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In New York

As if the matching dog tags, J and S henna tattoos and matching outfits at the Oscar party weren’t enough, the couple decided to take it to the next level and get matching Louis Vuitton bags. They probably got them when they went on that shopping date on Justin’s birthday, and poor Alfredo was the bag holder.

It’s like this couple never stops with trying to prove how in love they are, how they are just like every other couple, doing what other couples do and trying to seem normal. The couple was out and about today all over New York. From rock climbing, to grabbing lunch at Mc Donald’s, to shopping at the Nike store, to ending the day with a nice dinner, they were non stop on the go today. Again, for a couple that seems to like their privacy and doesn’t want people in their business they seem to be in the public eye 99% of the time they are together. While they were out Justin had stopped for a couple of the fans that had asked for pictures. As he took the pictures- he seen sporting a brand new Louis Vuitton backpack unlike his usual black back-pack he always has on.

A few hours before that @AdamBraun (Scooter’s brother) Twitpic’d a picture of Kenny holding a bag. It was a female bag, and in the background Selena and Justin were there. So people caught on to the fact that it was Selena’s bag. but they missed the part where that bag is the same bag as Justin’s new back-pack, but in purse version. If you look closely you could tell they’re alike.

Anyways, Justin and Selena seem to enjoy strolling all around New York. That fun is soon to end this weekend seeing as Selena will be heading out to London on July 5th to finish promoting her new album “When The Sun Goes Down”. She’ll also be meeting a couple of fans at a signing there. After that, I assume that she will begin rehearsals for her Summer tour- since that starts a few weeks after her UK trip. With that said, do you think that Justin will follow her to the UK? Or do you think they will call it quits before her tour begins? If so, What will their break-up excuse if they split this month?


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Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s

Hello there readers. So, just to warn you, this blog is about to take a little twist. And by little, I mean BIG twist. So sit tight and enjoy the ride. It’s YOUR choice to read this and take it all into perspective. And if you’re an obsessed Belieber or you think Justin is an innocent little Pop Star, you might not like this. So don’t read for your own good. Note, we’re not haters of any of the people mentioned in this, we’re just posting what we know and what has been sent/said. We’ve been asked to post about this hundreds of times. So we decided, why not? This post is a bit different. We’re gonna take it into the past, because we can’t move on about future gossip if all our readers aren’t aware of the past, right? Right. We won’t post all the stuff about Justin that have been emailed or all the pictures because we most likely do not want you to lose respect for him. But we’ll keep it short and simple. Narrowing it down to only 4 girls. Instead of 12. So.. Let’s start with the Biebex’s. —- Let’s start with, Shay Misuraca.

Shay Misuraca, I’m sure many of you have heard of her but not all of you. That’s only because she’s actually one of the few of Justin’s ex’s that doesn’t brag about dating him. She was Justin’s first love, and they dated for about 2+ years when he lived in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She was there before everything, the fame, fortune, and success.
But.. apparently they most likely never got over each other. Justin’s career was taking a big turn, when he landed a record deal with Usher, so he had to move to the States. therefore, ending Shay and Justin’s relationship. Here’s a picture of them hugging at Justin’s ‘going away’ party:

If it wasn’t for Justin moving out of Canada to Atlanta, Georgia, odds are they would of continued dating. It seems like they never fully ended their relationship.. and what you’re about to read, sure enough confirms that.

So as you all know, Justin goes back to his little hometown up in ‘ol Canada all the time. Whenever he’s on tour around that area, visiting family and friends, or just ‘hanging around. But what you don’t know is that when he’s back in town, he’s not only with Ryan and Chaz, but he’s with Shay as well. I’m sure a few of you remember when Shay tweeted this:

So Justin, Chaz, Ryan and Shay hung out that entire day. After those tweets, Shay never tweeted again that day. Later that night, Shay had a party and of course since Justin was in town, he went. They drank, smoked and overall had a great time. Just like what the ‘cool’ teens do these days right? But I think everyone knows there’s truth in this. We all know Ryan and Chaz have drank before and smoked. So what makes Justin any different? Let’s pause it right about here.. there’s been a lot of people saying Justin wouldn’t ever do those type of things. But what has Justin repeatedly said himself? “Never say Never!” Basically, his fans don’t know him as well as his friends, right? For all we know, Justin could be way different from portrayed. With that in mind, let’s keep going. Here’s some pictures of Shay and a few friends drunk and drinking before:

Anyways, I find it funny how Justin has said he’d never want to smoke or drink in his life and that he wouldn’t date a girl who did ‘those things.‘ That’s what they tell Justin to say. They want him to seem perfect. But he’s not. Sorry to break it to you all. I know many of you are going to remember the Skype convo from ih8bitches old blogs:Only iHB knows who the people were behind this Skype conversation. All we know is that they’re from Stratford, Ontario and that they know a lot more about Justin than we do. But one thing we will agree on about this, is that people think Justin is innocent. He isn’t. I don’t know how many times we can state that.

Again, Keep in mind that he is a regular teenager, so you can’t judge him or any of them on what they’ve done. Odds are you’ve probably done something just as bad. Yes, Justin has drunk and smoked. So have a lot of other teens. The only difference is he has to lie about it to keep this ‘perfect’ fake teen-star image. Which isn’t fair at all. But the Justin you see on TV is a lot different from the Justin you see with his friends. Justin on TV, is an act. But I must say, I respect the real Justin less. Let’s move on, shall we?

So smoking, drinking and having fun aren’t all Justin and Shay did that night. Ryan, Chaz and Justin slept over her house.. And let’s just say what happens next is the Justin that is hidden behind all the fame, fortune, paparazzi, and screaming fans. So basically that night, Justin gave Shay a Hickey. And I’m sure you all know how hickey’s are gotten 😉 (#GETSOMEBIEBERANDSHAY) Justin and her were making out and whatnot. Justin was kissing up all on her neck and God knows where else. Many of you remember when Chaz Somer’s Facebook was once un-private? Here’s what a girl posted on it:

This girl is supposedly also from Stratford. It was said that Chaz and her discussed about what Justin and Shay did all on the post, but then he deleted it to hide the fact. Who knows what else went on that night. All we know is, Shay is gorgeous, Justin is a horny teen boy = do the math. Honestly, I can’t say that we’re not surprised about this. I mean this whole topic we’re blogging about is like 7 months old. (We’re only posting it because a lot of our readers are curious and a lot of them have no idea about what went on) But it’s quite obvious. The way Justin acts when he’s around his friends, and the way he acts when he’s around the fame. Two different people. But we all have our own comfort zones. And when you’re in the spotlight, you have people telling you what you have to be and what you have to say. So odds are, no matter how much of a ‘big Belieber’ or whatever you call yourself of Justin, you don’t fully know him. Only his personal friends. There are many other stuff sent to us from people at Stratty parties where Justin happened to be. Saying that he was drunk, smoking and making out with girls. And there were pictures on someone’s Facebook but they deleted it. But we’ll skip that. Just clearing that up, and let’s continue with ‘Shustin.

Justin and Shay have managed to stay best friends and they still hang out. He even invited her to his Never Say Never movie premiere just a few months ago. Justin bought Shay, Chaz and a few of his other Canadian friends a limo to take them to the premiere in Toronto, Canada. Shay is friends with Ryan and Chaz of course, they live in the same neighborhood and they still talk. Whenever Justin’s in town, Shay is with all of them. They’ve hung out a lot this year when Justin was on Christmas break. There’s quite a lot of recent pictures of Shay and Justin but we won’t post them all. These two most definitely still have some sort of feelings for each other. Who knows what might happen in the future?

The next Biebex, everyone has heard of, Caitlin Beadles.

I’m sure you all know who she is. Justin and Caitlin met when he moved to Atl, Georgia. They met at church, to be exact. Justin and her were dating for a while, possibly over a year until he broke up with her in 2009 because his whole career was blooming. As you all know Caitlin went through a horrible accident in Summer of 2009, and Justin dated her again that year. They broke up again, not fully sure how. But they’ve been very good friends and Justin’s become quite close with Caitlin’s little brother, Christian Beadles, over the years. Justin talked openly about Caitlin in interviews, and a few of the songs he wrote in his first album and some in his second were about Caitlin. One of the songs, were “Never Let You Go” Who else finds it ironic that Justin says ‘never?’ Anyways, it’s almost sworn that they still like each other… but Caitlin’s feelings are apparently stronger.

This all sounds quite innocent right? Haha, I guess not. So last year, as you all are aware of, Justin went to the Bahamas sometime in June, and he brought Caitlin,  Christian, and some other friends along with him. At some point on the beautiful Island, Justin went to the hot teen club, Club Rush at the Bahamian resort.

Before we go on, here’s a video of Justin ‘jerking’ at Club Rush. Whoever snuck in their camera with all those security, did a good job *There were most definitely some Beliebers at that club, they scream so loud!*:

Besides all the numerous girls Justin dirty danced with, it was supposedly stated that Justin grinded with Caitlin on the dance floor. This was said to be a rumor, some kids that were at the club said no one even saw Caitlin. And again, there aren’t many pictures involved because you’re not allowed to take pictures there. If you do, you’ll get kicked out. And since the big Pop Star Justin Bieber was there, the security was extra tight with those rules. But! Justin wasn’t the only one #GettinSome. Christian Beadles danced with a few girls at the club too.

There’s also this other Skype conversation about Justin and Caitlin. We’re not 100% sure if this conversation you’re about to read is accurate. This is what we got. So we’ll post.

Some things in this seem to be true from what we know. Like how Justin was caught watching porn before.. well multiple times by his crew members. And how Justin hates when his friends think they have ‘fans.‘ This is from iHB, so they only know for sure who the person talking on the convo is. We don’t know who they are, won’t say or won’t post. This is just all we got sent. So whatever happened, happened. Anyways, dirty dancing wasn’t the only thing that went down in the Bahamas. It was also truth. Over the time, Justin and Caitlin (along with others) were in the Bahamas, there were rumors that Caitlin said she still had feelings for Justin, which no one would be really surprise about. It’s quite obvious they never really got over each other.

There’s not much to the Caitlin drama. Except the fact that there have been rumors spreading that Justin isn’t friends with the Beadles anymore. But that’s not true. Before he went on tour this year in March. He actually was in ATL and he spent some time with the Beadles. They’re still close. Maybe not as close as before, but we don’t think their friendship will end anytime soon, well not super soon anyways.

Next Biebex, Surprise surprise.. this also happened in the Bahamas, Shahnaz Alamgir.

Many have heard, many have assumed but not many know. Shahnaz Alamgir is one of the girls Justin has had ‘things’ with, except she never really dated Justin. Here’s how the story goes. So last Summer, the same time Justin brought Caitlin and Christian to the Bahamas with him, Justin met a girl on the beautiful beach of the Atlantis resort. To skip to the point, Justin invited her to go the Club Rush with him and they met up there later that night.

Shahnaz went to Club Rush with a friend and they met up with Justin. Sources (as in the teens that were there at the club) said that Justin and Shahnaz were flirty throughout the whole night. They dirty danced, and just hung out a lot over all at the club. They were there for many hours and Justin left at 2 am in the morning. (The next day Justin tweeted about the club saying nothing ‘illegal‘ happened. ‘All fun‘) Justin even kissed her when they were leaving the island club.It didn’t stop there though. There were some Beliebers at Club Rush that night and as you know some Beliebers are jealous fan-girls. Many of them exaggerated the whole story. Shahnaz didn’t give Justin a ‘lap dance’, they only grinded. They made out quite a few times, but he didn’t have his hand up her shirt and they didn’t have sex. And he most definitely did not finger her. Those were all lies and rumors which Shahnaz cleared out herself via Twitter and Formspring.

We’re sure he enjoyed having fun and getting loose that night. And fun with whatever else he did later… Also this conversation from Shahnaz’s Facebook at the time was screen-shotted by someone and leaked:

Like many of the girls, Justin is associated with, she got hate mail, death threats and tons of tweets from crazed fans. But all in all, Justin actually really liked Shahnaz. They had little “lovey dovey” tweets and statuses that were obviously directed toward each other at that time.

Some people say Shahnaz only posted that as her status because Justin tweeted it. But that’s where you’re wrong. As you can tell, from the time on the posts, Justin tweeted the Corinthians quote at 8:23 PM. Shahnaz’s Facebook status was at 14:10 (which in Western time is 1:50 PM), way before Justin tweeted. So they might have had their little ‘summer love‘ but as all of Justin’s exes, they remained very good friends. And by very good, I mean good 😉

Justin and Shahnaz seeing each other didn’t only end there. And apparently, neither did their feelings. Justin and Shahnaz see each other a lot actually. You’re probably wondering how, since she lives all the way in the UK, but they manage. I saved some of her answered questions about this specific topic:

Whenever Justin’s in town, he invites her to all the shows, meet & greets, and book signings. Justin seems to stay really close friend with all his ex ‘girls.’ He’s even met Shahnaz’s parents before and they’ve taken pictures together whenever they hang out. But Shahnaz keeps them to herself and doesn’t show off about it. Which is a good thing.

So you all know the song ‘Latin Girl’ by Justin Bieber? But what you don’t know is that the song, is not written for Jasmine Villegas or Selena Gomez.

Yes, we’re aware that Jasmine and Selena have ethnics from Latin America. But apparently so does Shahnaz. And her story seems to fit Justin’s song description very well. So as you all know, Justin and Shahnaz met on the beach in the resort while he was on vacation. Justin was chillin out at the beach and when he saw Shahnaz, he thought she was cute, so he went up to her and talked to her. — Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

“I was at the beach, yeah, I was on vacation. I was doing nothing I was just sitting’ patient. Then you walked by, you caught my eye. I said who’s this girl, she’s lookin’ super fly.” – Latin girl by Justin Bieber.

Is it me, or does that fit the description perfectly? I mean it can’t be about Selena because Justin knew Selena for years before 2010 and before he wrote that song. In the song it stated “I’ve never seen you before.” and if it was for Selena, that’s impossible. Because Selena’s been really famous since 2006 so we’re sure Justin would of heard of her. Same with Jasmine, they met through their people. Not on the beach or anything. Shahnaz doesn’t seem to hide the fact that Justin wrote the song for her either. She’s been asked many times about it on Formspring, she kinda tries to avoid it, but still makes it a bit obvious:

As you can see it’s quite obvious Justin enjoys writing songs for the girl’s he’s had things with. And the question “what were you wearing when you caught his eye?” refers to Latin Girl, where Justin says “You caught my eye.” But at least we know this little fact, if you want to catch Justin’s attention, be stunningly beautiful and wear a black bikini.

Next we have Jasmine Villegas.

There’s not one belieber that has never heard of Ms. Villegas. She starred as Justin’s love interest in the ‘Baby‘ music video. And Justin’s ‘baby,‘ she became. Around October, pictures of Justin and Jasmine kissing in the back on a Honda vehicle (driven by Mr. Alfredo Flores, I might add) were released by paparazzi to TMZ and other sources.

Of course, they tried to cover it up. Whenever Justin was asked if he was dating Jasmine at interviews, he would say he’s “single” and that “it was just a kiss.” Therefore many people believed they weren’t dating. That they ‘only kissed.‘ But the sad part is, they were dating. For a good strong couple of months at that. Why do you think Justin kept Jasmine on tour for so long? She was suppose to end her touring with him in their Hawaii stop, but an insider told Us Weekly “But Justin wanted her there, so he made it happen.” So someone actually had Jasmine Villegas’s real private Facebook. Back then, Jasmine had her name under Marie Vales. Someone that added her from months ago went snooping through her Facebook and saved  some of her statuses she had on there before Jasmine realized she didn’t know them, and then deleted them. These are some pictures of her statuses from Facebook *these are not in complete order*:

Jasmine and Justin were dating for a few months actually. He lied, they didn’t ‘just kiss.‘ It was said that a few weeks after those pictures of them kissing in the back of the car were released Jasmine and him broke up. She said it would be better off if they were just friends. What we find awkward is that Jasmine’s earlier tweets from August are around the time Justin and Shay rekindled their flame one night in Stratford. It’s like he did whatever that night with Shay on August 23, then August 25 when he’s back to touring with Jasmine and his crew, Jasmine and him start dating. Oh Justin, you little player. Someone close to Jasmine has said that Justin actually tried to get in Jasmine’s pants during tour. There was a time they were on tour and Justin invited Jasmine to his hotel room, but he got mad because she brought a friend, so he couldn’t get any action. Again, we’re not 100% sure on what they stated was true. But I will say, we all can’t be surprised if it is. A lot of his ex’s have stated that Justin is quite flirty. Even Shahnaz when asked. Some even said he’s not what everyone thinks. So whatever went down with Jasmine and Justin could either be good or bad. ‘Justmine‘ did a lot during tour that most likely signaled that they were dating. They hung out frequently and Justin and Jasmine even got matching key necklaces, that they wore when they were on tour:

Pictures of Jasmine wearing the key necklace:

They even got matching wrist bands, which were seen when they went to Hawaii on the boat. You must admit, they made a cute couple :


Do you guys know why ih8bitches stopped blogging? They were hacked. But that’s not the only reason. Justin actually DM’d them saying that they should stop posting stuff about him. It was said that Justin got grounded because of all the dirt they posted on him. Pattie went on Justin’s private Facebook and told all his friends to make theirs private also. The only reason Justin would get grounded is if everything they posted was true… because many blogs post about Justin and we’re sure he reads it. But he only got grounded for that one specific blog.. interesting. In the end, they promised him they wouldn’t post anymore. That’s why they stopped. Because he didn’t want the truth.

Of course there are MANY other girls Justin has dated or done things with [i.e; Kiersey, Kristen, Sara, etc] But we’ll save those stories for some other time. Justin isn’t perfect. Never has been, never will be. It’s just all these people and fans expecting him to be perfect. Wake up, he’s a teenager. 90% of teens drink, smoke, engage in sexual activities and what not. That ,doesn’t make him a bad person though. We did not post all the full details and all the dirt for a reason. We might in the nearer future, but the thing is, you guys will not like the truth. We’re not fond of Justin’s personality when he’s around his friends because of what he does when he’s with them and all the other stuff that’s happened. The stuff that you don’t know about. He is a regular person you know, we all make mistakes. So that doesn’t effect anyone. It shouldn’t effect you either, unless you thought Justin was a God or something then we have a problem. You’re fans because of his music right? Okay. So that’s that. So next time you go around worshiping the kid, remember all he’s done. Many people hold him up on a pedestal. And it’s sad to say, but you’re actually building his ego. And that’s how fame changes people, because people make them feel like they’re a higher power. Most of what you see on TV, is fake.  And if you’re still in denial that Justin would never do anything bad. Remember these words: Never Say Never.


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Niley, Niley, Niley…

Rough road, ey? Nina posted about Nelena/Jelena, Kimberly posted about Jelena and pretty much, Selena has been… you know.

So, lets take out Selena and Justin for a minute and focus on Nick Jonas. We haven’t heard about the Jonas Brothers have we? On twitter, I’ve been seeing, tweets like “So what if the Jonas’ lost their house or money?”. I am not a huge fan of the Jonas’ but, I like them and Nick.

Anywho, back to Niley. Miley was rumored to be back with her boyfriend Liam H. You know? The Last Song male star? Or was it Justin Gaston? That 20 something year old underwear model? But, a fan on twitter of Niley said that Miley is rumored to wanting to be back with Nick Jonas. Now, I saw that on my timeline from a non-Niley fan saying its bull shit and its fake. No username was given.

So, Niley was also rumored to have a duet again in Dallas and make an album together. The 2nd one is not probably true (though I wish it was) and the 1st is probably T R U E.

Now, I got this from a source.

TOP ALBUMS OF 2011, HUH?  I wonder what song there gonna sing for their duet. A romantic one, maybe? You know.. like BTS? 🙂

Anyway, this actually makes sense. Care to look at the tweets of these two stars.

That doesn’t prove anything. But it proves they still are close friends. Now, Nick? YES, Nick. He did not reply back but as you know, celebrities see other celebrities messages (you see them reply back and forth) and they don’t always go on twitter every day. So, I believe that this tweet was related to the one up there.

Many Niley fans believed that this was because Miley/Nick were friends again or because Miley tweeted Nick. Also, Miley followed Nick, Nick followed back which proves they are still friends.

I know what your thinking. “THIS WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME”.

Oh, sorry. Just wanted to prove a point. They don’t even have to be friends. They could be more then friends. Think this through, scan there tweets, and tell us at @XOXOPLB OR you can simply comment on this post.

I am going to post more things about Niley because I am a Niley fan (respect opinions)

XOXOPLB ;  Aleynah.

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