would Justin Bieber, leave his phone (that has everything on it, possibly secrets, important phone numbers and who knows what else he’s hiding on there) on a dining table in another country? And we’re sure he went to dinner with other people, cause I’m sure a famous star wouldn’t go eat dinner alone. So odds are they would of told him about his phone being left on the table. And then he ‘somehow’ comes back for the phone and leaves.
And we must not forget that time when Selena lied about skyping with Justin (when he was clearly sleeping at 4 am in the morning), just so them could get more attention for RockMafia’s song that he’s working on with her. Read post here:
All these things going through your head. Everything is adding up now, isn’t it?
Basically to break it down; Their relationship is a publicity stunt. Not mainly for Justin though, but for Selena. Selena’s ending her show Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney this year and that’s where 99% of her income comes from. Since she’s leaving Disney, her fame could slowly slip away. She needs to keep up that balance though. People do things like that ALL the time in young Hollywood. Some go as far as even getting married. It keeps their name out there more and keeps the drama more interesting. The only reason Justin never confirms their relationship is because he knows there’s nothing to it. Why do you think when Justin and Caitlin broke up he talked about how he dated her and how he enjoyed her company. But he NEVER talks openly about dating Selena? Because Jaitlin was built on reality and Jelena was based on fame. Selena’s ‘people’ are just using Justin to keep her name out there and increase her fan-base. (As you can see she’s gotten 2 million new followers from Justin and apparently her dating Justin was one of the reasons Selena was even allowed to open for an award at the Grammys.) Dating Justin brings her loads of more opportunities. I think the only reason Justin is going along with this, is because he’s had a crush on Selena before and maybe he thinks doing this could lead to something more? But I doubt it. I just wonder how Justin will feel once Jelena is over. He could have some deep feelings for her you know.. It would hurt him to see that she’s moved onto someone else and that their relationship went by faster than a second. Both Justin and Selena are basically in the middle of all of this. I think this is the doing of their people. But then again, maybe Selena automatically woke up a week later after she said she would never date Justin, and decided he was “the one” for her. Then he took her on a cruise and they fell in love. Like a fairytale! Back to reality here..
I just want to know why Selena constantly puts Justin down saying she’d “never date him” “he’s a little dork” and they’re “nothing more than friends.” But then two weeks later when his new movie, NSN is coming out, he’s up to win 2 Grammies, he’s ending his tour that brought in millions of dollars and he’s been labeled as the Most Famous Teen Star on the Planet, Selena THEN all of a sudden loves him? Haha.. she’s funny.
So this is it; Why would Justin and Selena feel the need to look for Paparazzi whenever they ‘kiss’ while some couples that REALLY like each other look into each others eyes? Why would they feel the need to take a picture OF a picture they’re already in? Why would they feel the need to lie constantly about how they’re not dating? But it’s sweet that Justin is trying to help out a friend I guess. Like he always says…… “#SupportYourFriends” right?

Ps; You could honestly think what you want. But this post has a point. We’re just gonna laugh when “Jelena” ends and she’s dates a new guy after. Like what happened with Nelena, Telena, Delena and others. At least we have proof it’s fake. What do you guys have? The fact that she flew in to see Justin? Well Nick Jonas flew to LA, just to see Selena couple of weeks ago. Not suspicious, right? Selena flying in to see Justin is nothing. She’s a millionaire, it’s not a big deal. Everyone can have their own opinion on this Maybe Selena and Justin just happen to like sending their “private” pictures to paps. Who knows? If you disagree, that’s fine. Post a comment. But this is from OUR view. We’re not even Beliebers like that either or jealous. I mean I’m a fan of Jasmine V and Caitlin who’ve dated Justin). Jelena is fake, whether you like it or not. Her relationships last no longer than 6 months/tops. Wonder why.. Or maybe Justin just likes denying things. People say Justin would never lie. But “Never Say Never” right?
This is Hollywood. 99% of the things you see on TV are fake. Sorry, if you think fame is based on talent. Because nowadays? It’s not.
Both Justin and Selena could be getting a lot out of this. Not to mention their “people” who by the way, control almost their whole life.
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756 thoughts on “Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline

  1. Naja says:

    God Bless this post.
    Although I don’t think it’s entirely Selena and Justin’s doing. I think it’s partially Scooter and Selena’s mom telling them to do this.

    • Cindy says:

      I totally agree

      • Jadenatorrrrz says:

        Me 2, a while ago I say that pic of justin and Selena kissing and he was directly looking at the camera, but I thought it probably happens all the time, i then thought justin wanted all the fame, but then I was like naa!! Everything in this post adds up, they are being controlled! Freemasons, go onto YouTube, a whole different story! Search it, that’s what they are turning Justin and Selena into 😦 there like puppets!

      • Selena says:

        Me too

    • Lily-anne says:

      i aggree with you^ this is totally fake and finally someone wrote a real not fake post about it and nailed it finally cuz ive thought that forever.

      i can not wait for these lies to end.. its really just annoying..

      and yeaah! scooter and selenas mum mandy they would have alot to do with it

    • Beliebinswagx says:

      Yeh, but also it just doesn’t seem like something Justin would do, that’s all 🙂

      • Shawtygotswagxxx says:

        I know. It’s really sad. I use to like Selena, but now… she is using the most awesome guy in the world for fame. She is going to hurt him and… just seems like something Justin wouldn’t do. Guess he has no choice because of Scooter, am I right? But then again… you can never know the EXACT truth (emphasis on exact) unless you know Justin personally… guess we will just have to wait. maybe someone will spill the “truth”.

      • Shawtygotswagxxx says:

        I just dont know what to think. there is this other post on twitter and it is a fan meeting Justin experience and the fan says when she got to Justin she gave him a support letter to Selena and he was all like, “Really?….thank you… so much.” and acting like he really cared. who knows. maybe he does care for Selena and is just going along with it all… but i feel, in a way, even if this post is true, that i need to support Justin’s decisions. as a fan. a true fan. but I still dont know what to think. I notice all the proof stuff makes it look like they are faking it… but I just DO NOT KNOW if it is FAKE or TRUE… ehhh kinda doubt it could be true, but i am just SOOOO FREAKIN CONFUSED!!! 😦 Justin needs to be the one who actually does something about it. no matter what, I will always follow Justin and look up to him.
        (that pic with him doing the finger is just wrong… he would NEVER do that. I guess… I bet Selena thinks it is ok and Justin thinks its cool. he absolutely does not have to be bad to be cool. it is not cool whatsoever that he did that. BUT i understand he could do that to the pap because they are so rude and get all in your business… this is all i have to say….)

      • Selena says:

        i am a HUGE fan of justin. or was. i mean i Love the old justin, i just can’t wait till jelena is over

    • Belieber says:

      This is Really TRUE!!! OMG. EVERY person should see this. I’ tired of the JELENA thing! GOSH!! please end it.

    • Lexi Paige says:

      maybe its true what ur saying. idk, but its them doing it if they r telling them to because they don’t have to if they don’t like each other.

    • Kayla says:

      u are soo right because justin not to long ago tweeted,like 1 month ago he tweeted “how could u do this to me” some beliebers said that he was talking about selena but then he covered up and said it was about the tour….i think selena is cheating on him….but there relationship is just fake just for fame she didnt even care about him before he got 9million followers on twitter and that proves that he has 9million fans making him famous and money thats when she wants him cuz when WOWP ends she will have a backup plan for still haveing money :/

    • Maxyx3 says:

      omg, I totaly agree with you, this relationship is just fake, selena is using him, it’s realy sad to see that! .. but right now I am mad at selena lol -,- .. why is she doing this.. woww! :/ -,-

      • Selena says:

        i think this relationship is fake, but i still like both of them. i think scooter and mandy are to be blamed

    • Are you serious? What it gods nation would give you that idea? No human being in right mind would think “Hey i’m just going to date this person next so i can get more famous!” you don’t know selena. you don’t know what she’s feeling. the fact that you would go out of your way and think that makes you look entirely completely stupid.

      • B says:

        This is HOLLYWOOD, dear. This is not the first time Selena and famous friends have faked. I know for a fact Selena’s ‘rekindling’ her ‘relationship’ with Nick Jonas was publicity for both their albums last year. And remember when she was ‘casually’ frolicking with Taylor Lautner? And then let her “best friend/sister”, Taylor Swift ‘date’ him, too?Why would Selena let Taylor kiss Taylor if she had REAL feelings for him? Why would she take Nick Jonas back after he hurt her? Why would she have a freakin’ STICKER of Justin on her phone and turn it TOWARDS a camera? Come on. HER SHIPS ARE FAKE! Don’t be surprised if she’s spotted ‘hanging out’ with Logan Lerman this fall.

      • Ebru says:

        wat more fuckin proof do u need there relationship is freakin FAKE wow stop bein so gulible and btw we all know selena well enough so…proof to me that “jelena” is real o wait bad i forget u cant proof it coz it is FUCKIN FAKE!!!!!

    • Fran dawg says:

      so right
      selena=fame slut

      • Alley Pusey says:

        I reckon it might b true. sounds true so far, its definately possible and makes sense after how they act around eachother. They NEVER kiss in Public properly. i agree, its probs FAKE, still a Belieber

      • Selena says:

        no she doesn’t. she is doing what her mom and justin’s manager told her to do. your just jealous that she get to atleast fake date the HOTTEST man on earth

    • YEA! says:

      YEA. This is so true. a close friend of justin said it too. Damn thing other fans of both of them are too blind to see the truth or should i say stupid, to not know things. actually its SELENA’s moms fault. and also scooter. 😐 Hate them. =P Why would scooter approve with this if ur in the right thinking. ANd HEY SELENA’s MOM UR so stupid for using justin for ur daughter to be famous. ur SOOOO damn. !! LET KARMA DO THE JOB FOR YOU ! this is crap.

    • Claire says:

      We are the ones who control how famous a person is. Justin is famous because we make him famous. We support his music his book and pretty much everything else he does. We could teach him a lesson. If everyone stopped tweeting justin or quit supporting him for a week, maybe he would take the hint that we dont like being lied to or that dating selena is going to hurt his career. then maybe he might just break it off. I do like justins music but we the fans are really the ones who decide if someone is famous or not.

      • konishi says:

        yeah …ur TOTALLY right…
        maybe justin would really learn his lesson if bielibers will ignore him for a while….
        I hope this will end soon.. 😦

    • stacey says:

      exactly selena well never have feeling for justin and knowing she using justin for no reason and i am not jealous . but i knew she making no sense at all and that was a fool of lie she couldn’t steal bieber because justin have a lot of fans and he wouldn’t live without his fans and selena would have to end up dating justin bieber and go back to her disney show and let justin meet fans and live his tour …….. i agree you guys…

      • Selena says:

        i hat how she acts like she is embarrassed to be seen with him. he deserves someone who loves him for who is is.

    • Bieber-Babe says:

      U have a point. But, I think most of this is Selena’s doing. Maybe Justin “thinks” he loves Selena and she loves him back, but wat he doesnt see is that she’s playing him. She’s even admitted that she’s played mind games on her ex-bfs. So if she could do it to Nick Jonas & Taylor Lautner, she could just as easily do the same thing to Justin.

    • lexielovesjb says:

      honestly i couldnt agree more with you 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    He was shorter, but now is taller and does not have the little boy look. Simple as that. She likes him now

  3. bieberswaggxx says:

    wow:/ To be honest, I used to respect Jelena because I love Justin and I just want him to be happy but after reading this, I lost my respect for her:L x

    • KaayyBee says:

      I did too. But now I see that shee is just using justin! I see that it is both their faults but well they are both not likeing eachother I think they should just end it. We dont need fans rioting and trying to hurt Selena,Or threatening her.

    • LivingLaBieberX says:

      same! i was fine with it, but then realised excactly what could be going on, i changed my thoughts about it, im not saying that i wont support them, whatever happens, happens right? Scooter and Selena’s mum probably pushed them to do it for Selena, but over the time, Sel has produced feelings for Biebs. Justin may have had a little crush on Sel at the beginning, and as they said, thought it could go somewhere, but Sel never thought that at the beginning! Now she may have grown and feels lovey towards him, she wants more. I just think that Justin could do alot better than her right now.

    • Selena says:

      me too. i still LOVE Justin, i just hat what Jelena has done to him

  4. awesome discovering guys. i dont care whether theyre together or not. theyre cute together i dont hate them for going out 🙂 andddddd hes in brisbane right now 😉 where i livve. i could just freka out right now

    • MiMi says:

      Selene is not doing it for publicity because he is trying to keep everything private more that Justin.
      Justin is the one who tweets not texts. When he sent the ‘I miss you’ message through twitter she replied, but only that once because she had the decency to know she should reply if he has sent her a message. He recently sent her another message on twitter saying ‘miss you already’, this was obviously for Selena as she just left Asia (where Justin was). To that she did not reply because she wants everything on the down-low.
      Justin is also the one who speaks about her and why he likes her in interwievs, where as he remains quiet.
      Justin is doing all this for publicity to prove he can get a older woman.

  5. V says:

    BLESS. THIS. POST. AMEEEENNNN!!! Okay, so all Selena does is go around with guys who are at the peak of their fame. One example: Taylor Lautner. (I would name more, but I didn’t sleep at all last night. i’m still up…I can’t think) I hope you get my point! (: xx

  6. Belieber says:

    I agree completely. I think you are right, and I’ve pretty much thought these things all along. You’ve also pointed out some things I didn’t notice, very true.

  7. Vicky says:

    This is so true i totally agree with U guys!
    U guys should work on a real hollywood magazine.. u’ve got skills and Talent 😉

  8. Nina says:

    Oh, and don’t forget about the time when Rock Mafia tweeted that Justin and Selena were video watching when CLEARLY Justin was asleep at that time. 😉 They said that they looked so “in love”. xD Rock Mafia was with Selena at that time, so OBVIOUSLY she told them or even forced them to tweet that.

    • Ignore-Da-Haterz-x-x-x says:

      ‘there fake as as a three dollar bill’ pretty much sums up there whole relationship. Don’t blame scooter though, he is the one who found justin and we all wouldn’t be beliebers today. I personaly think that Selena is using justin and as soon as someone else gets big she will start summit fake with them. She can mess with taylor, nick and cameron but it’s a step to far dating justin. She’s taking the justin we love away and turning him into her own little fake invention. Much hate to her. Much love to the person who wrote this. I hope you become famous one day, you deserve to unlike selena who should go rape barney.

  9. Sam says:

    They didnt take a picture of the Vanity Fair picture. If youve ever seen the zoomed out version of that same picture, its them looking at it. The picture was taken by one of the photographers at the party.

    • Vivian says:

      actually no. theres a picture of them walking into the photobooth and they took the picture themselves. 😛

      • Jessica says:

        No. Obviously you haven’t seen all the pictures. That is in fact a zoomed in version of a photographer standing behind them taking a picture of them looking at the photos from the booth.

  10. ashlyn says:

    i thought justin had a celeb crush on her. and that selena might have a little crush in the awww he’s soo cute way. but i thought they both got over it when they became friends. i genuinely thought they just had a brother-sister relationship thats why im still just eewed by jelena and will never like them together.

  11. ashlyn says:

    but dont u think maybe selena, actually started falling for him? i mean justin is hot and SO many girls. so yeah shes taking advantage of the fame but she probably likes him too.

    • Cec says:

      If she actually started falling for him, there would be absolutely no need for them to ‘show off’ their love with mysteriosly leaked pictures and forced kisses and tweets

      Great article, I was never really keen of their relationship. It always looked so fake and planned out. The only thing I would dissagree on with the article is that I believe it is more a plan of their respective managers.

    • KaayyBee says:

      I respect selena in every way. She just shouldnt have got talked into cheating justin like this. There are MILLIONS of beliebers out there that will do anything for justin!

  12. sofia says:

    i totally agree amazing Job guys !! ive thought about this a lot of times and im very glad that im not the ony one 🙂
    GOD BLESS ya’ll

  13. ashlyn says:

    SO many girls want him, even older girls (me and my friend are eighteen and we both love him)

  14. syafira says:

    i really really have a some thought!
    that’s true.
    jelena is FAKE!

  15. Marykate says:

    IN PLB’S NAME AMEN. They are the fakest relationship in this universe. And I hope Selena Fame-Whoremez is excited with the fact she’s turned Justin’s fan base into some terrible, foolish, destructive group -.-

  16. georgie says:

    this has made so much sense its so obvious now!!!!!!!!!!! selena is a fame seeking whore and justin actually likes her but she just wants attention eugh die i hate her. i love justin hes too much of a nice person to face up too what she really wants out of him

  17. OhBrother! says:

    AMEN. O_O
    I totally agree with you! whoever you are, you’re a beast..

    All of this, is for the fame she wants, and she’s getting it..

    Btw, Good job 🙂

  18. Sarah says:

    You forgot to mention how this isn’t your relationship. After reading the whole post, I still don’t understand what you hope to achieve from writing this.

    I took many issues to this post, but I won’t bore you with every detail. A few key points, however:
    God forbid the kid spend his birthday with a few friends. I mean, it’s never been done in the history of birthdays, right?
    re: Them sitting in the same booth; they can’t be close to each other? I find it sweet. Your idea of what is typical on a date is not going to appeal to everyone.
    Why do you not take his side over the paparazzi’s in the middle finger incident? They were blocking his way while he had a passenger in the car. I feel he had every right to do what he did. He didn’t hurt anyone, he just wanted to leave. Can’t blame the guy.

    Insulting not only their relationship, but Selena’s appearance as well (“whatever cleavage” she has? Really? That makes her less of a woman?) is rather disrespectful to the person you claim to be a fan of.

    I do not wish to start an argument, nor am I a “hater” simply because I disagree with your points. But what exactly do you want by posting this?
    Say it is a publicity stunt. But judging by the amount of effort put into this post, it seems to be working.

    • amy says:

      u r sooo right sarah theperson who rote all those mean things bout jelena is a effin bitch excuse my language but its true:)

      • Dee says:

        -_- Seriously? She said you didn’t HAVE to have the same opinion as her. What is proof to her may not be proof to you and she clearly says “Think what you want”.
        Sarah, she doesn’t want anything out of this. She’s just putting her opinion out there, and, by posting that comment, you were putting yours out there too.
        Go ahead and LOOOVE Jelena, but don’t get too comfortable. It could end at any second, or no second at all. For all WE know, they could be together forever, and get married and have unbelievably attractive kids. No homo, but I have to admit, Selena is gorgeous, and well, chee-yeah, Justin’s hot shit.
        And Amy, by saying she’s an “effin bitch”, you’re, well, technically only describing yourself. (I don’t mean to say that in a bitchy way; hear me out.) She has the right to her OWN OPINIONS and by posting them on the net you shun her for it, and make yourself look three billion times as bad as her. She said NOTHING against you, and you called her a bitch.
        Tell me, how is that fair? :/

      • Uzzi says:

        Amen to you DEE. She never said you had to agree. Why bother, go find another site that youcan be positive on, and not expose us to your negative outlook. This is for people of a like mind. If you are not of a like mind, WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW. This is obviously not your place so you are cordially invited to find another forum to talk on. Thank you.

    • Natalia says:


    • Belieber says:

      Sarah,I never thought about it that way. But the thing is,That everyone loves Justin! Even though we might not know him,we care for him and feel the need to protect him. Please respect that.

    • andrea says:

      I totally agree with you Sarah 🙂

    • clara says:

      you know what yeah, I agree with Sara. I’m not a fan of Justin and Selena or Jelena for that matter. I think this relationship is all a big hoax and a sham. But still, don’t go around making others look bad. Just say the facts without being rude. Still, this blog is to the point and it gets it out there. Just don’t be rude. 🙂

    • Jasmine says:

      I totally agree with youu!
      but i think we should just stay out of their love life…i mean let them be lovey teenagers or just teenagers living their lives and for the St. Lucia they were at a PRIVATE hotel thing, they wanted it to be PRIVATE, and justin probably lied about saying he was goin to canada for christman because he didnt want the pap knowing where he was actually going.. hmm idk Same thing goes for the pics of when they were in hawaii, they got a PRIVATE beach but stupid pap still found them. &i think in the begingging Selena didn’t like Justin cuz he looked like a lil kid back then but look at him now, he looks wayy wayy more mature and maybe they just fell for eachother who knows. We Dont Know anything, only stupid/fake crap on TV and the Internet. Also, Justin flipped off that paps because one of the pap people came wayy to close to Selena and hit her in the lip wit the camera (which cutted open her lip pretty bad) soo he had the right to flip them off- for hitting his gf with a damn camera! i think like i said before just to stay out of their love life,, and we shouldn’t pick sides cuz we don’t know if its fake or not or who is actually doing it.. lets just take a step back and let them do what they do. 🙂 and if they are doing this for publicity then karma will come back and bit them in the butt lol
      soo yahh that’s all i got to =] much love<3 -Jaz

  19. Michelleeee says:

    Damnnnnnn you pointed out like everything but I knew from the start it was fake! But nobody wants to believe me they think I’m jealous:)

  20. A. says:

    First of all, Justin DID spend Christmas with his family and so did Selena, they met a few days after/before new years eve in St. Lucia and spent some time together. and about the picture on thanksgiving… pattie WAS there. and there is a whole picture not jsut the cropped one and they did not leak it/or sell it to the media. one of selena’s close friends (who’s in the picture btw) had it as her profile picture on facebook, and someone obviously found her and stole that one, and cropped justin and selena out. (her pictures were not private enough, but she changed that one) and they’re definitely dating. of course they’re getting lots of publicity off of this, but i think they really like/love each other. you should prove your facts instead of making shit up and lying to your readers. let justin and selena be and try to mind your OWN buisness and maybe get yourself a life – and no, i’m not HATING, i’m just sayin 🙂 god bless you

    • amy says:

      i love you for saying that haha

    • v says:

      You obviously know nothing about Selena, when she wants pics to be private it never leaked, for example her 18th birthday pics never surfaced when she invited hundreds of people there

      But now all of her “private” pics are leaked, that’s not coincidence, that’s her management purposely did it for PR.

  21. Lulu says:

    Okay. There’s much truth to this post, BUT. You just can’t say that theyre WRONG. You can SEE that the two of them are very close. They REALLY love each other. Like this brother-and-sister-thing.
    This definitely is an publicity stunt for BOTH of them. Because jealousy makes HIM even more interesting?! He couldn’t be this ‘cute I-touch-no-girl-and-just-love-my-fans dork’ forever.

    So please be fair and don’t call Selena a WHORE, what she obviously isn’t! 🙂

  22. jb_loves_sel says:

    Ok seriously this article is stupid you basically picked out all the negatives well not negatives really 🙂 but in my own opinion.. yes fine selena said Jb was her little brother..but now she has grown feelings for him and we all know JB always had a crush on selena from day one 🙂 i mean u can’t expect them to kiss in public just yet..thy’re not comfortable and Jb is a very private person if u havn’t noticed… the minute he saw the camera he jst couldn’t kiss her…plus its too early for public kissing (intimate) guyz will get mad if they kiss like proper! and send selena death threats i mean what do u want them to do? plus you cnt compare them to Zack and Vanessa they were together for 4years and 8months together when thy kissed in that video..:) selena and justin just grew feelings for each happens all the get over your stupid jealousy thing..because i guarantee you Justin and Selena are gonna be together for a very long time : they have already been together for abt 5months now considering all the death threats, pappazzi i think they’re going strong..I love them soo much i hope they last and get married 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      “you guyz will get mad if they kiss like proper!”

      You raise a very good point. Even if they had confirmed it from the start, Selena would still be receiving death threats. People would be just as pissed off as they are now.

      If it’s such a publicity stunt, why wouldn’t they come out and say they were together instead of denying it for a little privacy? And if it was planned that they needed to play it coy for a while, they both have some kick-ass PR people.

      • duhhh says:

        “they both have some kick ass pr people”

        well, duh. they get paid to be kick ass… -.-
        Playing coy only INCREASES the attention they get because everyone is hanging on their every word and action trying to find out are they or arent they. besides, justin has been adament about not lying. clearly, that doesnt mean he wont MISLEAD, but he wont outright lie. so, since there is nothing to confirm… what else do you expect him to say? selena IS one of his best friends. thats all.

      • Uzzi says:

        ^^^ this.
        May the lord bless you

    • amy says:

      woo hoo you r da best i agree 100% with you not that dum ass article

      • Dee says:

        Didn’t you just reply to like, a billion other comments SUPPORTING the haters of this article?


    • Angie says:

      your retarted…get common sense…..YOUR IN DENIAL. what this article said was VERRY true.

  23. abbbz11 says:

    Bless this post, really. Every single thing fits perfectly now. Whoever wrote this is amazing.

  24. Jessica says:

    Holy smokes, you guy(s)have absolutely no lives. What would possess you to spend so much time and effort dissecting their relationship? What does it really matter if it’s real or not, how does that impact your life. The only thing this article shows is how sad your own life must be that you have all this time on your hand writing about this. Your pettiness shows through and through. Maybe she did think of him like a little brother, but people’s feelings can change. He did get taller and even better looking. If millions of girls all over the world can fall in love with him, why can’t Selena. Lots of couples start as friends first. As for using him, he’s a big boy and he’ll find out eventually IF it’s true. And just to repeat what an earlier post said, you have misrepresented quite a number of facts. He did spend XMAS with his family, he left for St. Lucia afterwards. As for the picture of his screensaver, he left his phone behind in a restaurant and a fan noticed and took a picture of it and tweeted it. Don’t play around with the facts just to suit your own theory. Why don’t you just let them be and if the relationship fizzles out, then you can talk about it all you want. In the meantime, despite everything, they appear happy when they’re together.

    • ashlyn says:

      well if its true that about justins phone then it just makes their relationship look even more one-sided… like he likes her and she doesn’t. all we hear is how much justin does for her, not what SHE does for him. and thats not good…

    • ashlyn says:

      it makes it seem like: hes clingy and pathetic (sorry), selena is dating him for the fame (if she was actually in love why not do things for him like justin does for her).

    • duhhh says:

      do you REALLY believe that justin just HAPPENED to leave his phone behind and a fan just HAPPENED to see it, and it just HAPPENED to be and set to a picture of him and selena?????????????????????


      pr stunt at it’s cornball finest. smh

    • amy says:

      haha:] u r rite thay have no lives!

    • :) says:

      yea right,i’m pretty sure that JUSTIN BIEBER would leave his PHONE in a restaurant!hahahaha

    • Dee says:

      Chyeah, ain’t it funny how you said they were lame for waisting time dissecting the relationship, then you “dissected” it yourself? OH, AND you “wasted your time” READING all of this, typing that huge-arse comment, yadda, yadda, yadda.

      Who’s wasting their time now?

    • Belieber says:

      Jessica,You are very right. If we love Justin like we say we do,We will just let them be! (Whether its fake or not) You raise (a) very very good point(s)

  25. yourstrulynopell says:

    You have literally over analyzed everything way too much. How old are you? How are you to tell anyone that it’s a publicity stunt? Are you Selena? No. Are you Justin? No. Okay, problem solved. You know, Justin has just recently gone through puberty and now he’s more grown and mature, just like Selena. I don’t blame Selena for thinking he was little before and then liking him now. She’s going to be 19 this year. Obviously she wasn’t going to date someone who still was a lot shorter. The boys in my grade go through puberty to you know. Then they become more appealing because they’re older and mature. Also, Justin went to the Vanity fair with her, probably because they wanted to publicize the relationship. That’s probably why he sent her those tweets on twitter too. Stop thinking that EVERY SINGLE THING they do is a publicity stunt. You haven’t heard Selena’s interviews about Justin, not just the ones where she says he’s little. How about the one where she talks about the haters? And says, “Yeah…people are coming up with death threats and calling me names, and it actually kind of hurts sometimes.” Would she really let a “publicity stunt” go that far if she didn’t have true feelings for Justin? She goes through A LOT of shit just to be seen with him, if it were all for publicity, I would have given up if I were her. I rather not receive death threats. And their last view together in Singapore, they actually try to hide it. They don’t like talking or being seen in public with their relationship unexpectedly.

    This story is completely one sided. Clearly, you don’t like Selena. So you have based all your factual evidence siding with Justin and how she uses him. If Selena fans created a post just like this, how would you rebuttle? I love Justin and I’m a fan of Selena, but this is a completely biased post. It’s all fact based on opinion. So don’t you dare call this proof.

    • A week before Selena started dating Justin she said he was little. Then a week later he’s not a little anymore? Haha, okay that makes sense. And we never sided with Justin. But who’s more likely to use the other person? Justin obviously doesn’t need to use Selena. But she does. Look at everything She’s gotten from even being seen with Justin. And funny how Scooter denies their relationship still? It is proof. They say they HATE paparazzi but then they share everything they take with the paps? That makes sense.. And WAY before Singapore. People knew Selena was going to see Justin. How could of people known she was? Unless she or Justin told paps that also.

      • duhhh says:


        but i will say this… justin may not need selena to get MORE publicity, but being attached to her DOES still help him out. it changes the publics perception of him from being “the cute little singing boy” to “the grown up superstar with a hot girl friend”. also, lots of people still like to speculate that jb is gay… but if he is regularly seen with his hot girlfriend, those people really wont have much to say.

      • amy says:

        shut the fuck up u “PrettyLittleBitches” and people with no lives rnt very pretty u need to grow up and get out of peoples buisness u r a little bitch!

    • Shanti says:

      I agree with you, this is completely one sided, and it shows that whoever wrote this really doesn’t like Selena. I will say this though, if this relationship is fake, BOTH of them are to blame. because one needs the other to continue this lie. No one, not your mom, not your manager, not anyone, can make you do something you don’t want to, and Justin seems to me like a really head strong guy who will not be pushed around or ordered how to live his life, and neither does Selena.

  26. Maddie says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!alot!!! u guys r AHHH-SOME. i’ve always knew something was fishy btw them. and i always knew selena was a fame whore. everyones like ” omg they look so cute together” but i tought they were awkward. and the only one smiling is Selena all the time. i miss Justin’s real smile.God Bless ur blog and dont listen to the haters.

  27. Kat says:

    i think they are dating for a Publicty thing too… & it all seems true!

  28. Yara says:

    they lie about their relation ship in interviews so the media still talk about them “Are they, or aren’t they?” some people still think they’re just friends. And they lie because if they just said they were dating, people would think that the relation ship is obviously publicity seen as they’re very open about it.
    And this relation ship is helping Justin’s image, lots of people now believe that he’s not gay.

  29. lilly says:

    totally agree, knowone can say this is wrong. She did the exact same thing with Nick Jonas and Taylor Lounter

  30. The truth says:

    Uhm you said Selena never hung out with Justin personally before. You’re wrong. She attended his 16th birthday party. And that was before all this and he wasn’t super famous yet. And remember when they went out for yogurt?

    • Scooter invited Selena there to perform for his birthday. and when they went out for yogurt, they were with a bunch of other people. But the paps never showed all of them like alfredo.

      • The truth says:

        The yogurt date wasn’t even by the papz. Someone worker took a picture with them.

      • ashlyn says:

        but jb and selena were close already during his b-day… there are pictures of them hugging and selena kissing him. then again justins a flirt so idk.

  31. The truth says:

    Also they both go through a lot just to be together. And I actually know someone who travels with Justin (unlike you who is just a fan looking from the outside) and they’ve been secretly dating way before st Lucia. And before they’ve been spotted. Also you think they purposely wanted to spend his birthday like that? Also why do you think he gets mad at papparazzi when they ruin their only time together? Haven’t you seen him actually get mad at people? Like the blOnde girl who followed them at the mall and all the to 7-11?

    • duhhh says:

      yeah sure you do. UMMMMMM actually, justin was still with jasmine as late as early november, so how was he dating selena? yeah, no.

    • You says:

      Yeah you “know” someone who travels with Justin get a grip? C’mon you dont
      Jelena is fake everyone can see that. If it was a TRUE relationship they wouldnt
      1/ be looking at the cameras when they hug/kiss
      2/ they would try to go somewhere less public
      3/ they wouldnt want anyone people there so they wouldnt post things about where they are going
      It is fake though, like how did the pappz get a pic of of Justins phone? unless he sent it to them or they stole his phone which wouldnt happen.
      You gotta look at the facts, all the people who say it is real what proof do you have? none while this, this is all based on proof.
      so look again.
      but btw to whoever wrote this blog THANK YOU i aint the only one who thinks they are fake 🙂

  32. The truth says:

    One more thing, the thanksgiving thing. I’m pretty sure pattie would have no problem because Canada doesn’t spend thanksgiving in November -__- and I’ve seen the full picture. And maybe he does look awkward because he’s with her family. You think she’d really bring something shady around her family? That’d be a bit crossing the line.

  33. Colleen says:

    Amen. I thought all these things and I’m happy I’m not the online who thinks this god bless Justin Selena is a fame loserr

  34. Nataly Cardozo says:

    I SO AGREE WITH THIS POST! finally somebody who thinks the same way i do! im not trying to be mean or anything! Because if Justins happy then im happy for him! but i just think Selena is using him for fame! and i think he doesnt deserve to be treated/heartbroken like that =/

  35. ashlyn says:

    Also they both go through a lot just to be together. And I actually know someone who travels with Justin (unlike you who is just a fan looking from the outside) and they’ve been secretly dating way before st Lucia.

    first off: “i know someone who travels with justin?” give more details or i say bullshit and you just read biebersleeping’s tumblr or something. second, we all know that they’ve probably been dating since october. selena said he was like her lil brother like in august or september and then a month later she was dating him. AND then she said (recently) on ellen that she wasn’t lying when she said he was like her little brother. does that mean her feelings for him changed in one month?? what the hell? honestly i dont know if selena’s using him or not. i’m just pointing out this.

    • That’s where oyu’re worng. The interview was in October when Selena said that. And they’ve been dating since Around November. I live in LA, they’ve been caught where Selena lives and she lives in LA also. And Biebersleeping? WTF is that? We never said we knew who Justin traveled with. So fail. And you can’t automatically love someone in a week. It’s a publicty stunt for both of them.

    • The truth says:

      They work backstage on his tour. I don’t even believe biebersleeping. I only partially believe bieberheiress because they actually reported something before major media outlets did.

      • duhhh says:

        what peple dont realize about bieber heiress is that THEY ARE IN ON THE WHOLE THING. im not sure of all the details, but it goes something like this:

        BH had gained a huge following of beliebers who wanted juicy gossip on justin. but the thing was, they were posting lots of rude, untrue, and damaging things. so once justin’s team became aware of the blog, they contacted the authors and struck a deal. if BH stops posting “juicy” stories, then they will PERSONALLY give them gossip to post.

        Justin’s team TOLD BH about the st. lucia trip. THAT is how NO ONE knew about it before they did. justin’s team is USING the influence that BH has to make “jelena” more believable and attention-worthy. BH raises people’s interest in their relationship. and if you havent noticed… ever since BH partnered with the JB team, have you seen ONE negative thing about justin? sure haven’t. ever wonder why? or why they refused to cover the biggest justin gossip in weeks which was the “MTV confirmed jelena break-up”? hmmmm

  36. jb_loves_sel says:

    this article makes me sicckkk!!!! i feel like punching you right now! but i won’t because selena has taught me to be patient and to be nice to people..sO i will forgive you..and i hope you realize what you’re doing is just stupid and believe me with thingz like probably won’t go anywhere just sound like one of those arrogant people!! who on earth would let the paps destroy their birthday? just for publicity…justin is very smart,clever..he wouldn’t go that far if he knew selena didn’t love him..for GOdsake you can tell selena is equally inlove with him as justin is..she flew all the way to Asia and u think its for publicity?’re pathetic ..this is why selena is always hiding her face..shes hiding it from stupid people like you…..

    • amy says:

      u r soo o true “jb loves selena” i love the both of them and why the hell would they go through all that for publicity and she must really like him if shes will to pay a fine for them to go out cus the state of california counts selena as a pedifile cus she is soon to be 19 going out with a 16 year old but that article was a piece of crap!

  37. :P says:

    First off, I absolutely love your whole blog. It’s amazing. The way you like to prove your points and back your thoughts up, well done.

    But – it’s not your job to try to dissect their relationship and think that everything you guys say is true. You do a great job at presenting evidence, but that doesn’t mean that you’re right. Don’t get me wrong I agree with most of the things you say, but that doesn’t make it true. To most of us, the evidence seems pretty legit. There’s no way of us finding out if it’s true, though. A magazine, website, article, or t.v. show could say anything and it could still possibly be wrong. Even though I think that something is wrong with this whole ‘Jelena’ situation, I’m not gonna jump to any conclusions until Justin or Selena says anything about it.

    But all of this has nothing to do with us anyway. If they wanted to date for publicity then why does it matter? Let that change your opinion of them, don’t let it affect you, whatever. But it’s just wrong for you to try and brainwash the readers of this blog. If they wanna be stupid and deny things, let them do it. It’s not your place to try and give out information that could possibly be false. Why does their personal life concern you? Why does it concern any of us? I’m not tryna like, bash you guys or your blog or anything, but when you’re presenting information, you should use legitimate sources and not base most of your things off of pictures. And how are you so sure that this is for publicity? We aren’t in any of their minds to know what they do and why they do it. We all just ASSUME that they do things for certain reasons. It seems to be self-evident that they’re relationship is fake, but we don’t actually know that. Maybe they actually have feelings for eachother. Who knows? – Not us, that’s for sure.

    Last thing – No offense, but I agree with the person who said that this blog is totally biased and based off of your opinion of Justin. That’s what it seems like. But like I said before, there’s no way for us to get inside your mind and see what you really think.

  38. free ipad 2 says:

    Great review! You actually covered some great news in this post. I came across it by using Google and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the site, will be following you on my iphone 🙂

  39. jb_loves_sel says:

    seriously people selena has been in the spotlight for way longer than justin and its not her freaken fault that every guy who gets famous whats a piece of selena..!! I mean she is the only person who is famous,pretty,kind,..not crazzy..fame hasn’t gotten into her…this is why i love her..And evrytime someone gets big they all want selena..they all broke her heart 😦 (nick and taylor are the ones who broke up with her\ i hope justin won’t break her heart too…i don’t think selena deserves all this hate 😦 shes been through soo much..but i know she is a strong person,..she won’t let haterz bring her down..

    • ashlyn says:

      selena is only famous to disney viewers and not generally known. at least not here in my country. maybe she’s that famous in the USA. here, miley cyrus is the only super famous one. and justin, of course. hes the sensation of the moment

      • lilly says:

        i agree with ashlyn, selena is basically only famous because of wizards, and tbf she doesnt even write her own songs. miley is wayy famous in the UK.

  40. :P says:

    Oh and for the Justin Bieber ass-kissers reading this, please stop. Stop trying to make it seem like he’s perfect. Even he admits to making mistakes. You guys let Justin get away with EVERYTHING he does. You blame everything on Selena. What if HE was the one who asked her out first? What if HE’s the one to dump her? What if she actually ends up with a broken heart? Oh, it’s okay because he’s ‘Justin Bieber’ right? If Selena does this, she’s a ‘famewhore’ and all of this crap.

    I’m not even a Selena Gomez fan yet I can admit to this. Not saying that any of this is Justin’s fault, but, give the girl a break and think about things from both sides of the playing field.

  41. Lynn Natan says:

    This made my fucking life , I love you , whoever made this ❤

  42. Laetitia says:

    I agree with you guys, even though some things you said remain unclear I agree. It’s obvious that there’s NO alchemy between the two. The fact that their “friendship” turned suddenly into a “romance” is too far-fetched to me. Plus most of the time, Justin looks and acts weird when he’s with her, he doesn’t seem really happy – and don’t say it’s because of the paps because he’s not usually that stressed out.
    People who doesn’t like Selena or Jelena shouldn’t call her a whore because she isn’t. The thing is that she’s someone VERY ambitious, so it’s not impossible that what your saying is true. I’ve read something about her saying that when she was little people kept telling her that she wouldn’t achieve anything because she’s too weak for that, but now that she did, she was ready to fight until she’d be like actresses she admires like Kate Winslet. And I also think that this situation is good for Justin too to stop gay rumors and stans that are hella obssessed with him. So they might be really close because they seems to like each other a lot, but that relationship is too weird to me.

    • clara says:

      I agree with this comment. Probably they both are in on this whole stunt. Not a fan of any of them but yeah, i do get tired of people saying that Justin is gay or Selena is a whore…hahaha!!! 😛

  43. freya says:

    I agree, You’re actually really clever. I mean, it may or may not be true, but it all adds up, and even i find myself believing this. No, I don’t paticually LOVE either of them. They are alright, but yeah. If this is a publicity stunt, then i assure you it’s for Justins benifit aswell. He’s obviously trying to tell his fans that he IS going to get a girlfriend, and he’s not going to be single forever, and his fans need to get used to that. He’s not 15 anymore, he has a private life, and is this is a publicity stunt, then he’s doing this to tell you that his private life is exactly that, private.

  44. Disha says:

    I so fcukin love this Blog post! May God Bless You! xD

  45. Vianca says:

    I love ur blogs they are so true! i dunno why ppl hate on u guys like u said ther just in denial, and ppl r just dumb to not open there eyes.I always knew “jelena” was fake as shit. LOVE Y’ALL 😉

  46. SelenaSucks says:

    Oh my god. Whoever wrote this is a LEGEND. I’m a Belieber and NOT a selenator or whatever it is. She’s using him, he needs to open them gorgeous eyes and realise it before he gets hurt. As Pattie(Mom) said she would rather Justin date a fan than a celeb ’cause they could be dating him for more fame. WAKE UP JUSTIN & SEE SHE’S USING YOU!

    • Jordan says:

      I totally agree with you on that but personally I don’t hate Selena and I never will I’m a fan not a hater!

  47. Elisabeth says:

    Ombb, if this is true , i don’t know what to say….
    Thanks to post this , omgg ,i’m shocked

  48. ich says:

    I am from Germany …
    and we had a DEMAGOGUE with name Adolf Hitler (from 1933 to 1945 and the second world war – cost about 55 to 60 million human lives) –

    A DEMAGOGUE is someone …
    “influence term for a person to whom it is possible to go beyond verbal attacks (incitement, libel) or part of the mass of the population (incite / seduce) and therefore (without conscience) to exercise power.”

    So much for your truth!

  49. Camerann says:

    You guys are completely right Jelena is totally fake!

  50. meiner says:

    Which “advantages” has Selena Gomez from her friendships to Justin Bieber …

    Anytime and everyone can she therefore publicly hate, harass, defame, bully, threaten their lives and criticize because YOU did not like her hair, weight, makeup, clothes, shoes, skin, age, height, appearance, head, eyes, nose, ears, lips, legs, butt, voice, eating, drinking, driving, kissing … friends, life … 1000 other reasons and published fake nude pictures, that her family and friends can see!

  51. meiner says:

    I think, Silent was good.

    Private is private! and it is a very good and close friendship and the rest happens only in our thoughts.

    Let’s go back … this public display … Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas … creepy!

    In addition, some people by ill-researched journalism can be get manipulated, because in the moment, where they say said “YES we are together”, they are attacked by journalists.
    And the make mood: for or against

    So why let destroy something beautiful by others?

    The video explains why Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have a long time their love hidden. Private life!

    I think, Silent is was good.

    The heart aches, when the heart desires!

    • sylvia says:

      Okai. i believe just about everything and in the beginning i was going around my school and my house telling ppl that selena was using him for fame! I Knew i Was right! fuck no one believed me! thankyou for making this! ima belieber and after this… im just ashamed to be one.

      • Trace-Erias says:

        I know right all the crap on twitter has been driving me crazy. i just love being right about my buisness 🙂

  52. meiner says:

    Many know the feeling, you see someone on the street, at work, at school or … and it makes you weak in the knees, your heart is racing, the stomach turns somersaults.

    Many know the feeling, you get to know someone – ok, he is nice person – over time you learn to appreciate and love him … and it makes you weak in the knees, your heart is racing, the stomach turns somersaults.

    The good thing about it, it’s not a question of age or age difference!
    It happens to everyone and for that you need not be ashamed; even if other it do not understand.

    Selena Gomez heart knows what she needs.
    She learned in more then 2 year to appreciate him and to love him.

    The heart aches, when the heart desires!
    And if it does not works with love … “we are best friends”

  53. Me says:

    Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen this blog before but I spent 30 minutes reading this (I’m a slow reader haha).
    I genuinly thought Justin and Selena was real, 100% real, but now I’m not so sure.

    I will definitely be keeping up with these blog posts and reading the old ones, Bieber Heiress used to be good but this is just a thousand times better.

  54. justpointingoutsomestuff says:

    *Mandy is not a stage mom. She has never showed any interest in being famous now. How often do you even hear or see her out and about? And also Selena’s step-dad Brian is also her manager, not just her mom.

    *The cellphone picture was taken by a FAN. NOT a paparazzi. She has a Twitter and Tumblr and she posted it. Her English is bad but I think she worked at the restaurant and Justin left his phone there but came right back for it.

    *She did not lie about skyping Justing. @rockmafia tweeted that. NOT Selena. So, if you think someone’s lying, contact Rock Mafia.

    • Selena was WITH Rock Mafia when they tweeted that. so she could of told him NOT to post it. Agree? And Selena mom is a stage mom. Point blank. Research into it. Plus, do you really think Justin would LEAVE his phone with ALL his private info just magically lying around and some fan would just magically turn it on and take a picture of the bg they have.

  55. Jelena_Hate says:

    Thank you and god bless you to whoever made this! I agree 100% that shes only using him for publicity! I honestly feel bad for Justin because when she gets all the fame she wants from him and is finally where she wants to be then she will break up with him and he will probably be so heartbroken because he thought she actually liked him. Hell no. Shes only using him for publicity.

    • Caitlyn says:

      I agree 100% with you! And plus Justin is CONSTANTLY promoting sel on twitter, and she doesn’t do a damn thing for him, she just promotes herself

  56. Patricia says:

    omb this is like one of THE BEST blog posts ever!! this is what we call THE TRUTH. and im so glad that i’ve found this an read this ’cause finally someone posted something like this clever. like seriously may god bless this post 😛 thanks so much for this, ur really smart!!

  57. Jenna says:

    I truthfully believe this. I didn’t think I would, but all points to Selena being a fake for fame.. I like her and all, but I believe this whole entire article.. -Jenna[:

  58. Sarah Durlofsky says:

    I think they are actually dating, but their management and PR are like milking it A LOT. i mean look on justins birthday the could have easily drove an hour or an hour and a half to go to a mall were the paps wouldnt drive to. in st lucia they could have been inside the boat the whole time or have been out on the other side. some things just dont add up but i know for a FACT they are dating……but i think Selena is pushing it.. i mean admitting to dating just when your new single comes out (really?).

  59. Amber says:

    I’m a belieber, I love Selena Gomez, and i am a supporter of Jelena, but you do bring up some interesting points. I just hope Justin doesn’t get hurt after all this…

  60. meiner says:

    I am from Germany …
    and we had a DEMAGOGUE with name Adolf Hitler (from 1933 to 1945 and the second world war – cost about 55 to 60 million human lives) –

    a DEMAGOGUE is someone …
    “influence term for a person to whom it is possible to go beyond verbal attacks (incitement, libel) or part of the mass of the population (incite / seduce) and therefore (without conscience) to exercise power.”

    So much for your truth!

  61. DJ says:

    I read your little spiel about haters or whatever and how you love them…blah blah. I am just gonna go ahead and tell you that I am a huge fan of them both and think they make an adorable couple. But I just wanted to say one thing: WHO. GIVES. A. S**T? I don’t know if it’s just something that comes with age, but actually I don’t know your ages so I couldn’t say that. I’m 17 and I couldn’t care less about what they choose to do with their lives. I used to be[still am] a HUGE( I mean HUGE) Jonas Brothers fan… and I used to be the same way, examining and obsessing over every inch of their lives, but then life happened and I grew out of it. I don’t want to be mean or rude, but my younger cousin told me to read this because she’s doing the same thing you guys are. But really… you only get to be young once. Spend this precious time enjoying YOUR life. Obsessing over YOURSELF. This is your time to be selfish. So you listen to their music and see them on TV… take it for what it is: entertainment. At the end of the day, your life is the only one you’re living. Let them make mistakes and date whoever they feel like. They’re kids too. Even if this is a staged relationship or whatever, if anything, that should make you feel bad for them, that they don’t even have the luxury to be a regular kid experiencing young love. That they are so much in the public eye that they feel the need to stay on top by having to pull stunts like this. I just wanted to be open and honest and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way.

  62. bella says:

    i think i know why he looks so weird on the group picture. he is very klastrofobic

  63. Laikken says:

    God bless you. Finally, someone who can say the truth! People are in such denial, I wish people would finally take a look at the fucking facts! Thank you, so much.

  64. danii says:

    AMEN! i totally agree!.. “JELENA” is a fake ridiculous plan for Selena’s fame; okokok.. i dunno why people don’t open the eyes and look what’s around, COME ON! are videos, pictures in this blog, do you doubt of it? agh!

  65. sagabieber says:

    I KNEW IT! First I thought that I’d had to support Jelena and all that stupid stuff. But then, I started realize, I only support Justin, not Selena! And then almost every single belieber said that ‘You have to support Jelena, nor you’re not a real belieber’ FUCK OFF! I don’t have to support Jelena to be a real belieber! I always knew that Jelena was fake. You can tell. And yeah, one of the reasons was that Selena said that ‘She had known him for years’ and I was like ‘WHAT THE FUCKK?’. You’ve known him for like… one year? Not years? IT’S NOT THE FUCKING SAME THING!

  66. sprouselover says:

    u are right ! i mean why did justin look right in to a camera ? i mean if he really loved her he whode be looking at her and not at the papz! its aalll fake!!!

  67. riley says:

    whoever wrote this is freakin’ amazing & super honest(:

  68. Madde says:

    Listen. When Justin are showing the finger. It’s was on his birthday. I would also do what doesn’t matter if Obama were in the car. He has like stood up from all paparazzi in many years. In every relationship you can found things doesn’t fell right but, you don’t really know, that could be Justin who are pr-thing. It’s logical with the stuff all you have written, but you don’t know. So don’t do a big deal of it, and respect, support them. They will break up even before you have blinked. Love from a real belieber! i’m from Sweden so excuse me from my spelling..

  69. Becca says:

    Well I heard from a magazine saying they Selena said that she “likes to play boys minds.”

  70. Naja says:

    I don’t think that Justin and Selena go well together. You can be ass kissers all you want and say “they’re perfect together, I’ve never seen him so happy!” Clealy you’re in denial.
    As for the VF photobooth pics, if you’ve seen the picture of them holding it, they’re standing at an angle apart from one another so that anyone standing behind them could easily see the pictures they were holding.
    The St.Lucia pics left nothing to the imagination. They basically stood out on a balcony, posed, posed, posed,then went inside. Same with the yacht. Sit on the deck, pose, pose, pose. Nothing seemed genuine.
    The very first real Jelena pics that we saw of them in the park in Cali. Pose, pose, fake laughter, hair flipping, “look-how-cute-we-are” faces.
    The cellphone picture. How often do you see Celebrities’ cell phone pictures. As stated above, there was no way that they could’ve gotten that pic on Justin’s phone unless they A)Stole it (which wouldn’t make sense because they would probably try to go through his phone and Justin would be furious) or B) Someone on Justin’s team showed it to the paparazzi with Justin’s permission. I’m assuming it’s the latter , considering Justin would have probably taken to twitter and cursed out the paparazzi for stealing his things. Also, knowing Justin, he wouldn’t just sit his cell phone out in public and walk away.
    The list goes on.
    And while you say “Justin’s happiest when he’s with Selena”, I’ve seen otherwise. You don’t even need secret evidence and sources to know that their relationship is a lie. Everything is right in front of your face. Now whether you choose to accept it or ignore it is up to you. Those who are observant enough to read past the fake smiles and fake laughter can see that it’s clearly an act.
    That’s not to say Justin’s not in love with her, because if he’s willing to blow money on her and take her places, he must love her.
    As for Pattie being there, it doesn’t matter. That’s irrelevant because Pattie can be there and disagree with what they’re doing.
    And someone above said that “All the boys want selena because she’s the prettiest, kindest, and smartest person.” That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. That’s a matter of opinion. For all you know, Justin could like a lot of girls.If Justin was actually pushed to be with Selena, it’d only make sense. Sure Selena’s been out Longer than Justin, but is she more famous? She’s really not. She’s overshadowed by Demi and Miley because of their acting out. This is the most attention Selena’s gotten in a long time because of someone she’s dated. Also, you never really hear about Selena unless someone else’s name is attached to it. It’s always Selena AND Justin, or Selena AND Demi. No offense to her but no one really cares about Selena when she’s not with someone more famous than her or someone going through something.
    It’s funny how Jelenators are saying that Selena isn’t after fame but these same people were calling Jasmine V a famewhore just last year before the Jelena pics surfaced. Jasmine, also, had been out longer than Justin had.Selena and Jasmine were actually supposed to be on a Disney Show together before WOWP came out. But were any of these “Jelenators” defending Jasmine then? Nope. Jasmine and Selena basically had the same type of Relationship with Justin, but Jelenators are hypocrites. “Don’t call Selena a whore!” While they call Miley and Jasmine whores. Jelenators also like to pull the “If you don’t like Jelena you’re just jealous” card. Grow up. There’s absolutely nothing that Selena has or is that I want or want to be. Why would I want to be in a fake relationship with Justin? Why would I want to be hated by many and loved by few? Why would I want to have a horrible singing voice and be pushed to do something I don’t want to do because my mother is a famewhore? If anything I feel sorry for Selena. But I don’t envy her. Yea, she has Justin, but big whoop, they won’t be together forever despite what immature Jelenators would like to believe. They WILL break up, and they WILL get the fame that they wanted from it. My best guess is that when Selena’s album is out and her tour is over, Jelena will be done. Because Justin’s almost done with his tour and Selena’s about to start her’s.

  71. annie says:

    God Bless This Post….!!!

  72. Katelynn says:

    It does all add up…………. hmmmm. I believe it.

  73. biebs&selly says:

    its a really nice article and interesting too.i don’t know wat to say or believe whether the relationship is true or a farce.most relationships in hollywood are fake.but whatever it is dey r doing its up to dem but all I know is dat I’ll be d first to laugh wen jelena is over

  74. pleeeaaase!! says:

    OMG! i knew this all along.. please, she’s been using everybody! hey, she dated Nick Jonas when the Jonas Brothers were popular as hell. Then she dated Taylor Lautner when everybody went crazy over him in New Moon as he showed us his sexy abs… And now, OF COURSE the hot pop star Justin Bieber. I saw it coming! But what’s akward is that she said “Awww, he’s like my brother!!!”. If my boyfriend called me his little sister in public while we were dating… I would seriously be grossed out, because that’s just f*cked up! :S you don’t say that, you don’t call your boyfriend your brother?!?!? it doesn’t matter if they didn’t want people to find out or that they were covering their relationship… that’s still f*cked up and crazy!
    too bad little bieber boy isn’t realizing he’s getting used.

    BTW, this was awesome. I allready knew a lot of this, but it made me realize some other things as well. Great job!

  75. Mandemswagga says:

    Can’t believe her,whata bitchhhh,!-.-

  76. ingrid busengdal says:

    ohh freeaak… AMEN TO THIS POST! Imma worship it. Even though how much I love both of them and want them to be happy, this ‘realtionship’ is pretty much easy to see through. Like seriously, VERY easy. If you really think that they’re together, OPEN YOUR EYES. or if it turns out to be true, that’s a really weird relationship.

    BTW, I read the other articles on here, and they’re AMAZING! Keep up the good work 🙂

  77. arlinda says:

    seriously BLESS THIS POST. thanks for clearing up my mind cause i was soo confused. And i love the fact that u actually found some facts and proof before u wrote this, it makes soo much more sense this way, when u can see the whole story.

  78. anonymous says:

    you know how Justin tweeter Selena Gomez I miss you. well he tweed that to most of his crew also, so now I don’t know why to think.

    • duhhh says:

      he tweeted them so everyone else wouldnt flip out and would stay “confused” just like you! bbgirl, these people will do anything to manipulate us. dont fall for it. this blog is just laying it all out

  79. Mary says:

    This is the truest blog i have ever read. I am so happy that someone finally wrote something like this. Everything that you wrote makes sene and fits together, so anyone who doesnt believe this is just in denial because there is no way “Jelena” is real.

  80. x says:

    you can make up enough shit you want about Justin but you do not say that Selena is a bad friend! you said Selena didnt contact Demi in treatment well she did Demi “Selena and I reconnected the first week [I was in treatment]. We hadn’t spoken in a long time. I take the blame; I feel like it was because of the way I’d been acting. She called me and she was the one crying,”.. do you serously think you know everything! do you know them personally! do you watch every move in there lives from reading there minds or text messages? NO! you dont know anything! your just jealous and wish you were her! no one can help who they fall in love with. how would you like it if you were selena right now? yes horrible. so grow up and find something better to do with your time than bash someone down!

  81. Jessica says:

    I think most of you need to get your own lives. The fact that you spend so much time obsessing over a “fake” relationship shows that you are clearly delusional and have the mentality of a 12 year old. Based on the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, it’s probably a 10 year old. You guys are just starting up more drama. Who cares if the relatinship is for publicity or not? Does that mean you like Justin’s MUSIC any less? Remember, you allegedly became a fan for the MUSIC, not because you think he could be your boyfriend some day. And by constantly bashing on them and creating drama, do you not think about the possible effect on Justin. Doesn’t he have enough stress in his life without his own fans adding to it? The girls who wrote this blog are the famewhores if anything. They just want more followers. All this blog does in the end is hurt Justin, who all you proclaim to be an inspiration to you. If you truly cared about him as a human being with feelings, you would stop repeating this nonsense and stop commenting on his private life and support his MUSIC.

    • v says:

      Why it would hurt him if his relationship was real? If it’s real he has nothing to worry, if it’s fake then he should be panic now that his cover is blew and better do more damage control to make it looks more believable.

      How naive are you to think that celebs never do PR to advance their career? Newsflash so many FAKE couple in Hollywood, ask Taylor Swift for more proof, Selena certainly take FAUXMANXE note from her and Demi/Joe showmance

    • Karen says:

      Preach it sista!

  82. Gabby says:

    I didnt read any of this. I just comment because THIS IS NOT A FREAKIN PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTIN WOULD NEVER DO THAT SO STFU AND SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!

    • Belieber says:

      Ya maybe it ain’t Justin Kay! It’s probably scooter and selenas mom.

    • Marie says:

      If you didn’t read any bit of it , why would you comment ? You’re only making yourself sound dumb dear.
      I understand your trying to defend Justin , but note: ” this is just our opinion, you don’t have to agree with us” , now if you had read atleast partial of the article you know that.
      And everything they stated made sense, but then again if you had read the article you would know that.
      So.. Before you say something , think about what your saying first.
      So dear, I recommend you sit YOUR ass down , hunny.

    • Aye says:

      Dude, like wtf LOL.
      I mean, COMMON SENSE. You just said you didn’t read any of this… try reading before judging their blog babe. JUST SAYIN. And actually they’re saying how Justin isn’t doing this for publicity. Why would he? He’s worth millions, literally. Selena would. He’s just helping a friend out. Way to make yourself look stupid.

    • linzi says:

      YAY! You Legend i read it , it was rubbish. i cant believe someone would spend ages looking for information about that! What a sad life they must have! i love justin and i love selena , stop getting involed with their relationship its nothing to do with you and you must have better things to do so! 🙂

  83. Lalala says:

    PREACH IT! I friggen LOVE this post. I’ve always thought of Jelena as a fake couple. Seeing as though everytime a new, big famous person comes into the industry, Selena is instantly seen with them (Nick Jonas when the Jonas Brothers were big, Taylor Lautner when Twilight was big, Taylor Swift when she was a tad bit more relevant, Demi Lovato with her tour and stuff, and now Justin.) And now, when all those Jelena fans read this post and see how fake Jelena is, they all come to their senses that Selena is just a user and desperately needs people to help her with her fame when she knows shes becoming irrelevant. So, BLESS THIS POST AND BLESS YOU GUYS! ❤ You guys tell the truth, and the truth don't lie. (;

  84. Julia says:

    i’m think that jelena is a lie. I loved selena, but now i now: she dont love justin like he love her. And this is so sad.

  85. Amber says:

    maybe he flicked of the camera cuz the press never leaves him alone! he needs freedom. and not everything he does has to get a pic taken of or video taped!

  86. a truly blieber says:

    you r so fucking right all this thing between justin n selena just get more weirder why should Selena confirm their relationship n Justin dnt even talked about it maybe Justin likes Selena n this why he do this with her but other whys i really dnt know cuz now if all what you wrote is true n Justin go with tht he really disappointed me n i’m a truly JUSTIN BIEBER FAN but if he didnt tells us the truth i really dnt know what his things tht he said about how much he loves his fans is true

  87. v says:

    How naive are you to think that celebs never do PR to advance their career? Newsflash so many FAKE couple in Hollywood, ask Taylor Swift for more proof, Selena certainly take FAUXMANXE note from her and Demi/Joe showmance

  88. Belieber says:

    This post is soo true, I agree with it totally! Bless you, writers. ;)) ❤

  89. amberbiebs98 says:

    Woah! this post actually does have a point!
    Also have you realised when all the other celebrities have been popular then, she dates them. Like when Joanas brothers were big and taylor and well yeah.
    Shes a fame grabbing celeb, who needs more of a fan base.
    It might not even be her, it could be her ‘stage mum’ but i have a feeling Justin has actually fallen for her, even though he knew it was a fame stunt, and i dont want him hurt! he means the world to us beliebers.

  90. naomi says:

    either you are right and have no fucking life for sitting and figuering all of this out, or they’re just this teen couple. end of story. and i’m serious. those things may seem far apart from eachother but it’s one or the other

    • duhhh says:

      girl stfd

      just because some of us are not easily fooled by bull crap doesnt mean we dont have lives… it means we have more than a hand full of brain cells and no ability to critically think. GOOD DAY!

  91. BeliebInJustin says:

    Wowwww! I always thought Jelena was 100% true but now…. :\

  92. Bella says:

    WOW! Thanks for posting this!

  93. […] Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline We all have our own opinions. If you’re a huge Jelena supporter it’s YOUR choice to read or not to read. We’re not […] […]

  94. Priscilla says:

    I just want to say thank you! Because no one believes me on this and finally someone explained it to the world. ❤ much love. -Cilla (@lovinbieber25)

  95. Marie says:

    I agree 100%
    This post made my life and but only did it make me think, but t made me hungry to read more .
    I’m a belieber but I’m going to have to agree.
    I’m going to show all my friends this post.
    Thank you.

  96. Selina Reyes says:


    • molly neilson says:

      hate or love..gets her spoken about and in magazines at the time she needs it (finaliee of WOWP.

    • tcjsk says:

      First of all, Justin has gotten hate ever since he entered the music industry. Second of all, you said “publicity” right? Then I’m sure you know what that means. PUBLICITY doesn’t mean you don’t get hate. In fact, after Selena got hate and threats from Bieber fans, she’s gotten more publicity. There were many news sources reporting on how shes getting lots of hate on the Internet, etc. The hate that she’s getting is giving her even more attention from the media. Getting attention = publicity.

  97. shay says:

    that was so good<3

  98. Madi says:

    This is all true, everything you have said has matched up perfectly! ❤ I hate Selena and what she has made Justin!

  99. Mandy is not a stage mom, she never tries to do anything for attention..the only reason why we know what her mom looks like is from Pap photos of them shopping..soo….no. And yeah he tweeted her when he could have called her. BUT OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES! IF you have a blog you also have a facebook..ever post on your friends walls when you could call or text them? Yes, yes you do. your twelve. Grow up. You’ll never marry bieber.

    • magdalayna. says:

      1- Actually, Mandy has showed up in Disney Channel promos with Selena before. Mandy tried to become a famous actresd but since that didn’t work, she shoved her daughter in it. Do you think it was Selena’s choice to start acting as a baby? No. She had no other choice excpet to be born into this.
      2- Okay, no. I don’t know what you mean. Why would you want to publicize the act that you miss someone when you could just call them.
      3- The whole point of this wasn’t to prove she wanted to “marry bieber”, she was just proving a point.

  100. Camille says:

    I didn’t even really read this, but it seems like a lot of work for publicity that she doesn’t even need. Sorry.

  101. maddy says:

    ok, i believe all of this, and i partly believe the phone thing, apparently they were eating and he left the phone on the table. Some fan took a picture when they walked by. but i still think, why would they leave the phone so obviously sitting there for everyone to see.

    • molly neilson says:

      agreed…he is famous it would obviously get stolen so there must be a pretty important reason to let it just sit on the table..

  102. Colleen says:

    This is a joke. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. 2 kids in love. Dissecting a relationship is sick. If you dissect anybody’s relationship it would ALWAYS be different than your ideas on what is “right”. This is wrong. The papparazzi are SLAMMING him nowadays, and he HATES it, thats why he’s “changing” if you can even call it that, growing up is more like it, and half of the people his age are acting this way as well.. She is totally smitten by him, and he is head over heels for her. Lets leave it at that, shall we?

  103. beth says:

    ummm….echofon can be used on a computer aswell…i use it on mine.

  104. Amy says:

    FUCK THE DAY that Selena got involved with Justin Beaver.

    omfg I hate that little faggot so much, and I hate his fans as well.

    SELENA! BREAK UP WITH HIM ALREADY. You dont have to take the bullshit. omfg…


  105. Kayla says:

    This is the most effective post ive read all year, i completely agree, although it is really sad, i agree. She always dates the most popular person at the time. Like Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, etc. When she supposedly dated them, they were super famous at the time. And there couldnt be a worse time for Selena to come visit Justin. Justin was really starting to connect with his fans again, and we were all beginning to see his adorable smile…then Selena comes along and he acts like a totally different person.. I just hope they don’t break each others hearts. Id feel bad for both of them..but let’s hope Justin isn’t the one that’s hurt..i want that smiley happy Justin back. :/

    • Meadow says:

      In the video it looks like Selena’s saying ‘Kill me.’ I’ve always hated Jelena. There’s a boy Belieber, he’s in 4th grade, and HE even thinks Jelena’s fake! So if you think it’s real then you’re wrong. Justin even tweeted about how it was for publicity than deleted it 5 minutes later.

  106. anonnnn. says:

    i totally agree. she has a history of doing this-
    she dated nick jonas when the jonas brothers were popular. she dated taylor lautner when twilight was popular. now justin?

  107. Michalia says:

    omg!! like,i never really looked at it this way!! you guys really did open up my eyes,and see the truth!! 🙂

  108. Rajega says:

    okay, i didn’t bother reading this .. cause it looks kinda schupid but.. you know what? justin gave up EVERYTHING to make YOU GUYS happy, he gave up the opportunity of going to school with his friends, seeing his family every day , seeing his little sister everyday, and being in canada with his old friends.. he gave that all up for YOU GUYS! and you guys are mistreating him.. how do you think he feels? hes trying his best to make YOU GUYS happy! btu you guys just turn yer backs on him all the time..
    before you judge him.. put yerself in his shoes.. how do you think he feels atm?

    • duhhh says:

      LMAO!!!! uhhhhhh, justin didnt do this ALL for the fans. u do realize he is quite nicely compensated for his sacrifices, right? do you think he’d trade all the money, fame, and opportunity JUST for fans? he loves y’all, but lets be real here LOL

    • molly neilson says:

      lies. lies. lies. justin didnt give stuff up for us..we made him. im a belieber and before you say anything im more of a belieber than you will ever be! your being in denial. justin is a human he will make mistakes and following selena is one face matter how much you dont want to believe it its true. he probally wants to be with his family everyday and be with his friends but he HAD THAT CHOICE when scooter asked to manage him and make him famous he knew he would have to leave that all behind..we could change that.

  109. Kassandra says:

    I use echofon, and when I get a reply, I get notificated, of course, Selena has a lot of fans but with Echofon Pro, you can make a list of people you want a notification of. You’re only looking at the negative parts. Selena is not using him for fame, that picture, of Jelena at the Vanity Fair, what if he put his own head there, thats an option too! And the pictures of Jelena at st. Lucia, yes they’re only pictures of them cuddling and being touchy. A picture of Jelena talking isn’t interesting, they have to make money (the paparazzi). And pictures of Jelena talking is stupid and irrelevant, they need juicy news if they want to get paid. The iPhone pictures was btw taken by a fan who worked at a restaurant where Jelena was having dinner,and posted on the internet.

    • Do you really thing. Just just HAPPENED to leave his phone (that has all his private info, secrets and possibly whatever he’s hiding) on a table? Do you think he’s THAT dumb? And he was with people at that dinner. I’m sure the people would of hidden the phone from the fan.. unless they w WANTED us to see something.

    • tcjsk says:

      Just wanted to point out the fact that unless the fan actually walked over and PRESSED his phone, his wallpaper wouldn’t have showed up. A normal, locked iPhone sitting on a table is pitch black. For that screen to show up, you would have to press the home button. I highly doubt a fan went up to Justin’s table while he was eating, pressed a button on his phone then took a clear photo of it.

  110. Rajega says:

    if yer gonna believe a blog.. then go ahead.. can’t stop you ..

  111. Kelly says:

    Woahh Amen to this postt…i needed someone to write this
    Thank you so much
    selena is a famewhore
    and the fact about her mom wanting to be famous, made so much sense.
    and she called scooter, so justin and her could meet….wtf
    that’s crazy
    all she wants it fame and money.
    thank you for posting this.

  112. Jennifer says:

    All these little teenies who keep denying it probably haven’t read the entire post.

  113. Trish says:

    wow i respect Jelena , i think theyre adorable together but that makes A LOT of sense to me … those pictures look like they were posing for the paps.
    & i heard that a fan took that picture of his iphone at dinner when he had his phone set out.
    it didnt make sense to me… but yeah i just wantted to say that

  114. Karen says:

    Okay so this post is really good and put into detail but honestly no one will be able to honestly prove that jelena is fake. You do make a lot of good points but that is because you are looking for reasons on why it is fake. If i wanted to make a blog to prove it was real i could. It all depends on your point of view and what you want to believe. Also with Justin looking at the camera while he kisses Selena it is probably why it was so fast. He probably got nervous because he knew beliebers would freak out and realizes that he was caught. Idk just a thought i had. I do think you have good points and this was well put together though but im just not gonna take sides on whether it is real or not and just wait for them to split haha. Peace & Love

  115. molly neilson says:

    thank god someone has wrote a non biast reveiw! i mean ive always known there fake…i love justin and know what hes like…he was in love with caitlen and showed it..with selena its different and i cant say that without being called a ‘fake belieber’but its the truth so thank god you have made this! i actually love youu.

  116. Lola says:

    God Bless this post.

  117. Melissa says:

    Do you guys not see the way he looks at her? It’s obvious he really REALLY likes her and I’m pretty sure that if he thought she was using him for fame he wouldn’t be with her. Come on… he’s not stupid. Give him some fucking credit!

    As far as your argument about her not liking him in 2010 or saying he was like a “little brother”… People’s feelings CHANGE. I hated a guy when I was younger but after getting to know him more I started to like him and dated him for over 3 years…. so yeah shit like that does happen.

    Oh and that BS you said about how you help pay his bills… well if you feel that way, and you think you have the right to know EVERY-FUCKING-THING about him and his life… stop buying his shit. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need YOUR money. You buy his stuff to show him you SUPPORT his MUSIC not that you fucking OWN him.

  118. Tori says:

    I hope this gets to Justin or selena. i was suspisious from the start. this makes me feel ashamed. justin shouldn’t be treated like that! i think we should tweet this to justin, cause if it is fake it might end.

  119. brittany says:

    this is the trust shit ive ever read.

  120. Biianca Holder says:

    it s a publicity stunt dont eve worry about st lucia bcuz i saw thm together in st lucia i the vidoe is on youtube all they were doin wa talkin but as soon as the papparazii came round they were all lovey dovey i was so pissed i walked off my mmom was lookin at me like i was mad.. why wud he lie to us that pissed me off. i cudnt believe my eyes when i saw that my vacation was ruined

  121. Joanna says:

    I totally agree with this whole thing. Theres no way you cant. I mean sure people say “ohh she like him now only cause he grew up more and isnt such a little kid…” BS. And yeah sure ‘poor Selena’ (wahhh leave her alone)… boohoo. The music industry is very shady and people will do whatever it takes to stay on top.. like Selena is doing. I love justin to death but i could give a rats ass about “Jelena” because there gunna be broken up in three months *tops* anyways.

  122. amy says:

    bless this fucking post.

  123. KenzieT says:

    Look, if they’re dating, then let them. Leave them alone. Yea I understand that little Beliebers out there basically hand over their money to him, but Selena doesn’t deserve to be hated on because of it. It seems like a pretty big investment to get them to date. She hasn’t gone trashy to get attention so why do you hate her so much? She doesn’t need the publicity of their relationship and neither does he. Does anyone honestly think they WANT to be followed constantly? Who would? They seem to be enjoying each others’ company for now, so let them be. If that means they’re dating then awesome, if not great. It shouldn’t matter that much. And btw, it seems like you are the “haters” you seem to love so much. Love don’t hate. Just let them live their lives and leave the hate behind. Jealousy (which that obviously is) is an ugly trait. I think whoever wrote this “article” thinks that she will end up with Bieber so she has to trash any girl who he dates. Hate to fill you in, but you and 3 million other girls all feel the same way, although not to say it’s impossible. Just be a little more tactful with what you say. You never know what they read and if he IS dating her, I don’t think he would be too proud of his Beliebers.

    • Not all the members in this blog are even fans of Justin Bieber. As you can see we didn’t take sides. As of a fan of Justin would 100% be on his side. We stated other facts that Justin could be shady also. ANd he wouldn’t care about Beliebers opinion either. Because 1. As along as he’s getting money and staying famous he could really care less if we like or dislike his girlfriend.

      • KenzieT says:

        Okay first off “could care less” means that you’re saying he cares, so that’s the wrong context. Secondly, You seemed to be bashing Selena quite a bit and pretty much saying nothing about Beiber. Why does it matter to so much that he may or may not be dating her? Does it affect you that much? Really? This is supposed to be the generation that ENDS bullying, but this site simply promotes it. She’s a good role model and person, so why would you put her down for possibly dating someone she liked? How would you feel if you sated someone and people you don’t even know wrote things like this blog saying how much they hated you for it and that it was all fake? Let them live their lives. You don’t need to put hate out into the world with blogs like this.
        P.S. you really think he wouldn’t care that his fans, his supporters, the people he puts his career in the hands of hated the one person he has chosen to date since he’s gotten famous? Someone that he clearly likes?

      • uzzi says:

        could care less in america means couldn’t care less everywhere else (lol i realised that in an interview with emily osmet… again, someone pushed ouy the limelight by selena gomez (used most of her writers and made her music exactly the same as hers)

  124. Me says:

    The problem is, people are seeing the bad side of Jelena and they never think of the good side.

  125. alyssssaaaa (: says:

    i actually had faith the jelena was real, but this post has revealed so much that i seriously believe that this relationship is actually a hoax :/

  126. Abby..that's all you need to know says:

    Stupid. This is just plane stupid. Like really?!!!!!? You must be thick shit to think that Jelena is fake. And btwwww that “90%” of people that believe this are just people who are jealous of Selena and WANT to believe that there relationship is fake. And just letting you know, Selena only said those things about Justin like “he’s like my little brother!” because she didn’t want too get attacked by Beliebers. And Justin said that she was pretty because he couldn’t be like “ohhhh yeahhh! She’s sooo hot!” Because that would cause a freaking war! And they aren’t very open with talking about there relationship because they’re trying to protect Selena, in case you didn’t know a fan of Justin’s punched Selena in the face (even though Selena’s team said that that was rumor, the truth was in the black eye on her face). So I rest my case. Jelena.Is.Not.Fake.

    • asdfghjkl says:

      um, in case you didn’t know when justin said she was pretty that was a really long time ago before he had LOTS of fans, so he couldn’t been like “Oh yeah, if i was older i’d date her” or something. Back then it wouldn’t have exploded. And no, a justin fan DID NOT punch selena in the face. She was hit by a papparazzi equipment.

    this is so amazing, love love love it and it makes SO much sense. GAHHH I agree with you 110% 🙂

  128. Jeslyn says:

    I seen a picture of a tweet she posted that said “Yes I’m dating the most popular guy on the planet be jealous bitches”

    shes stupid. I hate her with a passion, shes changing justin, he doesn’t care about his beliebers as much as he did before “Jelena”

    • uzzi says:

      probably a fake tweet… but i still agree, she is a fame-whore, my sis was a HUGE fan until she started all this so i don’t know what selena thinks she’s achieving…

  129. barbie says:

    You do realize that all of this are just “assumptions” right? I mean, maybe you’re on the right track…then again..maybe not. What they do is their concern, and if you say “Oh, we got Justin this far, it IS our concern” well, think again. If you hate this SO much, you could easily stop buying his CDs, SONGS, etc. So no, it’s HIS personal life. Leave him and Selena alone. If either of them is doing to get publicity, then it’s their choice. And you just said “We’re just gonna laugh when “Jelena” ends and she’s dates a new guy after.” If that’s just what you’re going to do…why are you over analyizing this so much? You’re not Justin, you’re not Selena. Sorry. And yes, I am a Jelena supporter, I’m not going to say I’m not just to seem like a have a “clear perspective” on the whole subject. You’re clearly a Jelena hater, and that’s fine, but don’t try to change other people’s point of views by posting things that are just “assumptions”, not even facts.

  130. Rashida says:

    All I have to say is THANK YOU! I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought that every time someone is big Selena dates them, remember the Jonas Brothers when they made it big, Selena dated Nick then when Taylor Launter comes out in Twilight she dates him & now Justin is the new big thing so she so called dates him, wait until the next big thing comes out, she’s going to want to date them & the thing about her not visiting Demi, that was messed up on her end, like your best friend is in rehab & you can’t make a visit? We all know it’s all about the money & making a name for herself because honestly who really cared about buying Selena’s album until she came out with “A Year Without Rain”? & true it’s sitting in my closet but that’s only because my sister bought for me for Christmas & I wasn’t going to be disrespectful & throw it away, I hate when people want to use people but like you said, it’s a matter of time before she hops off the train of Bieber Fever & moves on to the next big thing, let’s just hope she’s not desperate if it’s a girl, just saying

  131. Marisa says:

    That’s not even an iPhone… It’s FAKE. and iPhone has either “Verizon” or “AT&T” in the upper left hand corner. And seriously, it’s possible to go from best friends to more than that. Get over yourself and be HAPPY that Justin and Selena are HAPPY.

  132. Ohkay i think yall have a point . because u have like facts to back up why u think that. SO i think i believe.. but i gotta say . I am a belieber . But i dont like Jelena ,. But Hey ! That doesnt make me a bad fan just because i dont like Jelena , I jus love Justin Bieber . umm . anyways i would like to talk more about hit me up on twitter at @__OhMy_Bieber__ ttyl <3(=

  133. Audrey says:

    You didn’t really prove anything, you stated your opinion on the whole situation. No i don’t like “Jelena” and i think she’s using him, but there were so many things you said that were so ….?

    like how he should be spending time with his family on him birthday, he’s 17 he should be hanging with his friends, how are you to know he didn’t spend it with his family. and in st.lucia they’re dating… what do you expect him to just sit there and stare at her ? And for the finger again he’s 17 ….. i’m sure you do that. ALSO why are you making a big deal of the coat picture one of his friends could have put that somewhere :S

    anyways i don’t even like Selena but i love Justin and i hope she doesn’t break his heart

  134. faaaaake loooove says:

    Omg. All this has sense. Thank you!

  135. Shaniqua says:

    Why would you take time out of your day to write this?
    i mean i thought the paparazzi were bad but this this is just stalking.

    I don’t know why people are so fussed about this, they are together okay? don’t you get it?
    and everyone agreeing to this is completely stupid what sort of belieber or selenator are you if you do?
    you obviously hate the fact that you aren’t the one in his arms.

    I suggest you leave them alone all of you. you should be ashamed, we were here for justin his music and himself not his girlfriend. grow up, understand that you won’t be with justin.

    this article is completely pathetic (Sorry to whoever wrote this) but really none of it is true and your wasting your time.

    • emily says:

      i love this i agree with you, everyone just needs to stop the drama and face the fact they like eachother its not up to us to decide justins future:)

  136. Jen says:

    BLESS THIS POST! I 100% agree with everything!

  137. mia lachowski says:

    umm…echofon isn’t a ‘MOBILE APPLICATION’ as you stressed in the article. it’s a mozilla firefox application.

  138. taylah says:

    finally, this is so true its not even funny.

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  140. […] Read this article: Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline « XOXOPLB […]

  141. xGrowAPear says:

    This is totally stupid. You’re blaming his all on Selena it isn’t her fault his fame is getting to him and Selena DID visit Demi she just couldn’t visit her after Demi said no more visitors except family. Get you’re facts straight. And some celebs have friends who give it to the paps. & Selena has bigger boobs than you do. And the paps have good cameras that thy could zoom in on pictures and phones. You need to stop haring and learn youre fucking facts before you say something.

    • It was dark in the diner room. And how are we blaming Selena on all of this. If you read the blog there are parts saying both Selena and Justin are doing this for publicity. We’re not going to kiss up to anyone. But Selena most definitely isn’t real. And Justin has changed. Done.

      • KenzieT says:

        I love how you think you’re an expert on someone’s life that you don’t even know. And btw, if you read the Seventeen article that Demi put out, she specifically says that she talked to Selena on a regular basis over the phone. You think she could have just dropped filming and recording for that? She has a job.

      • Funny because Selena was able to visit Justin EVERYDAY but she couldn’t GO to the rehab center.. only call? Haha okay. And Miley doesn’t have stickers of Nick on her phone because their not dating. Why would Selena have a sticker of Justin on her phone around the time she hadn’t even hung out personally with Justin. And if she “didn’t like Justin so much.” Makes no sense to me.

      • KenzieT says:

        And what about when Miley had the picture of her and Nick Jonas kissing on her phone and the paps took a shot of that? You’re going to blame that on them too?

      • KenzieT says:

        Okay, unless you have a tracking device on her, how would you know where she is all day, everyday? I mean, I’m sure you would know since paps follow her everywhere, but it’s not like you’re attached to her so you have no way of knowing what she had been doing. And you don’t think that Demi wouldn’t want her to actually be there since it would draw even more attention to the situation? She was in a rehab center, she didn’t want to draw in more attention than need-be and Selena’s presence would have. And what are you talking about stickers for, little girl? I’m talking about the pic. from her iphone. Miley had one of her and Nick on hers a long time ago, back when they WERE dating, and someone took a picture of it. You don’t think it’s AT ALL possible the same thing could have happened here? Your, uh “facts” are highly questionable.

  142. iTylen says:

    I love this! Im a belieber and I don’t care what other beliebers say I believe that Jelena is fake. After reading this I feel more confident about it! Thanks

  143. erin says:

    i agree with this 100% no doubt!! but justin has to be in on it too, as much as it pains me to say selena isnt the only one at fault here. but justin and selena are the perfect people to set something up like this, no one would expect it! does anyone remeber joe and demi?, how that was a publicity stunt for camp rock? no one expected that one and look it was true! so only with time will the truths of this “relationship” unveil

  144. maria says:

    agree… but all this makes me upset

  145. Maddy says:

    wow i hate selena for doing this and i do agree that this is all a fakeeeeeee act !!! she was dieing out of fame because of justin so have you ever heard of the quote ” if you cant beat them , join them” well she couldnt be better then justin so she is using him…. shame on you. just saying for the record that i WAS a selena fan but now its gone and i have no respect no im not a belieber either .

  146. Carrie says:

    Wow. I had some suspicions here and there, but other than that I thought it was all real. Like the photo booth, the fake kiss, and just all the awkward stuff that you question about. Now that I read this, I totally agree it’s all mainly Selena’s doing. And her mom’s. Scooter is just, idk. But Justin could really have feelings for her. That’s the main reason why I think they’re so cute together, because Justin most likely truly likes this girl. He said he likes to go around with girls and flirt, but he’s stayed with Selena, whether he knew she wanted it for the fame or not, he still did. I just think the way he looks so happy with her some times is adorable. You should do a little post about the most recent picture, where she’s sitting on his lap. You guys are pretty awesome. Thanks for knocking some sense into me, hahah.

  147. I think they are real. This and my point of view just dont get along. No hate just saying. they are real… most of this doenst even make sense to me… whatevs

  148. selena rules says:

    this post is pathetic and stupid. she tried to hide her relationship with both bieber and lautner. a famewhore would not do that

    • Trying to hide your relationship makes people MORE interested in it. ITS CALLED HOLLYWOOD. If Selena and Justin said they were dating eachother, no paparazzi would care anymore as much. But since they keep denying paps are trying to PROVE it. She is a famewhore and Justin has changed.

      • uzzi says:

        as i have said countless times, you people are legends. even my mum thinks this is legit.. and shes a professional doctor… she doesn’t take BS. so you guys are the ones that evryone should be looking to, your not paid to say stuff about them, you say it for likeminded people. GOD BLESS YOUR COTTON SOCKS!

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  150. Jbiebs13shawty says:

    Amen sister!

  151. SofiiBieber says:

    I Love This. Even If It May Or Not Be True.
    This Is More Proof Than ANYONE Has:)

  152. melissa anne says:

    Personally, I do think that Selena was using Justin. I have from the beginning. Like when I was watching Dave Letterman earlier and Selena was asked about Justin a TRIED to dodge the question saying “I’ve know him forever” or ” he’s funny.” or something. It’s just so she could get more ATTENTION. She wants her fame to continue and is willing the break the heart of a 17 year old to keep her name in lights. She needs to learn that her 15 minutes of fame is over. It’s been over since she started BARNEY. Barney started her career and then ruined it. Selena, GET OVER YOURSELF. YOU’RE SEEKING THE ATTENTION OF BELIEBERS! NO WONDER YOUR GETTING HATE AND THERE ARE ANTI-SELENA TWITTERS. LEARN THAT WHEN YOU MESS WITH JUSTIN, THERE ARE 9 MILLION PEIPLE WANTING TO HUNT YOU DOWN. Oh and btw Selena, I’m glad WOWP is almost done. That laugh of yours on the show made me want to put small children in the face.

    • KenzieT says:

      What is your problem? Seriously she’s done NOTHING wrong. You just want to believe literally everything this girl is saying because you’re so jealous that you aren’t Selena. Heaven forbid she dates someone she likes, that’s just terrible isn’t it? I mean who has ever heard of such a thing? And of course if she IS dating him, then she MUST be using him, because she would never ever go out with someone in the same business as her, who is decently attractive because that’s just a crazy notion isn’t it? You honestly think she doesn’t like him? Either it’s too hard to believe that someone like Selena would like him (which makes you a hypocrite bc you obviously like him) or she’s THAT mean and he’s that stupid that he would fall for it? Which is it? She’s a good person. When has she ever said anything bad about anyone or done anything bad? Once again, this relates back to the obvious fact that you are super jealous of her. Do you realize that “9 million” girls feel the EXACT same way as you when it comes to him dating ANYONE? You little Beilebers will get mad over anything. You’re the ones who maul each other over this kid. He’s a normal person, you get that right? You and all of his other fans are exactly the same: You all think you’re going to marry him. I’m not saying it’s impossible that he’ll end up with a fan of his, but look at the odds. How would you feel if 9 million people said “you’re a slut because you’re dating someone that I have posters of on my wall”? You don’t know her so stop bashing her. I’m not a Beiber fan but I would never bash him just because I could. Would you say any of this to Selena’s face if you had the chance? No. Stop acting like a spoiled 14 year old who hasn’t gotten her way. Grow up.

    • KenzieT says:

      And btw, do you think Selena reads any of this? She was never a 15-minute-famer. She’ll end up as an A-lister I promise. She’s not a good singer at all but she can act like no other. She’s awesome. She has haters because they can’t do anything else than hate. And if Justin is happy, why can’t you be happy FOR him? She’s a nice girl and he’s a good guy. If they’re dating, then let them. They should be able to without her getting death threats from his obnoxious fans.

      • uzzi says:

        Why would we want to be her?! we have boyfriends and lives!

        But obviously you want to deny that somethings going on because you always look for the better in people and hope for the best, and for that,

        i respect you completely.

        yes we’re being negative about them, and it’s our opinion, and your being really optimistic about them and thats great, but not everyones minds work the same.

        your gonna be able to do great things in the future coz your positive, but i think some of us here like basing our opinion a bit more on what we can see in pictures and stuff.

        but to everyone who doesn’t have my opinion that this article is 100% legit,

        thats FINE.

        i can respect that. i’ve never met you so i can’t call you stupid or an idiot or wierd, but from what you’ve said on here, i respect your opinion.

        ALL I ASK,

        is that you respect that some of us dont agree with you. the world doesn’t all agree with each other, thats why wars start and people die. but if we all respected other people it would make life a lot easier to live through. people don;’t like being called obnoxious as much as you don’t. so please keep it nice.

        and that goes to ALL people who think they have a point to prove. people will listen to you if you make your point without the rude language and mean comments, and just respected everyones minds.

        we were all blessed with brains to THINK FOR OURSELVES. thank you.

  153. Sarah_luvsJUSTIN says:

    i bleve this whole thing! im sorry if u dont but this chicK has evidence to prove EVERYTHING! she was stating a point and if u dont agree, u shouldnt comment. i saw how justin behaves around selena n it hurts me because thats not the justin i fell for…the justin i fell for was the one singing on stage on new years night…that one was just sweet and adorable! how cud he go from that to MIDDLE FINGER, IGNORING FANS AND BEING STUCK UP only when he’s around SELENA?!

  154. Sabrina* says:

    Go take a look at this picture …
    Justin actually tweeted thiss .

  155. kelly says:

    this is soooooooo true! i actually have had family and friends who absolutley HATE Justin look at these photos (for an unbiased opinion) and every single one of them said it looks staged or fake. i swear to you! they all said it was almost pathetic. so that can prove to all you who think beliebers are taking sides that were not! thses were from bieber haters and i mean HATERS! if people who hate justin and even dont care for selena say it looks staged..what does that tell you?

  156. […] See the original post here: Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline « XOXOPLB […]

  157. Molly says:

    BLESS THIS POST. Exactly my thoughts right here. Selena is only using Justin for publicity because she’s a fake famewhore. Justin obviously likes Selena WAY more than she likes him, and he’s probably hoping she’ll start to feel the same way if he does this. But she’s just leading him on and she’s going to break his heart. Justin doesn’t deserve to get hurt like that. :\

    • Diana says:

      I agree…. I agree with this whole page….Stupid Slutena Whormez…

    • hi says:

      Aww:) I like how you care about Justin. Are you a Belieber too? But don’t worry about him getting hurt he’s just faking it better than she is. He doesn’t care about Selena they just work together. Trust me there is no crush there 🙂

  158. lovinjbieber96 says:


  159. Swaggirl says:

    :O That was a heck a lot of reading 😉
    Ahaha, it’s funny what stars would do to get more attention, well Justin wouldn’t need it he has a LOT of fans, so I think this is all for Sel. I don’t hate her, I look up to all the teen pop stars these days besides Miley XD
    But I just hope they are real, and not FAKE or that will ruin their images 😛

  160. Cindy says:

    I have been noticing how Justin Bieber has changed alot. It just doesn’t sound like him. Why would he ever ignore his fan’s like that? I mean we are the one’s that got him to where he is today. That’s just wrong! I hope he changes back the way he use to be. I really don’t like that way he is acting now. He doesn’t even talk to his fan’s on twitter anymore or anything. I thank Jelena is a fake to. Hate to say that but, you know.

  161. lauren says:

    i dont get how the coat/ jingle ball photo thing is relevant… justin took a silly picture of himself wearing a fur coat, so that means selena told him too? you made some good points, but a lot of the others are based of of nothing. and i dont think that iPhone background photo is real.

    • uzzi says:

      the coat was selena’s favourite so the fact that he wore it means he was with her – i guess they wanted to drop hints 😀
      hope that clears up the confusion xx

  162. Christie Exantus says:

    OMG! Bless you guys! This is EVERYTHING Ive been trying to tell others, but I just didn’t know how! You guys are soo freakin smart! xoxo

  163. […] den Originalbeitrag weiterlesen: Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline « XOXOPLB Medien zum Thema   Medien by […]

  164. Sarah says:

    I think you all have way too much time on your hands to nit pick someone elses every little move. Who cares either way. Find something constructive to do with you time.

  165. Eva says:

    You got it compltetly right! And you have the best research! Thank you so much for writing this. Keep writing. You are amazing!

  166. lalayouguysarepsycho says:

    Whoever wrote this is a complete idiot. I couldn’t even get past the first paragraph because I knew it was gonna be some complete psycho ass bs. In addition, go get a life and some friends you lonely, bored, little girl because I know your a girl. They are together, he’s not with you, and Selena will always be better than you. I wouldn’t say unless you deserved it, and you do. One question, why would it be all Selena’s fault? Leave the girl alone, and stay in school you freaking lunatic!

  167. Janeyyyy says:

    The thanksgiving picture was found on Facebook by me. I stalk her family to find rares and post it on my flickr….. Just saying because what you said is wrong.

  168. noelle bieber says:


  169. lalayouguysarepsycho says:

    Oh, and how dare you say anything about her mom. You have no idea what you’re talking and you need to take your childish ass to bed. Her mom has done absolutely nothing for you to speak any word about her. You deserve everything karma has in store for you. And God definitely not bless the blog from Hell you deranged psychos!! May God bless you, you need it.

  170. melissa says:

    i gotta admit, your proof is really good..and who knows maybe your right it could all be a fame stunt for selena…but theyre both so sweet i couldnt imagine them doing this. i have mixed feelings on the topic, but this definitly changed my ways of thinking.

  171. RescueDog92 says:

    Now comes the poorly researched backyard journalism about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.
    Unfortunately, bloggers and reporters (or Twitter-User) can write without regard to the truth of what they want.

    The ingredients:
    A) you take a lot of old rumors and speculation
    B) you add a new little denigration

    The result:
    Now, we have the new “truth” and a headline (or Tweets).

    The problem:
    The two people behind it, their friends, family, the public humiliation

    In the article are as many timing errors and falsehoods that it borders on hate speech.
    You as Justin Bieber Fans say … Justin Bieber is dumber than a bumblebee and he can not themselves think and feel, he is nothing more than an MP3 player, his fans switch him after use on or off.
    8-15 year old children make a decision about his life, not his mother or he himself.
    He belongs the fans 90 minutes on the stage, for this showtime pay the fans.
    On the tickets is not printed “lifelong tutelage due fans”.

    You say Selena Gomez manipulated Justin Bieber?
    But what “advantages” has Selena Gomez from her friendships to Justin Bieber …
    Anytime and everyone can she therefore publicly hate, harass, defame, bully, threaten their lives and criticize because YOU did not like her hair, weight, makeup, clothes, shoes, skin, age, height, appearance, head, eyes, nose, ears, lips, legs, butt, voice, eating, drinking, driving, kissing … friends, life … 1000 other reasons and published fake nude pictures, that her family and friends can see!

    Lies about their friendships “she is a famewhore” …
    *Selena – Demi Lovato
    Selena worked round 1.5 years at WOWP, before Demi Lovato came to Disney and Demi Lovato has admitted, she was to blame for the end of the BBF.

    *Selena – Nick Jonas
    Miley Cyrus did not want him more and Selena liked him, but for a relationship include two.
    Separation rumor: his parents, to protect his career. (Nick has / had no backbone and he has broken Selenas heart)

    *Selena – Taylor Launter
    2009: Filming in Toronto/Canada at the same time …
    Twilight = Taylor (he was not very well known)
    Ramona and Beezus = Selena
    No rumor: they are good friends
    Rumor: his parents have more prevented (protect his career)

    *Selena – Justin Bieber
    2009: Justin would like to meet Selena (crazy how fast time flies)
    “I think anyone would be lucky to date Selena Gomez. She’s a great person.”

    *Selena – Cory Monteith
    2010: Common filming “Monte Carlo” in Europe
    No rumor: they are good friends

    So what Selena did wrong? Nothing!

    She not say said they are a Couple …
    Selena and Justin have jointly decided not to tell about their relationship.
    If the pretext is used as a hatred of Selena, then the same for Justin!
    And the behavior of his “fans” to Selena, i can understand this decision totally.

    I see only one … his fans manipulate his life!

  172. en en says:

    it brokes my heart

  173. dory143 says:

    I agree that Jelena is a fake! 😀 🙂

  174. Puppylover says:

    THIS IS AHHHHMAZING!!!!!!! I agree with this blog 100%. The whole “Jelena” thing is just a publicity stunt and it was probably scooter’s idea and Selena’s mom just agreed with because she might have seen the idea of making Selena more famous. I also agree with you when you said that she only performed at the Grammys because she is dating Justin. I think that scooter maybe told them to let her perform too. Selena doesn’t really sing that good anyway. It’s great that alot of beliebers are happy for Justin but they won’t be happy when he gets his heart broken by Selena.

  175. en en says:

    i wish this blog is a joke!!!!!!!

  176. Belieber says:

    I so agree with you,some people may not,but that is their opion,I did admire selena i wasnt a huge fan but she was ok,I Love Justin to death i always know the new news about him,like him and selena at first i was so confused they kept saying they werent dating and when the pictures aired of them on vacation and almost kissing and stuff i thought they were a couple but they never confirmed it and,i was always wondering why they didnt,dating for publicity may be why,i dont understand why Justin would do this he obviously doesnt need any help with fame,and i dont know why he would lie to his fans he said he would never do that.Whenever someone gets a big sperk of fame she runs to them,when the fame is gone so is the relationship,I kinda just wish the relationship was over so all this drama would be to,im still not sure if this all is for publicity but it might be.

  177. hanna says:

    I LOVE both Justin and Selena. I am A TRUE BELIEBER!!!!!!!!! But first i kinda thought it was fake and all but then now you can REALLY tell they LOVE each other:)

  178. Katie says:

    I don’t understand why you care. I mean, if the kids wanna pull a publicity stunt, let’em at it. It’s not causing any harm to anyone. It may cause some broken hearts, but I think they’ll patch things up. I just think that if you love Justin to let him be. He’s a growing boy, he has to make his own decisions and take responsibility for his actions. To be honest I could care less if this is real or fake. I think it’s almost a little crazy how much time and effort you put into this. It’s as if you’re trying to prove JFK’s assassination was done by Selena. Again like I said, if you love Justin let him do his own thing and be happy. He seems happy, so you should be too.

  179. kirstenn;) says:

    wow! this is soo truue! i used to be all like we’re beliebers we should support justins choices but this is so true. props to the person who wrote this:)

  180. shanzzi bzz luvs JB says:

    thank god some writed this post i didnt even no most of it was goin on n i think selena is just usin justin 4 the fame (no hate i love her) but i think her mum has pushed her in 2 it. justin used 2 be a sweet boy who loved his fans now he has changed i dont think he flipped off the paps coz he was pissed off with them i think he did it 2 impress selena (no hate 2 justin love him) n no hate 2 jelena either they look good but it will never last n did u hear justin didnt do OLLg in malysia coz selna was there

  181. LaurenRose says:

    OMG in love ❤ I'm a belieber but I'm not crazy, anyways people always say that I'm denying jelena's credibility because I'm jealous. But no. This post explains what these media blinded people can't see. She's using him, and he really cares for her. His feelings are definitely there, but when it comes to selena…well she needs to find a boyfriend who's not famous and then I'll actually believe that she's not the famewhore I see her as. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for writing this. [:

  182. Anonomyous says:

    This was quite possibly the best post I’ve ever seen. (Could of done without the cussing, though ) Finally, Someone actually sees that Selena just uses people for fame, ex. Selena made a big deal out if the MileyMandy video that Miley made about her when it was really nothing, when the Jonas Brothers made theyre big break, she dated Nick. When Demi became big, she was Demi’s “best friend”. Then Sel survived Demi for Taylor S. So Demi started hanging out with Miley. Then Twilight came out, so Selena dated Taylor L. And then when Nick J. went on his solo tour she dated him again. When Allstar weekend became the NBT she dated Cameron. When Glee made it’s big debut, she dated Corry. And now Justin’s famous, so she decides to date him too. Selena should be as famous as Debby Ryan, but because she dated the most popular guys, and hung out with the most popular girls, she’s apparently “popular”. And now she’s trying to make it as a singer? Please, she’s terrible live. Honestly, I don’t think Selena is that talented in anything. I mean she can’t even play an instrument! The only thing going for her is she’s pretty, but other than that, nothing special about her whatsoever.

  183. audrey says:

    i totally agree with this!! i dont 100% hate selena, but i kknew from the start that she didnt look trustworthy and just fake. I know feelings change but you usually feel attracted to someone right away. like how come all of a sudden she realizes she “loves” justin when he has a book, movie, world tour? and when her show is ending, shes going on tour and finally going through with her music career? obviously selena needed more fans and publicity. She always does this doesnt she? Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, hangs with Cory Montieth when Glees big. And the thing with Rock Mafia pretty much says it all.
    I just feel bad for justin because he definately did have a crush on selena for a while and she really didn’t care until he got extremely famous.

  184. […] here: Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline « XOXOPLB hopfeed_affiliate='fwsjay'; hopfeed_affiliate_tid=''; hopfeed_cellpadding=5; […]

  185. Why am I posting here again? Ah, crap. I forgot.

  186. asdfghjkl says:

    Like, okay all of a sudden justin and selena had been “bestfriends for so long” when obviously they had never even been shown previously hanging until the end of 2010, when “jelena” happened.
    Also, why would selena’s mom have to contact Scooter? I’m pretty sure Selena could’ve got Justin’s number personally if she really wanted to hang, they have lots of mutual friends. And so true, how are all their “personal” pics getting out? It seems like they just want people to take pics and leak them. And the St. Lucia trip, how come the paps only got the touchyfeely pics? Paps usually, almost 100% get MUTIPLE pics of whatever the celeb is doing. Funny how only those pics were shown.
    And I still can’t get over how he spent his birthday with her, like yes its normal to spend it with friends, but hello, his world tour was starting and don’t you think he’d want to spend it with his family and grandparents?
    People are like “why do you care so much about their relationship!?” Well, being Beliebers, when Justin hurts, we hurt. So why let him be with someone who is obviously using him.
    AND why would Selena be going for a BOY when she is going to be 19 and should be going for a MAN. Let Justin enjoy his youth and date girls his own age, not be in a serious relationship with an older WOMAN. *No i am not saying its wrong to date different ages.* but they’re younger and thats what I’m getting at.
    Whatever, thank you for posting this. Points proven, “selenators” just need to calm the hell down.

  187. Sarisa says:

    What do u guys think Selena and Justin are cute together or they should break up well personally I think there are not cute together there love for each Other is cute but not them together and if justin’s happy then I’m happy but if I hear anything that selena did I will kill someone something or some part of my body! I sprained my hand! LOL don’t ask how!

  188. Brianna says:

    LMAO at this article. Guys you really made me LOL I am not kidding. I thought I was obsessed with this couple but clearly I was wrong. I LOVE Jelena they’re so cute! No denial here I do have way different views though. I would love to respond to every single thing mentioned here but I’m not up for it. It can get annoying unless you are motivated which I’m not. I read it, I completely disagree and I’m moving on.

    P.S Wouldn’t it be the cutest thing ever if Jelena had babies? Their love is flawless <333

  189. Valeria says:

    oh maaan, fool relationship, i wish no more Jelena anymore. HEY WAKEUP JUSTIN,SELENA IS USING YOU FOR HER POPULARITY. i know selena is not famous anymore since out from the disney, oooo poor selena. i don’t want JB has broken heart after break up with selena then.. Selena hasn’t feel broken heart cause she just do such a fake love to Justin

  190. Sarah says:

    I hate how she is taking advantage of him and he’s letting her. She doesn’t deserve him in the least and she’s changing him! I wish he could come to his senses and breakup with her,

  191. Beliebinswagx says:

    It makes an interesting point and does seem quite obvious…but the thing I don’t understand, is that it just really doesn’t seem like something Justin would do, I mean there are points in their ‘relationship’ that does seem real, and like they really are in love….so basically I’m completely confused and don’t know what to believe….:)

  192. Miriam Angela says:

    Good post! I agree with a lot of it, but I wouldn’t say he turns into a jerk when he’s around her… Common! If the paparazzi was following me around half as much as they follow Justin, I would have given them the finger more times than you can count!

  193. Alexis says:

    Wow I felt like this at Onee Point .. but we cnt do Anything about it anymoree he beginging to Hate us or not even dislike ignoree :\ I’m lost ! But its sorta true

  194. Nathan says:

    Most of the AGREE of Jalena’s relationship are Selenators n the UNAGREE are beliebers…well i think that’s true people only care about Jelena n careless about only selena,that’s why she needs IT guys cos she doesn’t big enough..but on the other hand i think she’s really lucky girl,even if it is her stage publicity,it’s not gonna happen if the IT guys never like or fall in love w/ her….she’s really good in making IT guys fallin love w/ her….

  195. Hersie says:

    i hate jelena too, but hey when you are proving a point you should not include your own personal opinion (well based on debates that i do) since you were basing everything from facts. 🙂 Selena will soon realize that what she’s doing is wrong, and that Justin will either be angry or hurt by this. but at the end of the day we have no right to say that all of this a are fake or whatever, we are not on their places guys. but if all of this are true then it’s up to their conscience! Hate Selena so much.

  196. Cecilia says:

    Are you kidding me? its avious that Justin has matured alot and THATS why Selena likes him now.. Friendship can develop into more you know. And that kiss where Justin looks into the camera and so does Selena afterwards? Selena wanted a kiss, a normal, 5 second kis.. but Justin saw the camera and didn’t wanna make out in front of it.. so Not kissing her more than 0,5 secs was Justins way of saying “theres a paparazzi here” and selena understood thata and looked around trying to spot him.

    THEY’RE REALLY INLOVE GUYS. ACCEPT IT. And they’re 17 and 18, its not that weird if they do a little more than just a kiss on the lips. Of course they get touchy and clingy. DUH.

  197. Lotte N says:

    I like the way you write this post! and I totally agree! Jelena is fake, Selena gomez is fake! (but i like her new song lol)
    * twilight is big, Selena dating Taylor Lautner
    * Jonas Brother is big, Selena dating Nick Jonas
    * Glee is big, Selena told good things for Cory
    * Justin Bieber is big, Selena is dating Justin..


  198. lauren says:

    Dude, this is legit. So many things nobody would notice, great 😮
    Tbh, I have changed my opinion about Justin. Like, why would he still “date” her when he almost knows she’s using him for fame? I think he isn’t in love too.. maybe scooter tells him to do it, cause he does get more fame. Like, everyone wants to know how it sits, so more people are gonna search stuff about them etc.
    Everybody wants more, more, more. It’s never enough.

  199. Cherry says:

    OMG. i do agree with this! you’re so right. Selena is a freaking user! Something happened when they’re here in Malaysia so in the hotel when some beliebers wants to meet Justin they went to Justin’s hotel, after awhile they saw Justin’s crew.. so they asked Justin’s crew if Justin is in his hotel room so he said yes, so they asked him to help them get Justin to go down the hotel.. so he called Justin on the phone, & Justin said give him 20 mins. and he will come down, so after that Selena called them and said JUSTIN CANNOT GO DOWN BCS HE WAS DRUNK! what a freaking whore she is, she’s controlling Justin’s actions, and she takes away Justin’s fans! >.<

  200. Georgiaa:) says:

    omg! yes, it all makes sense now! i knew there was something odd about it how she never admits it and justin just avoids the subject. She has changed him and your right- shes using him for fame because of her contract ending with disney. and that video of them kissing, i think it was set up too:L I think justin actually likes selena (i dont know why:L) and he needs to get rid of her, because she will break his heart and he doesnt deserve to be hurt”/ ❤

  201. Janna says:

    Thats just so true! I do like them both, Selena is a cutie and I think she has a big hard, Justin too… But Jelena is just so fale and pathetic! C’mon open your eyes!

  202. Saskia says:

    Jeeeeez, I salute you. It’s like you read my mind and then wrote it all down and claimed it as your own.
    I also loved how you refer to Ryan as ‘Busty’ a typo, but still the funniest thing I’ve read all day :’)

  203. AJG13 says:

    I do think she is using him, but your theory doesn’t make sense only in that he would not be lame enough to let her use him. He’d be in it for what benefits he could get. If he likes her and he’s getting some, sure, bu you mentioned him never looking enthused about things because he knows he is being used. So that doesn’t make sense. I think she is using him, but he is in love with her. He doesn’t look all sappy because he is trying to look cool- just like he has a “cool” coach or whatever to help him look good. I do think Selena uses guys for fame, her history and timing is just too sketchy for things to be genuine, but I think if Beiber is being used, he’s enjoying it.

  204. maddi :) says:

    omg, this post is so so so so true!
    i always thought that from the beginning, i think justin sort of likes selena but shes most definitely NOT interested.
    she just happens to date guys when there at the top of their game? not a conincidence or anything…

  205. Ida says:

    This is all based on maybe’s, people change you know!

  206. Abbey Phillips says:

    Also Justin Claims..
    he doesnt like girls who wear uggs, selena does.
    and he claims that he likes natural girls, selena ent natural.

    & the thing is, they deny being in a relationship? they both know how big and famous justin is? So why do they go out in public and take risks.
    A photographer took a picture of the pictures from the photobooth, so why didnt they stop them?
    They must know some how..

    • uzzi says:

      yeah i KNOW! he is nothing like he describes he likes his girls, all of selenas “beauty” is makeup, my MUM told me that, look at the video for “who says”, she takes off the makeup and she’s terrible (and thats even with the secret makeup covering up her acne)

  207. malin says:

    Touché .. What can I say? Well done, well done.
    You clearly have a point there. Then people can say whatever, and I honestly hope that this go around so much that maybe Selena and Justin actually read it themselves. I don’t know if I like or dislike Jelena. But you gave me a lot to think about. Jelena may be true, maybe not? But I give credit for this.
    Btw. it’s really fun to read all those hate comments.

  208. Sinna says:


  209. Nathan says:

    You cannot call that proof, it’s a theory. There is no evidence to prove their relationship is fake.

  210. TinaH says:

    wow …. really shocking… but i knew several there… but not at all.. hahaha but love yahh selena and jb… XD

  211. Marianne says:

    My perspective on this whole “Jelena” thing totally just turned around. Now I think its a total publicity thing. And knowing that when the jonas brothers were famous, she dated nick. When twilight was famous, the rumors about taylor lautner started, etc.. Well, I know agree with you guys. Thanks!

  212. emily says:

    when justin and selena first met justin was so small and she was tall it would have been awkward, but ever since they have been seeing echother and there relationship and grew and they have finally realised they like eachother, and about the vanity fair pictures they were looking at them and the paparazi took a picture of them and zoomed into it and tbh even if selena was using justin for fame you can definatly tell now that she genuinley likes him, you dont know what goes on behind the cameras you just see what the papparazi show you, and you kinda expect for justin to be smiling on every picture but in real life you dont stand there smiling every second of the day so obv not every pic is justin smiling

  213. Cynthia says:

    Haha nice blogg u really take ur time to write this and it is good, but u know not everything u write need to be true. I’m not saying that I don’t agree, but I just think some of these things r kinda exaggerated. It’s Justin’s choice who he’s dating and who he’s faking things with, not Scott’s… I’m just saying, Scooter has nothing to do with this. But I agree when u say that he’s changing when he is with her cuz that’s true, unfortunately. He is not the same Justin…he’s not joking when he’s with her, he’s practically not laughing at all and he’s hurting his friends and he’s disrespectful to his family. Wow, can’t believe that I’m actuallt sayin this =P Keep writing !!

  214. Meghan says:

    i absolutely love you for writing this, you have no idea.

  215. lauraaaaa says:

    i love justin bieber, if hes happy then im happy. you know? i did respect jelena and thought, publicity stunt what are you talking about, but reading that all, it made me think! i will always support jelena, but i do think that could be the truth. thank you for posting this, dont see why you are getting loads of hate when you are most probably right.

  216. biebs&selly says:

    wateva it is justinbieber and selenaGomez are both in it whether its a farce or a real thing.they both know wat dey’re pple shud stop pointing accusing fingers at selenaGomez alone

  217. jess says:

    wow! i compeletely agree! like this has really opened up myy eyes ..

  218. biebs&selly says:

    I totally agree with you HI pple think justinbieber is a saint.just wait pple till he unleashes the dragon

  219. kajsa says:

    i totally agree! but it will be sad when Selena breaks up…
    hopefully Justin breaks up first! 😉

  220. Nursena says:

    AMEN!!!! I COULDNT AGREE MORE! u guys just opened my eyes :/ i couldve know it was fake.. all the time i was thinking ”leave jelena alone, theyre in love” blablabla.. but this proves it..this whole relationship is fake. i think i kinda losed my trust in justin now..

  221. Maria says:


  222. lily-luvs-bieber says:

    OMG when i heard of Jelena I was grossed out cause Selena just uses most of her bf’s for publicity. she never has a lasting relationship. Justin Bieber is so down to earth and real and selena just uses ppl and jelena is fake

  223. lily-luvs-bieber says:

    I think if JB isn’t careful then Selena could break his heart

  224. biebs&selly says:

    and again.if d relationship is true then gud for dem.but pple shud stop saying selena is a fame whore bcos its wat happens in hollywood that’s the way dey date each oda(e.g penelope cruz) so y ain’t u saying she’s a fame whore.its totally how about joe wud u say he’s a male fame stripper,no so stop saying selena is a fame.whore.if the relationship is real then they both like each oda and if its a publicity stunt just like almost every oda hollywood relationship then they are both in it together i.e. Both justinbieber and selenaGomez bcos if its a farce den justinbieber definitely knows about it.and about the middle finger stuff he’s 17 for crying out loud even 12 year olds stick up middle fingers,so derE’s nothing bad abt sticking up his middle finger.if the relationship is real den I’m happy for them and if its a farce well I’m not surprised bcos Dats d oda of d day in pls stop bashing only selenaGomez,justinbieber cud do with a little bashing up as well.

    • Morgan Taylor says:

      i`m sorry ”ghetto chick” but seriously who speaks like that? d instead of the, dey its they, oda, REALLY? girl its other. god bless you. stay in school

  225. Tasya says:

    Speechless. That is exactly what’s on my mind.

  226. Mill says:

    This is so true, before I read this I though Jelena was real. Now I know they aren’t And I hate the way he has changed because of Selena. I waited at the hotel Justin was in for 8 hours, i saw him, he just walked passed me, he didn’t even smile or look at my direction. I felt a bit broken hearted but didn’t want to show it. I was lucky enough just to see him, but a part of me just wanted to break down crying, I went to see the old Justin, the one he was when I booked the tickets. Does he think he will get more famous for being with Selena? cuz he is the most popular teenager on the planet!

  227. Jodi Jan Ang says:

    aww <3……i want to be like selena, dating justin bieber ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  228. La La Land says:

    This is all so true! They’re obviously faking the relationship and Selena’s just using him bcs of his fame!
    But justin likes her, more than she likes him. Poor Justin!
    God bless ya

  229. Belieber says:

    Woah. As long as Justin is happy i’m happy. And this post pointed out a lot! When the Jonas Brothers were big, she dated Nick, then when twillight came out she dated Taylor, now justin is the biggest thing and has a movie, she has him -.- I am a big belieber and support justin, and i like selena. I know i wouldn’t like the hate, if i was going out with justin so thats why i don’t call her names..Ohh and that tweet i miss you to selena. He also made the same tweets to scooter and other crew members! But yeah, if it is fake, then its a tad annoying…but i dont hate her

  230. GirrrRulez says:

    this is so ture jelena is so fke and all the publicity is just for selena

  231. Rawan says:

    Okay , so selena tried to hide her relationship with bieber.. I don’t think that’s the best way to hide it. she knows that the paparazzi are everywhere. if she wants to kiss or hug him , she can do it somewhere else. And yet , selena and justin are still denying her relationship with jb , it’s like nobody knows that they’re a couple. This is just really pathetic.
    And about that fake kiss , I think one of them is using the other just to get publicity . Again , this is just really pathetic.

  232. Selena Gee says:

    LEAVE US ALONE ! :(:@:@:@

  233. Kelsey(: says:

    I agree completely. I use to not care about Jelena and i use to just read what people say about it, but after read this and after thinking it all through, it has to be a publicity stunt for Selena not Justin, I think he knows about it though and since he probably had a crush on her in the past he wants to think it’s real. But I dont think that Selena and Justin are the into it, I think that Selena’s mom and Scooter have
    something to do with it. I guess we will find out depending on how much more fame Selena gets and how long this “relationship” goes on for.

  234. Marissa says:

    omb! i loooove the person who wrote this article! i have been trying 2 say this 4 months now! it’s sooo true!

  235. Isabella Acevedo aka Izzy says:

    personally I think that Selena Gomez is so fucking FAKE! she’s only dating him for publicity and fame, we call that….FAMEWHORE! she dated alot of teen celebs Nick Jonas,taylor lautner (which was taylor swift’s boyfriend as well, can you say slut! you don’t date your best friend’s boyfriend that’s called crossing the line.),cory monteith she even dated joe jonas too she gets around! the Bitch wants attention and all her little fans follow her
    like dumb-asses and bieber is changing because of her but, I still love him!

  236. Liv says:

    FINALLY! This is SO true! I love the person who wrote this.

  237. IloveBieber says:

    ‘Jelena’ I only support the ‘J’ of Jelena and the’ Elena’
    go fuck your self whore.

  238. I think some of this is Bullsh#t but some if it is really true, i don’t know what to think though, until theres proper proof, i’m not saying anything:) good post though

  239. Christina says:

    Totally agree. Couldn’t agree more.

  240. Ann says:

    I Use To Respect Jelena But After Reading This My Opinion Change I Hate Selena And I Think Selena’s Mother Is Doing This To Make Selena More Famous !!! But I Dont Think Scooter Is Making Justin Date Selena For Fame Because Justin Already Has More Fans Than Selena And I Also Think That Selena Doesnt Love Justin Shes Doing This For Her Mother And To Make Her Famous But Justin Loves Here…..You guys Are Right !!!!!!!!!! I Am Very Sas Becuase Justin Have Changed !!! 😦

  241. Emily says:

    I agree with everything on this post. He can’t ignore us. Without us, he wouldn’t know Selena. She is a fame whore. She’s used Nick Jonas, that guy from Glee, Taylor Lautner, and now Justin. Is he really that blind?

  242. Jessica says:

    Your post on Jelena has some proof to it but not entirely. First of all, its not any of your fucking business what they do. Second of all, it may be Justin using her?? I am a 1000000% Belieber but you don’t know what goes through his head, and you shouldn’t because again, Its not nay of your fucking business. And also, some of what you said is just assumptions that may or may not be right but whether they are or aren’t right isn’t your fucking business! Like for example, when Rock Mafia tweeted that they are watching Selena and Justin Skype. You automatically assumed that he was sleeping. You have no proof that he was sleeping. Haven’t you ever been awake at 4 AM in the morning?? When Justin sang One Less Lonely Girl to Selena at the New Year’s ball drop, you said she looked awkward. well, OBVIOUSLY! Wouldn’t you feel awkward just sitting there while someone is just singing half the time to you and the other half to the fans? Every one less lonely girl that I’ve seen just sits on the chair and feels awkward. On Selena calling Justin a dork and little all the time…. Couldn’t she change her mind? Does she HAVE to stick to one opinion on him all the time? I don’t think so. She can change her mind. And how do you know that they are both so busy and don’t have at least 2 hours to chill together and just hang out? Because from what I’ve heard, Justin’s management group leaves him one day of the week free and you can’t possibly know that he didn’t spend time with Selena during that time. YOU DONT PERSONALLY KNOW JUSTIN AND/OR SELENA AND YOU HAVE NO PROOF WHATSOEVER THEY DID OR DIDN’T SPEND TIME TOGETHER. At the vanity fair after party, the pictures Justin and Selena took at the booth weren’t meant to be leaked. Justin and Selena we’re looking at the pictures together, and I know that because there is a picture of it, and a photographer may have just taken a picture of it from behind. But you and I don’t know what really happened because we do NOT personally know Justin or Selena!!! The picture that leaked with apparently Justin’s background with a picture of him and Selena could’ve been anyone’s phone! You have no proof that it was Justin’s phone. If you didn’t understand the point I was trying to make, here it is. YOU DON’T KNOW JUSTIN OR SELENA AND YOU CANNOT POINT THINGS OUT AND AUTOMATICALLY THINK YOU’RE RIGHT. YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP OR THEIR LIVES. AND IF IT IS JUST A PUBLICITY STUNT, WHO GIVES A FUCK?! IT’S THEIR LIVES AND THEY CAN CHOOSE HOWEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT TO LIVE IT. THEY LIKE MONEY AND THEY MAKE A LOT BY “BEING TOGETHER.” YOU CANNOT HATE JUSTIN OR SELENA FOR WHAT THEY DO TO STAY ON TOP OF THEIR FAME. MANY OTHER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER AS A PUBLICITY STUNT AND NOBODY ELSE FREAKS OUT ABOUT IT!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO AND HATE ON JUSTIN AND SELENA JUST BECAUSE?! As I recall, many people assumed that Zac and Vanessa were for publicity and look at how they were? No one has any proof no matter how much information you THINK you have. Go buy yourself a fucking life and stop hating on people for just wanting to be on top.

    PS. Oh and you shouldn’t assume because you make and ASS of U and Me… ASS U ME… ASSUME

    • uzzi says:

      yeah no we get it.

    • Shawtygotswagxxx says:

      you can say that allll over again. like I said some other time you cant know the exact truth unless you know Justin or Selena personally.

    • Sarah says:

      Your comment is so true (jessica) however i don’t know what too believe anymore, is jelena real or not? personally my mind is fucked with all these assumptions, Where-as a part of me thinks jelena is fake .. there’s alot of proof
      Justin never look’s happy and comfortable with selena, he never gives her any attention
      and many private pictures were posted & i think this whole thing is a whole scam, not just for selena but for justin too
      I really want too know if this “jelena” source is fake or not, because i , my self am a fan of justin and selena, but im not so sure who 2 be a fan of till i get too the bottom of this.

  243. Wow, u people are so smart! We’re impressed. It’s funny though because it seems so right, and actually we think it’s true when it all comes out on the “table”. Selena seems like a fake bitch!! We don’t think Justin has much to do with this. It’s not typical justin :s Maybe she’s a control freak..You go people, we belive yah 🙂

  244. KelseyBieber says:

    I dont think it is just Selena and Justin i think its just there managers if not then its not justin i know for a fact i know him to well he would not do anything like that he would never lie to anyone he is trust worthy……

    • Sarah says:

      I think when people say justin will “never lie” they should say he “wouldn’t lie” , because never is a more of an opinion not a fact.

  245. Kim says:

    you make some good points however, you forget to consider that maybe her feelings have changed about him. think about this. how many situations have you heard of where a girl ends up together with her best guy friend? its such a typical situation and i think you guys are over-analyzing little things. they’re both human, her feelings are allowed to change. i respect your opinions but i’m gonna have to say this is pure propaganda.

  246. Melissa says:

    I hope they get married one day, have kids and stay together forever just to piss you guys off LOL

  247. jelenaholic says:

    you’re an idiot . it’s sad that you have time to write this all up. no life much ? 😉

  248. Sandra says:

    She says that he’s like a little brother obviously because he WAS. But feelings for people change. Obviously she actually did get other feelings for him… And OMG, you really comment on every little thing they do and turn it against them, I mean REALLY, “you’re not supposed to sit next to eachother on a date”!? COME ON!!!
    And would Jelena really go through all this work just for Selena to get more publicity?? She’s hated by thousands, I bet.
    And I actually believe both of them are good. Go on, laugh at me, I don’t care. But both of them are very open about saying they are blessed, thank God, I love my fans etc. Justin is a christian and Selena comes from a catholic family and they really have tried their very best to be good.
    None of them have gotten in any big scandals or anything, believe it or not.
    Seriously, why waste your time on twisting facts?
    Okay some of these things are probably to get some more publicity, like the kiss, but they probably don’t mean any harm, they love eachother, and respect eachother. Not that i know them personally or anything, but fans get to know about celebrities by reading about them.
    And by judging by their individual history and eperiences in their jobs, this is probably not a publicity trick.
    I respect your opinion, ofcourse, and you are a good writer.
    Just try to find something meaningful to write about net time.

    • duhhh says:

      All publicity is good publicity. Selena’s team doesn’t care if she’s hated by Beliebers. In fact, they WANT to get them riled up. Hence, all of Selena’s trolling tweets and interview responses.

  249. I admire you.
    This post is something i always wanted to say.
    still never had all of those proofs and all.
    I think that you are absolutely 100 percent right, and you deserve to start your own magazine, and if i had any power i would help you!
    Jelena is such a publicity stunt for selena, and it is amazing how she got BUSTED .
    People can say whatever they want but after reading this they cant be in denial anymore.

  250. colleen says:

    See, at first, when Justin was getting all that hate for being “gay” and “pre-pubescent,” I thought his fans were the best. They really stuck up for him and didn’t care if everybody else was mocking him.
    But then now they seem like they just want to control his life. Aren’t fans supposed to be supporting their idol? Aren’t they supposed to be respecting his decisions? I mean, yeah, sure, go on and hate it and disagree, but respect it. Respect him. Let him do what he wants, it’s his life, it’s his career.
    And yes, this article was very biased. Let’s say, hypothetically, this is a publicity stunt. You barely even considered the fact that this may be a publicity stunt for him too. He can actually get something out of this. All of his haters think he’s gay? “Okay, here’s my girlfriend, Jasmine Villegas.” “Who in the world is that?” “Oh, you don’t know her? Oh, well, here, I’m dating Selena Gomez. I’m sure you know her. She’s a girl, and she’s older than me. I’m a man.”
    And, really, Selena was already successful without Justin. And she doesn’t get most of her money from Disney. She actually got paid more than Miley, but then, Miley had earned more in total because of advertisements and concerts and album sales (before Selena Gomez & The Scene came out). She already has a contract with Fox or Universal. She has a handful of movies, which she was cast for BEFORE this whole Justin thing.
    Plus, who are you to say that it’s “fishy” that they just suddenly “snap!” fell in love? Were you with them every second of every day? And this whole “hanging out” thing. Do you know what they do in their free time? Are you with them? No. Of course you’re not, because if you were, you wouldn’t be writing this.
    And this whole personality thing; “Justin is an angel and Selena is a whore.” You don’t even know them in person! Sure, maybe “I’ve seen them in person, I’ve been to his concerts, he’s totally kind.” But you don’t know him. You don’t know her. What if, in real life, he’s really annoying? You wouldn’t know. It’s very easy to act kind and angelic to a certain person when you don’t have to spend more than an hour with certain person. It’s very easy to pretend to be a saint when talking to a crowd. It’s even easier to hire a ghostwriter that would make you sound like you’re the most perfect person in the world. I’m not saying that he’s really like this in person. I’m just pointing out that you really don’t have the right to talk about “what they’re like” and calling out or praising their personalities. Basically, you’re calling Selena “fake” and “plastic,” but you don’t really know her, so you don’t have the right to call her that. And then that whole middle finger thing. If your own fans are starting to send death threats to your girlfriend and then you’re not giving him any privacy and you’re ruining his date and you’re criticizing the decisions he makes and the raging hormones of puberty are getting to you, no matter how grateful you are, you can snap and just be like “This is too much.” It’s actually very mature of him to just raise that finger and stay calm. At least he’s not doing drugs and having public meltdowns.
    Why can’t you “Beliebers” just be happy for him and respect him?

    • Lili says:

      This shit is stupid, he stuck up the bird so what.
      I’ve heard him say bullshit before, and ass, and dick, and shit it doesn’t make sence why you cant leave them both alone

  251. dianne says:

    don’t like justin, but i think he’s a good enough guy, selena seems nice enough, but yeah, in some parts i think it’s not completely real. and yeah the fans are in denial right now. but hey, IF it is real it wont last long anyway.. so no worries beiber fans!!!! but good luck to them anyway whatever it is…

  252. belieb4ever says:

    I have to agree with this article.. I don’t care who wants to say you’re “jealous of her.” I’m not. Never have, never will be. I mean SOO many of these pictures are too posed. And face it, a lot of us are true Beliebers, we’ve always loved Justin no matter who he was with. I have to admit, I don’t like Selena nor did I like Jasmine when he was “with her.” I’ve never like either of them. At first I didn’t like Caitlin, but I actually read more things about her and changed my view of her. I thought she was someone who wanted attention and thought she was all that. but when I read her story about her accident my view changed completely then. But I especially never liked Selena. I haven’t ever liked her. We know Justin, he has always been a great and amazing person. Doing whatever he can to make his fans and everyone else happy, but you have to admit, he doesn’t look happy in most of the pictures he’s in. I remember when he used to smile ALL the time. But does it really seem like “Jelena” is an item..? Justin is being the nice amazing guy he has always been, he buys her things, even thought a relationship isn’t about the stuff, but he tries to be a perfect boyfriend, and what does she ever do for him? Nothing that any if us know of. You always hear and see things that he has been doing all the things for her. Never do we hear anything the opposite. I just want him to be happy. They say they HATE the paps, but really some of the pictures are posed… to many things look like they are purposely done and “accidentally leaked” onto the Internet. This comment wasn’t to hate on Justin because I support him, always have and always will, but this article does make sense if you really think about.. Don’t hate on whoever wrote this, they just expressed their feelings and opinions. I agree with this article thingy(:

  253. Fuck Selena Love Justin says:

    THANKYOU! finally someone has thought OUTside the box and got into detail and invovled PROOF! so if your a stupid ass selenator go slap your self in the damn face! seriously you lot are in DENIAL that`s it. if you seriously going to say ”you people have know lifes” then why the heck are you HERE telling us that? morons. when you UNDERSTAND how HOLLYWOOD, BLISS & FAME works you will be SUPRISED believe that! people will do just about anything when they hear ”i`ll give you 40%” and it`s LEGAL money, so c`mon now… selenators get out of that DANIAL FAZE and open your eyes, open your mind and sync all of that in and make sure it STAYS there. good day:)

  254. anna says:

    oh thank you for posting this. glad to knwo i’m not the only one thinking this way about jelena 🙂 it made my thoughts even more clear lo

  255. MARTHA says:

    i hate jelena with all my herat when i see pictures of jelena i get sad

  256. Jamie says:

    I’ve just taken the time to read through all of this, consider all of the “evidence” and “proof” provided and then gave it some thought. I’m not a Jelena supporter nor a hater, I don’t particularly like Selena anyway for reasons that aren’t related to Justin. Some of what you’ve said adds up to the relationship being a sham for publicity, and I do think an aspect of their relationship is exaggerated and sold to get people talking therefore creating more publicity and money like most Hollywood “romances” are. But can I just point a few things out that YOU maybe haven’t considered yourselves?

    – You keep stating that you’re demonstrating facts but a majority of this is largely based on your own BIASED opinion. It’s clear whoever wrote this is a Belieber, who, like most Beliebers is somewhat partially deluded in to thinking they might end up marrying Justin in the future and shuns any girl who goes near. Pictures and videos are not hard evidence, I hate to break it to you but they’re not. Yes, they might provide more insight, but it is not 100% dead certain that the relationship is a hoax based on a few photos and videos.
    – You also keep saying that anyone who supports Jelena or who believes the relationship is real whether they support the idea or not is in “denial”, when you are largely in denial yourselves. You are denying any evidence that the relationship is real and you are denying yourselves of the reality that Justin might actually have feelings for her, denying the reality that Justin is happy and just wants to keep certain aspects of his life private, such as his personal relationships with other people. If Jelena supporters or believers are in denial over this so called “evidence” of their relationship being a sham, then you are also in denial for rejecting any evidence that the relationship is real.
    – You basically implied that you have a right to concern yourselves with this relationship because you pay his wages, so to speak, by buying his music, merchandise, concert tickets, books, going to see his movie and so on and so forth. Yes, you have every right to concern yourself with the commercial, marketing side of Justin’s career and life because you directly fund and consume that. But why does this give you a right to speculate about his private life and his relationships with others? His relationships, apart from those with his managers, crew and people who work with him are his personal life and are nothing to do with his music, touring or anything like that. So technically this relationship really is nothing to do with you, or anyone for that matter, other than the people Justin is close to and knows personally.
    – The majority of this post is targeted at Selena. I know you’ve said a few things about Justin here and there but the blame you’ve placed on Selena far outweighs any of the blame you’ve placed on Justin. You never know, Selena could have feelings for Justin but it might not be the other way round. Selena seems to be playing it more low key than Justin so if this relationship is a fauxmance as some people brand it, then it would be largely down to Justin or his team for constantly trying to throw it in peoples faces to cause speculation. Justin isn’t a total saint, he is capable of making mistakes as he is a human being.
    – About the tweet where you said “how would Selena magically know that Justin had tweeted her when she hadn’t been on Twitter for a day or so?”. Echofon tells you when you have a notification on Twitter, tweets, DM’s etcetera. Yes, so she gets hundreds of tweets per minute so her phone would be going crazy with notifications and Justin’s would surely get lost in the sea of Selenators desperate for her to notice them and haters sending her death threats. However, there is Echofon Pro, which enables you to receive notifcations only from selected people. Not only that, but you can opt to have text messages sent to your phone when certain selected people tweet. AND she is only following 503 people. She may have gotten a notification saying she had new Twitter mentions and chose to see what people were saying and saw Justin’s tweet on her timeline as it was 11 minutes before she replied, because everyone you follows’ tweets appear on your timeline in real time format. If you’re following a low number of people like she is (well a low number for someone of her fame anyway), then you’re going to see most of the updates on your timeline and you won’t miss much. At the same time she might just have been browsing her Twitter homepage.
    – The incident where someone took a photo of Justin’s phone to show everyone his background of him and Selena. Not saying it definitely wasn’t deliberately left there for someone who they’d tipped off to find, knowing someone would look through it and leak some stuff and get juicy rumours spread to increase publicity, but Justin is a human being and humans are forgetful and things slip their mind. He may of genuinely left his phone there. I do it all the time, many people do it and then they remember and go straight back for it. Justin is a busy guy and he’s probably got a thousand things going through his mind, he might have genuinely just let it slip his mind and left his phone there by mistake. It’s entirely possible, as is the speculation he done it on purpose, but there is a possibility that could of happened.
    – The accusations that Selena used to call him “little” and whatever and then all of a sudden she’s in love with him. Feelings do change over time. Opinions and impressions change constantly. You might dislike or hate someone or find someone annoying but the moment they do something nice your opinion alters. Sometimes your opinion can alter so much you develop a thing for that person, attraction, sexual attraction, love, desire. Just because Selena and Justin are famous doesn’t mean that it can’t happen in this case.
    – The infamous incident where he flipped off the paparazzi on his birthday. Put yourself in his shoes. You’re out on your birthday with someone you love and care for and want to protect (let’s assume the relationship isn’t fake or Justin’s feelings for Selena are genuine here). There are paparazzi surrounding you, trying their hardest to sell a moment you hold personal to yourself, ruining your day, blocking your exit, making that person you’re with upset and scared. This happens most days in your life and nothing is personal to you anymore. You’re 17 and your hormones are probably raging. You’d probably do that or possibly worse. Yes okay so he’s influential to a lot of younger girls and boys and obviously this isn’t a great thing for them to see and it makes him seem like a bit of twat which he isn’t under it all, but it’s more than understandable at the same time.
    – So what if he spent time with his friends/alleged girlfriend on his birthday? God forbid you’re allowed to do that on your birthday. Who’s to say he didn’t spend most of the day with his family? Those pictures don’t represent the entire day do they?
    – Yes they may deny it and they may lie but they probably get TOLD to, for the sake of his fanbase not collapsing under the weight of jealous 12 year old girls who can’t take it Justin loves someone that isn’t them.
    – Yes I do agree that they could text instead of tweeting and making their dates so obvious and public, but I’m sure you do it too. When you’re on Facebook, you’ll post your business all over Facebook and on your friends walls instead of texting or calling them.

    • duhhh says:

      1. They may be biased, but this evidence speaks for itself. Mainly the timeline.
      2. We have a right to be concerned with being LIED TO because Justin does not just sell us his music, but his PERSONA as a whole. Thats the nature of teen superstardom. Deal with it.
      3. Sure, feelings may change over time, but if you bothered to analyze the TIMELINE, you would see that one week is an awful short amount of time to expirience a complete 180.
      4. Actually, the birthday pictures pretty much DID capture the whole day. Mall all day w/ Selena, then dinner until like, 1 AM with Selena and friends. What happened to cheesecake with Grandma? Hmmm. and how come they couldnt have planned dinner just a little further out, where its NOT likely that they’d be swarmed by paps? Did you ever think its because they WANT their picture taken? Noooo, not jelena, right?

      Basically, try harder.

  257. Jamie says:

    Sorry, continued…

    – The sexual relationship/friends with benefits theory seems highly unlikely also. As a representative of Disney and what Disney stands for, Selena will have been given a purity ring and told to take vows of chastity. Yes, she might not be involved with Disney anymore but her contract is not officially up yet. I know obviously the likes of Miley seemingly have broken their promise of chastity but Selena seems too goody two shoes to do something like that with someone so high profile, knowing it could leak and she could be exposed and her career over within seconds.
    – The family photo which is zoomed in on Justin and Selena could easily have been cropped. No other versions of the photo might be available but those photos wouldn’t sell as they aren’t of interest, the factor the media want to highlight about the photo is the fact Justin and Selena are cuddled up.
    – “Burying his head into her cleavage” – could just be simply him burying his head into her neck and his eyes were averted when the photo was taken?

    I could say so much more but I think I’ve wrote enough. I’m not saying it definitely isn’t for publicity, because it seems like at least an aspect of their relationship is about the publicity and Selena would do good with the publicity from this relationship (as would Justin, Justin will benefit from this largely as well with the accumulated interest from the relationship) and I respect you for being so articulate but really, you’ve put wayyyyy too much effort and time into analyzing this. Either you have too much time on your hands or you’re just an overobsessive Belieber searching for faults and trying to brainwash a group of fans into your way of thinking. All the people commenting this post like “I KNEW IT!!”. No, you were doubtful and now you’re just trying to reassure yourselves because some of you actually believe you will be close with Justin one day. Newsflash you won’t. I just think this seems slightly pathetic and reeks of jealousy. Your blog is good though and I respect your opinion. 🙂

  258. TLH says:

    AMEN TO THIS. Selena seems to bring out the worst in Justin. She always comes across all sweet and innocent when she’s got something to gain from it e.g. good press. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m hating on her but she just seems to irritate me. Like, almost all the photo’s you see of her with Justin she’s hiding her face from cameras. I swear, if that was me with him I’d be beaming! And at the vanity fair event, Justin looked genuinly happy to be with her but she was just about the paps. Justin was looking at her, she was facing the cameras.
    I honestly feel for Justin. He seems like he geniunly likes this girl. Wether Selena likes Justin is another story. She might be crazy for him but from everything I’ve seen it doesn’t look like it.
    I like Justin. I like Selena. Jelena is just not happening for me.

  259. So True says:

    Thank you!! The kiss, I have thought about it for so long it couldn’t be faker! Why would she turn her head and look right at the camera? Thank god for this post!

  260. Sarah says:

    i agree with you guys selena is just athirsty bitch for Fame she would date any one to get famous even her Dad Lol! i Hate her she is such aw*ore

  261. Belieber4Ever says:

    I have to agree with this article.. I don’t care who wants to say you’re “jealous of her.” I’m not. Never have, never will be. I mean SOO many of these pictures are too posed. And face it, a lot of us are true Beliebers, we’ve always loved Justin no matter who he was with. I have to admit, I don’t like Selena nor did I like Jasmine when he was “with her.” I’ve never like either of them. At first I didn’t like Caitlin, but I actually read more things about her and changed my view of her. I thought she was someone who wanted attention and thought she was all that. but when I read her story about her accident my view changed completely then. But I especially never liked Selena. I haven’t ever liked her. We know Justin, he has always been a great and amazing person. Doing whatever he can to make his fans and everyone else happy, but you have to admit, he doesn’t look happy in most of the pictures he’s in. I remember when he used to smile ALL the time. But does it really seem like “Jelena” is an item..? Justin is being the nice amazing guy he has always been, he buys her things, even thought a relationship isn’t about the stuff, but he tries to be a perfect boyfriend, and what does she ever do for him? Nothing that any if us know of. You always hear and see things that he has been doing all the things for her. Never do we hear anything the opposite. I just want him to be happy. They say they HATE the paps, but really some of the pictures are posed… to many things look like they are purposely done and “accidentally leaked” onto the Internet. This comment wasn’t to hate on Justin because I support him, always have and always will, but this article does make sense if you really think about.. Don’t hate on whoever wrote this, they just expressed their feelings and opinions. I agree with this article thingy(:

    • uzzi says:

      and if they cared about the paps, then in st. lucia they would have had pictures of them looking at the paps, then going inside coz they realised they were taking pictures, but it seemed like they just ignored them, and they wouldn’t want to give them scandalous photos if they hated them right?!

  262. Elle says:

    BLESS THIS POST! you just wrote everything that’s on my mind everything is just so fucking true, thought justin was a smart kid, he is going to get hurt i just feel so sorry for him he needs a realitycheck cuz I just don’t want him hurt and I bet he is going to be cuz this Selena Hoemez is just a frickin’ famewhore and yeah sure hate all you want but I Know you feel the same way, just want to see if their relationship is going to last this year. BAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding that’s not happening.

  263. Hilary says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Selena, and it’s not because of the fact that she’s “dating” Justin. I’m a fan of Jasmine, and I have absolutely nothing against Caitlin either. So before you go bashing me about “being jealous” I suggest you read my previous sentence. Besides, if I was jealous of who she dates then wouldn’t I be of her relationships with Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner? Once again, don’t bash me for “being jealous”.
    I’ve thought that it was staged for quite a while. My friend pointed out all of the pictures from St. Lucia and how they kissed. But I sat down with her and we looked through them so I could prove my point that they didn’t and that the entirety of it all looked like a photoshoot. Because it did, end of story. Those pictures looked so posed.
    Now as for that kiss after the Vanity Fair party, well I don’t believe for a second that it WASN’T an act or staged. You don’t kiss your significant other with your eyes open while looking directly into a camera. And then to look around after like they did? Yeah, entirely set up. They knew the camera was there, he looked directly into it.
    Now as for the iPhone picture, no celebrity would just “leave their phone on the table”. And if they did well there’s an ulterior motive to them doing it. I don’t believe for a second that a fan “just happened to walk by, see it, and then proceed to take a picture of it”. People who believe that load of crap are completely naive. The set up, the leak of a “personal photo”, yeah, that all just screams PR to me.
    Now to the people who are going to call me “not a real fan” you are entirely wrong. I am a fan, and I am a Belieber. But being a fan is because of the MUSIC and that in return makes me a fan of Justin. It does NOT entitle me to be a fan of “Jelena” and for those of you who are going to think or say that I’m not a true fan because of that obviously don’t understand what being a fan means. It’s about Justin and, once again, his MUSIC. Not Justin [and whoever he decides to date]. I’m not a supporter of this fake ass relationship nor am I a hater. I see what I see and I will think what I think. Who he dates doesn’t matter to me, but if I see that it looks fake or staged then I’m going to express my opinion and think what I want.
    This blog has just hit the nail on the head about everything that I was originally thinking. And I definitely applaud them for not giving a shit and posting it anyways.

  264. lovethebiebs says:

    Like seriously you guys…. Honest to god, I have Justin on facebook (it is REALLY him, I asked on twitter) and he said things are going down-hill in their relationship. He wants to end it, but doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. He said she wants more of a SERIOUS relationship and he just wants a playful one. I’m not a fan of Selena, but calling her a “fame-whore” that’s rude! Going hating on her? She’s never done ANYTHING to you!!! I will admit, I don’t like Jelena, but if Justin is happy, I am happy. And you should be too if you are a true Belieber! Because honestly… How many of you will actually be able to go on a date with him. I highly doubt any of you will (neversaynever) so you should just stop being jealous and be happy for them!!! They obviously have intimacy and you should just accept it alright?!?!

  265. huh says:

    this is THE most dumbest thing i have EVER read. you’re just a bunch of hurting people.

  266. anaya says:

    i love this i didn’t like selena at first because i thought she was using him but i had no proof but now i do and i strongly believe that beliebers and selena fans should read this! and you would think that justin would be honest but no he rather be pushed around like a little baby smh poor,sick,foolish beebz

  267. caitlin says:

    i hate selena i love justin bieber how can he staned HER :\

    • Just me says:

      i know its your opinion but if you love Justin and you want him to be happy soo just be happy for him.
      he is happy with her. he love her with all his heart..
      and think about it if Justin read this report & he see your comment, it will hurt him :\

  268. amy wilson says:


    • uzzi says:

      ^^^LEGEND. even better coz you typed it all in caps. thought you were a hater lol 😀 i’m a UK belieber too, @uzziumnia, follow me back, ill go follow you now :))

  269. Natalie says:

    FINALLY someone who see’s what I see! A-freaking-MENN!!!!!!!

    In a way I do think this “Jelena” thing is fake, not because I don’t really like Selena (and I don’t disike her because she’s dating Justin, it was waaaaaay before everything happened) but it just seems awkward. You guys DO have a point. But who am I to say whether she’s being fake or not? ….. On the other hand I think Selena is a “sweet” girl and they do seem “in” love-ish :S

    Personally, whether it’s a publicity stunt or not, I don’t understand what their relationship has to do with anyone else. Let them live their life. It’s only for the moment…it’s not like they’re gonna be in a relationship for long or are getting married & having kids. I know its hard for “Selenators” or “Beliebers” to sit around and watch this go down but whatever. (And trust me, i’ll be one of the BILLIONS of people who will celebrate and have a toast to the end of their relationship. (not to be mean; just being honest))

    I don’t support nor like Jelena. I only love & support the “J” part of it. But if they are “happy” together then let them be happy. I’ll always&forever support and love the Biebs.

    Slutena Hoemez, i mean….Selena Gomez is not exactly a “devil” and Justin Bieber isn’t EXACTLY a “perfect angel”. Everyone has their faults…. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

  270. whatthefudge says:

    This post makes a HECK lot of sense.

    But then again, the truth is that we don’t know every single thing that Justin and Selena do. So there might be tons of other facts hidden from us.

    Hollywood and fame involve a lot of deception. Nothing can be believed on the sole basis of assumption. I’m honestly confused.

    I guess the best we can do is sit back and watch how things unfold.


    Hmm… Tell me why; you would even waste your time writing this; how come nobody said that zack and Vanessa were a publicity stunt ; cause the fans aren’t that loyal.The thing about BELIEBERS is Justin is like a drug and addicts lie to get what they want; all of this stuff your saying idk it could be true ; but don’t say I didn’t tell you so when Jelena is together for more than a year and Justin Marrys her.I’m tired of the haters like just leave it alone already it’s their business and when did Justin talk about Caitlin….oh yeah AFTER so say what you want say it’s a publicity stunt whatever.All I’m saying is I think it’s REAL and after you watch the interview they just did together in Indonesia ; you will think so too.
    -Keep Hating, and being Jealous.
    Love Anonymus

  272. Do you care?? says:

    Seriously I saw another Jelena stuff before this and cried but this made my day (;

  273. Bread says:

    I agree with the whole thing, except that I think Justin is also fake… I am convinced that he really loves publicity and fame. That’s exactly what he wanted. “I want to be on TV”, he said, as a little kid (source: NSN). He did everything to become famous. And he got it.
    And if he were genuine, he would act like a real lover, making real kisses and all. We actually have NO picture of a true kiss, I mean no french kiss. Most of the time they’re just hanging out hand in hand. Why?? Only to keep rumours & all the shit alive. There are pictures ( like on the yacht, and at the “Bieberthday” ) where they’re about to really kiss each other but NOTHING MORE. Which is pure acting. So Bieber obviously agrees with it.

    • Bread says:

      And I’ll add, Pattie may be involved to. You know, there are soo many pictures and videos of Justin young, and she’s the one who posted him on Youtube. She also wanted her little boy to get famous.

    • duhhh says:

      i agree entirely. well, except, justin never thought he actually would be famous. he never eevn thought he’d leave canada. if you really understood his situation, you would see that it was all scooter’s doing. scooter basically forced justin to WANT to be famous. justin only ever did it for fun, and now look at all the stress it’s gotten him :/

  274. Asta♥ says:

    I knew she was fake, but its cool you found out all theese things! I love him, I really don’t hope he gets a lot of feelings for her!♥.

  275. bOIPELO:) says:

    i hONESTLY just think that he genuiley likes her but she is definatley gonna break his heart! Shes changed him soooo much 😦 he never smiles when he meets his fans, he never send flirty tweets anymore :\ i miss the old justin, PLEASE COME BACK HAPPY JUSTIN ❤

  276. dana says:

    im a huge bieber fan. no matter what i will always love and support him. and i just think this whole thing is sad. a part from that i dont really care if your right or wrong (i personally sorta think your right) but you did some really good investigating. and it was fun to read hahaha

  277. catrina says:

    What do you get out of writing this? Even if it is a “fake” relationship, it still means he’s off the market. And he’s not going to date you. Or anybody else on this blog either. He won’t want to date haters.

    And honestly, do you Beliebers realize that even if you *were* able to somehow date him, your fellow “comrades” would start hating you too? Because anybody that Justin dates, they hate them too. And you will receive death threats. And then be called a gold digger. And have a lot of hate. No you won’t? look around.

    You guys hate Selena because she was able to catch the attention of somebody you guys liked. Seriously, you guys are the reason why people have almost no respect for Beliebers.

    • duhhh says:

      you sound mad.

      at least a fan would be in it because she adores him and not what he could do for her. and i know a ton of beliebers who wouldnt hate a fellow fan. PLUS, a fan would not be trying to flaunt that shiz to the entire world, so no one would even know. just like no one knew about jasmine until those pics leaked.


      • uzzi says:

        and i would be SOO happy if he dated Jessica Jarrell – she’s calssy, talented and presents herself well, and doesn’t climb her way to the top on boyfriends, otherwise they would have dated, but she refused to go down that road coz she had a carrer and she wanted to keep it just friends.
        CLASSY OR WHAT?!

  278. Justine says:

    So Truee… Buht Also Yuh Forgot To iNclude That Every Relationship She Has Always MAde Her More Famous…. & iN Every relationship she tries to change them thats why they break up. & in every of her relation ships.. its always _elena… All This iS True & i’ve Always Thought This Buht Noone Believes Me Or My Friend & Yuh Found The PErfect Way To Put iT Out There.

  279. Marina says:

    Thank you for posting this . I could NOT have said it better myself ! I agree 100% .
    But really , does it even matter ? Because in the end , they are still going to be rich , we are still going to be middle or lower class and we are still going to give them our money and our attention . Just saying .

  280. me says:

    jeez get a life people

  281. Taylor says:

    Sooo true! But idc if theyre dating or not. Because i LOVE Justin. People are saying this is fake, but i dunno.. Justin doesnt look so estatic when he’s with her, you know? :] God observation!! :] i wouldnt of figured this out on my own [:

  282. Maddi says:

    For the love of god, you’re a genius.
    If you support Jelena then you need to sit the fuck down.
    There is proof right in front of your faces, why the hell do you still believe this shit?
    This is an amazing post, written by amazing people.
    I’m sure they’d have something better to do besides lie to us, KTHANKS.♥

  283. theresa says:

    I think they got a point, mabe they are not together because of love just the fame!!! 🙂

  284. Julia Hendricks says:

    Ummmmm okay you guys. This is flippin amazing. I agree with you guys ALL the way! It makes total sense and I think you guys should tweet this to as many fans as you can. We need to get this out there for the world to see cause it makes perfect sense. Love love love it 🙂

  285. AnnalotteJ says:

    Okay, so I love both Selena and Justin, but this post does make sense to me…
    I dunno, I just hope that if it’s all Selena, she won’t hurt Justin. If it’s both of them, I hope they’ll realize this is sooo stupid. And if it’s ‘their’ people, I hope Justin and Selena will just listen to themselves, not ‘their’ people.
    Great research btw 😉

  286. ImSoNinjaCool says:

    Wow now i realize tht “jelena” is fake and tht justin and selena are making this up all for attention/fame
    D: i feel like i was just played and i thought it was real >:|

  287. lauren houston says:

    i really doubt they would be together for publicity. i doubt she would fly accross the world to see him if it was a fake relationship. shes a beautiful girl and he is gorgeous, they always seem genuinly happy together. people change their opinions of people and i’m sure that she genuinly likes justin for who he is. an amazing person.

    • duhhh says:

      she flew across the country to take more pictures with him, basically. gotta clear up those pesky break up rumors~ she doesnt love him like that. she needs attention before her big tour, thats all

      • uzzi says:

        and flying across the country in itslef is publicity, the fuss that was made just because there was A ROUMOR that she was going was immense.

        btw, duhhh, i really like you, like, you are proper legit legend. i need your twitter. like, now 😀


      • duhhh says:

        awwww omg thanks! and u are absolutely right.

        something else people didn’t pick up on: the “selena meeting bieber” rumor originated from ken baker from “E! network”‘s twitter. And at the press conference where justin “denied” selena was with him, there was an E! mic right next to his face. That was 100% planned. If u listen to HOW justin answered the question, it sounded fake and rehersed. And how did that lady manage to ask that question in the first place? Pretty much every single interview that justin does nowadays has STRICT rules beforehand to NOT ask him specific questions about his personal life. So the fact that this lady wasnt shut down immediately for mentioning selena’s name means that the question was PREAPPROVED and as evident by Justin’s staged reply- PLANNED. And E! news caught it al on tape. Why else do you think E! news would randomly have their camera’s in Sinagapore? Talk about random… Also, E! is filming a “Selena” special set to air in June right now, and you can bet that this Justin drama will be a large part of it.

        i have an account for this jelena mess, its @4evermoonwalk. i can give u my personal thru there if you want it 🙂

  288. Minzy says:

    The world needs to read this post!!! Selena and her dirty work needs to be over with!!

  289. lena omer says:

    This is a picture from the vanity fair
    Look at the second picture down:

    Look at the way Justins staring at her and she’s staring at the cameras, shes practically craving fame
    He looks at her in such a cute way and she doesnt care. If you look at the pictures, thers not ONE where shes actually staring into his eyes but he’s constantly staring into hers. what a fake! she’s using him BIG TIME!

  290. vanessa says:

    omg i can not belive selena gomez

  291. andrea says:

    how do you even know if it was Justin who took the picture of his phone?

  292. kelsey olivo says:

    Nobody should become famous just for the money. If I were famous and made a loot of money like millions like Justin i’d give 3/4 of it to people in need. I mean come on. Is this really where all the money is going? Justin’s going to become more rich than Bill Gates. He’s living his dream and is doing AMAZING. But with Selena. IF this is all true. She needs to get her things straight.
    That’s all everybody wants now a days. Money, money, money.

    Psh, I’d rather have God. I’d love to become an actress some day. Or a proffessional photographer for the famous. But all I need is enough money to support a loving, big family.

    This does all make sense. This whole blog. Selena’s mom can be a bitch. But maybe they have their own reasons for their actions? Any of this could be rumors or “made up”. They are responsible for their own actions. I mean, so? You know all this about them from your perspective? What are you going to do about it now? Their life. Their actions. If you want them to have less fans then go ahead. But i’ll forever, be a belieber.

    Just sayin’ (; Love you, you tweeters!

  293. kelsey olivo says:

    Selena could seriously love Justin and she doesn’t want her mom to interfere and Justin obviously loves her. Let them have the relationship they’ve wanted. If you are right and Justin finds out then he’ll know. He’ll deal with it. The paps and his fans don’t need to tell him what to do. He’s just a teenager. It’s not like they’re going to get married :p Silly, kids.

  294. Nr1 Belieber says:

    Oh my goodness! I never did know Selena was like that 😮 What a whore, i’m sorry! But i did love her and know i hate her !!

  295. Im A belieber ok just for the record. But this does seem to put things into perspective. But they have had good times too. And when Justin was looking at the camera at the Vanityt Fair thing, he may of just been making sure no one was watching, then he saw him pulled away and act like nothing happened. No one knows what is going through their minds! Yeah it may have been some sort of twisted sick use of Justin at the beginning and he had a little crush, but maybe Selena has feelings for Justin now. You dont know whether it is for real and they arnt telling us because of all the hate Selena is getting from it! For all we know this could be real, or it could be fake, there is a 50/50 chance and i bet every one will go for the chance that it is fake and Selena only wants him for fame! We cant just assume things in this world! People are like closed books nowadays and they wont say what is going on! If they admitted that they were dating, Selena would probably be more bruised then she has ever been in her life because they just cant take the fact that Justin is actually found someone he generally likes and wants to date. half the girls out there are 2-faced! Justin and Selena doesnt need hate, Justin is quite new, though it has been 3 years, but he is. he is still adjustin from his normal life back in Canada to the fame life world wide. I just hate the fact that people judge the people they dont know and dont judge the people they do. By all means, if it is fake and Selena breaks his heart, stand up for him and make sure he is ok without using violence. But if its is real, and you dont agree with it, you dont have to. Your here to support Justin ON HIS OWN! Not who he dates! If you were a fan of them BEFORE he dated them, you shouldnt stop being a fan, thats stupid.

  296. Vilde says:

    You got so right! Because it is something weird with that relationship… The doesent act like every other relationships. I dont want Justin to get hurt because obivously she is dating the people who are “in”. Nick jonas, taylor launtner and now Justin Bieber…

  297. Rosie says:

    I want to start off by saying I WILL ALWAYS LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER, he is going to make mistakes but he is so inspiring and such an amazing person!! I do have to say that this might be true… this might be a little exagerative. I love justin a lot more than selena, and im still on justin’s side for this but for the part where he is sticking his middle finger up isnt selena’s fault!!! I SWEAR ALL THE TIME, AND IM 13!!!! justin is 17, he JUST sticks up his middle finger, No BIG DEAL! im not hating. i do agree partly, im not sure, but thank you for the heads up just incase justin spills the secret, i wont entirely die! hahah

  298. I just, this killed me. It was really obvious, I already think this. But, after reading everything carefuly, I realized is more true than what I thought. Just, I won’t stop being Belieber just for this, ‘cuz, being a Belieber means a lot more than just like or not the person who he dates; I WON’T STOP BEING A BELIEBER ! But, this just, kills me ! What mostly worries me, is when this finishes, what will happen with Justin ? Ok, yeah, she’ll have more fame, more money(?, but, as Belieber, I know how’s Justin… I know he’s sweet, cute, sensitive!, and, as he cried when he broke up w/Cait, as all of us know, by what he told us, that he cried everytime he broke up with someone, what will this make to him once it finishes? I will change him? like, he won’t date anybody again? May be not, I know he’s not like that. Ok, this fake is something they both planned, they both made and make, but, what if he really feels something for her?, what if he realy has some feelings for her, I’m not sayin’ ‘huge feelings’, just some feelings; a crush, or maybe more, maybe he does ‘love her’, maybe he thinks that with time, she will start feeling something real for him, how will he be when all this finishes ? AH? She didn’t thought about that! She just wanted more fame, more money, more fans, etc., so what; where does he stays stand when all this ‘Jelena’ FAKE finishes ? She just thought about her self, she didn’t think that he may be hurt at the end, or disappinted, or whatever !
    And that’s what hurts, that’s what hurts to every Belieber ! ‘Jelena’ supporter or not ! If he finishes hurt, it won’t hurt just him, it will hurt to more than 9 milion of people around the world. But NO!, she just thought how to keep her game, and how to win more fame ! You know, I honestly cried since the middle of this ‘timeline’, my eyes just got wet and I couldn’t stop it ! This hurts more to the Beliebers than himself !
    I just, I know in the end he will be hurt and all thanks to her ! And that HURTS ME ! And, since may 2010 I’ve give EVERYTHING for him, my whole life, I’ve heard any kind of horrible things about him from my school partners, and I still do, I’ve dtand up supporting him and not letting haters to hurt me, but this just, hurts me like I’ve never imagine… is worst when it cames from him than from haters. I just don’t want her to hurt him, I don’t want him to finish different, in pain, hurted, I just, I won’t be able to handle it… And I really don’t wanna be the 5th or 6th Latin girl who commits a suicide… Is hard what I just said, but is true, and I really don’t wanna have to get to there !
    Is just, what I think, I know 90% or 95% of all Beliebers think the same I do about ‘Jelena’… I just needed to say it 😥

    • uzzi says:

      truedat. same here, i had to leave my school coz of the bullying for liking him.
      stay strong babe, us sane beliebers still resemble a family and were always gonna be there for each toher, whatever happens xxx

  299. Ashley says:

    Wow I am amazed at howprofessional this post is! It must have taken forever and I love how you had actual facts like picture and videos to back up what you were saying not just opinions. You actually completely changed the way I look at their relationship. I used to think they were very genuine, but I dont anymore!

  300. Catalina says:

    Seriously people! You just CAN’T be that innocent! Jelena is a TOTALLY FAKE and there’s nothing to do against that. Do you think Selena Gomez loves Justin? C’mon she been doing that for YEARS, she been dating the popular guys of the moment, since I have common sence. I wont name them because they’re too many, but a clearly example is Nick Jonas; Selena dated him when the Jonas Brothers were at the pick of their careers. Is that only a coincidence? I don’t think so. I’m totally agree with this post, because it shows you the REAL truth, not the only that you want to see because you like Selena. You don’t wanna believe this because it hurts you, and it puts really down the view that you have of your “idol”. Over all Jutin been changing a lot since he started of “date” her. Yeah, maybe he has a crush on her but she, she only uses him for FAME.
    By the way, in the “incident” of Justin’s birthday, I think what he did was totally inmature. If you want to do something private with “friends” and family, just go to your house and do it. Justin didn’t have to go out with Selena and make it public. When you’re famous every single thing that you do is watched by the whole world, and the paps will always follow you everywhere you go, that’s the price of fame. If you didn’t know,when you don’t want to be followed you just don’t go out of your house. Is obvious that they wanted all the attention,in fact they did all that “show” to make publicity. I know it sounds impossible coming from your idol, but that’s how the fame machine works. Almost everything that you see on t.v, internet, etc is a fake. Sorry but it’s true. Success is not free, you must pay in some way, and they paid losing their privacy, being judged of people who don’t even know them… That’s what happens.
    Another thing that I’ve realized about Justin is that since he’s “with” Selena, he doesn’t smile for his fans anymore, I mean he should be nicer with his beliebers; without them he wouldn’t be NOTHING. The fans are everything in his career, he must be carefull with what he does, because with just ONE mistake he can lose his popularity, and the Biebs is died.
    Well, sorry, but Selena never been really close of her fans or care that much about them. She always been (sorry for my language) kinda a bitch, or that’s what her managers make her show.
    Again, I’m totally agree with your post, even though some people hates you, you shouldn’t stop writing and posting. Your blog showsthe world all the truth, and if they insult you, hate you and stuff is only because they don’t want to know the reality. It hurts, I know, because I like Bieber but it doesn’t hide the mistakes that he have done.

    Your blog is AWESOME btw ;D God Bless you please! haha

    • supportjelena says:

      dont just say that stupid things! honestly, it maybe true… but it maybe NOT. i ask u one thing, if selena and justin go to tell the public that they’re dating, will u shut your mouth up?? i know, the answer is totally NO, isnt it? u all just blaming on selena, even if it can be not true! i wud say “JANGAN BACOTAN” in english, but i dont know what is the best replace for it.
      coba lu bisa bahasa gw 🙂 lu tu anjing tau gak? gox! bisanya yaah, cuman ngatain orang, ngaca dulu dooong lo tu kayak gimana!! jangan ‘sembarang’ ngejudge orang!
      oh sorry if u dont understand my language, thats my fault 🙂 but you know what, the main is, just go to hell! it SUCKS U REAL FAMEWHORE!

  301. heyyitsjuliaaannnn:D says:

    i agree..i think shes just doing it for attention and more fame…think about it she dated nick jonas when jonas L.A came out and taylor launter when new moon came out and now justin because never say never was a hit…no offense but whata gold digger 😡

  302. Daniela says:

    I cant say anything u guys took my words haha :)People should be more smart.

  303. Joanna says:

    You know what?I don’t think they’re fake.I think you,obsessed fans,are too worried with these celebrities’ lives.Come on!Are u serious?Let them be what they want!let them live their lives!That’s why they don’t admit they’re dating!They’re happy,they like attention,of course,everyone does,but they don’t have to tell everything that goes through their lives!!!And you obviously say that this is a publicity stunt for selena,cause as everyone could see,you don’t like her!I think they’re in love,and I really hope they can be happy and you jealous bitches will have to kiss their asses when seeing it!

  304. 'DennyheartBieber' says:

    I LOVE Justin, im a HUGE fan of him, but I don’t really like Selena I think she just wants attention to be more famous cuz we know it, she was becoming less famous before “dating” Bieber…And what makes me HATE Selena is that I really think she is using Justin for fame and it makes me really sad and it make me wanna kill Selena cuz I think he likes her and he can’t see that she doesn’t seriously like him. I really don’t want him to have a broken heart because of that biatchhhhhh ! He deverses everything in the world to make him happy not Slutena Homez. All i wanna say is, I hope They are not using theyrselves for fame. I hope Selena is using Justin for fame so he can broke up with her, see who she really is and dont talk to her anymore ! and finally, I hope that all the celebraties shes was using for fame like, Taylor Lautner, David Henri, Nick Jonas and blablablablablah dont talk to her ANYMORE !! Cuz if they dont talk to her, her carrer will go down down down down downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and no one will remember her after her death ! MOUHAHAHHAHHA (:

    By the way; I use to like Selena, but now. I dont. I really dont as you can see…But just so you can know I never send her death threats thats something I could never do even if I hate her.

    A message to people who send her death threats: Even if you hate Selena its not a reason to tell her that you will kill her… its a cheep shot its ridiculous, you can even touch her with all the securities around her.Hahaha

  305. Maddie says:

    I am sorry but this is the biggest load of bull shit I have EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. The reason why this is not factual WHATSOEVER is because it is all assumptions…and predictions… and opinions. You can tell when you guys say “trust us… when we tell you Mandi is the kind of person who wants fame.” Just because you have a couple “hear-say” facts does not mean you can compile them together and make an assumption. Do you HONESTLY think that Selena and Justin would fake feelings for each other and spend loads of time together for some extra press? When I hear these stories of people saying “Jelena” is fake I know that they are compiled out of pure jealousy. Everyone is just in denial hoping that somehow Justin is really not interested in another girl. I’m sorry but your “opinion” is just not fact. Its absolutely not. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your “investigation” but at the end of the day you can not promote this as if its factual. Because it is just not.

  306. truth is says:

    People, you don’t want to see the truth, yes this is a fake relationship but it’s not only for money. Haven’t you listened about the rumor about Joe Jonas and his homosexuality? i think this relationship goes in that way. i believe Selena Gomez is a lesbian and that’s the reason of the fight she had with Demi Lovato… yeah i think they were in a relationship… and i think Justin is gay as well

  307. Medina says:


  308. adelineonly says:

    OMFG !! i’m really AGREE with this article, Selena has just using Justin, poor Justin 😦

  309. clara says:

    Sooo just giving you teenyboppers the picture here…Justin and Selena are NOT the next William and Kate or Brad and Angelina!!! Let’s stop acting and giving them attention like they are!!! If we do that, no more expenses and publicity for them so then they’ll break up. It’s as simple as that folks. We know it’s all a sham, fake and petty act to benefit the both of them. It’s disgusting to think that teenagers who are supposed to be role models for kids are doing this. It’s selfish. And I’m 17 here!!! Let them get their act together before it’s too late. Hoping we won’t have another Charlie Sheen and Britney Spears in the years to come.

  310. Me. says:

    Lol, tl;dr. All I know is that this is stupid: you seem like a Belieber trying to convince people that Selena’s an attention whore.
    She gets dead threats everyday because she’s dating him; it’s not something worth a little ‘attention’.

  311. Thasya says:

    You’re right! They’re fake… poor Justin

  312. Daisy** says:

    Lollllllllllllllllllllllllll 😀 Jelena is A FAKE!!REAL FAKE!!

  313. Selebier says:

    Geez,I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this.Is it our business? Stay out of it,if they love eachother,they love each other,if they don’t,they don’t.

    Leave it alone.

    A Selenator/Belieber

  314. Amra says:

    Selena is SOOOO using Justin 😥
    And that kills me, i don’t want him to be sad or hurt..

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  316. ILHAN says:

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  318. Nicky says:

    Can I ask something….WHY DOES IT MATTER SOO MUCH THAT YOU HAVE TO WRITE A WHOLE LONG ARTICLE? Ok you have points I can give you that. BUT SO WHAT! We don’t know Justin Bieber personally we might know a lot about him but we can never REALLY know him fully that same goes for Selena Gomez…and those comments about her boobs to small that is’nt cool . All I’m saying is that it shouldn’t matter THAT much..I see Bieber fans and Selena fans fight all the time over this…and this is’nt really our business… why STRESS yourself over something that ISN’T your business? You dont know the people! Support them because you love Justin or love Selena in their music and careers so what if they dating for real or for publicity. I think everyone should relax and carry on with their own lives . I’m not hating , I’m just saying.

  319. Gaia says:

    IO VI AMO.

  320. RescueDog92 says:

    Your hatred of his girlfriend makes him what he is today … Taciturn!
    Justin’s fans want to be friends?
    Really Friends respect and support always each other, in good times and bad!

    Some of the so-called “websites-authors” can only be described as a Demagogue.
    There are so many misreporting over Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber by poorly researched backyard-journalism and you, his fan, believe that all?!

    Just as her reveres him, you know it actually better!
    You must not be a fan of his girlfriend, but at least respect his decision and his feelings for her.
    I think the least he deserves!

    Term for a person that is able to influence via verbal attacks (incitement, libel) or part of the mass of the population (incite / seduce) and therefore (without conscience) to exercise power.

  321. Anto ♥ says:
    Es para que lo lean en Español 🙂

  322. matilda says:

    I kind of agree on the last parts (Just a bit) but i can understand her: you meet a guy, you like him but you feel like he’s too little and short so you think you have like ‘big sister’ feelings for this guy but he starts to grow and get mature, you can’t stand it. You fall for him.

    so seriously? don’t think that you know everything.

  323. RONJA says:

    I reaaaaaally hope this make everyone think. Cause everything DO MAKE SENSE. I knew something was so wrong between them, and you got it. I couldn’t say this better! I think this is so sad. I love Selena and I love Justin. But this makes me so angry. Everyone should know about this and then believe in what they want ti believe in. But for real, how could someone believe in something else then this? I mean come on?

    Spread this link! I think Jelena should be ashamed.

  324. Beth says:

    And Selena thinks this is all okay. Playing with his heart and whensomeone else comes along it’s bye bye Justin. We’re the one’s that have to deal with it, but think about this she wants to piss off 9 millions teenage girls and think she van get away with it? She’ll be getting millions of death threats…What she’s got before was just a warning….

  325. ella says:

    OH MY GOD ! wow this is so true , I never thought about it , but when I read this , it’s actully true !holy shit , !

  326. AshleyBeliebs_ says:

    This is 100% true!
    I thought I was the only one who saw through the “Jelena” act. It’s too fake to believe.
    There’s also new photos of them in Singapore or Malaysia, I’m not sure, but they are seriously fake.
    They are sitting at a table, just them two, and the photo is taken from behind a bush. Now who wouldn’t notice paparazzi standing behind a bush taking photos of you? It’s ridiculous.

    The other photo where they are on one of them Buggy things, where Selena is laughing at something on somebody’s phone, Justin looks utterly bored.
    He was probably grateful that Selena was the star of that photo.

    Notice how Selena is always infront of Justin, leading the way. It usually looks like she’s pulling him.

  327. Daniela:) says:

    I.. dont know what to believe. But honestly you’re right. Because Selena did an interwiev for a week ago, when she said : I dont like it when justin brings up his fans on the stage douring ‘one less lonely girl’, it makes me sad when I see him hugging other girls. BUT SELENA, if she really loves him, she would trust him, and when she say something like that, she doesnt. So yeah, I think its fake

  328. Iris says:

    Wow… This really has a point.
    I don’t even know what to say…
    I’m just like… wow.

  329. MeganBieber says:

    Justin Bieber could have way better. She just plays w/ guys feelings thn moves on 2 the next hot star. Selena Gomez is a terrible person and will 1 day get wut she deserves

  330. MeganBieber says:

    Justin Bieber could have way better. Selena just plays w/ guys feelings til the next hot star comes along. Selena Gomez is terrible and will 1 day get wut she deserves

  331. lisa :) says:

    i agree with u guys soooo much!!

  332. berta vinuesa segura says:

    😉 gentee! ;D

  333. elskerdigJB says:

    God Bless this post!!!
    I’m so glad, because I hate them together because I’m a little bit jealous!!
    And now I ain’t mad anymore, so thank you!!

    p.s – my twitter is elskerdigJB, please follow me, I follow back(;

  334. evieee says:

    This is the best post ever, its like so true.
    Jelena is fake. Omg, its like opened my eyes so much, thankyou!

  335. - says:

    Sorry, but i disagree, i think they are real. I don’t think they are fake. But, like u said, we all think different, but in my oppinion, they are real, and i love them both. And i also think they are really cute together (:

  336. MrsBiebaa[gottagetalife-Yeah*hiphophiphop] says:

    After like 1 hour of reading this I can honestly say I agree. I have never liked Selena, I have always though shes an attention whore, ‘In it for the fame’ type of gir. Justins a lovely guy, he is a proper gentleman, any girls dream. He deserves better. Thanks fo giving me some reasons to back up on when I am in a arguement.

  337. - says:

    aaaaaand, u make them so fake. More than they are ..

  338. Robyn says:

    I see exactly where you’re coming from with this. Maybe they are both trying to get fame, but I think more so on Selena’s part than Justin’s. As you said at the beginning when he was singing OLLG, he looked genuine, she kept looking at people in the crowd like ‘shame you’re not up here’& giggling to herself :/ it looked a bit pre-rehearsed for when she stood up too, to me anyway. If you were dating someone you wouldn’t say they’re like your brother; that sounds a bit like indirect incest or something to me. I think he does have genuine feelings fer her, but she doesn’t for him. It might be different to them than it is to us through the eyes of the media. If she is faking it all, Justin will be more careful about who he dates in the future and his fans will be more cautious about them too. They’re still young, they still have to learn from their own mistakes 🙂

  339. Jacy Bieber says:

    i totaly agree…why would selena just outf the blue startto ike justin when his movie etc.. comes popular. i am a TRUE BELIBER and i will always be but if SELENA BREAKS JUSTINS HEART..ILL BREAK HER FACE!! but i love justin and always will..

  340. madeline says:

    i just love all the people who say “jelena is perfect” bc they really arent..their fake!…and i loveee this post bc i knew it the whole time:) that you for clearing this uppp!!!:)) i just dont like that justin has to lie…were here for him..but he still lies…oh well..but i just really never liked selena i always knew it was a publicity stunt..when she dated nick..then all these other guys when she was famous>:| but thanks SOOOOO much for telling the story that is the TRUTH!:)))

  341. this blog is RETARDED says:

    so u ppl are saying selena is dating bieber cause she wants to be the most hated girl on earth? yeah that makes sense. really smart

  342. Nataliee says:

    THIS MAKES TOTL SENSE!!!! Selena should jus stop cuz it’s not giving her a good rep. I MEAN EVERY1 HATES HER!! Like c’mon!!!

  343. TaylorBabe says:

    Really? I believe you. This is totally the truth & if fake bitch Selena see’s this , well sucks for her because she knew sooner or later the truth would come out. Like really ? Justin giving the finger because you got punched or hit w/ a camera (there we go, 2different stories) ? Wow he must really loves you but you’re just using the damn boy & your turning 19 in July & he’s gonna still be 17 ? I mean like c’mon. You’ve dated ALL of these famous boys/guys/men (w/e). Why can’t you be humble. I swear, she’s a total bitch for all she’s doing to him! Justin, needs, to, open, his, damn, eyes, god, fucking, gave, him, &, get, back, to, reality! Because this shit is pissing a lot of us off! I miss when he would always tweet about HIS ‘sexy ladies’ (which is us), how great it was to meet us! How all of us have a special place in his heart!!! Now he’s like giving paps the finger, talking about JUST/MOSTLY the Tour/Paps & telling Selena he misses her? FUCKKK! She doesn’t fuckin love you! She’s using you! I just want the old Justin back & I swear a lot of this do!!!

  344. Wow. You must have A TON of time on your hands to make up something that is completely not true at all just because your jealous of a wonderful relationship YOU WILL NEVER have because your too busy sitting at home making shit up that is 100% not true. What are you honestly trying to accomplish? The fact that you would take THAT MUCH TIME out of your day to dedicate a whole blog to hating SELENA is incredibly immature and creepy. You must be real low to think its totally okay to constantly hate on someone you don’t know. Your ‘that fan’ who puts a bad name on Justin’s fans. Because of you we seem like bitchy, creepy, immature, jealous freaks. People like you are straight up pathetic with a capital T. I can’t even imagine hating someone so much EVEN IF THEY GAVE ME A REASON TOO. and the fact that you don’t even know her? Fucking mind blown. For those who agree with this immature lunatic its because you have not face reality yet. Your all immature. I have no words for you. Feel free to disagree otherwise and contact me… @theBIEBERmob so i can destroy your ‘opinion’ that i call bullshit. Don’t hesitate to FUCK OFF and delete this blog because, well, its pathetic.

    • LOL did I ever say I hate Selena? NO. Tell me where in this blog that we stated we HATE Selena. And did I ever say I was a Belieber? No. I Nina, am not a belieber. Cause Justin’s fake one of all. So why would I be jealous. If I don’t even like Justin Bieber that way? Sure he has good music, but he’s just. Eh..

      AND you have your own opinion. We have ours. If you can state your opinion, why can’t we? It’s America .. a FREE country. Thanks, bye.

  345. Okay, first off… i know I am just as bad as the people who hate on Selena right now but seriously you need to take down that blog. The fact that you would take your time to DEDICATE a website on hating someone you don’t even know is completely ridiculous. You must be really low as a person if you spread rumors that aren’t true out of pure jealousy. The only reason Selena and Justin were keeping their relationship a ‘secret’ at first was because of crazy lunatic people like you. & the fact that you were not intelligent enough to realize that makes me come to the conclusion too why you have wrote this blog in the first place. I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off of this complete and utter bullshit you call “true”. This is how rumors spread. People like you put a bad name on Justin’s fans. Your a lunatic. I don’t even think i would hate on someone this much even if they gave me a REASON too. You don’t even know Selena. Unless your a fucking mind reader who put a GPS on Selena and Justin and stalked their life than i would believe you. And after reading what you call a “blog” i wouldn’t doubt that your not a robotic super power creep mind reader lunatic. You have no proof. This isn’t you ‘giving your opinion’. This is you BULLYING. No matter how big of a celebrity anyone is, they don’t deserve this much hate because EVERYONE has feelings. She is just human like me and you. Your insecurities really shine after reading your blog knowing that you would put so much time into hating one person who you DON’T EVEN KNOW. Your setting yourself up for COMPLETE public humiliation. Stop hating on someone who found true love just because you have not, and probably NEVER will. Your blog is not facts, nor is it you giving your opinion. Its you hating on someone who has feelings. You are CYBERBULLING and just plain out bullying. i can’t even fathom this whole blog. You obviously have not matured yet. Respect them. Karma goes a long way and hating only makes your uglier. Just remember, why they’re both following their dreams… your sitting at home dedicating a blog on hating someone who you’ll never be.

    • LOL, I’m not a belieber. Justin’s fans have issues. Unlike you beliebers? I don’t sent death threats. And I don’t kiss up to Justin Bieber.

      • See, you really have nothing to say back because you know I’m completely right. Justin’s fans have issues? Obsessing over someone is ok. But obsessing over hating someone? not okay… get OVER yourself

  346. Marcel says:

    i had always thought that it was a publicity stunt, but i was never sure. now after reading this post, i agree 100%. these pictures didnt just randomly get ‘leaked’. someone they know, or them themselves, must have sent these pictures to people. i just hope justin doesn’t end up getting hurt in the end because i think we can all tell that he is a little more into their relationship than she is.

  347. i personally think this article is true, and i agree on everything, but situations may have another solution. i dont know whats going to happen between the two but i do know that someone is going to end up hurt out of this. this article states every thought i had jumbled up inside my head. when i read it, i picture people in a court room with justin on one side and selena on the other, and a belieber explaining all the evidence in front of the judge (x. this is very good information. some of my other thoughts were, if selenaa is using justin, she might be with him for a while for the simple reason that justin is like the “next micheal jackson”. micheal jackson never died out, like how B2K did, (if u know who they are. jelena is like a bank account, if u dont keep giving it money, theres no need in keeping it active. beliebers are spreading justins fame by supporting him left and right. i dont think justin realizes 100% how famous he is and the affect he has on people especially teen girls. i dont think e understands how everything he says is important because something huge can start by him saying 1 word. thats the reason why i think, hes sending these simple tweets to celebs (specifically speaking about selena) that he could just text to her in just a few seconds. but hey, i dont know, we could all be wrong, or we could all be right. we may never know. but when the day comes and they do break up, justin will be heart broken because i believe he really likes her.

  348. That’s what I wanted to tell people all this time, this is a ‘pretty little’ fake relationship. Seriously, I love Justin, and I hate Selena since she messed up with Miley and all the drama…Now, I knew that someday it’d happen, but I’m happy because they’re not truly together.
    Oh and I loved your blog! I just made one to comment here, you are amazing writing. 🙂

  349. Emily says:

    OK. To me the thing with the whole “Dork….He’s Little.” Thing. Well. Yeah, sure she can change her mind. But I don’t think we wake up in the morning saying we “love” someone when the previous night, we thought of them as family. It’s like saying “Eh, yeah he’s my brother. We family hate, but we’re cool.” to saying “OMG! I’M IN LOVE WITH MY BROTHER!” That’s wronggg. And jelena fans, cool your tits. Chill out. THEY WARNED YOU IN THE BEGINNING. And we will always suport Justin. I may not support the Jelena, but I supoort the J in it.

  350. libbyyy says:

    im not sure if i believe this article although i must admit alot of it MAKES SENSE haha but i just want to add in that “who says” by selena gomez yes, the cathcy song we all know and love as being that ‘amazing song’ that alot of girls can relate to? yeah… THAT WAS JORDIN SPARK’S SONG FIRST!!
    think what you want haters 😛 but something is definately NOT RIGHT HERE.

  351. Hannah says:

    …Seriously? You guys want into Bieber’s pants so bad you’re willing to believe that his relationship is FAKE? Besides, if you think that Selena wants attention, why oh why are you giving it to her?

  352. andrea says:

    i totally agree. totally dislike selena

  353. JustinIs16 says:

    people need to look at the time posted at when justin tweeted i miss u selena compared to the others he tweeted,

    after tweeting selena, it took him three minutes to tweet the next person and the one minute to tweet the rest. he obaviouly only meant to tweet selena for publicity and then tweeted the others fast, to confuse us.

    and selena dating people at their height of fame, maybe the first famous people she dated was conindence but after it keeps reocurring you can not call it coicidence. its a trick.

    justin is not as happy as he used to, point and simple.
    he is trying way to hard for selena, and she does not care.

    reading this post opened my eyes alot.

  354. Crisha says:

    Wow. You guys really do your homework. But seriously, yeah, the signs are there, paparazzi might be glued into this to seek more attention and spread more drama or whatever. Let’s just hope that maybe someday, they’ll tell the truth about the whole ‘dating’ sitch. We should have a little honesty, on our part as fans and not be fooled by things they show on television or on the World wide web. 🙂 LOVE

  355. Lazer says:

    i knew it was completely fake, but i think it’s a stunt for both parties, selena really annoys me right now and this just made her seem lower. i hope they get found out soon.

  356. […] di voi hanno chiesto di tradurre un articolo dal sito PLB, che racconta tutta la storia tra Justin Bieber e Selena Gomez. Volentieri vi abbiamo riassunto le […]

  357. michelle cubillas says:

    O.M.G this post is very good and im a belieber and i dont lk selena and its not because she is ‘dating’with Justin its because i think that shes soo false lk a false girl and now that im reading this well…
    i hate her W.T.F she thinks that she is doing with Justin ?-!-? thats sooo no right XD.
    Andd Justin looks lk he really has been changed but all because of her !-!-!…
    I know that he keeps been the sweet boy that he was…
    This relationship is ssooo false and in thae end the 2 r going to end soo grong and all because this lie that they made I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER but that dont means that just because i lk him hes not going to lie lk COMMON EVERYONE LIES EVEN JUSTIN BIEBER and the girl\boy that wrote this she\he is soo right…

  358. Sindy says:

    thoughts here :s

  359. Grace says:

    like who would even fake a relationship for publicity?? really? beliebers REALLY believe justin would do that? wow, you’re great fans. ever thought maybe selena and justin just make each other really happy? and you should just be happy for both of them? i just dont see how anyone can even think that its a publicity stunt, seriously. they really like each other, let them be together. stay out of their lifes and stop accusing them of shit. you’re just jealous. you have no idea what they feel. you have no idea what they’re like in private. selena said all that shit about justin being little and a dork and other things when they were friends OBVIOUSLY. then they started liking each other so decided to go out. ever thoguht of that? peoples opinions and shit change. omg you all make me sick and need lifes. just leave them alone maybe?

  360. hanna says:

    zanessa had been together for years, jelena was still new and still secret at the time, fuckers. they’re still trying to make it secret. but people like the people writing this bullshit and commenting agreeing are faking pictures. and making shit up, you make me wanna vomit. then laugh.

  361. Georgie-Kayte says:

    197873864 % agree with this post. i know exactly the type of people who are going to disagree with this. your childish beliebers (no offence its just a catergory in my mind), the ones who are all “justin’s going to realize one day that i’m his perfect girl” or “I LOVE JUSTIN SO MUCH!” im a belieber, but GROW UP! you cant love someone who you’ve never met or if you did, met for 5 minutes! how kindergarten is that!? my life is based on REALITY. IM A REALIST. i see it before i believe it. continuing on… then you’ve got your selenators. your “she’s such an inspiration! she’s sooo sweet and beautiful! how could you hate her?!” hey!? have you really met her? or is it all in your head? #FACT: a close friend of mine is (or should i say WAS) the BIGGEST SELENATOR EVER! she met her, and OMFG, my friend was in tears on the phone to me. “*cries* she was such a bitch! *cries* she didn’t even look at me! or smile at me! she kept looking at her phone and didn’t smile in the photo and yh-yah-yahh” then theres the whole “your just JEALOUS!” jealous of what? like i said, im a realist. i know whats possible and whats not. i’ve lived through it. i dont WANT fame. its gay as! being followed around by randoms you dont know!? pfft, what life is that? oh, OF COURSE…MONEY! “money can’t buy you happiness.” be real for once, what are these celebrities really interested in? call me a bitch, go ahead. i dont give a sh*t. mwahh

  362. Georgie-Kayte says:

    how dare she “he’s a dork”, “hes too young…” DAMN STRAIGHT i had a ‘thing’ with a guy 15 months younger than me and everyone said ‘i couldnt get a guy my own age’ and all that shit, i know its not fair. “age is just a number”? yeah, and jail is just a room! my heart was broken when i saw justin ignore that little girl in the car park and especially THIS INTERVIEW! OMFG! he called the radio peoople ‘HYPOCRITES’. the only people who are hypocrites are the ones who call others hypocrites. sorry justin, you got it wrong this time. i support them both but NOT together, sorry.

  363. Jamie Lee says:

    So true. Actuly Justin Would have Never Been that mean to His Fans and ignore them like He does atm! Thanks for giving me a New View about freaking fucking Fake JELENA! -.- how I said : fairitale gone bad

  364. nadine says:

    i 100% agree !!!!!!! i mean what guy kisses a girl and doesn’t even look at her?? no a guy that likes her i’m sure! i am not a Jelena supporter but i am a belieber.
    I also don’t think they are gonna last too long .6 months tops and if they last longer its probably because they won’t see eachother that often! 🙂

  365. Jajja says:

    Everything you write is so true!

  366. Ida says:

    we all know “they relationship” gonna last for ever, but on the time we should support Justin! He deserves that. And it seems to be much proof on this, but if u look it on another way it seems to be true to! So i dont know what to know, but i dont wasting my time to know if they ARE together or if they DONT are together… XOXO

  367. Ida says:


  368. sofia says:

    I always support Justin, but I’d never liked Selena. Don’t know but I just don’t like her.
    But i thought that i supported Jelena becuse I thought that Justin liked her but when I read this, their realationship feels so fake. So my opinion has changed, I don’t support Jelena becuse it feels like she is so fake, but I will support Justin and I hope e does the right choice…

  369. Taylor says:

    Ok……I agree and disagree. I mean Scooter was there for Justin ever since the beginning and gave Justin the decisions to make on his life and they way he wanted his career to work. So I HIGHLY doubt that Scooter would do somehting like that. I mean come on! And with Selena, she is sooo sweet and her mom has kept her grounded. So once again I HIGHLY doubt that Selena’s mom would even think of doing something like that. I mean Selena and her mom already have enough and are greatful for what they have. And with the pictures, you know how photoshopped and cropped they are! Like the picture with them and the photo booth. I have seen the real picture of it, and it’s Selena and Justin looking at the pictures. The paparazzi took a picture of them from behind there backs and someone cropped it. You are just making Selena and Justin’s life harder. I mean they are old enough to handle their own realtionships. We don’t need to always constantly be bagging on them because the paprazzi took a picture of them being IN LOVE and being TEENAGERS! Selena even said that all the girls hating on her hurts her feelings, and that she doesn’t know what she did wrong by being in love.Can you blame her!?!? I mean they want privacy, but they also have the right to say they miss eachother on Twitter. I suppport Jelena 100%!! You need to stop making assumptions on their life cause your not in their shoes. They have to go through life day by day trying to keep their private life private, but paprazzi just don’t stop. And what you said about not trusting what you see on the TV or in magazines. Well you can’t trust what you read on the internet either.

  370. Amalie says:

    wow… This cleared all of my doubt – Jelena is FAKE! Thanks for writing this… You could be like a … FBI-agent or something..! 😉

    Their “relationship” will end very soon, and I just hope Justin won’t get hurt. I think he has got feelings for her, while she is using him (bitch) Poor guy…

    anyways, keep up the good work!

  371. TrineBL says:

    This may be the BEST post I’ve ever read! U go, girl!


  372. Astrid Ross says:

    I totally agree, in a way I feel sorry that Selena dragged Justin into this. And what happened to Scooter saying ” we want to help Justin to be grounded, and help him grow as an artist, keep him genuine.” I mean, what the heck?! Then Sel comes into the pic. I don’t get it. why would Scooter say stuff like that, then they hook up Justin and sel for publicity? It just doesn’t add up. I hope everything works out. I honestly think Justin would be better without her, they would be better apart. Still love the Biebs though! 🙂 ❤

  373. Madison says:

    I SO agree with this post 😀 I SO dislike “Jelena” Im not a fan of Selena or “Jelena” !
    You can call me a hater…. or whatever you want ! I DISLIKE Selena SO much ! -_-
    I HATE what she did to NickJonas ! and SHE caused Nick and Miley to brake-up ! -_- Shame… Shame…. Shame, Selena is nothing but a Home-Wrecker ! I really do believe that Selena is using Justin ( ❤ ) because she is running out of money, time, fame, fans, and People to date/use ! She is nothing to me anymore, except as a dirty little skanky b**ch -_- and i just DISLIKE her SO much !!!

  374. OK says:

    Who really cares if Jelena is a publicity stunt or not? Lets just enjoy it while it lasts.

  375. Lolol says:

    Lol there’s also Echofon on mozilla and mac. ._.

  376. stacie says:

    Also, Justin wrote another tweer saying ‘Miss you already” when he arrived in Australia, after a ‘SECRET day in Bali’ (In another tweet). Selena was at that “secret day in Bali” and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it was her that he was tweeting about.
    And again, why not text her? why not give her a call? no, he send a message on the internet broadcasted to over 9 million fans.
    go to his twitter to find the tweets.

  377. JelenaFan says:

    I agree. I can’t believe millions of girls were hurt for NOTHING. It’s just disappointing.

    • duhhh says:

      that is EXACTLY why im so happy people found this bog and are reading it. they were dead wrong for that. i see girls on twitter like, “i have to be honest, im happy if justins happy, but it hurts me so deeply to see jelena blahblahblah”. it breaks my heart how sad they are.

      so now everyone can be happy again 🙂

  378. Maja says:

    You want to know what is fake? THIS TEXT IS SO FAKE!
    Why can’t just two teenagers be in love?? JUSTIN and SELENA are together, deal whit it! You just don’t want justin do date anyone else,you want him to date you, he is not going to be your boyfriend!!
    And this “prof” of selena and justin not being together, just doing it for the fame, how in the world do you know it is true? it could be just mixed up lies,wich it is.
    Both of them would still be as famous as they are today, even if they were not a couple.
    This text is stupid and FAKE.

    • Erica says:

      i totally agree with what ur saying, but at the end when u said teyd both be as famous as they r today even if they didnt date is so not true. selena became way more famous when theystarted going out. no one on twitter even cared about her until they started dating.

  379. Stephie says:

    Omg everything u said is so true i support u i aint a selenator or a jelenator but i am a huge belieber and i’ll always be but i agree with everything u say to 100%! u guys got my support til 100%!

  380. gy says:

    I think this whole thing is fake too. But you know, I like justin and I don’t hate selena. So just try to be happy for him. As long as he’s happy I’m fine with whoever he dates. It’s not like he would date me either -_-

  381. I totally agreee with this but honestly I think Justin seriously likes Selena but its all a joke to her.
    I also dont think that Scooter would make Justin do something like this but you never know so yeah.

  382. dina says:

    yeah i agree too, , this is all fake, theire reahsipship si so fake, and it make me so sick, adn ti has ot stop ebeofre sleana gets hust again

  383. And another thing all of you guys a fucking blinded by jealously if you think this is some kind of ‘publicity stunt’. Do you know how much hate and death threats Selena gets for dating Justin? I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t go THAT far for publicity considering how much people wish death upon her EVERYDAY. SO FOR EVERYONE AND ANYONE who really believes that this is some fake relationship to get fame does not really know what true love is… they are in love, get over it.

  384. Callie says:

    Okay, I would have never dissed Jelena. I’m not saying that to the people that wrote this. I’m saying it to those people that are gonna hate. on this. I support Justin 100% and I just don’t want him to have a heartbreak if he REALLY love Selena. You can tell he’s not completely comfortable with being with her. I’m not saying this is Selena’s doing, I am a Selenator also, but not completely one. I just like her acting and her singing and I think she’s pretty. I am just concerned about Justin. Not that I’m “trying to protect my baby” but you know what I mean. I would hate to see him get hurt.

  385. Maylynn fUck you all that agree to this ;) says:

    Your all saying bless this person bless this blog do you think God would bless this ridicilous thing! Hating on someone NO! god would bless this person if you just let justin and selena live there life and you live yours!! Okaay!? And I totally agree with @theBIEBERmop and what the hell you even know when justin’s asleep your a creep!and you don’t know what is going trough in selena’s head okay! Stupid blog!

  386. Lucie :) says:

    Well…I’m actually not a fan of JELENA! I always thought it was kind of fake,you know? But the same thing goes to Jasmine Villegas. I mean, I guess she never loved him & there are so many proofs and videos and interviews about it. But he loved her. And I still remember a video of an interview where Justin mentioned something like: ‘She broke my heart’. It was so obvious, though. Jasmine only used Justin for his fame. So does Selena. Kind of a sad fact …will he ever find a girlfriend that doesn’t want to use him and truly loves him? We’ll see..

  387. Kay says:

    Ok soo this right here im MY OWN OPINION! If it is real good for them I love justin and i love Selena Nothing would make me happier if they were together.. But only together for the right reasons. You guys are saying this is fake and there doing it all for money as i went down and read all the comments. i started to agree but then i was thinking why would justin do this to all his billions of fans. he says “his fans are most important” so why would he put that a danger.. Because his fans have changed since this whole thing started you think he would turn around and look at it or even think about what hes doing.. but im a lover not a hater of them. this is my own opinion… Laterz

  388. Wow. says:

    This disgusts me. I don’t understand why you feel so compelled to analyze every single aspect of their relationship. Maybe they actually love each other and the rest is conincidence. Yeah, they’re some of the most famous teens in the world, but does that automatically mean their relationship is “fake”? You disgust me. If you were a real belieber, or even just a fan, you would respect his decisions and not give him crap for every little thing he does. Maybe it is all a publicity stunt, but even if it is, it’s obviously not hurting Justin or Selena physically or emotionally. They both seem happy – happier than ever.
    I suggest you find something better to do with your time, this is absolutely pathetic.

  389. ElinBieber_X says:

    This is soo true i love this kid.X

  390. first i’d say that this post is 100% true ..
    i was so exited at the beginning that i’ll finally find the proof of all what i say to my friends ,of course i liked how you showed the truth, but at the end of the post ..that when a tear fell from my eye, thinking that maybe justin, the sweet loving teenager, might be fake ..thoughts fell my mind like (maybe he isn’t that boy who we know – maybe he is just like this in front of TV ,but in real life he is not) i seriously agree with your post , i am not saying that it’s your fault ,all what you did is showing the truth ..right ? and i thank you a lot for posting this ..<3

  391. libby says:

    can i just say that you should be a bloody detective cos this is really clever!

    i love justin and im not that bothered about who he dates because i have sort of made myself believe that hes going to end up with me anyway;) but i still dont think you should call her a fame whore cos thats offensive..

    but seriously! you must be really CLEVER! i could never have thought up this :L

  392. Kelly says:

    I have a few questions here. I am not a hater nor am I an obsessed fan, but I do have to admit this blog does have an element of truth to it. Justin says his private life is his own business. If that’s the case, why isn’t he being more discreet and more careful while he’s out with Selena? Why doesn’t he just tell the more psychotic fans to back off and leave Selena alone? Also, what did Selena do to Nick Jonas?

  393. Aranza says:

    Well I agree in 1% of this nonsense look they look as if they were in love u kan c it n all u saying I lost respect for her or him really nice since when r u guys close friends tell me when….well if it were true that their using each uther won’t u think that they both would sad n uncomfterbel with each uther when their together n the only reason they don’t admite that they date is bkuz of blogs like this 1 and rumers n hatred n all that stuff…their normal like every other person their no different they hav feeling }:/

  394. LoveBieber says:

    I’ll admit, I tried to support Jelena, but I’m such a massive fan of Justin and I’ve never really liked Selena that much :/ But I never thought about the so called ‘relationship’ being a publicity stunt. This opened my eyes 🙂 you’re so right, ‘Jelena’ is 100% fake. I’m not too sure what to think of Selena, but I still love Justin 🙂

  395. Emma says:

    I’m not saying I don’t believe this. I do. But you just insulting Selena and calling her a famewhore basically? No. Justin got attention too. There is no way only one of them could get attention. And if Justin’s so ‘sweet’, why did you insult him when he was around his friends? The only person really trying to get any attention is you, sweetheart.

  396. rhesti says:

    OMG, this is so true.
    i support Justin Bieber but i didnt see a happy couple when they were together. i only see selena fake smiles and Justin smile…..kidding smile, fake or something? and when they were together justin looks very angry,depressed and out of control when they met the paps 😦

  397. anna says:

    i’m confused. i’ve read this like 50 times and i still don’t get it. it doesn’t exactly explain how it’s fake. idek omg so confused

  398. Erica says:

    i wish it was fake. i dont think it is though. even after reading this.

  399. Ba7rain Beliebz says:

    i never thought of it this way its sooo true and i was never a “jelenator” but i thought it was like real love but this TOTALY makes sense!!

  400. Cassandra says:

    I believe this. Alot of people bullshit just to get more fame…

  401. kiki says:

    I honestly don’t even get why any of you care. Why do you care if they’re using each other to get famous? Why do you care if they actually are dating and actually do like each other? It’s their lives and they can do whatever they want to make it better or to ruin it. None of you personally know Selena and Justin so none of you actually know how they act. “Would the Justin that you know do this?” Hah. Do you know Justin? I don’t really think you do. I’m not saying that they are faking it or that it’s real, because I honestly don’t care what they do. I’m just saying that you should mind your own business. And for what it’s worth, this website claims never to post anything without hard, factual proof, but all I see is a few videos and pictures and a whole lot of speculation on your part.

  402. Kaysen says:

    FINALLY! Speaks The Truth

  403. Jelenahater says:

    I really dont know what to say , should i belive or not those are alot of proofs i started to belive this untill you said they like to send prvate photos of them selfs .. and maybe they wanna keep private i just dont know i dont care anymore and the thing thats hard to belvie is selena doing this , i thought she was a nice girl ?? :l im confused

  404. Mani says:

    I’ve been thinking this but then again he almost never says anything about the ”realationship” but she CONSTANTLY talks about it but then he seems controlled by scooter if you have seen Never say Never when he was in the construction vehicle and Scooter comes out telling him to stop and get out and when he says no he scoops him right up and carries him. I personally think it’s just for Selena though and he knows friends help friends and the fact that I dont really hear her being questined about anything thing she’s acting or singing in like Monte Carlo but just their realationship. Also the fact that she’s always ” On to the next one” first it was Nick Jonas when the Jonas brothers were big and they broke up then she went to Taylor when twilight was big then she broke it off with him and went with david henrie when WOWP was real big then at some point she dated Logan Lerman when the Lightning theif was almost the talk. And am I the only one who heard about her nude pictures and she claimed it wasnt her, maybe she thought since Vanessa and Miley did it and it boosted their popularity but there’s was by accident and she just so happens to be doing it in a bathroom mirror and am i right that when you take a picture in the mirror then you must be taking it for someone, puting it as a background,etc. but That’s just my opinion

  405. A Bieber fan says:

    i agree witu u guys. im not hating on selena… i think she got great talent and doent need justin. but i have noticed a lil pattern with her dating, when the jonas brothers were huge she dated nick, twilight was the spotlight she dated taylor, and now justin is who everyone is focusing on right now and shes “dating” him. it just makes no sence and some sence at the same time. (if that made any sence to u)

  406. Kelli says:

    I was at the jingle ball in NYC and from where I was sitting I could see backstage. So when Justin was performing backstage Selena was dancing to baby with jaden smith, willow smith, and carin (scooters girlfriend) then one of selenas people I guess came and got her and tell her she had to go. It seemed like selena was having a good time, however it also seemed very fake. There were seats behind the stage. So Selena knew people would be able to see her dancing to justins song when he was performing. Then when she had to leave she gave everyone a hug. It was a little suspicious because Selena obvisaly knew people could see her. Just thought I’d let you know. You changed my opinion about Jelena!

  407. Bieber fan says:

    THEY’RE NOT FAKE. When Selena came to Jakarta, Indonesia I was allowed to go to the private room of the airport where they were waiting for there flights (selena to honolulu then straight to LA and justin to bali). You should’ve seen them.

    This is BS.

    • Kela says:

      take note that they are both actors. hello, anyone can ACT like they are having a good time, ect. just like they were both ACTING like there so in love and dating and the BS there starting to pass as “jelena”.

    • Patricia says:

      Wait a minute, it was widely reported in the media that Selena went with Justin to Bali. If he went alone, that just proves that Jelena is for publicity.

  408. carly says:

    OMG THANKYOU. i’ve been waiting for someone to prove that jelens fake. like seriously,your reasons are legit. but one question , when justin personally tweeted selena saying ‘i miss you’ why did she repy ‘i miss yall’ keyword:yall , why didnt she personally say ‘i miss you’ to justin?!

  409. Cinthia says:

    I don’t TOTALLY agree.. but like, everything totally make sense.. && I freaking love your sense of humor, like.. sarcastic as hell! hahaha I freaking love you, & I love you way you prove things & sutff. What you do is great.

  410. bbibi says:

    gee, my friends kept telling me that they are sensing something fishy in this relationship but I had always thought this relationship was so pure, innocent and cute. BUT WHAT THE HELL, now I am so convinced that Jelena was made out for publicity. The author of this blog is such a genius and this is really clever. I feel like a detective reading this. So, I have a twihard fan who is obsessed over Robsten, as you know, another hollywood’s famous rumoured couple. She told me that she doesn’t see any sparks or chemistry between Justin and Selena, unlike Robsten. I thought it was bullshit, but it turns out reallll…. and this blog has also exposed the true colours of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, now i hate them

  411. Claudia says:

    At first I believed this wasn’t fake but after the oscar vanity fare party they attended. Why would they take photos in the photobooth and then literally have the photos out where everyone can see them. When they kissed Justin looked right at the camera. When Justin tweeted “I miss you” and “I miss you already”, he could have just texted Selena instead of tweeting it so his 9 million followers can see.
    This is “relationship” is VERY fake

  412. bella says:

    it does make sense..

  413. irma says:

    so true

  414. hay says:

    when i saw the vanity pictures, I was sooooo damn sure this relationship is fake. I mean, what the hell, why would they show out their booth pics in purpose -_-

  415. Kim says:

    I love the person who wrote this.

  416. melissa says:

    first of all i love justing
    second…you guys need to keep ur ass out of other peoples buisness, i didnt even read all of it cause its sicking,you guys are stalkers, might as well call yourself the paparrazi

  417. fieke says:

    I noticed Selena wearing flat shoes at LE HABIEBERTH DAY! – March 1st, 2011!
    It’s so fake, cause you can clearly see that the picture is perfect. They don’t kiss, they just stare into each others eyes. I mean, what couple does that? I do not see the point of that. But whatever, they are like really matching and making sure that they seem like the perfect couple. And also I don’t know any Hollywood-couple who has so much publicity as they do. It can’t be an accident, all those things.

  418. Belieber_ says:

    OMB thats so true!!!! I never thought about it like this, and i always believed in JELENA, but this is so true, JELENA is just fake!! I dont think its Selena or Justin who comed with this, i think its Selenas mom and Scooter. BUT JELENA REALLY IS FAKE!!!

  419. Lynn says:

    You guys are so smart. I love Y’ALL (:

  420. Sofia says:

    I never thought about some of theese things. I allwasy knew Jelena want real cuz its so wierd, with the kiss and everything. And its funny how when The jonas brothers was big, Selena dated Nick, when Taylor Lautner was big, she dated him, and many more, now Justin is big and she dates him. No, shes not real, shes just fake.

  421. WOWZA! i never read that much.. but it was so worth while! You prove great points and most of all.. it’s all backed up! I hate it when people just write “Oh yeah, its fake cause it just is.” It’s fake because everything you’ve explained is true! Your amazing for writing this 😉


  422. Imane says:

    This blog is based on reality. Jelena is fake, you can say it’s not, but deep inside, the most people know that it’s fake.

  423. i read this like 3 times.. but i dont know what i have to think.. i think this is true, cause you found some good things out.

  424. Patricia says:

    Once again thank you girls for exposing Jelena! I knew that they were fake since news about them first came out. Im older than most of you on here, so I know how the Hollywood game gets played. Im just happy that its finally coming out, and that more people are realizing its all a lie. I still love Justin to death and want him to be happy, but not with Selena, cause she’s a famewhore.

  425. nicole says:

    i agree 100% with you.
    shes a total bitch who only wants attention.
    I now do not belive in jelena, thank you for telling me selenas real side
    *unfollowing Selena on twitter

  426. Lauren says:

    Not goin to lie… Lots of points were made. Some I think make Jelena sound sketchy. Anyways, I also find it fishy how Selena also makes FRIENDSHIPS with the “it” stars. ex: Taylor Swift. Miley Cyrus..? And others. You guys should do a blog about that.. Not only is she dating people for limelight, but creating friendships. Haha, Selena. Doesn’t sound too surprising these days.

  427. hailey says:

    so u honestly think that its not fake at all…helllloooooooooo….look at the facts here. all the pictures are fake you can totally tell they are and im sure this is a publicity stunt for selena mainly nothing against her imma fan but this is sooo true!!!its all a lie for fame and money nothing more!!! and im sorry if no one thinks the same but stop bein so denial, get ur head out ur butt, and look at the facts and think like a smart person would about this…duhh! and selena did previously state the fact, “i am not in love with him.” talking bout justin so poor him he’ll get a broken heart and that girl gets money!!!i hate her for that right now.

  428. […] Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline (via XOXOPLB) Posted on May 7, 2011 by xoxosweeties We all have our own opinions. If you're a huge Jelena supporter it's YOUR choice to read or not to read. We're not forcing you to do anything. We're proving a point. You don't have to read anything you don't want to. We're just taking this into another perspective instead of the "perspective" of the people making MONEY off of 'Jelena' and the perspective of Jelenators saying everything Justin and Selena do is perfect. Howdy again, perceptive read … Read More […]

  429. Vikki says:

    wouw, your guess are sooooo stuppit! do you belief this thing? everybody can do this! it don’t need to bee the true! selena gomez is bat? come on! think a little moment! justin bieber love’s here and you are sooo fans of hem ore not? he dont love selena gomez if she is bat?! what’s that for reason?! am not so fan from justin bieber but if selena gomez happy is with him, than okeej! but you guess don’t need to belief me, think wath you wan’t, but this blog is not the true! am sorry!

  430. love2love says:

    bless this post.

    You are so right

  431. Reuof says:

    I agree

  432. Biebersgirl says:

    I don’t know who wrote this, but I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!

  433. poppy says:




  434. barbie says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I couldn’t agree more with it! I’m not hating on either of them, I’m a Justin fan, but isn’t it funny how when The Jonas Brothers were the big thing, Selena was dating the most famous,Nick? Also when Twilight was big, she was supposedly dating Taylor? She knows how big Justin is ‘dating’ him she knows it will do nothing but bring her more fame and attention. I also think that because Justin has probably nearly always had a crush on her he’s oblivious to what she’s up to! Everything happens for a reason thoughm so only time will tell how ‘Jelena’ results!

  435. Madison says:

    I really hate when people like u make shit up like this! Leave them be… I’m sure u just might have something better to do then trash others! Kk! Bye

  436. Madison says:

    U guys really gonna let some idiot writer who knows nothing about the shit she’s talking bout get to u? And make u believe that everything she sais is true? She doesnt live their lives and neither do u guy! Kkk bye

  437. Natalie says:

    I love this post♥ I always knew Jelena was fake, ts just sad that Justin is lying to his fans,and we love him so much, why is he lying? he told the beliebers that he would NEVER lie to his fans…Oh Justin..

  438. merna says:

    this totally makes sense! and oh my God, in that one picture, she is like shoving his face into her boobs. I’m a belieber, and it’s gonna be sad if Justin Bieber is heartbroken once this ends. 😦

  439. Chloe says:

    Thank you for making this site by exposing the truth. I never had liked Selena before and never will. I knew she was fake and just wanted fame. She is always dating guys around and then breaking up with them for money and fame. Once she breaks up with Justin, I’d be laughing. Get real, Selena. Before I get hater replies, don’t even make a big deal about my comment because I’m just expressing my opinion and don’t need some bullsht of your lame hater comeback. Face the fact that Jelena is FAKE! I’m glad there’s proof to this site. Thank you!

    • bre says:

      oh trust me i 90% agree with u! I dnt HATE Selena I just dnt care much for her……personally in person she seems VERY annoying….

  440. Helllo says:

    the iphone part is wrong.. the iphone picture wasnt an iphone 4 it was an iphone 3

  441. ahlexiababe says:

    Selena is just a tweeker!

  442. bre says:

    SEE!!! i knew it wasn’t just me who was catching on to little things like that. Even my MOM thought things we’re a little strange….and my mom could care less about the two…..That just show how even the “small town boy from Canada” who is “just a normal kid” and get sucked into hollywood fakeness. And to be perfectly honest….am I the only one who didnt care much for Selena BEFORE she and Justin were even mention in a sentence together? I really thought Justin Bieber would be the one to give us normal people a voice and not get sucked into hollywood reality. Truthfully, I’ve been having second thoughts on even being his fan. But then there’s that part of me that thinks…..maybe SHE’S using HIM. And him being the naive,nice, and caring person her is just isn’t use to people using him. Like Jasmine, they were said to be dating but did you see them in public together CONSTANTLY or tweeting each other CONSTANTLY with silly little nothings that you COULD text over phone. I’m not saying that u HATE the idea of Jelena its just…lets put it like this…..if I were to become famous I wouldn’t be suprised if I somehow met and became BEST friends with Selena…..

  443. M. says:

    I agree so daamn much. 😀 . Finally someone has written everything I ( and lot of other girls) are still thinking ’bout this. Finally. It’s so damn faked. U can see that.
    Pictures of moments in the internet, but actually no paparazzies were there? “Yeaa.come on. Let’s take a picture and put it on the internet.”
    Come on.. Selena and especially her mother need that to push up her career. Loser. Very pitiful . But honestly I just can laugh about it. It’s her career, not mine. 😀
    And Justin’s fans will keep supporting him, so he’s nothing to lose. 😉

  444. Emma says:

    i think selena is using justin for more publicity because she was ‘hugging’ and giving flirty eyes at another guy(Cory from Glee) at the kids choice awards dont believe me type ‘selena cheating on justin’ on google images and youll see

  445. Maddie says:

    All of this is bullshit. He is a teenager. If you believe this so much then LET him make mistakes. It’s part of being a teenager. You need to focus on your life before you right a 10000 word essay and how much you hate Justin for growing up and experiencing life.

  446. Jane says:

    did they really breakupp? i hope they did because this is so true. even my mom wants them to breakup. she saw a picture of them in a magazine from when they first started “dating” and she was appalled. she said, “this is absolutely disgusting! he is only like 15 and shes 18 cant she date anyone her own age and leave him alone?”

  447. gabby says:

    i’m not trying to hate or anything, but why do you care? you do know that justin most likely won’t read this, and it’s not gonna change anything…it doesn’t make a difference if the fans know if selena is using justin or whatever, and it’s not like they’re gonna break up because of what the fans say. so…not hating just telling you the truth.

  448. Alyssa says:

    OHMYGOSH, i knew it was fake all along. this just proved my point even more.

  449. Abby Warren says:

    Yes um great perspective and all but I think that Justin is in love and Selena is faking it……. She just wants him for popularity! One of her tweets was “I’m dating the most popular guy on Earth. Be jealous bitches….. Ummm- if that doesn’t show anything idk what does

  450. Alright, I have to support Jelena whether I want to or not. I’m a die hard Belieber.. and thats just the small price I pay. I’d like to say That the wholoe “finger incident” was definitly just Justin.. He cusses on a daily bases. But so do all of us,i’m sure! Second, I think Selena is gorgeous.. but I agree it’s a publicity stunt. I’m praying they don’t end because Justin will be crushed. Then again if it is fake, it needs to end sooner so it’ll be easier for him to get over it. Now, I don’t think this is Selenas doing.. More like their “peoples” doing, as this article says. So no, I’m not a selenator, and i’m not blaming her either.

  451. Belle Orlina says:

    OMB. THIS! THIS! THIS…. MAKES ABSOLUTELY PURRRRRRRFECT SENSE. thank you for this post. 🙂 God Bless this!

  452. asdjfkljaskl says:

    i one hundred percent agree with this article, i’ve always felt there was something shifty about ‘jelena’ especially today after the twitter footage with an attached article ‘justin bieber and selena gomez suprise ernie halter’ which had a link in the comments to ‘full version’where we here justin saying ‘my beautiful girlfriend’ its all bull shit, and it all adds up. the only issue is when did justin turn from an artist who makes music for the music into a celebrity involved in scandals and wanting money? scooter must be pushing this hard, because it doesnt seem very justin to me.

  453. Kerrin says:

    I’m laughing hysterically because I started reading like well, maybe there is some actual proof. This is not proof, you are assuming things of off stuff that could mean anything, what has happened to the world where everything just has to be fake because we say so?

  454. endjelenaforever says:

    i’m happy if hes happy, but i honestly cant take this.shes clearly using him, im not sure if he knows it or not but he seems to genuinely like her. its sad, and i dont want to see him get hurt but i cant wait til she moves on to the next big thing and ends jelena. she even said she was in love with jesse mcartney when she was younger and absolutely ‘hated’ and ‘stalked’ his girlfriend. i’m confident that this relationships fake, but if it isnt, i’m positive its not one hundred percent real, im certain, there are so many little things that never add up.

  455. will bieber fever ever end……?

  456. Kelly says:


    I just thought of something. Does anybody remember Bennifer (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) and how they were publicized ad naseum? I may be wrong, but this “relationship” seems to be a lot like that. At least Jennifer and Ben were both adults.

  457. Monica says:

    You can be right, and you can be wrong. We really dont know before Justin or Selena says it. I can see that you’re a fan of Justin, you take Justin side on this story. I’m sure you chould find some dirt about Justin if you tried, but you didn’t!
    So people we dont know if this is true, we only know it when Justin or Selena says it. Even though I can see you’re point of view in this story. But we really dont know yet.

  458. Sam says:

    That post is 100% true, Why would Selena suddenly ‘Love’ Him, u cant just instantly fall in love with someone that fast, if Selena reads this, Go get a real life Slutty hoemez -_-

  459. andrea says:

    i just don’t even get why they would fake a relationship, because Justin has lost so many fans because they’re apparently dating and all the beliebers are like jealous n shit, so i just don’t understand why he would even do it lol . just doesn’t make sence to meeeeee ! :/

  460. MT says:

    Wow. I really needed to see that. I really love Justin, and Selena but, now not so much Selena. I just really hope Justin’s not going to be really hurt. His heart is sweet and fragile. (: And that’s just so disrespectful and sad if Selena’s in it for the fame and money. And I just pray that Justin’s not having real deep feeling’s for her when he’s blinded by her fake interest and love for him just for his money and fame. Poor Justin , please realize soon that there are so many people out there who love you for you! – Not the fame and fortune! (Like me. (: Haha.)

  461. Ally says:

    GOOD LORD ALMIGHY!!! Thank you so damn much for this post. I like want to marry it. It makes sooo much sense. And to people who don’t believe it are dumbass’s, cause it’s staring at them point blank in the face. All the evidence is there!:)

  462. Banzy says:

    Jelena is totally fake…..its all for publicity >.<

  463. Angela says:

    i love this post so much. hahah but what im confused about is to why justin bieber would agree to this publicity stunt. i thought he was better than that 😦

  464. U Dont Care says:

    I don’t really care if it’s fake or not. I read this with an open mind but none of this is fact as it says, it’s all opinion. I wish this was biased it would of helped with the argument/proof but it’s not they have a hard on for bieber. This just sounds like more Justin fans in denial. Epic Fail my opinion but they would call it fact.

  465. Anon says:

    This is a biased website (you obviously do not like Selena). So of course you do not like her relationship. Some of your point are EXTREMELY invalid, and my opinion was not changed.

  466. Brenana says:

    I got bored reading this hole thing so byee

  467. Selena says:

    I think this post is nonsense i mean come one maybe they are but why does everyone have to get all up in their business

  468. Grace says:

    i dont necessarily like the couple but i cant imagine justin doin that 😦 theres no doubt hes changed and those recent photos in hawaii at the beach are sorta groose (like they didnt have to do that while surrounded by papps) anyway i will always support justin but that dont mean i have to support jelena ❤

  469. Klarissa says:

    Okay lolz .. i knew there was sumtin like that i just never added things together like this and to be honest u guys forgot one thing that adds all SHE said on May 19, 2011 she will NOT marry justin .. here is the link : .. how bout u guys add that to haha ❤ IM IN LOVE WITH THIS SITE

  470. Leanna says:

    Well if you’re thinking why the hell Selena would fly all the way to meet Justin..(and that will cause more media attention) hey, there’s a thing called investment. Like PLB said, they want attention, money.. And obviously they get attention and more money from getting well known by people!

    The more they invest, the more fame they get from all the publicity, the more money they get!! Technically.. And what, Selena gets hate, death threats etc, but she or they get attention!! Again, more money from being known to more people that start to buy their CDs and stuff. Well to is more worth it than the pain she has to overcome, I guess. Basically getting into the whole celebrity industry is like selling your soul to them and yeah you gotta face the risks.. There’s no way you can get to the top without having to sacrifice something.

    Tbh I regret (yeah say all you want I’m not a true fan or whatever) spending my money on Justin and he repays me (us) with all this ‘get-more-money’ stuff lol. (well probably it’s what all celebrities got to do) Yeah.. I hope I made some sense there.. And it’s normal for celebrities in this industry to make publicity stunts so they’ll be well known and more money they’ll get. It’s not always their fault you know.. So this comment basically doesn’t take on whoever’s side.

    Tbh English is not my mother tongue so..I don’t really know how to put it in words but..WELL! haha.

  471. sarah says:

    totally i agree never sayy never and i think he prolly does become a bish wenn hes around her …bad influence!! lmao x)

  472. i really like Justin Bieber But not the SELENATORS cause i knew that JBiebs didnt like Selena G. and He is only joking of it. i know jbiebs first girl is miley cyrus. justin thought us that selena gomez is just the no. right? so i dont think that they have a relationships. and the point where the EXTRA reporters interviewed justin and justin says that SELENA is just his SPECIAL FRIEND! so thats my opinion Thanks for the space. I Really like it. We hate ELENATORS..

  473. sarah says:


  474. Jessa says:

    SO TRUE! She also dated Nick and Taylor L. , that was probably for publicity too. I can’t believe this. I used to think she was so down to earth and now I can’t stand her. Grrr. Can she just like disappear forever. I don’t even like Justin Bieber and I still hate her.

  475. chanii7babZz.![; says:

    I really hope this is real!;D

  476. Michayla says:

    I seriously think this is all true now that I think about it!! I mean I never really have liked Justin. I have always been a Selena fan. But now that Jelena has happened I think they will both go down hill ;/

    • Ali Carr says:

      I’ve been a fan of Justin and Selena and I agree. If they r faking it, us fans hold Justin and Selena’s career’s in our hands and we got them their and we can take it away very easily. No offense.

  477. Kaycee says:

    i use to like selena gomez but the fact that shes using Justin Bieber just for his fame. Shes going to hurt him and she is going to have alot of people mad at her. in the ellen video why does she say thanks to the cute couple mark if they really are not a couple.
    and i hate the fact that Justin has change and most of his changing happened during their relationship.
    you guys should do an update of it and show their hawaii trip.

  478. slutlena says:

    whoah!! i am looking for this one! You know guys, honestly… honest to goodness… I NEVER KNEW SELENA UNTIL SHE’S WITH JUSTIN and that “jelena” thing burst on twitter!!! Well, im asian and not a fan of disney, more on nickelodeon or cartoon network, u know what i mean. I never even heard of Waverly if not because of this article! LOL! But im telling the truth. And now, im really convinced that “JELENA”‘s fake. WHO’S WITH ME?????? Selena must be given the award: BEST ACTRESS IN A PRETENDING ROLE on the movie ‘Jelena: On the Making’.. LOL!

    PS: Pls pls pls… Pls. continue this blog about their latest HAWAII drama! (if you’re a bird, im a bird!).. THANK U SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! and sooo thank u for this one!

  479. Ali Carr says:

    Honestly, I never noticed that… then I read this post and I hate 2 say it but it changed my point of view on Jelena. Everything u just posted made absolute sense. Not kidding. I mean Justin acts so different around Selena and when they started “dating”, Justin acted different 24/7 in my POV. At first, when I found out that the middle finger was Canadian 4 “Hi” or “Hello” I was like, “Oh well he’s saying hi. No biggy.”. But when I saw that pic, u can tell by the look on his face that he’s definitely not saying “Hi.”. I agree with u about 86% 2 100% no offense. Thanks!

  480. SeVonnah says:

    i love this post.!!!

  481. Trisha says:

    WAIT, WHAT?! WOAH.. That’s alot, lol. i mean, haha I can’t read this right now BUT… If i got time, I will like I swear I will! 🙂 ermm… it’s just wow, bet this explain’s everything.. but yeah. i’d read it. xoxo. 😛 ps. my comment is boring -_____- xD

  482. caley says:

    i love selena and i uset to love justin but i want the old justin and selena back the one that cared about the fan just wanted to make them happy!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦

  483. I’m totaly agree with you 🙂

  484. EVERYTHING you just said about their “relationship” makes so much sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish Justin would be like he used to be because now hes so different! Justin doesnt need anymore publicity hes already the most famous man in the W.O.R.L.D and selena is alright i mean shes not nearly as popular as justin but i dont think they should be “dating” because its obviously so FAKE!

  485. Cara.. says:

    I wonder what Justin would say if he saw this. Maybe he’s blind to it all and really likes her, but she’s over here playing him. What if he saw this and realized what she’s doing? I just hope he knows what he’s doing. I would hate to see him get hurt so terribly. I mean he’s never that touchy and stuff with anyone else, except her. Maybe it’s just cause she’s older and he’s trying to impress her by showing her he isn’t a little kid that is all good and what not..

  486. slutlena says:

    Absolutely so sensible!!! Not a waste of time to read.. Everything has proof, a VALID PROOF.. I am law student and all I can say is… if this thing will be in court, you’ll surely win the case! LOL! No way there is a “lack of proof”. Selena, who USED TO BE anonymous in Asia, is now the most soundly name in schools, malls, etc.. It’s because she is dating Justin and using him for an obvious publicity thing. Her mom’s so clever! She made a mistake twice before, making Selena date Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner but to no success.. And now, Her camp is celebrating as they made the right choice of choosing Biebs.. Sadly, the boy has many loyal supporters whose minds and ears were closed about these things and they’re not even open for VALID and SENSIBLE proofs and explanations. I JUST HOPE BEFORE WE READ THIS, LET US FIRST ADJUST OUR EMOTIONS TO “NEUTRAL” MODE.. LET US BE UNBIASED & TRY OUR BEST TO UNDERSTAND THINGS BY OPENING OUR MINDS INSTEAD OF STICKING TO WHAT WE BELIEVE IS TRUE…… AND AFTER WE READ ALL OF THESE, ASK YOURSELVES IF THESE THINGS DO REALLY MAKE SENSE, IF THESE PICS DO REALLY SYNC IN WITH THE EXPLANATIONS..

    I am not a Belieber, not even a Selenator.. I know Justin just because of his famous songs, but i don’t know anything about him aside from his songs. I didn’t know Selena, but I know her thru Justin.. I based my opinions thru this article, and all i can say as a conclusion: SELENA GOMEZ IS USING JUSTIN BIEBER, but Justin Bieber has a real feelings for her. JUSTIN BIEBER is aware of what they’re doin’, he is aware of what Selena’s doin’.. But because he likes her, he doesn’t care.. All he cares is to act as if he’s older than GOMEZ and impress her, even he’s going beyond the boundaries and doing undesirable things..——————————-end.

  487. monica cardenas says:

    i think, that its FAKE! thanks for letting me realize it (: you rock! but also, i think selena is doing it to become famous, and justin is really falling for her…

  488. Butneversayneverright says:

    i hate this why do they have to help out selena gomez i just hate this

  489. Abigail_Moreno101 says:

    Well, I really do believe in all this shit. Selena and Demi used to be people I looked up to, but selena is acting like a bitch right now, she forgot about Demi and turned Justin into a faggot. Somebody should send this whole post to Selena.

  490. Lark says:

    Wait, what? I think I just wasted 30 minutes reading something that doesn’t really concern me/I don’t care about. Oh well, it was interesting nonetheless. ;]

  491. God bless you. .
    This is all true. All of it. People think Justin and Selena are picture perfect, but sadly, its not the case. I totally agree with everything. This is an amazing post and a MUST READ!
    Honesty, couldn’t agree more!
    Its like you took the words right out of my mouth. .
    I love you for this post!
    You have the balls to do what most don’t!

  492. Larah Mae says:

    so true true about evrything……. fuck selena

  493. roseheart says:

    so true and im not jealous i love his songs and his hair lol but i realized i cant love him if i dont know him he could really be a real jerk but im still one of his #1 fans.

  494. BiebersGirl says:

    i HONESTLY thought that from the beginning,. but then he tweeted that what they have is difficult but real or something like that. and im just like “Hey hes happy. big woop. let him enjoy it.” But now everythings falling into place. THANK YOU FOR THIS ❤

  495. Mackenzie. says:

    I’m not all that into Bieber, but reading this then reading comments: you people are absolutely nuts. I find nothing wrong with Selena. You have to understand, Justin’s a teenage boy. So, who cares if he flipped off this person or that. Wouldn’t you get kind of pissed having a bunch of nut bags trying to get your picture; you’re bound to flash the finger or punch someone. Meh, sure it’s Hollywood. Leave it alone.

  496. bella says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so true it makes sense now! My dad kept telling me ‘trust me its hollywood, its fake’ & at the time I sort of believed it was fake but I didnt really know. But now seeing this explain it to me it finally makes sense, & all the pieces have fallen into place.
    Im Justin’s fan and it doesnt really bother me that their dating because he seems really happy. However, it does seem like Selena is using him because of his fame and his gonna get hurt sooner of later.
    Just think about this for a second, Selena is always dating the most famous guy at the time I mean Nick Jonas, then Taylor Lautner, and now Justin Bieber. I do think that this article is true, & even though I might’n like it, I think as Justins fan I should be supporting him.
    (By the way, in the picture where Justin sticks the finger up, thats not him. He would never ever usually do that. But look who happens to be sitting next to him? Ms Gomez)

  497. Susan says:

    lol the only reason I’m ewed by ‘Jelena’ is because I always saw them having a brother/sister bond instead of dating. It just seems so wrong and awkward to me.

  498. Emily says:

    I agree 100% and Scooter and Selena’s mom has part too!
    I am so happy people agree with me and everyone!

  499. Celia says:

    i love this post and yes i think that scooter and mandy setup and planned out this whole publicity stunt but i think that justin does not like selena and i think that he is just helping out a friend and doing a friend a big favor i think justin still has some feelings for jasmine but none for selena at all

  500. Caitlyn says:

    I love this blog so much!!!!<333 and IMO, Justin is an extremely sweet guy with a big heart who will do anything for his girl, while guys just chase after Sel, mainly because of her looks……I think only a handful of guys would like her because of her personality……she dates all of the big stars in Hollywood (Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner) and then once someone new comes, she go gets that guy…..guys just worship her……they're are so many other great girls in Hollywood (Taylor Swift) yet they all seem to be in love with Selena for some reason……yeah I know she's gorgeous, but she seems kinda cold……idk just stating my opinion……and I've also noticed that when sel dated nick and Taylor, they never came out about their relationships, same thing with Justin……they were just hanging out and goofing off kissing and stuff, but never actually admitted it, and Selena decided to say that she was dating Justin the day before her album comes out…….that just proves Jelena is all publicity

  501. Caitlyn says:

    Also today I was reading Star magazine and there was an article on the best celeb beach bods and Selena was one of them, and the very first thing it said under her picture was “JUSTIN BIEBER’S LADY LOVE looks stunning…..” and then she even admitted to not eating. It said “she looks gorgeous, but not because of her diet! ‘I dont eat right. I eat all the things that are bad for me'”
    Once again, love your blog<3 don't listen to the haters

  502. aldanovianti16 says:

    I AGREE!! 100%

  503. Bieber says:

    And the fact that justin said Miley and Selena are beautiful but they are not his tipe and he wouldn`t dated them 😉

  504. BieberWhore says:

    i think this is a publicity stunt made by Scooter and Selena’s mom.

  505. Don'tWorryILoveYou says:

    Honestly I’m agreeing 100% with the blog but they aren’t being controlled, Justin is. Think about it….he dose whatever she wants him to do it’s lame now that’s he is with her he’s a robot. I never liked Selena seriously I mean I just never liked her yeah I watched her show herd her music and she was good but I just never liked her. I hate when I see her fans getting all excited about there Selena when she doesn’t care about the fans,she could get in twitter more. Whenever she’s on Facebook she is promoting something. Obviously she lies I don’t even need examples. To make it worse she’s snotty my best friends mom works at the radio station The Eagle which  is right next to the Kiss FM station she’d told me that she met her and I thought ohmygosh she met Selena whoa then she told me she was short and what she was wearing. After  she told me that she acted like she was all that and I just can’t stand the fact that Justin at of all people had to pick her I mean I wouldn’t of mined if he dated Miley or Demi. but what can we do we are the fans we will always love our Justin for her they’re two words FAME WHORE 🙂 
    Bieber Fever I ❤ XOXOPLB

  506. Ashley Mata says:

    i agree this is really good proof..but wow! i kinda knew tht it was publicity but since there were no proof i kinda believed that there goingg out..but now i know its all fake! & now i hate Selena even more because shes gunna end up hurtingg him & I DONT THINK JUSTIN diserves that! i mean im a belieber all da way i love Justin & all but i hate how he acts when he with her..he totally changes! & i juss hope that he dont get hurt ! but anyways this was relly good proof!

  507. Julie says:

    Still think its fake?? Think again. This is so not fake