Sydney Dalton Drama Continues…

First off, I’m sure we’re all aware of who Sydney Dalton is. If not, here’s a summary of how her fame began:

Last year, around the Madison Square Garden big concert event. Sydney Dalton (@sydneydalton) was a Belieber, just like you all.  Sydney even met the Biebs multiple times. She posted a video last year with her friends on YouTube ripping up Bieber posters to symbolize that she was over her “Bieber Obsession” era.  Sadly, that didn’t go so well with Beliebers. Sydney deleted the video on YouTube but people still re-uploaded the video on their accounts. She got a countless amount of hate from Beliebers, death threats, Sydney got kicked out of one of the biggest Bieber Support Twitters: @BieberArmy and she was trending almost every day on Twitter last Summer.  Did I mention she would have been a movie star?  But Scooter kicked her off the Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” movie after all the drama that went down on Twitter.   Though being kicked off the NSN movie, Sydney was still able to attend Madison Square Garden for all the rehearsals and filming for Justin’s big MSG NYC showcase.  Slowly, the Twitter drama cooled down and Sydney stated that she was not a Belieber anymore. But guess what? She’s BACKKKKKKK!

Now the Twitter drama doesn’t revolve around Sydney and Bieber, it revolves around Sydney and One Direction. As you all know, a  little over a week ago Sydney met the new hot boy band, One Direction.  And of course, 1D fans were jealous and all the attention Sydney got from meeting 1D got her trending on the Twitter TT list:

Sydney then made a blog post on her Tumblr about how she met 1D then posted a video:

Here’s pictures Sydney took with One Direction:

From reading that post, viewing the pictures and watching the video you can tell that Sydney Dalton, her friends and One Direction had a blast that night. Let’s get into the post about her meeting 1D a little more. I’ve highlighted some things in the post that Sydney wrote that could have added to the reasons why One Direction fans were jealous and were sending her hate.

Sydney sure did get detailed in her 1D experience. Even the part about Harry staring at her ass could have alone could piss One Direction fans off.  Or maybe the part about Harry grinding on her (jokingly of course) could do the damage to 1D fans.

From searching through her Tumblr archive, this post from March came up:

I highlighted what Sydney said about whoever this person was claiming that she liked One Direction. Keep in mind readers, this post above was in MARCH. About 6 months before Sydney even met One Direction. But honestly, this is quite interesting. Sydney, as always, calls out Bieber fans. “MAKIN SHIT UP. typical bieber fans.” Though she used to be a BIG Belieber herself.  It’s only been 6 months and now she absolutely adores One Direction. Remember a few weeks ago BEFORE she met One Direction when her info box on Twitter didn’t even mention one thing about them? Things have changed:

Now that Sydney’s onto a new fan base, it’s pretty easy to just trash Beliebers all day now.

And let’s not forget the tweet that Sydney posted on Twitter then deleted:

If she has “bieber” in her twitter name #shestooyoungforyoubro

I find it funny that now is when she starts hating on Beliebers. The time when she joins a new fan group is when all these Bieber hate tweets come out. Let’s just hope that Sydney doesn’t rip up One Direction posters because then she’ll have to join the Cody Simpson fan group to hate on Directioners. Either way, it seems like her fame only comes from Twitter drama.

What are your views on Ms. Dalton? Do you feel that she deserves the hate that she’s getting from both Beliebers and Directioners? Are you a Dalton fan or could you just care less? Leave your comments below!


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19 thoughts on “Sydney Dalton Drama Continues…

  1. Lauren says:

    I think she an attention craving whore. kbye.

  2. Tamara says:

    haha her friends sound psycho in the video

  3. Yup says:

    I think she is irrelevant along with everything else or everybody else on the internet that I do not actually know in real life… that’s what I think.

  4. This girl Sydney Dalton is a horrible fan! She trashes Bieber posters, gets hate, then moves on to One Direction, then gets hate again. She caused all the drama with Beliebers, and she caused drama with us (Directioners). I cant believe that she is just moving around fanbases like this. She doesn’t deserve to meet the 1D boys, and completely doesnt deserve to be “famous” or even “twitter famous”. She will turn on Directioners and 1D later, when we think she isn’t causing drama. And Harry probably didnt even check her out or even grind on her. Plus there was other people around, not just her and her friend. Other 1D fans said that Harry and the boys were completely annoyed by her, and she kept trying to keep them around her.

  5. Mallory says:

    Sydney Dalton can leave. She’s a stupid insecure bitch, & we all know it. Emphasis on insecure. She does these stupid ass things to get attention, because by her face we can all tell she doesn’t get enough at home. 😉

  6. wow, se realy is a loser…

  7. Sydney Frift says:

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  8. xoxxxx says:

    Sydney wants to go from the hottest group to the next. She stated herself in that post that she never even heard 1d sing/perform or watch them, now 6 months later she swears she’s the biggest fan justin because she’s met them all. funny…

  9. Princess says:

    I think she says that because Bieber fans are crazy! Look on twitter especially that bitch Justice Nicolee she hated on Jelena and know since Scooter followed her she all like “Dont hate on Jelena” 2faced, need to get the Africans in St Louis to fix her braids cause yes ppl that’s a weave so not hers! Then if anyone say any thing that the Bieber twitter police don’t like u get hate and she one of the main monkey looking bitches

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  11. Patricia says:

    I hate Sydney Dalton. I got into two arguments with her on twitter after she started hating on beliebers. Im not a 1D fan at all, so I really don’t care that she got to meet them. But all the 1D fans that I know hate her too, so she’s not welcome in either fanbase now. I wouldn’t trust that bitch even if my life depended on it. As soon as I seen that Bieber poster vid, she was dead to me.

  12. Julie says:

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  13. Naja says:

    Sydney = Irrelevant. She’s “famous on the internet”…right. The only reason she ever comes up is like once or twice a year. She’s annoying and needs to get a life. I’ve never met someone that prided themselves on being hated on. It’s just…I feel sorry for her. She must not get attention from her parents if she needs attention from people she claims to hate online. Tsk. And if you look in the video she kept laughing like a psychopath. The boys all looked like they wanted to shoot themselves. And she claimed she was a big fan when she didn’t even know Niall’s twitter…right.

  14. mia says:

    Dear 1D fans… Go hide your 1D poster or she’ll rip it off.

  15. Willia Bloss says:

    I don’t normally comment on blogs.. But nice post! I just bookmarked your site

  16. Pheebs says:

    Everyone should just ignore this chick. she obviously wants attention. if shes just forgotton or not mentioned, she’ll deflate her big friggin head and get over herself.

  17. Victoria says:

    “i aint sayin she a gold digga but she aint messing with no broke nig*as.” just sayin.

  18. Ronnie says:

    No hate towards her but honestly, she sounds like a fame whoring bitch…..

  19. Heyy says:

    I think she deserves the hate cus she was also very rude to the bieber fans but I don’t feel like people should get hate for liking one direction an I don’t feel one direction should be getting hate they did nothing

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