Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s

Hello there readers. So, just to warn you, this blog is about to take a little twist. And by little, I mean BIG twist. So sit tight and enjoy the ride. It’s YOUR choice to read this and take it all into perspective. And if you’re an obsessed Belieber or you think Justin is an innocent little Pop Star, you might not like this. So don’t read for your own good. Note, we’re not haters of any of the people mentioned in this, we’re just posting what we know and what has been sent/said. We’ve been asked to post about this hundreds of times. So we decided, why not? This post is a bit different. We’re gonna take it into the past, because we can’t move on about future gossip if all our readers aren’t aware of the past, right? Right. We won’t post all the stuff about Justin that have been emailed or all the pictures because we most likely do not want you to lose respect for him. But we’ll keep it short and simple. Narrowing it down to only 4 girls. Instead of 12. So.. Let’s start with the Biebex’s. —- Let’s start with, Shay Misuraca.

Shay Misuraca, I’m sure many of you have heard of her but not all of you. That’s only because she’s actually one of the few of Justin’s ex’s that doesn’t brag about dating him. She was Justin’s first love, and they dated for about 2+ years when he lived in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She was there before everything, the fame, fortune, and success.
But.. apparently they most likely never got over each other. Justin’s career was taking a big turn, when he landed a record deal with Usher, so he had to move to the States. therefore, ending Shay and Justin’s relationship. Here’s a picture of them hugging at Justin’s ‘going away’ party:

If it wasn’t for Justin moving out of Canada to Atlanta, Georgia, odds are they would of continued dating. It seems like they never fully ended their relationship.. and what you’re about to read, sure enough confirms that.

So as you all know, Justin goes back to his little hometown up in ‘ol Canada all the time. Whenever he’s on tour around that area, visiting family and friends, or just ‘hanging around. But what you don’t know is that when he’s back in town, he’s not only with Ryan and Chaz, but he’s with Shay as well. I’m sure a few of you remember when Shay tweeted this:

So Justin, Chaz, Ryan and Shay hung out that entire day. After those tweets, Shay never tweeted again that day. Later that night, Shay had a party and of course since Justin was in town, he went. They drank, smoked and overall had a great time. Just like what the ‘cool’ teens do these days right? But I think everyone knows there’s truth in this. We all know Ryan and Chaz have drank before and smoked. So what makes Justin any different? Let’s pause it right about here.. there’s been a lot of people saying Justin wouldn’t ever do those type of things. But what has Justin repeatedly said himself? “Never say Never!” Basically, his fans don’t know him as well as his friends, right? For all we know, Justin could be way different from portrayed. With that in mind, let’s keep going. Here’s some pictures of Shay and a few friends drunk and drinking before:

Anyways, I find it funny how Justin has said he’d never want to smoke or drink in his life and that he wouldn’t date a girl who did ‘those things.‘ That’s what they tell Justin to say. They want him to seem perfect. But he’s not. Sorry to break it to you all. I know many of you are going to remember the Skype convo from ih8bitches old blogs:Only iHB knows who the people were behind this Skype conversation. All we know is that they’re from Stratford, Ontario and that they know a lot more about Justin than we do. But one thing we will agree on about this, is that people think Justin is innocent. He isn’t. I don’t know how many times we can state that.

Again, Keep in mind that he is a regular teenager, so you can’t judge him or any of them on what they’ve done. Odds are you’ve probably done something just as bad. Yes, Justin has drunk and smoked. So have a lot of other teens. The only difference is he has to lie about it to keep this ‘perfect’ fake teen-star image. Which isn’t fair at all. But the Justin you see on TV is a lot different from the Justin you see with his friends. Justin on TV, is an act. But I must say, I respect the real Justin less. Let’s move on, shall we?

So smoking, drinking and having fun aren’t all Justin and Shay did that night. Ryan, Chaz and Justin slept over her house.. And let’s just say what happens next is the Justin that is hidden behind all the fame, fortune, paparazzi, and screaming fans. So basically that night, Justin gave Shay a Hickey. And I’m sure you all know how hickey’s are gotten 😉 (#GETSOMEBIEBERANDSHAY) Justin and her were making out and whatnot. Justin was kissing up all on her neck and God knows where else. Many of you remember when Chaz Somer’s Facebook was once un-private? Here’s what a girl posted on it:

This girl is supposedly also from Stratford. It was said that Chaz and her discussed about what Justin and Shay did all on the post, but then he deleted it to hide the fact. Who knows what else went on that night. All we know is, Shay is gorgeous, Justin is a horny teen boy = do the math. Honestly, I can’t say that we’re not surprised about this. I mean this whole topic we’re blogging about is like 7 months old. (We’re only posting it because a lot of our readers are curious and a lot of them have no idea about what went on) But it’s quite obvious. The way Justin acts when he’s around his friends, and the way he acts when he’s around the fame. Two different people. But we all have our own comfort zones. And when you’re in the spotlight, you have people telling you what you have to be and what you have to say. So odds are, no matter how much of a ‘big Belieber’ or whatever you call yourself of Justin, you don’t fully know him. Only his personal friends. There are many other stuff sent to us from people at Stratty parties where Justin happened to be. Saying that he was drunk, smoking and making out with girls. And there were pictures on someone’s Facebook but they deleted it. But we’ll skip that. Just clearing that up, and let’s continue with ‘Shustin.

Justin and Shay have managed to stay best friends and they still hang out. He even invited her to his Never Say Never movie premiere just a few months ago. Justin bought Shay, Chaz and a few of his other Canadian friends a limo to take them to the premiere in Toronto, Canada. Shay is friends with Ryan and Chaz of course, they live in the same neighborhood and they still talk. Whenever Justin’s in town, Shay is with all of them. They’ve hung out a lot this year when Justin was on Christmas break. There’s quite a lot of recent pictures of Shay and Justin but we won’t post them all. These two most definitely still have some sort of feelings for each other. Who knows what might happen in the future?

The next Biebex, everyone has heard of, Caitlin Beadles.

I’m sure you all know who she is. Justin and Caitlin met when he moved to Atl, Georgia. They met at church, to be exact. Justin and her were dating for a while, possibly over a year until he broke up with her in 2009 because his whole career was blooming. As you all know Caitlin went through a horrible accident in Summer of 2009, and Justin dated her again that year. They broke up again, not fully sure how. But they’ve been very good friends and Justin’s become quite close with Caitlin’s little brother, Christian Beadles, over the years. Justin talked openly about Caitlin in interviews, and a few of the songs he wrote in his first album and some in his second were about Caitlin. One of the songs, were “Never Let You Go” Who else finds it ironic that Justin says ‘never?’ Anyways, it’s almost sworn that they still like each other… but Caitlin’s feelings are apparently stronger.

This all sounds quite innocent right? Haha, I guess not. So last year, as you all are aware of, Justin went to the Bahamas sometime in June, and he brought Caitlin,  Christian, and some other friends along with him. At some point on the beautiful Island, Justin went to the hot teen club, Club Rush at the Bahamian resort.

Before we go on, here’s a video of Justin ‘jerking’ at Club Rush. Whoever snuck in their camera with all those security, did a good job *There were most definitely some Beliebers at that club, they scream so loud!*:

Besides all the numerous girls Justin dirty danced with, it was supposedly stated that Justin grinded with Caitlin on the dance floor. This was said to be a rumor, some kids that were at the club said no one even saw Caitlin. And again, there aren’t many pictures involved because you’re not allowed to take pictures there. If you do, you’ll get kicked out. And since the big Pop Star Justin Bieber was there, the security was extra tight with those rules. But! Justin wasn’t the only one #GettinSome. Christian Beadles danced with a few girls at the club too.

There’s also this other Skype conversation about Justin and Caitlin. We’re not 100% sure if this conversation you’re about to read is accurate. This is what we got. So we’ll post.

Some things in this seem to be true from what we know. Like how Justin was caught watching porn before.. well multiple times by his crew members. And how Justin hates when his friends think they have ‘fans.‘ This is from iHB, so they only know for sure who the person talking on the convo is. We don’t know who they are, won’t say or won’t post. This is just all we got sent. So whatever happened, happened. Anyways, dirty dancing wasn’t the only thing that went down in the Bahamas. It was also truth. Over the time, Justin and Caitlin (along with others) were in the Bahamas, there were rumors that Caitlin said she still had feelings for Justin, which no one would be really surprise about. It’s quite obvious they never really got over each other.

There’s not much to the Caitlin drama. Except the fact that there have been rumors spreading that Justin isn’t friends with the Beadles anymore. But that’s not true. Before he went on tour this year in March. He actually was in ATL and he spent some time with the Beadles. They’re still close. Maybe not as close as before, but we don’t think their friendship will end anytime soon, well not super soon anyways.

Next Biebex, Surprise surprise.. this also happened in the Bahamas, Shahnaz Alamgir.

Many have heard, many have assumed but not many know. Shahnaz Alamgir is one of the girls Justin has had ‘things’ with, except she never really dated Justin. Here’s how the story goes. So last Summer, the same time Justin brought Caitlin and Christian to the Bahamas with him, Justin met a girl on the beautiful beach of the Atlantis resort. To skip to the point, Justin invited her to go the Club Rush with him and they met up there later that night.

Shahnaz went to Club Rush with a friend and they met up with Justin. Sources (as in the teens that were there at the club) said that Justin and Shahnaz were flirty throughout the whole night. They dirty danced, and just hung out a lot over all at the club. They were there for many hours and Justin left at 2 am in the morning. (The next day Justin tweeted about the club saying nothing ‘illegal‘ happened. ‘All fun‘) Justin even kissed her when they were leaving the island club.It didn’t stop there though. There were some Beliebers at Club Rush that night and as you know some Beliebers are jealous fan-girls. Many of them exaggerated the whole story. Shahnaz didn’t give Justin a ‘lap dance’, they only grinded. They made out quite a few times, but he didn’t have his hand up her shirt and they didn’t have sex. And he most definitely did not finger her. Those were all lies and rumors which Shahnaz cleared out herself via Twitter and Formspring.

We’re sure he enjoyed having fun and getting loose that night. And fun with whatever else he did later… Also this conversation from Shahnaz’s Facebook at the time was screen-shotted by someone and leaked:

Like many of the girls, Justin is associated with, she got hate mail, death threats and tons of tweets from crazed fans. But all in all, Justin actually really liked Shahnaz. They had little “lovey dovey” tweets and statuses that were obviously directed toward each other at that time.

Some people say Shahnaz only posted that as her status because Justin tweeted it. But that’s where you’re wrong. As you can tell, from the time on the posts, Justin tweeted the Corinthians quote at 8:23 PM. Shahnaz’s Facebook status was at 14:10 (which in Western time is 1:50 PM), way before Justin tweeted. So they might have had their little ‘summer love‘ but as all of Justin’s exes, they remained very good friends. And by very good, I mean good 😉

Justin and Shahnaz seeing each other didn’t only end there. And apparently, neither did their feelings. Justin and Shahnaz see each other a lot actually. You’re probably wondering how, since she lives all the way in the UK, but they manage. I saved some of her answered questions about this specific topic:

Whenever Justin’s in town, he invites her to all the shows, meet & greets, and book signings. Justin seems to stay really close friend with all his ex ‘girls.’ He’s even met Shahnaz’s parents before and they’ve taken pictures together whenever they hang out. But Shahnaz keeps them to herself and doesn’t show off about it. Which is a good thing.

So you all know the song ‘Latin Girl’ by Justin Bieber? But what you don’t know is that the song, is not written for Jasmine Villegas or Selena Gomez.

Yes, we’re aware that Jasmine and Selena have ethnics from Latin America. But apparently so does Shahnaz. And her story seems to fit Justin’s song description very well. So as you all know, Justin and Shahnaz met on the beach in the resort while he was on vacation. Justin was chillin out at the beach and when he saw Shahnaz, he thought she was cute, so he went up to her and talked to her. — Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

“I was at the beach, yeah, I was on vacation. I was doing nothing I was just sitting’ patient. Then you walked by, you caught my eye. I said who’s this girl, she’s lookin’ super fly.” – Latin girl by Justin Bieber.

Is it me, or does that fit the description perfectly? I mean it can’t be about Selena because Justin knew Selena for years before 2010 and before he wrote that song. In the song it stated “I’ve never seen you before.” and if it was for Selena, that’s impossible. Because Selena’s been really famous since 2006 so we’re sure Justin would of heard of her. Same with Jasmine, they met through their people. Not on the beach or anything. Shahnaz doesn’t seem to hide the fact that Justin wrote the song for her either. She’s been asked many times about it on Formspring, she kinda tries to avoid it, but still makes it a bit obvious:

As you can see it’s quite obvious Justin enjoys writing songs for the girl’s he’s had things with. And the question “what were you wearing when you caught his eye?” refers to Latin Girl, where Justin says “You caught my eye.” But at least we know this little fact, if you want to catch Justin’s attention, be stunningly beautiful and wear a black bikini.

Next we have Jasmine Villegas.

There’s not one belieber that has never heard of Ms. Villegas. She starred as Justin’s love interest in the ‘Baby‘ music video. And Justin’s ‘baby,‘ she became. Around October, pictures of Justin and Jasmine kissing in the back on a Honda vehicle (driven by Mr. Alfredo Flores, I might add) were released by paparazzi to TMZ and other sources.

Of course, they tried to cover it up. Whenever Justin was asked if he was dating Jasmine at interviews, he would say he’s “single” and that “it was just a kiss.” Therefore many people believed they weren’t dating. That they ‘only kissed.‘ But the sad part is, they were dating. For a good strong couple of months at that. Why do you think Justin kept Jasmine on tour for so long? She was suppose to end her touring with him in their Hawaii stop, but an insider told Us Weekly “But Justin wanted her there, so he made it happen.” So someone actually had Jasmine Villegas’s real private Facebook. Back then, Jasmine had her name under Marie Vales. Someone that added her from months ago went snooping through her Facebook and saved  some of her statuses she had on there before Jasmine realized she didn’t know them, and then deleted them. These are some pictures of her statuses from Facebook *these are not in complete order*:

Jasmine and Justin were dating for a few months actually. He lied, they didn’t ‘just kiss.‘ It was said that a few weeks after those pictures of them kissing in the back of the car were released Jasmine and him broke up. She said it would be better off if they were just friends. What we find awkward is that Jasmine’s earlier tweets from August are around the time Justin and Shay rekindled their flame one night in Stratford. It’s like he did whatever that night with Shay on August 23, then August 25 when he’s back to touring with Jasmine and his crew, Jasmine and him start dating. Oh Justin, you little player. Someone close to Jasmine has said that Justin actually tried to get in Jasmine’s pants during tour. There was a time they were on tour and Justin invited Jasmine to his hotel room, but he got mad because she brought a friend, so he couldn’t get any action. Again, we’re not 100% sure on what they stated was true. But I will say, we all can’t be surprised if it is. A lot of his ex’s have stated that Justin is quite flirty. Even Shahnaz when asked. Some even said he’s not what everyone thinks. So whatever went down with Jasmine and Justin could either be good or bad. ‘Justmine‘ did a lot during tour that most likely signaled that they were dating. They hung out frequently and Justin and Jasmine even got matching key necklaces, that they wore when they were on tour:

Pictures of Jasmine wearing the key necklace:

They even got matching wrist bands, which were seen when they went to Hawaii on the boat. You must admit, they made a cute couple :


Do you guys know why ih8bitches stopped blogging? They were hacked. But that’s not the only reason. Justin actually DM’d them saying that they should stop posting stuff about him. It was said that Justin got grounded because of all the dirt they posted on him. Pattie went on Justin’s private Facebook and told all his friends to make theirs private also. The only reason Justin would get grounded is if everything they posted was true… because many blogs post about Justin and we’re sure he reads it. But he only got grounded for that one specific blog.. interesting. In the end, they promised him they wouldn’t post anymore. That’s why they stopped. Because he didn’t want the truth.

Of course there are MANY other girls Justin has dated or done things with [i.e; Kiersey, Kristen, Sara, etc] But we’ll save those stories for some other time. Justin isn’t perfect. Never has been, never will be. It’s just all these people and fans expecting him to be perfect. Wake up, he’s a teenager. 90% of teens drink, smoke, engage in sexual activities and what not. That ,doesn’t make him a bad person though. We did not post all the full details and all the dirt for a reason. We might in the nearer future, but the thing is, you guys will not like the truth. We’re not fond of Justin’s personality when he’s around his friends because of what he does when he’s with them and all the other stuff that’s happened. The stuff that you don’t know about. He is a regular person you know, we all make mistakes. So that doesn’t effect anyone. It shouldn’t effect you either, unless you thought Justin was a God or something then we have a problem. You’re fans because of his music right? Okay. So that’s that. So next time you go around worshiping the kid, remember all he’s done. Many people hold him up on a pedestal. And it’s sad to say, but you’re actually building his ego. And that’s how fame changes people, because people make them feel like they’re a higher power. Most of what you see on TV, is fake.  And if you’re still in denial that Justin would never do anything bad. Remember these words: Never Say Never.


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268 thoughts on “Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s

  1. Me says:

    I read all of this and more when ih8bitches were around, I have the entire blog saved from months ago. Fair enough a lot of beliebers didn’t see it but I think you should dish the other…8? Ex’s Justin has had.

    • Uzzi says:

      Agree. I wanna know

    • Cam says:

      WOW.i couldn’t believe that biebs was a smoker. do you guys think that he still smokes? was shay (sorry for the word) a bad influence? 9 milions girl are dreaming to meet or even be biebs girlfriend. after seeing this i don’t think they would still like his past. i’m a big fan of biebs too. but 2 things are going on my mind. is it ture? or is it fake?..not that i’m saying what you guys posted was fake but,it really is hard to believe it. but i still wanna know more..

    • Hey, could u maybe send their blog to me over my male ? or tweet me at @Jasminevdk? 🙂 please

    • gy says:

      can you email me the posts?!?!?!?! i wanna see those so bad!!!

    • Hannah(; says:

      I agree with you i support him for his music and cutenes haha but us belibers need to know the truth

    • Jiana says:

      I’m interested in seeing the blog post from ih8bitches. Can you please send it to me? My e-mail is

      x Jianna

    • Me says:

      I agree this made me cry,people warned me about this,I loved Bieber like fuck! and this happened

    • Sophia says:

      Hey yeah is there any way you can send them to me or post them!? the blog of ih8bitches

  2. Laetitia says:

    Wow .. you exposed the hell out of the Bieber lol ! That didn’t shock me except the “justin been smocking weed for years” lol, maybe because I’m not a die-hard fan. But it’s normal I mean he’s a kid, and I know people younger than him who do worse think so it’s okay for me. For sure it’s gonna be tough for all the girl who thought they would marry him but hey it’s what happens when you label a person as God when you don’t know him just by what side of his personnality is shown. And I hope you’ll post the other things I can’t wait to read them lol. I love this blog and haters gonna hate lol, w=btu whatever 😀

    • riri says:

      damnnn…thats all i can really say to this, Justin did use his fame to pretty much get into girls pants. im not surprised but since well he is a teenage boy. Just to think though….if he did all this stuff with Shanaz, shay and Jasmine. He probably even got more sexual with Selena as well as have sex with her numerous times -_- whatever i guess, thats life. Anyways, keep doing you thing because your blogs are amazing girls lol.

    • :) says:

      honestly,i know there are kids who do the same and even worse things than him but even though he is a teenager,that doesn’t mean he should smoke weed…but i guess that most of kids do..
      what’s the use of him going to church when he’s doing everything that is bad..and i wonder what would pattie say if she found out..or i guess what DID she say when she found out?and even though he WAS grounded,that doesn’t mean he will stop doing all of that…and ok,i admit,i drink too but for me,weed is worse and that’s the only thing that bugs me about him…

    • MEEEEEH says:

      another gullable bitccch . hopefully this blog diesss down . i dont like bullshitty blogsss .find the toilet for your shit instead of trying it on celebrities .!

      • Macy says:

        If your saying you dont believe it them I am with you 100%. Like for real they cant sit here and say all of this when people are just messaging it to them…. They can use photochop or make it all up. It isnt that hard. Why do they think that the people didnt give out names? Because none of them have a life and they have to have something to do in order to ruin someones life. They need a life because Justin and his family are CHRISTIANS ! That is the truth. They met alot of their friends at CHURCH , so I doubt Justin would be like that. His mother wouldnt ever let him! I know I dont know him personally but neither do you and you posted this just to get drama started so you need to watch what you say or your going to have 9 million beliebers all over your ass.

      • mary hay says:


      • urapoop says:

        LOL YES I AGREE. i wanna add that EVERYONE has a private life even the person who posted this, we all deserve to have secrets so why do people have to be so fucking nosey. god forbid justin bieber does something that every teenage does. sure the poster says its okay..but the way she exposes him is just violating rude and ridiculous. great job, you proved you stalk justin bieber….want a metal?

      • Ashley says:

        Agreed! They keep saying they have all these other photos that they don’t want to show because they don’t want us to lose respect for him.. Then why did u write this in the first place?? I don’t think there are any so called “other photos”. That right there is the reason I don’t believe this. U exposed him enough so where’s the other pictures?? Wait… There are no other pictures!

  3. :) says:

    i know he’s a teenager and all,but if i was stuck in the same room alone with him,i would be scared!hahahah

    • JBLover says:

      Lol if I was stuck in a room with him, I’d only need 15 minutes to make him mine 😉 hahaha
      actually, it doesn’t bug me at all this kind of stuff, I mean, it actually makes him WAY more attractive and look like a bad boy rather than a childish little angel;)
      PLB, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post all the stuff you’ve kept to yourselves hahaha

  4. Brittany says:

    You should post more. Doesn’t make my opinion of Bieber change because I know how the biz works. This just shows he’s a real person with flaws like everyone else.

    • MEEEEEH says:

      well ur gullable to believe this bullshit but HEY you approahed it in a nice waay . #StillLiked

      • JG says:

        nooo i think it’s fairly true.. i know someone who knows people on his team, and apparently he’s cocky and rude, and is in fact, a huge player with girls, dating numerous girls at one time. i mean, yeah fame does stuff like that to you, but he isnt primarily perceived to be that, and i think that is what you’re thinking is the real him, which proves that you are in fact, the gullible one.. well, you’re never going to know unless you get on his team. but i’ve always thought he was a bit fake in front of the cameras.. nobody is naturally that perfect and angelic. that’s the way he reals in fans. and like the blog said, he’s a teenage boy, but once you’re in the public eye i guess you have to be a fake teenage boy. (saying all this, im not any less of a fan, it’s for the music in the end, right?)

      • Georgia says:

        i believe some of it but to me it just seems like these people need to get a life if they spend that much time trying to dig up dirt on Justin

      • dani says:

        yeah i know right? like all of a sudden everyone knows someone who’s connected to JB and tells them everything.

      • dani says:

        also doesn’t jb pretty much admit he’s a player in common denominator:
        Before you love was low
        Playing girls was my high
        You changed the game
        Now I put my card to the side

  5. Jasmin says:

    OHH maa gaaaash wow this really made my day!! haha soo fuckin true and I’m not sure if I still wanna be a belieber really not .. just woke up all I thought about was justin bieber and now I’m like a completly other person thanks soo much u really saved me from being the craziest person ever I love u for that ❤

  6. Caroline says:

    Calm down,he is 17.I mean show me some teen who hasn’t had touched alcohol yet ?It makes him normal that he drinks,that he has ‘special needs’ and everything.
    He says he’s normal ?Normal means things like this,too.
    I know people who do stuff like this worser and they are alot younger then he actually is.
    He’s just like us guys.

  7. Naja-Michelle says:

    Lol all of this stuff I knew already, except for the whole “Still chilling with Shay” thing. I wonder how Caitlin and Jasmine feel about that. Frequently though Jasmine sends indirect tweets to Justin. It’s kinda funny because we KNOW it’s about Justin but she says that it’s not. And I already knew that Justin was a bit of a fucker. Sometimes that attitude that he has slips out and of course all of the beliebers are like “Oh he’s tired. He’s cranky, that’s why he’s like that.” They’re making excuses for him.
    That’s not to say Justin doesn’t have good qualities. I’m sure Justin’s still sweet when he wants to be, I’m sure he’s still funny and dorky. That’s the real Justin I’m sure. I don’t think that the silly side of Justin is an act. I don’t think the generous side of Justin is an act either. When he did the NYC booksigning and let an extra 1,000 people in, I think that was Justin just being nice. I remember that he was sick that day and he still did it. He didn’t get publicity for it and he didn’t charge money. He actually just took time out of his day to sign over 2000 books and talk to over probably 5000 fans in one day. He didn’t HAVE to do that. When I met him he was pretty nice and it didn’t seem fake. I just hate that he lies all the time. It’s irritating because it’s like he thinks we’re stupid or something.

  8. Sydney says:

    Woah bieber exposed alot lol but this is only 18% ?!? We need the full 100% i still love u guys 🙂

  9. Hannah says:

    PLEASE do more of this! I’m a belieber and it WONT change my opinion on Justin, but I really want to see some more

  10. tanya says:

    he’s sweet, loving & caring all the time. he neighter smokes nor drinks. he doesnt watch porn and hide playboy magz under his bed. he doesnt think about sex almost every sec of the day. he doesnt care about your weight or your bra size. he sees past form whats outside. isn’t that the guy every girl dreams about?! unfortunately, finding such a guy these days is extremely hard! but i still believe that there is…maybe the chance to find a boy like this is 1 in a mil but ik there are ppl who see past from your appearance. & justin is that guy in many girls fantasies…mr. perfect! that’s how he has to act, that’s the image he has to keep so as to not loose fans..but is he really like this? no. he’s NOT perfect and he has shown it. how true ALL of this idk but if it is i wouldnt be surprised. this is how most teens act (if that can be an excuse) and justin,himself,is one who want to have fun. it’s sad that there are so many girls are in love with the idea of him. that sweet guy who doesnt act like the jerks at school… i’m not saying he’s a bad person. i’m actually sure that he has a big heart and loves to help others. but that doesnt make him perfect…i’m sure he has done a lot of shits which i dont wanna hear bc maybe then i’ll loose all the respect for him. like what happened w sara…i remember reading about a fan w who he refused to take a pic w bc she had been ‘w extra luggage’. in fact justin is just like this boy in our school who we all want but at the same time cant stand. the boy that so many girls want that we’d be nothing but another name on the list. but at some point this boys end up being brought back down to earth by that one girl. and so will jb. he might be cocky & if he is, it’s the fans to blame. they threat him like God and are in his feet. and this is how it is w so many other celebs. they think they own everything…bc the fans put them on a pedestol. so i dont even know if what i just said made any sense but i barely keep my eyes open hah. what i wanna say is: justin is not perfect. he’s not innocent but he’s not a bad person. there are just so many things we dont know about him. he’s probs at the period when he’s overwhelmed by the fact that he can get ALMOST any girl but acting all playerish is def smth i do not like in a guy…in the end it’s the player that gets played. sorry 4 the mistakes…i’m off to bed…i just feel how i’m blabing nonsense.

  11. Ronnie says:

    I remember iHB. They always posted the truth. Loved this blog, very good. I hope you guys post the rest of the dirt. I like to know who I’m supporting.

  12. diuez says:

    plz tell us 100% the fans have to know and u already told us taht theres just 18% in 100% so U had to shut up 😉 lol :p

  13. ;} says:

    Haha im not surprised. like its not odd for a teen to be grinding. I knew Justin wasnt an angel. lol, but I never knew about Shanaz o.O

  14. montse says:

    idk what are you trying to say about bieber…

  15. Danait says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this were true. And you do have lots of proof.
    But it truly doesn’t mean it’s true either.
    None of us know the TRUE Justin but for now we spend our days reading and watching everything about him. I used to be a diehard fan but now i realized what I really was to him. Just another girl who sets him high. I wish we all knee the real him, but if we did, would that raise his publicity? Or lower it? I’m thinking the second one. Because we set celebrities so high when we find out all these things about them it kills us. And who knows, maybe he does drink and take drugs and have sex. But who are we to judge? I’m sure all of us have, no someone who has, or will in the future. What we must do Is hope that someone changes him for the better (if all of these things are true) quoting his own song “down to earth” let’s hope someone brings him down because he needs to be a little less cocky. He says he is humble and all that but when you are that famous, you have to admit that you aren’t always humble. I guess all I have to say left is: I hope you aren’t as bad as they say, Justin. But if all these are true, then there’s nothing I can do about it.

  16. Jssjdozneebndk says:

    The one dancing with “Caitlin” isn’t even Justin & Caitlin… I’m not sure who the girl is… But the guy’s name is Theo Cavalcanti (A Justin Bieber look-alike)

  17. Mathieu says:

    I read the whole thing. and WOW. There’s so much shit that fake. i wanna know more, so please send me it.
    @SwagginLikeJB or

    Thxxxx. 🙂

  18. Abcdefghijklmnop says:

    SO FAKE. You don’t know anything about him, why do people believe this. Wow so what if he drinks, almost everyone from 14 drinks. He’s clearly not had sex cause hes Christian you idiots. DONT BELIEVE THIS

    • Amber says:

      lmao at you guys who think he hasn’t had sex. oh wow. just because he’s christian, doesn’t mean he hasn’t had sex

      • MEEEEEH says:

        UHHH NOBODY ASKEDD YO BITCCCHH ASS . SIT DOWN .! and yess , he has moralsss . UNLIKKEEEE hoes likee you nigguhs that actually BELIEVE this BULL SHIT .!

      • Abcdefghijklmnop says:

        C a r e. You don’t know for sure so don’t go saying he is. You guys are pathetic lololol

      • Abcdefghijklmnop says:

        Woop go you^

      • Amber says:

        umm.. first of all, I’m not a huge fan of him. thank you very much. second of all. nobody knows him besides HIM and people he’s close with

    • amy says:

      woow. There are PLENTY of Christian’s that smoke and drink and have sex before marriage. I didn’t expect this from bieber mostly because I’m not a huge fan, but wow. Not really surprised he drinks and smokes weed. Shows you how well people lie

    • Patricia says:

      So what if he’s christian? Im a hardcore christian and I’ve been having sex since I was 17, and Im sure he does too. He’s famous, rich, and all girls want him. Im sure he’s NOT a virgin.

      • Abcdefghijklmnop says:

        Well you’re obviously not if you have sex. Lol at you I’m telling jesus

    • BiebersGrl says:

      christian’s have sex…begore marriage. Just like everyone else.

  19. Diana. says:

    I have Justin’s number.. we text a lot but he’s a total jerk. i still support him but he’s just so rude. i believe every word that was said in this article. he’s a player and i’m not sure i like it.

  20. Hereyesshinedsobright says:

    Please post the other girls and the photos! I really want to see them. i very much dislike the smoking and how sexual he is but that is life and i know a lot of boys his age that are just like that. please post it i love seeing this. it shows how normal he is and also make really good pictures! please post them if you can

    • MEEEEEH says:

      OMG . nigguhs these daays are so damn GULLABLEEEE ! its not true honeeey , TRUST and BELIEVE .!

      • JBLover says:

        MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH or whoever you are, seriously, do something better than just randomly commenting on this post. If you seriously think that Justin is some sort of saint, well wake up. OMG its not a big deal, so what if he has sex, watches porn, smokes weed and drinks? Seriously, its like you were born yesterday. It is something normal for teens to do, to experiment and have fun. Plus, Justin is very famous and its obvious he is cocky and a player, he can get away with almost anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great JB fan and this kind of stuff just gets me to like him more. He’s not just a good boy with a pretty face, he’s a bad boy 😉

        Great blog!please PLB, post the rest of the info, I’m sure MOST beliebers want to know about all this juicy info! 🙂

  21. Natalia says:

    Honestly, im attracted to bad boys so if he is like that then come to me bieber! Lol

    • Patricia says:

      I know me too 😉 Reading this story just makes him more attractive to me.

    • Maryrose says:

      amen. i think all this stuff is just making him look like a badboy and i love it. its sexy;)
      if anything i’m even more attracted to him now.

  22. loren says:

    i also find it funny how caitlin’s mom made a twitlonger saying that none of her kids were grinding when there were pictures to prove that christian was grinding, and i also find it funny how people say it’s not christian when it clearly is him.

  23. mina says:

    im still a die hard belieber and i still love him to death even after reading this…..but this just shows that hes a normal teenage boy and he does make mistakes 🙂 he’s not perfect

    • Patricia says:

      I actually love him even more now, after reading this cause it makes me feel like now I know the real Justin Bieber.

  24. April says:

    Wowwww, I figured he would be a typical teenage bog who loves sex but he must be a really good actor if he does all this stuff and can still pull off the “I’m an angel” shit. This makes me wonder if Pattie knows or even cAres. I know you said you didn’t want to post thongs like this but you should and include the other girls because I have No idea what happened…

    • MEEEEEH says:

      UHH okaaay … dont question pttie’s parenting . thats her thing . justin is her son ! its HIS life . and we dont even know if this sit is true so dont go thrown bullshit out there lie that HONEY ! 🙂

    • MEEEEEH says:

      OH FAWKK . i fobbed out . juss try and understandd .!and dont be so damn gullableee .!

  25. Justin's belieber says:


  26. ana says:

    i hope you realize all these pictures are probably photoshopped…and you wouldn’t even know where to get this information…….i dont think its true

  27. […] Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s Hello there readers. So, just to warn you, this blog is about to take a little twist. And by little, I mean BIG twist. […] […]

  28. krystal says:

    Dont believe it.
    justins private life.
    didnt want anyone to really know this. – its his life.
    i dont care what he has done in the past.
    his amazing. and ill love him anyway.
    and you cant say that a teenage boy wouldnt do any of these things???? .
    just because he is famous its wrong??

  29. Kristen says:

    Yea I Dont Believe Most Of It. Sorry. And It Really Seems There Is Haten On Justin..

  30. BiebersHood says:

    fuck you! #lookatbiebernow! stackin money, #SWAG! 9,000,000! suck it! you mother fucking bitches! none of this is even fucking true! all lies, you don’t even know him personally, or about his life, so you can’t just go, and say things that are not true, you started so much drama bro! your fucked up!and thanks to you, i am all wired up, mad, and upset! go suck a fucking dick! you ass!

  31. like u care says:

    well that was just a waste of time…

  32. UHHHH can you say BULL SHIT ?! you nigguhss juss want him going down . you guys are some pathetic ass bitchesss who need to geet a LIFE . so what if he did all thaat shit , we all do thee samee damn thing .! it aint no damn secret . and who gives a fuckkk likee really ?? if he’s a sexual badass then WHO GIVES A FUCKK .! all teens are thee muthaa fuckken same . and he’s almost twenty so all these useless bullshitty ass lies dont even matter . #GTFO #SITYOASSDOWN .! BUHH BYEE .!

  33. Elayna says:

    This doesn’t change what I think about him at all!! The only thing this proves is that he is a normal person and not an angel. So what! Like they said alot of teenagers do this stuff as well. There was honestly NO point in posting this. Complete trash people are these days.

  34. MEEEEEH says:

    thats not even justin STUPID ASSES . thass christian and that aint caitlyn! that girls too FAT . caitlyn is a TWIG .!

  35. Fiona says:

    wow u noe some beliebers might think this is hateing on justin but u noe im a belieber to but not “ill die for u justin” one. Justin is a regular tenage boy like u mentioned so this being tru. no dought. i belive this. from my propective. i thought bieber could do any of this at alll actuall i thought this was all a lie when i read the part wen u said he got grounded. u noe u cant get grounded for somthing u didnt do;) so ociously his moma saw it n i bet she was in shock. i didnt even noe he dateed that many people! i only new about catlin!

  36. Melissa says:

    PLEASE post about the rest of the 12 girls!!!! i find this stuff so ebtertaing to read!!! lol about iHB… i did not know about them when they were big and i guess they deleted their blog. does anyone know where any of their post are? i would love to read them!!!

  37. YOOYOYO says:

    wow, you guys can never leave him alone; it’s his life, he can do what he wants to, you do not control him. just let him be.

  38. Jenni says:

    Half the teenage boys in my school are like that & their younger than him! So just because he’s famous, its really wrong? & I’m still a strong belieber & I don’t really believe this, I don’t think you have enough evidence to prove its true.

    • JBLover says:

      no one said it was something wrong. What is said in this post is probably a reality for most teens, so I guess it is probably justins case aswell, he’s good-looking, a player and funny.

  39. Jessica says:

    Well umm.. This is not surprising, what kind of teenager would be so innocent? No body can believe anything he says. Maybe something but not all. Like seriously? Everyone had to have an idea that this kid was lieing at some point? And yeah he has girlfriends and how you think he wants them? Cus he checks them out like a normal guy? They look at the ass or boobs. All of this was a little surprising but not too much.

  40. Just a girl says:

    Post the rest of the dirt!

  41. Jessica says:

    People will believe anything they read these days. I think most of you are so gullible and naive to take this whole blog so seriously. Anyone can say anything these days, doesn’t mean it’s true. No doubt some of the details are true, but the rest have probably been exaggerated. Can’t you see that these girls are motivated by the need for drama and for attention? It’s not like Justin can defend himself because these bitches will just claim he’s lying to protect his image. And it’s not like these girls even know him personally, they’re just repeating gossip that has been spread around before. Anyone can make up fake pictures and skype convos. Stay out of Justin’s personal life and support him for his music, period. Keep it up girls, and I have no doubt he will delete his twitter once and for all. He doesn’t need the bullshit you hypocritical fans keep giving him.

  42. :p says:

    how can you guarantee us that this is true? js

  43. sydney says:

    Anyone have the link to IHB or ih8bitches or whatevers blog, and if its gone some one should send me pics, I really want to see what justin got grounded for. Haha I love all this gossip<3

  44. Ashley says:

    To be honest, you guys don’t expose shit. Don’t get me wrong, I love your blogs. I find them very interesting to read and you usually make a pretty good point. I just don’t see how you can sit here and say shit like “Justin Ryan & Chaz smoked and drank in Stratford.” Were you there? No. So what makes you think you know that when you don’t have proof? If you DO have proof, post it. Really convince me that you know what you’re talking about because that’s what makes a good blog great. You say that we don’t know the real Justin, the one when he’s with his friends. Neither do you. I just don’t see what makes you guys right.

    • Uzzi says:

      And alot of stuff that his friends say could be BS to make them look more cool. It’s called PEER PRESSURE. He was really small before puberty, what makes him look buff to all his friends?! Alcohol and drugs. And you make it seem like he DD it all that time… FAIL. It was probably once every few months and that’s FINE. Loads of teenagers do that (not all but most) and that’s what makes them look cool. And with that kirjdjsvshan girl – how many tv shows have you watched where a girl want to take it further with a boy, a boy refuses, and then she spreads it around the school that he tried to get in hers. It’s called LIEING. There’s just as much of it in his past as I’m sure there is In his current career. END.

  45. […] Hello there readers. So, just to warn you, this blog is about to take a little twist. And by little, I mean BIG twist. So sit tight and enjoy the ride. It's YOUR choice to read this and take it all into perspective. And if you're an obsessed Belieber or you think Justin is an innocent little Pop Star, you might not like this. So don't read for your own good. Note, we're not haters of any of the people mentioned in this, we're just posting what we … Read More […]

  46. Kayla says:

    I honestly have no idea about what to think of him anymore. My fan ness, I guess I should say, has gotten higher and higher for him over the years until I became a die-hard fan. Ever since I found out about this blog and Bieberheiress’s, I’ve seen nothing but the bad side about him. And of course, me being stupid, I check them every day even though I know I’m just setting myself up for dissapointment. So now, I pretty much feel like a dumbass, for believing that he was that sweet boy who knew how to treat a girl right and could have fun at parties without all the drugs and sex. Guess I was wrong huh? Then again, I can’t really blame him…I mean, he is a teen right? And teens do stuff like that. I’m about his age and I haven’t smoked weed or drank alcohal, but that’s just me. I’m friends with many people that do and it doesn’t bother me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am truly dissapointed(not gonna lie). But that doesn’t mean that I won’t stop supporting him or his music. After all my years of being a belieber I just can’t seem to quit. I also want to thankyou….for putting this out here. If you didn’t I would have kept on being so ‘in love’ with the idea of the boy who was different from all the others,the one to actually believe in. I would have just kept on going higher and higher and eventually would have crashed down with a harder fall. Us fans want to know the cold hard truth, and even if were not getting all of it, we still hold on to the tiny piece that we have. I guess none of us will really know the ‘real’ him, and maybe it’s better that way. Like some of the other comments, I’m sure that his image is not ALL fake. Everyone has a good side and a bad side. I’m sure that he’s sweet, giving, and generous when he wants to be. No one can be ALL bad and have no good. With the pressures of being a popstar, I’m not suprised that he does all these things. Not everyone wants to be known as the ‘perfect goody two shoes’ so sometimes they feel the need to put themselves out there to prove people wrong. Now I’m not using this as an excuse for his badd behavior. There’s no excuse for that. All I’m saying is that it could be a possibility(most likely not). Point is, we don’t know the real him. Everyone seems to think that just because people from Strat who has claimed to be ‘tight’ with the Biebs, puts some dirt out on the web for everyone to see, that it’s automatically solid gold proof. No. I’m sure most/some of it is , but we don’t know that. Everyone exagerates about EVERYTHING. For all we know, maybe bieber did something to tick those certain people off and now they gotta post the dirt on him that may/may not be true. (and again, this is not an excuse for his behavior. Just another suggestion to maybe what’s behind all of this) I think were all better off with just being neutral with the guy. You don’t have to be obsessed with him, but you don’t have to dislike him. Just because he’s famous doesn’t mean what he does is any more wrong that what your friend(s) does either. I know that his ‘lying’ may piss you off to, believe me, it does to me too….but if you think about it, would you be telling YOUR parents about the last wrong thing you did? let alone the world? Didn’t think so. So you’re just the same as he is. We all are (to some extent, some meaning more than others). The thing that I REALLY want to know is that if he feels guilty about any of the stuff he has done? Or if he knows that it’s wrong? What about his mom? Pattie has to know about SOME of what he does right? What about his team? They always talk about how they keep him grounded and out of trouble. Well, in the past couple months it sure doesn’t seem like it. I just pray that he ends up being a better person. Because I know that he is one deep down. With all the fame and pressure, it probably isn’t…but Never say Never right? Hah, I will never look at those same words the same again. I really have to learn not to get so attached with celebs and dream about meeting them someday. Because to be honest, it doesn’t seem like the people who know him aren’t so thrilled to actually know him…or atleast..they shouldn’t be…

    • :) says:

      i agree with everything you said in the beginning..and i’m also wondering how did pattie feel when she found out her son smoked weed..

    • Maryrose says:

      i agree 100% this is exactly how i feel. i feel like such an idiot. justin seems like the perfect teenage boy. hot,caring,generous,romantic,respects girls,doesn’t just care about looks,is angelic,doesn’t drink or smoke,wants to be a virgin until marriage. but if you think about it. that sounds way too perfect. its hard to believe. i don’t know what to think anymore tbh. my mind is blown:(

  47. Rachel says:

    I find it retarded that you would post this. U have no frickin proof. Post some got damn pics of justin smokin and drinkin! Ur just statin the ‘truth’ but ur twistin it WAY out of line. Ur just like all the other papz and TMZ! U build a star up, then try everythin u can to tear them down! Its wat u people live on! Embarassin celebs and spreadin rumors! U DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM! Ur just trying spreadin rumors around! Oh, but dis is my opinion! Dont hate on me!

  48. Patricia says:

    Damn I love you girls!!!! You girls are way better than Bieber Heiress. They were good, but got boring. Honestly I knew all this stuff already from BH, so I wasn’t surprised. The only part that I didn’t know about was that Shahnaz still hangs out with Justin. Im not jealous or anything, but that girl is freaking ugly. Sorry but its true. Caitlin and Shay are so much prettier than her. Funny thing is that after reading this story, Im an even bigger belieber now cause I’ve always been attracted to pervy, bad boys 😉 The Justin you described is such a turn on. Now that we know he’s a player, more of us have a shot with him 🙂 And he’s basically cheating on selena with all of these girls hahahaha. Serves her right lol. I would love to party with Justin and have sex with him 😉 Maybe cause Im older than most beliebers on here. Never say never right 😉 Btw I heard that Justin had oral sex with Demi Lovato.

    • True Bieberbabe says:

      I am a true BieberBabe and I really love him alot. I believed the fantasy of him, but I also believe he is horny teenage boy who has had sex with alot of girls. I, too heard that he was having oral sex with Demi Lovato, and had sex in the back door with her. I am sure you Justin is sleeping in the same hotel rooms with Selena having sex. First they were in a hotel in Miami, a house in St. Lucia (with no supervison),and hotel in Bali. Now they are planning a summer holiday together. His mom may not like it, but what can she do. Justin is the most famous teenager in the WORLD. He makes over 100 million dollars a year. She can’t stop him even though she has told him how drugs, sex and alcohol ruined her life. The apple does not fall far from the tree. She wss pregnant with Justin at age 17. So, he is doing better than her if he doesn’t have any babies yet. I hear his father was a druggie and boozer too. So, neither of them can be all high and mighty with him. Even though the music is what drew his fans to him, his looks, hair and good boy persona kept us all coming back for more. The only thing that can destroy Justin Bieber’s success is him.If he lets the drinking, drugs and sex take over his life then he will be like the other teenage pop stars who burned out and have their stories told on Behind the Music. Let’s how and pray that Justin can have his fun in moderation. Maybe he really loves Selena and will stop his ‘bad boy’ ways. We all know that ‘bad boys’ cheat on their gfs. Some people say that Selena and Justin don’t really love each other and they are just friends with benefit. I believe that is true. Selena is a famewhore and Justin is horney teenage who his mom wanted to have his sex partners number come down to one. Can you imagine all the law suits and how money he would have to pay to all those girls carrying his baby.How cute would a JB baby girl be? He would probably go to court and say it wasn’t his baby. Anyway, Justin Bieber is a talanted musical genius who is a horney teenage boy who will get sex any time he wants it.

  49. Kelsey says:

    I think everything in this blog is total bullshit. You guys have absolutely no proof that any of this happened. Who knows? That whole Bahamas thing about Shanahz or whatever the fuck her name is could be made up. Some fans are so obsessed with Justin to the point that they make up lies and claim that they’re dating him. If you guys have proof then post it. What’s the point in posting a blog when you have no proof? -_-

    • Marry says:

      Totally agree with you!!!:) This post Is just some bull… Stick with the proof like u did with the Jelena post!

  50. Misgin says:

    I’m sorry. :)I like that what oyu wrote about JELENA . That seems to be real: But dont believe that with the ex’s. I mean maybe it could be . But truely said , we dont know it.. Justin is a human and he cant be perfect you told that too But it would be sad when some of you would lose the respect for him cause you really dont know if its true and we’re never going to know it. But thank you : )

  51. Belieber says:


  52. Belieber says:

    URM GUYS! I’M A BELIEBER AFTER THIS 😐 YOU GUYS ARE SAYING ITS RUBBISH WHEN THEY HAVE PROOF LIKE WTF? AND HOW CAN YOU BLAME THE WEBSITE WHEN THEIR READERS ASKED FOR THIS BLOG. AND PLB ALWAYS SAY IF YOU THINK YOU WON’T LIKE THE BLOG DON’T FUCKING READ IT. All I’m saying is Justin did do all these things, I’m willing to accept it, if you aint good for you and if you don’t wanna accept the fact he aint and fucking angel grow up and stfu,k?k.

  53. […] Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s (via XOXOPLB) In Uncategorized on May 1, 2011 at 10:24 am Hello there readers. So, just to warn you, this blog is about to take a little twist. And by little, I mean BIG twist. So sit tight and enjoy the ride. It's YOUR choice to read this and take it all into perspective. And if you're an obsessed Belieber or you think Justin is an innocent little Pop Star, you might not like this. So don't read for your own good. Note, we're not haters of any of the people mentioned in this, we're just posting what we … Read More […]

  54. I agree that all of this is true as true as god. but the thing i do not agree with is you making all of this look tragic. Likeee, what is even wrong with all of this?
    as you – yourself said , he is a teenage boy.
    Im pretty sure i would act the same.
    And you cant even say that he is the only one having 2 personalities. Every celeb has to have them. And to be as hot as he is who could blame him for having that much ex-es. At lest he respects them and stay friends with them. Other than all of this you also refered to justin and jasmine dating as a – ‘sad thing’
    You just make everything seem worse than it is 😀
    But i love the jelena – exposed , thats just bloody brilliant!

  55. Anon says:

    I believe it to a certain extent. Justin is a massive flirt so it doesn’t surprise me how hands on he was with the girls. I believe that he parties hard (what teen doesn’t). I don’t believe he smokes weed though. I love Justin with all my heart and reading this doesn’t make me love him any less.. in fact i love him more cause it shows he really is a normal teenager behind all the fame. Even though i don’t do any of those things i love that he doesn’t let fame stop him from being normal

  56. tanya says:

    well, some things i said last night dont really make sense…at least not to me hah. justin is a teenage boy who makes mistakes. simple. and you ppl out there who worship him need to realise that. there are always rumors flying aroud and some of them are true, others are not…we cant believe everything. what’s happening and what has happened justin knows the best. to all the ppl who will dislike and judje him after that – dont! and the ones who are still ‘no, justin would never do anything bad’, open your eyes. justin has and will make mistakes whether you like or not. we cant agree w everything he does and says. he’s a teen. we are teens. we are not perfect. dont expect him to be. he works hard, loves his fans and helps others – that’s what really matters. but that doesnt make him perfect. dont deny his mistakes…accept them. accept that he has done wrong and will do wrong (just like us). accept that he is not mr. perfect.

  57. LOveee says:

    PLB can u please post the rest (dirt) of what u have :)) Pretty pretty please ??
    I don’t know if u guys have heard it but Pattie did actually say that she was happy that Justin got this “life style” because now she don’t have to be afraid of what he is doing because she will know where he is 24/7 and he will not be able to do something stupid. I’ve tried to find the clip on youtube but I can’t find it but yeaah she said something like that, that’s all I remember. SO this might mean that PLB are right! He is no the perfect angel that he stands out to be… BUT I still love & respect Justin. This have just hurt me… a little… & IF this is true .. then wooow I got some respect for Caitlen about the thing that she doesn’t allow him to do stupid things (drink,smoke etc.) if I got it right ? lol.
    But why would Justin be afraid of the truth & the past IF he didn’t have anything to hide ???? think a little about that … Nobody’s perfect people.
    LOveee xx

  58. exbelieber says:

    yeah wow justin is such adamn player like every other boy epph i stopped beliebing or whatever shit i used to call!!plzz keep on posting such stuff lets bring that bitch down

    • Patricia says:

      Don’t call him a bitch! Just because you don’t like him anymore isn’t a good reason to try to bring him down. You can still support his music and career, even if you don’t agree with all of his life choices. Theres no need to be so hatefull to someone you used to like or love. Personally this has made me love him even more.

  59. ashlyn says:

    there are several sites about jb’s personal life and have said different things. bieberheiress and biebersleeping said shahnaz was a liar (yeah yeah i know jbs following her on twitter but thats what bieberheiress said). bieberheiress said kersey made up her supposed hook up with jb. that he didn’t try anything with her, that she said that for attention. yeah i know u guys are gonna say “scooter and jb said that to protect his image” but bieberheiress is another gossip blog with SOURCES, so who are u supposed to believe?
    also, why are you bringing up this all over again? i read this in august. only difference is you worded it differently and speculated.
    and you say we’re in denial. wth, we are beliebers. we supposed to belieb in the biebs. i dont think it’s as bad as you guys are making it out to be. selena gomez is a “good girl” with a squeaky clean reputation. i dont think she would date someone as “bad” as you guys are making out justin to be.
    for example: ive also heard justin rejected jasmine once. maybe THAT is the truth and jasmine made up that he’s a pervert to get back at him. that’s the thing. you never know.
    and justin making fun of a crippled fan? right in front of her? wouldn’t everyone including the girl notice?
    as for the drinking and smoking weed? yeah, that i believe it and honestly, it doesn’t bother me. i’d try weed if my friends offered (but they don’t) and i like daikiris.
    but most of proof you have is what other ppl say which can be taken out of context.

  60. Macy says:

    Wow arent you a true belieber! (she says sarcastically)…. to believe all this ! wow thats pathetic. I hate alot of people, but i wouldnt believe everything people say about them. unless they were there and have PROOF They were there then you cant believe everything they say. People say stuff just to get drama started and it is people like you they feed on because they know you will make a blog out of it and make Justin seem like a bad person. NO ONE knows the type of person he is except his true friends and his close friends and I am sure 99.9% of the people that sent you this “proof” as you call it dont even know the first thing about him. They are probably all these haters that just wanted to see you trash Jutin because they are jealous of him. So way to be good prey there dudes! You showed everyone how GULLABLE you can be and how dumb you really are. Now go get a life and quit listening to these liars that know NOTHING! Goodbye (:

  61. ashlyn says:

    and justin and shay dated for 2 years? i thought caitlin was his longest relationship, and they supposedly lasted about 6-7 months?

  62. Claudia says:

    Who cares? I mean, ok it’s interresting to know who Justin is but not that way.. I’m a belieber and i don’t care about his ex’s or if he smoked, drink or make out with girls. I like him so much, for his voice and his music not for if he smokes,make out or drinks. Most of teenagers have made all of this before. He can do what he want to do, and we can’t judge him. I’ll never (yes i said that) change my opinion of him because we’ll NEVER know the truth. ( sorry for my bad english but i’m french 🙂 )

  63. Lexi says:

    Some of these comments are taking it way too far,haha Justin is just like ANY of your guy friends. PLB is not trying to ruin Justin, or his career, so don’t be stupid. And they obviously have proof, so just stop. If you’re like 12 and think Justin isn’t like any 17 year old, you’re wrong.

    great blog girls 🙂

    • dani says:

      the point is not if justin does this stuff or not. i have friends and classmates who do this stuff. what i hate is the way the blog is talking like he’s a devil for doing this stuff. specially when they don’t even know him personally, as far as i know. i doubt they were THERE with justin and hiss friends witnessing the whole thing, to act like they know everything about jb and his behaviour. everyone can pretend they know someone and talk shittily about them. how many ppl have lied saying they met justin and he was an asshole, to make him look bad? if this was more neutral and less biased and overdramatic, it would be a different story.

  64. Emma says:

    Got one question: Is Justin Bieber still a virgin? :I

  65. Kate says:

    All I can say is, WTF!? You guys need to get a life…

  66. Alice says:

    I enjoyed reading it, cause I like to see other peoples opinions. But I don’t believe it or care about. I love Justin not because of his personality, well maybe a bit, but I mainly like him because of his music.
    Besides, he’s a person, a teenager in showbiz. And everybody knows how messed up showbiz is. There are so many stories on internet, you can’t believe them all. Some people do A LOT for publicity, and they like using others for that. So, if you get fooled easily by this, keep in mind: you can decide YOURSELF what’s real and what’s not. Blogs and gossip stories can help. But if you judge someone just because you read an article about that person, than you’re the one who’s fake. Everything can be photo shopped, everything can be made up.
    This is just my opinion, you can agree, you can disagree. Don’t take it personal or something.

  67. Jessica says:

    Since when has Justin ever said he was perfect? He has said repeatedly in interviews that he wasn’t and that he has and will make mistakes but that he’ll learn from them. The only people who have said he was perfect is some of the fans. And since when does dating a girl a couple of times count as a girlfriend. I wouldn’t call that a relationship and I certainly would think of her as an EX so this stupid blog makes it seem like he’s had so many relationships when they were just casual dates. He’s said many times he was dating around therefore he didn’t think a lot of these girls were serious. And as for the drinking and weed, like others have said where’s the pictures or vids. How do you know that the friends weren’t just making stuff up or exaggerating. He hasn’t even been back to Stratford more that 2 times in the past year so I think all those stories are just plain bullshit. This is a blog, not Time magazine. You guys need to learn that blogs lie and make up stuff all the time. Don’t believe every word you read. If you do, then you will learn some very hard lessons in life. Justin’s no angel but he’s certainly not the devil the blog makes him out to be.

  68. woo says:

    woo, I also believe that he and Jasmine had something, he was so nervous when people asked him about Jasmine. It’s true that he did good things for her career, but I’m still a lil mad cause the way he treated Jasmine,I mean he denied her just cause she is not as famous as Selena,but by the way he ignores her you can tell he is still has feelings for her cause she is so his type.

    • woo says:

      Also, Justin stopped singing overboard cause that song reminds him of Jasmine…That was their song!
      But when they were together he wrote a line about her in his rap song “my new chick is a yellow bone- remember>?

      • True Bieberbabe says:

        Justin borrowed that line about yellow bone from another rappers song. He just used his line because it rhymed. I don’t think Jasmine was in the mix. Also he stopped singing overboard because he no longer wanted Jasmine on tour with him. For a while she had her opening act, but he didn’t want to be with her.
        He even used Miley to sing the song at Madison Square Garden edging out Jasmine.

  69. Erin says:

    OMG! U ACT LIKE NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS!! everyone has had Ex’s…so shut up! hes not one is. first- this stuff probably isnt true. second- its not ur buniess!! third- tons of people do this. forth- just cause he doesnt say these kinda things doesnt mean people are putting words in his mouth. fifth- u posting these kinda things make pop-stars go bad..(Brittany, Miley*a little*) and others.

    ALSO- people dont really care!!!!!!

  70. Shannon says:

    wow i can’t believe it, i’m so shocked, if i’m honest i didn’t think he was like that,
    i didn’t know what to expect,
    he’s been hiding behind someone he’s not,
    so that he doesn’t get bad publicity,
    well thanks for posting this,
    i hope you post more!

  71. Mili says:

    I love Justin as much as the next but some of this stuff is probally. I mean Like leggo, His 17 everybody screws up its apart of life. But im postive hes never smoked or drinked before, jfs’ Kay

  72. Molly says:

    What a load of bull shit. I’m not saying you’re lying because NO on knows what Justin gets up too behide close doors. But i’m sorry do you NOT have a life? Posting stuff like this is uncalled for. 1. Jasmine V doesn’t have a facebook. 2. Justin wouldn’t smoke or drink because he has heard first hand what it done to his mother. 3. He and his mother have said he is staying pure till marriage. 4. He might have watched porn but what teen boy doesn’t? 5. Justin is totally honest with his fans. He does need a private life to yano. You don’t know anything about Justin. You know as much as the next person. When ALL these “Bieber exs” come out and say this is true the maybe people will beleive it. You have NO right to write this shizz about Justin. And i’m sorry but i regret reading it because i have just wasted about 20 minutes of my life. This blog is SO laughable. Like geez get a life and stop making up stupid bull shit stories about Justin.

    • True Bieberbabe says:

      Justin is a real ‘bad boy.’ We love the way he lies. We want him to be Chris like,but I am sorry he is only human with flaws. Only God can judge that. Let he without sin throw the firs stone.

  73. dayummm I really wanna read ‘ih8bitches’ blog.
    I hate Shahnaz I had a fight with her on twitcam cos she kept calling beliebers ‘pathetic little losers’, ugh.
    This blog was quite shocking… I know most of it but I never knew about the part with Shay.

  74. RileyB_ says:

    what is you’re point?
    I’m still a belieber,
    and yeah,
    things might be true,
    but photos don’t even help lately,
    because of photoshop.
    And all of us know he is not perfect,
    that’s something you don’t have to tell us (beliebers).
    And he didn’t say he is perfect.
    I’m sorry but i don’t get the point..

  75. Karen says:

    omgosh I don’t know what to say but i do want to know about the rest of his girl friends ….

  76. Karen says:

    lol i don’t know if this is true but i’m notta die hard fan and i know most teens do these kind of things so somewhat it didn’t surprise me.

  77. Vanessa says:

    Whoever wrote this really needs to Shut the fuck up.I think everything in this blog is total bullshit. You guys have absolutely no proof that any of this happened.No ones fucking perfect and the frkn person tht wrote this is A MOTHER FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT . Its truu about the girlfriend part but the rest is bullshit !!Justin was like 12 or 13 when he dated this Shay whateva the fuck her name is .HE IS ONE DAMN SEXY GUY ENTERING THIS BIG DAMN FUCKING WORLD AND IS LIVING THE DREAM EVERY HATER LIKE THE BITCH THT WROTE THIS BULL SHIT AND HE AINT BOTHERING ANYONE WITH IT SO STFU AND STOP POSTING FUCKING BULLSHIT BITCH !!!

  78. Andrea Eriksen says:

    I have always been a fan, and i’m a teenager, so i can’t blame him, but i laugh and laugh and laugh .. hahaa, it’s 2 funny, because he’s always been so against it, but yeah =) it’s to funny :):) hehe
    please more funny details… =)

  79. lol says:

    I’m much younger and I do the same shit, it don’t change your fucking personality, but hating does, hate on him all you like, but that makes you a bitch, and no one likes bitches. Me and him do all the same shit, and I bet you have/will to. Don’t go fretting over this, the boy just knows how to have fun, you should try it, other that sitting behing you computer, being a killjoy ranting about this shit, he’s 17, what the fuck are you expecting?

  80. lauren says:

    i lost so much respect for justin after reading this. i don’t have the words for this.. it’s just really disgusting :\
    you can say every teen does this kind of things, but i’m sure that’s not true. i’m glad i’ve read this, i don’t want to support someone who’s doing all this stuff. i might continue listen to his music, but that’s all..

  81. Saga says:

    How do you know that Chaz and Ryan has smoked and been drinking? I know that they probably have because they’re teenagers and stuff but do you have any proove?

  82. Leena says:

    I think…tht only some of this is true…not all. I cnt believe all of it cos theres always gna be shizz nd rumours on him…. If i believed every friking thing…my head wud explode. =| doubt bout the drinking nd smoking cos wud his mom really not know bout it?? and stop him…
    I dont think ur hating on him…. Bt showing to us tht he is not one is… Justin will always make mistakes. cos hes human… And normal…which makes me like him more… (and a bit of a bad ass which is a bonus 😉 lol)

  83. karmen says:

    U should just put the rest up we all want 2 know.

  84. yo says:

    My cousin lives in Stratford where Bieber grew up. Everyone there knew about Justin…him being popular, partying, being a smart-ass making out wit girls all over the place. not surprised this shit got out.

    a girl answered this when i asked her if it was true :/

    • Bieberforeva says:

      :S Really?? So he was all… I did hear tht he once snuck out of the house at 2:00 a.m. w. Chaz and Ryan and the police brought Justin to the house and yeah… This is real They asked Pattie what was the baddest thing Justin ever did and she answered tht… :$

    • Jessy says:

      NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Smilekid says:

    This justin sounds WAAAAAY more fun. This blog just blew my freaking mind. You definitely did your research so HIGH FIVE!!!

  86. K. says:

    Don’t say all teenagers do this shit cause they don’t i would get my ass KICKED, These dumbass steryotypes of teenagers or ridiculis not every teenager is an idiot. Anyway i am not suprised really i am not,thats little man whore needs to chill the f out herpes and stds are a terrible thing hate to see you get it. All the girls except caitlin are whores….. Justin was pissy at caitlin for not letting him get in those size 2 pants of hers, Selena that is a different story they dated for a short period of time and alredy kknow eachothers body parts by heart.The rest thats just slutty on minor level. Not all teens drink smoke or do drugs, Just the really stupid ones do it its a chocse not a commandment for teens.

  87. Rachii says:

    Please post more about it!!!!
    To be honest Im not shocked that hes a bit of a perv. And Im not pissed that hes done what hes done, what annoys me is that he (and heaps of other celebs) pretend to be something they aren’t. In the end secrets come out and reps are ruined, thats how fame works. You cant live a lie forever..

  88. Nina says:

    How do you know this? o_o

  89. Layla says:

    this is not evdience and the pictures rnt cos they dont look like justin and justin wood neva do hat stuff cos i nno friends of justin and he isn like that this isnt any evdence justin is a good boy DUMBASSES

  90. unknown says:

    theres one time you can say never. and it’s now.

    this NEVER happened.
    kay. peace.


    why would you even post this and not post the rest? this is enough to tear him down. low lives. :l

  91. yababbbaa says:

    im not standing up for him or a bieliber but how did they get all the info?

  92. LOL says:

    You guys say that everything you post here is true. But you can’t just sai things if u don’t have got evidence.
    Are there pics of Justin smoking and drinking? NO.
    Are there pics of Shay drinking and smoking, she is just touching the bottle with her tongue to be cool, it doesn’t mean she drank the alcohol!
    Are there pics of Justin grinding with girls? NO
    Are there photos of Justin giving Shay a hickey? No

    And that girl who posted the thing about the hickey on FB, we don’t know if she posted it on Ryans wall. She might just be a fan who posted that on a friends wall when she heard the rumor…
    And if justin dated Jasmine and Shanaz that doesn’t make them his girlfriends or “exes” they were only dating!
    And we don’t even have got proof that they were dating….

    So please can u stop posting things when u don’t have evidence or type that u don’t have evidence or that u r not 100 % sure that the “information” is true.

    Please readers only believe the things that have evidence. The skype convo could be something some random people made up, we don’t even know who wrote it and why should we believe in it?
    Stop believing everything u hear or read! none of it aren’t even true sometimes…

  93. beastmode. says:

    i don’t believe any of this shit.

    • ashley smith says:

      me neither. honestly he probably kissed girls and grinded but what teenager doesnt do that. seriously.

  94. AnimalLover3 says:

    You guys are just dumb . You don’t even know him so how can you say that stuff about him ? All of this is LIES ! Don’t believe any of it, Justin would never do that .

  95. ksh says:

    So I definitely dont like justin bieber,but i agree with everyone here . No he’s never said he was perfect because obvisouly no one is, but he’s also in the wrong for all this. Yes teenagers do what they want but i dont think he realizes how many little kids look up to him. What kind of message is this sending..?

  96. Mariahbieber96 says:

    I have lost all Respect For Justin
    and thats comeing from the girl Who was nominated for Biggist Justin Bieber Fan

  97. Ashley says:

    LMFAOOOOO. because you would know for sure if Justin smokes or drinks, right? you’re a fucking dumbass if you think all of this is true. those pictures of Shay you posted saying she was “drunk” would you know that? in the first one, they’re holding cups, you don’t know whats in them. and just because they’re standing like that doesn’t mean they are drunk. It’s called having fun. when you’re with your friends, and you take pictures, do you try to make them look serious? no. and in the second picture, she’s holding a smoothie cup or something..not alcohol. my God. people are so freaking dumb sometimes. and, making out with girls isn’t bad. behind all the fame, he’s a regular teenage boy. yeah. he’s gonna make out with girls. and I’m sure he does watch porn and jack off to it..what teenage boy doesn’t? I know tons of guys that do. and umm..grinding at parties is bad..? At my homecoming dance, that’s pretty much the ONLY dance people did there. that wouldn’t be called “dirty dancing”.

    who cares if Justin really has done any of those things you said anyways? you don’t know for sure if they’re true. either way, it’s his life. he makes his own decisions, so stay out of it. omfg.

  98. Sarah says:

    So, this is good for information. I’ve read comments and I realize a lot of judging is going on with Justin on here. I want you to sit and think, would it be different if he wasn’t Justin Bieber, teen pop sensation? If it was just some random kid at your school? I personally don’t have a problem with drinking and smoking….just don’t do it around me. Everybody makes mistakes, including the “perfect” Justin Bieber. Think about it before you post.

  99. yo says:

    i believe some things. others i’d rather not believe haha. too much of a bad boy for me! although justin has never seemed exactly innocent. i realized he could be a douche when i watched that interview with sabrina sato. and lately, hes flipping off at the paps and acting rudely. as a fan i find it kind of hot tbh (lol), but in real life itd be a different story!
    by the way shahnaz doesnt look latin. she looks like, indian.

  100. TheresaC.H. says:

    I LOVED this post. I don’t really care if it’s fake or not. It opened up everyones mind about Justin. I still love him, die hard fan right here. He’s just a normal teenage boy, so all you girls that think he doesn’t do any of this and he’s all innocent, get the fuck over it. Who cares if he smokes, drinks, or isn’t a virgin? Over half of the guys his age do that. On another note, the part of this blog that I got sad about was that Sky convo that said Ryan said Justin had the smallest out of all of them. Lol keep posting, PLB!<3

  101. Bieberforeva says:

    Just to tell you NOT all teens do weedd or other stuff…… Yeah some DO NOT all k? I doubt Justin would do tht.. Because of what he’s mom has been through Maybe he did it once or twice for “fun” Nobody’s but him and Maybe his friends and To Justin He doesn’t need to pretend to be some Perfect pop star he can be himself w. us Fans.. No need to pretend to be somebody eles. Yes he will always be “Famous” or “known” I am a huge fan of Justinand will support him.Atleast i will always want to know stuff him and i bet 30 percent of what i know is rumors. This is why i like it when he answers the questions himself like on a interview But people thesse days [Haters] edit the vocies to make it look like he said something eles mostly i reconize if it’s fake But people are just plain mean these days TO HATERS LEAVE THE FANS ALONE I BET U ARE A FAN OF OTTHER CELBS I DOUBT U LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE TRASH ON SHE/HE SO LEAVE US ALONE…

  102. thank you for posting this. this just shows how normal justin is. please reveal the others =D

    • dani says:

      are u serious? it’s justin’ respect the kid, let him have some privacy for goodness’ sake.

  103. ashley smith says:

    i just think that you are jealous of what justin has made with his life and wanted to get back at him. so you took a few things he did like grinding and kissin (which every teenager does) and made it SO much worse than it actually was. also. you say that youre not trying to hurt him or make people think less of him but that is EXACTLY what you are doing. way to go, you proved that you are a bitch who can stalk people. good job.

  104. Stephanie Campbell says:

    i read all of this and i dont think any less of Justin, he’s in his teen years and i actually think he is only doing this stuff to try and be like every other teenager because no teenager can say honestly they havent done anything bad so it shouldn’t be any different just because he has fame in his life, he should still have a regular life and enjoy himself like everyother teen and not be judged for anything he does and i could never think any less of Justin because i myself cant say i havent done anything like what has been said about him and to be honest i think he is quite brave for no letting the fame stop him but why should he stop having a normal life just because he is famous? xxxx

  105. Jesseyy says:

    Wow the first article; UNBELIEVABLE.!!

  106. taylor says:

    wow. im sure like half of this crap is true. you are just hating on justin! how come i have never heard ANY of this before? you are just jealous. justin is a devoted christian and would never do any of this shit that yall post on here. get a life and stop ruining others!

  107. Lana says:

    I love this!

    And don’t be shy, we really want more 😛

  108. Maryrose says:

    heres the thing. i read ih8bitches and tons of other blogs about this but theres some things i didn’t know and now i want more. no matter what i read i’ll always support,love,respect justin and be a belieber. nothing will change that. to me it just makes him look more normal and proves that hes not perfect. people worship him and think hes jesus. hes not. i think the beliebers have a right to know. all fans do,he promised he wouldn’t lie to us and look whats happening! his whole image might be a lie. pattie did say once that if he wasn’t in the music industry he’d be going wild or something. i don’t exactly remember but i do think you guys should post ALL the dirt you have on him. everything. if people stop liking him becasuse of it? oh well. you’re supposed to like his music! the rest is just a bonus and even if they didn’t like what they read hes still hot as hell. get over it. justin is not perfect even though he seems like he is. i admit sometimes i forget hes not. hes just so good at everything and so amazing and sweet..etc. i feel like hollywood is changing him alot. i just hate this whole industry and what it does to people but theres nothing we can do about it. and i do believe this is true. it makes alot of sense. SO PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF BELIEBERS AND JUSTINS FANS POST EVERYTHIGN YOU HAVE ON HIM! we have a right to know and i hate being lied to. i don’t want to be brainwashed anymore. i want the truth. i promise you i’ll still love justin no matter what. and you gotta admit all the sexual stuff is sexy and gives him a badboy image which is hot;) haha

    • Hannekeee says:

      You just made me want Justin more. Now i know he is way more normal then i thought he was and just doing the same stuff i do and a lot of other kids do. thank you

  109. Jiana says:

    :c Aww, and just when I thought he was different from every other jerkass guy I know… Well, I guess the truth hurts.

  110. Kaitlyn says:

    Okay. First of all.. This is ALL FAKE. WHERE THE FCK YOU GOT ALL THIS. Really. How Fcking childish..
    Justin is perfect..
    he has a normal life.. yea i know that.
    he def. doesn’t do all the shit yall have here.
    and he sure in the hell doesn’t smoke. wtf.
    its all stupid pictures people copy and paste.
    if you wanna say something thats fake about justin.. make sure
    you sound less fcking stupid..
    Like really. justin was dating Caitlin before he got a record deal..
    ALSO.. Learn your facts before you post something online..
    Thanks I’m done here(:

    • lauren says:

      calm down! jeezus! how would you know though, even if this stuff really all was fake, you don’t know the real justin, and if you do, prove it to me!Think about it, even if some of this stuff was fake, they have a lot of their facts straight, I even knew some of this stuff…well, xcept for the smoking and drinking, but you get the point. You don’t know him, so how can you say he’s perfect? No one is effin perfect, and you should know that from all those cheap ass posters that your kindergarden teachers put up on the wall to teach young ones. NO ONE IN THE FUCKING WORLD IS PERFECT! not even this hot-ass mothafucker ok? (lol sry, i just had to say that)so calm yo lil ass down and when you can prove to me that he’s perfect,leave me an email, cuz I sure as hell dont think that flicking off a camera is perfect…… thank you, and goodbye

    • Jess says:

      soo true 🙂

  111. hi says:

    Ouch, if Justin Bieber has a past before he was famous full of alcohol and drugs that’s crazy shame on you JB. His 1st girl seems like a drunkin’ ditz. Caitlin was the only decent one because she does nothing wrong but at times tries to boost her ego some nothing wrong with that I thought he dated her longest for 8 months makes more sense. Oh and to the girl who wrote this, Latin Girl is not based on Shahnaz Alamgir I don’t know where you got the idea that she’s Latin because she’s Pakistani look up her last-name. It isn’t Selena Gomez or Jasmine V either so you’re right there. Apparently Justin Bieber’s true Latin Girl is a mystery girl maybe someone he still hasn’t met yet. He says he’s never seen her before but somehow he knows about her. For all we know maybe he’s just seen her online, knows where she lives, wishes to be her boyfriend, and longs to call her on the phone.

    • Actually Shahnaz isn’t from Pakistan. But! Her dad IS Persian. Just not from Pakistan. And her mom is Arabic and Puerto Rican. Therefore she has some Latin in her. And her meeting Justin SURE does fit the Latin Girl introduction.

  112. haha!I Love watching the dogies by Justin Bieber!I watched it 3 TiMeS!!

  113. trush says:

    after reading all this, its wierd. i seem to like him more then i did before. its obvious that he’s smoked, got drunk, all that stuff. he still will. but its just made me think of him to be even more regular. & everyone needs to repect whatever he does, he needs to live his teenage years, and he is 1 boy that’ll surely live it to the fullest!

  114. lauren says:

    wow, there isn’t any word that can explain how I feel about this. I know it isnt really good to say im dissapointed, cuz it has happened to many people making them crazy *cough! Britney Spears! *Cough! Cough, Lindsay Lohan! Cough Cough!* Lol. I really kinda did think he was perfect…ish. like Idk if he meant it for all those ppl he helped, or if it was just to “look good”. It makes me angry bc i know someone, close to me , who smoked weed once, and got in trouble for it….but he probably wont get it too bad. I just hope he goes back to his nicer ways and stops all this madness. I mean, I knew I didn’t “know” him know him, but now, I realized how much all beliebers dont know or understand about him, that makes him seem vile. I still love him for his music, and looks, but if this blog is true, it will really change my perspectives on him. He’s one person tho, so we should all just cut him some slack…

  115. Rozrockss says:

    U need to put more of the story up, I’m a belieber but I dint really know anymore….

  116. Jess says:


  117. angel says:

    well everything on here might be true but he’s human… and for the record JUSTIN him self has read this and he was extremly sad he even wrote on his facebook that: sorry i have let u down guys.. that i’am not that innocent kid u tought i was. I’am going to make some mistakes and i can’t make it undone and i can’t take it back..

    Hope u guys are happy what u’ve done!!!!

  118. anna says:

    ok..he did allathese things so what??alla the boys at that age do the same!!!!

  119. Liz says:

    Lol, am I the only one who doesnt care about this? He’s a teen its his life, he’s a guy…. Lol, I’d still have a fling with him if I could, he’s sexy…. good bye(;

  120. Baishali says:


  121. hayley says:

    i really dont care what he does….hes still hot no matter what

  122. Meh says:

    Are you trying to make us hate Justin. I’m just saying. Cause’ it frickn’ looks like it. And I thought you were fans.

  123. Natalya says:


  124. dani says:

    whoa whoa whoa. i understand you guys want people to know justin isn’t perfect, but you are clearly trying to make him look bad. you’re dramatizing the whole thing when jb is probably just being like most 16 year olds (some younger do worse). you talk like you know him in person and have something against him and want people to hate him by spilling his shit. do you know him personally or what? to be claiming such stuff about him and talking like he’s some shady person. when all of these actions only reveal a normal teenager. not a terrorist or something of sorts. also, you guys said you like him but this post is just hating and talking like he’s an ass
    it’s also very disrespectful to post his personal life for the whole world to see. would u like yours to be exposed? he’s already dealing with a lot of shit. leave the kid alone. i don’t blame him for his misbehaviour lately with all the crap fame has brought. i would’ve broken down.

  125. dami says:

    after reading this, i’m almost scared of justin! lol. but his bad boyishness (if all this is true) is kinda sexy

  126. natalie says:

    I’m reallly curious to know the WHOLE truth and all of the details of what he’s done (and who he’s done). Because I would rather know the truth than be in a lie and honestly, it’s funny to me. I’m not freaking out because he’s done anything like that, and I’m not going to stop supporting him. Stop believing him, probably, but not stop supporting him because like you said, he’s a 17 year old kid and is just like the others. I’m very curious to see what other things he’s done, just because it’s entertaining to me. I’m not mad or upset or disappointing because I expected it all along. Thanks for blogging!

  127. reneepaguag says:

    This is a relief cause it actually shows he’s not a saint, he does what 17 year olds do. He’s normal. And can someone please send me the ih8bitches past blogs? Thanks xox

  128. reneepaguag says:

    Btw my email is thanks again 🙂

  129. The truth says:

    This is just like calling them out with own bullshit sprinkled on it.

  130. angie says:

    justin’s a 17 year old guy

    how could you expect anything else

  131. straatty girl says:

    Alright this is honestly the first time reading your blog but to be honest, Bieber Heiress is full of shit and their last blog calling you out was nothing but lies. I know Shay personally for one, so I am unsure of why they think it’s okay to scoop up pictures from Shay and Neil’s Facebook profiles. Secondly, Shay LIVES in Stratford. She goes to St. Michael’s Catholic School and it’s the only Catholic school in Stratford. The other two schools, Central, and Northwestern(The one JB went to) are both public schools. The only Misuraca that lives in London is Kaejon and Shay’s older sister Kira, who attends the University of Western. Shay lives down the street from Chaz’s new house which is STILL in Stratford, London is over an hour away from Stratford. On her Facebook, the only reason her location says “London Ontario” was because she updated that when she was spending time with her sister at her residence in London and she must have forgotten to change it back. As for the pictures they released about “Justin and Shay at a party not drinking” Those pictures are from one of Justin’s promotions before his concert in Chicago I believe, And Lisa and Shay are both wearing lanyards(those passes around their necks) I don’t see why someone would need backstage passes to go to a house party.. And the song Baby, the “rap” version was inspired by his past relationship with Shay whom he dated when he was 13 years old. Justin finished off his 8th grade year before moving to ATL. I’m friends with all of these people so I obviously know the truth. And the rumor they brought up about Shay not hanging out with Justin that much anymore? Completley false. They all hangout as a group everytime JB comes home, nobody uploads pictures of Justin on Facebook for a certain reason, so they don’t get leaked, and that’s out of respect for Justin. And Yes in the summer Shay did have a party and yes Justin and Shay did have long lost feelings for eachother and YES Justin did give her a hickey at the party. Justin is not perfect he DOES party and trust me on that. He’s a normal kid, and he’s not going to stop trying to be a normal kid when he’s home with no paparazzi around and good friends that won’t upload pictures that can destroy his career. Sorry that’s all the rumors I can clarify because I don’t know the other girls, but your blog DOES hold a lot more truth then Bieber Heiress does and I’m very disappointed in them. Keep up the good work!!

  132. TrueBelieber says:

    wow u fakers get a fucking life just didny date one of them girls get your facts steaight losers i know justin wouldnt do that retards geez your just haters trying to make him lose his fans…GO GET A LIFE AND LEAV JUSTIN ALONE,only real fans wont belive this buillshit!!!

  133. […] The ih8bitches deleted their blog, but another group of bloggers= theprettylittlebitches were one of the groups who read what the ih8 bitches wrote. So, they started slowly spreading it, and telling the people who didnt get the chance to read what the ih8bitches wrote before, read it. And find out that Justin Bieber isnt perfect, and he is far from it, explaining some very serious trubles he has in their blog about his crazy ex’s and how most of them were a bad influence on him. The blog is called: Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s/ to enter the blog  go here: […]

  134. JoannyNaomi says:

    Lol i like the biebz even more now xD
    I knew this all along but reading this just confirms it.
    I mean he’s probably not even a virgin anymore lol

  135. Hanneke says:

    Now i know he is just like me, i like him even more.
    Thanl you haha

  136. amy says:

    ur blogs are sooooooo innacurate. u go off of what random people tell you. just because someone says theyre from stratford and knew justin before he was famous, doesnt mean theyre being honest. even if just smokes or drink, why do u fucking care? like 90% of teenagers do. but u shouldnt automattically assume that. and those photos of shay “drunk”? ok honestly i take pictures with my friends like the first one where we are COMPLETELY sober. and omg he was juking?! hes soooo bad!!!! no not at all. everyone jukes. i know 6th graders who juke, okay? get some accurate information, then make a blog. BIEBERHEIRESS IS WHERE ITS AT!!!!!

    • They’re not inaccurate. And Shay did know Justin before he was famous. Why would they have pictures if they weren’t. Bieber Heiress posted the same blog like this last summer talking about how he smoked. So I guess you don’t like them either. I never said he was a bad person. If you don’t like it. Don’t read it. Simple as that.

  137. Katie says:

    Post the rest of the girls!

  138. RAWRx3 says:

    Omg…i this is so true but i cant bring myself up to believe it </3

  139. Pharme97 says:

    Hello! ekfeddc interesting ekfeddc site!

  140. Nataliee says:

    im crying 😥 i love justinn and it all adds up.. im still a belieber but now i kno for sure that he’s just another popstarr and a normal eenage boyy.. FUCK SHAY!

  141. Rukia says:

    You said it yourself: Don’t trust anything on TV. Why trust the internet? This is a BLOG = nothing official. A blog can be made by ANYONE on earth and none of this is in the news.
    What you guys did was smart, but looking over your ‘evidence’ you have no real proof of what you claim. You tell stories like ‘x hacked y’ and you have a couple of convos… Gee wiz, like I couldn’t have written those convos myself with 2 fake accounts! And saying: “Then HE smoked and got drunk”… Seriously? Where’s the proof? You’re telling stories.
    The only thing this blog REALLY proves is how decieveing the internet can be how how manipulation & truth-twisting a couple of haters will do to ruin the fans of a wonderful kid

    • We’re not haters. And why would we make everything up knowing that we could get sued? Does that make sense to you? Of course you’re most likely NOT from Stratford because anyone from there would know the story. You don’t know if we’re telling stories? What justin could be saying could be lies to, right? So you guys really don’t have ‘proof’ that he hasn’t.

  142. Kate says:

    I know, that Justin doesn’t perfect, but who is?:)
    He’s young and he does mistakes like everyone 😉
    And I love him like he is 😉

  143. Aimee says:

    First of all, a ton of this has proven to be false but even with that Justin is a normal teenage boy. He’s 17, have you met a 17 year old boy who doesn’t watch porn? Because if you have, they’re lying. Drinking and smoking isn’t bad if you do it in moderation and like i said Justin is a 17 year old teenager. He is going to get drunk and high and if any of you are disappointed with that then you all need to get a life. None of you know Justin and I’m not saying I do or anything but it’s his life and people need to stop trying to get into it. He’s a normal teenage boy, just lay off.

  144. […] The ih8bitches deleted their blog, but another group of bloggers= theprettylittlebitches were one of the groups who read what the ih8 bitches wrote. So, they started slowly spreading it, and telling the people who didnt get the chance to read what the ih8bitches wrote before, read it. And find out that Justin Bieber isnt perfect, and he is far from it, explaining some very serious trubles he has in their blog about his crazy ex’s and how most of them were a bad influence on him. The blog is called: Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s/ to enter the blog  go here: […]

  145. […] ] We can hear the screaming fans already. Pop sensation Justin Bieber is performing a benefit […]

  146. Liz says:

    This is quite… outrageous? Interesting? What’s the word…

  147. BOAS says:

    Someone is jealous of JB hahaha

  148. can you send me more ? im not a belieber nor hater . but would love to know more .
    twitter : @beverly_aprilia
    btw , ur website was amazing , as always !

  149. Ariana D. says:

    i don’t understand how people can be so gullible. like seriously. this is bullshit. they say they aren’t haters, yet they but this post, making his fans believe that this shit is true. get a fucking life & stop trying to ruin Justin’s.

  150. lindsay says:

    it’s hard to believe. but it all kinda fits together and makes sense…..

  151. miona says:

    ok, but Justin does not have to be perfect. I mean these things are just like any teenager would have done, and he can’t be the perfect guy,nobody’s perfect. And i know it’s bad he hides all the stuff to be perfect but i cant like him any less just because he has tried smoking,drinking etc. It’s just the ordinary things any teenager does, and because he was dating many girls, he has a song where he says ” when i was little i was a player, but now im older” etc.. and is he is still in love with shay or caitlin, it’s not his fault. he can’t deside for his feelings…

  152. I love Justin Bieber. I don’t care if he did any of that stuff, he’s just being a normal teenage boy. and when your famous you’ll do that stuff even more cause of stress. But no matter what he does,ill still be a fan

  153. Me says:

    Omfg. K, I knew all this too. All through it happening. I’ve seen all these posts and everything. I have the real one too I just didn’t bother putting it up I have thing on my notes of everything like that with Shay. I’m suprized you haven’t heard about lindsay.. 😉

  154. ive heard that, that Shahnaz Alamgir is a gold digger, and my opioion he shold have stayed with caitlin she was the preetiest and nicest one of all his girl friendsss

  155. I’d really like to know more! In fact, i’m not suprised anyways because her mom said that without his fame he’d probly turn bad.. Not inventing, it’s Pattie’s words, herself. BUT i TOTALLY don’t care. I love him for his music, the meaning of them, also some other stuff and that’s the point. Plus, i really LIKE bad boys.. They’re sooo mysterious and everything (: Ahaha! Whatever. If you okay to tell me more (especially about “i8bitches” :P), just DM me at @FannyStoll, mention me and i’ll follow back.

  156. Sara says:

    I DON’T BELIVE IN THIS! Until i see the video of Justin smoking, Justin drinking, I WOUN’T belive in that.. btw: It’s normal thing for teenagers! One day I’ll try all of these stufs, it’s teenage thing -.-‘
    Almoust forget, he have girlfriend, he had girlfriend so what?!? Thats normal thing 2! He made out with allot of girl, it’s HIS LIFE! Stop making this foolish stufs about him, if you don’t realy have a pic with him smoking, drinking, haveing sex.. idk! But just leave him aloun, sometimes he needs privacy!
    There is no thing on this worl, that could make me hate Justin Bieber!

  157. lexielovesjb says:

    yeah that shay girl very bad influence but i mean so what if he’s made out with more than one girl he’s a teenage boy what he does is his business not ours >.<

  158. Renee says:

    This scares me. I’m a belieber… I knew Justin would have had girlfriends and stuff that no one knew about but I think the ‘smoking weed’ and just smoking cigarettes part is a big lie. Yeah, he’s gotten drunk, but seriously? ..weed and cigarettes is too far, Justin wouldn’t do that. He’s a player and everyone knows that, he’s even admitted to it. I think some of the stuff he’s annouced to the public might be lies but he has a career and he wouldn’t want to jeopardise it and his crew wouldn’t want him to ruin it either. And of course he’s going to go to party’s and flirts with girls… he’s a 17 yr old boy and being a normal teenager shouldn’t be a backfire on his career. He’s surrounded by the fame and publicity everyday, he needs to get away from it and have fun every once in a while and if being himself for a few hours to a few days is a bad thing… then that’s not right. I still think Justin is amazing after reading this.

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