Jelena Reunited and It feels So…Awkward.

Justin and Selena are at it again. And by ‘it’, I have no idea what I mean.

The two were seen canoodling at Selena’s arrival in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, in Malaysia. I don’t know about you, but this seems fishy. (Actually, personally everything that happens between them is fishy to me). Any who, here are some picture of the two at the airport.

Now before I get into the question that you all are probably itching to know…”I thought you guys said Jelena was in a rough patch/Broke up! What is the meaning of this?!”. I want to analyze both of the pictures for you. It just seems like the ‘smart’ thing to do.

Now, first picture, of course Selena is hiding her face like she always is. This actually has nothing to do with Jelena because I have noticed that she covers her face whenever the paparazzi are around. It’s probably all the flashes, yet I still don’t see why she has to cover her face when Justin deals with the flashes just perfectly. Also, Selena is smiling. Justin is probably in the middle of a sentence and Selena is laughing at something that he said. It really doesn’t get any deeper than that.

Second picture, Selena is obviously ahead of Justin and is waving to god knows who. But then behind Selena we have Justin, who is giving one of the creepiest, fakest smiles I have ever seen him give to any Paparazzi. Honestly kid, if you’re not happy with the paps don’t try to be all smiley for them. We all know it’s fake. And behind Justin, theres Kenny. I can’t read the expression on his face but it looks like he’s giving one of those stressed out looks.

So there is my analyzed version of both of the pictures, be mindful that I have no idea what the situation was in real life…It was just an educated guess that came from my mind.

Moving on to the main topic of this blog, here. Alot of you have been tweeting us about how we basically are putting false info out there about Jelena “breaking up”. Honestly, I have nothing to say to that. If you don’t want to believe us then that’s on you but the proof is right in your face. Jelena WAS going through a rough patch in the beginning of the tour. It’s beyond obvious, but that’s another blog on it’s own right there. Being that we had said Jelena had broken up a lot of our readers were shocked on Justin and Selena’s little ‘get-together’ in Malaysia today.
And a lot of Jelena fans were getting extremely excited about this great ‘news’. If I were you I wouldn’t get too excited. My thoughts on this whole Jelena thing, is that it’s just a little plan to get everyone to hop on the drama bus again. They want rumors to go around, and they want people to start talking. They want buzz, buzz, buzz, and by ‘Jelena’ trending on twitter it’s obvious that their getting it. Because as we’ve mentioned, Selena is a fame whore and does anything to gain fame, off of anybody.

Let me give you the 411 on why this whole situation seems fishy to me.
Selena has been meeting up with her Nick Jonas lately, a lot. It’s pretty obvious she’s not over him. Those two have had a very deep, very interesting past together way before Justin even came in. Nick flew to LA just the other day to see Selena, too. So it’s not just her making the effort to seeing him, he is also a culprit. It could be possible that they are ‘just friends’ but come on, let’s be serious here.

Besides the ‘Nelena’ rumors, Selena was or still is touring with All Star Weekend. I’m not sure what is the deal with that, but I don’t think she is anymore. Yeah…Little known fact, Cameron Quiseng, (one of the guys from All Star Weekend) was rumored to be dating Selena Gomez around the time All Star Weekend first came out. Surprise, surprise. Then I guess after figuring out they the group wasn’t going to be a big hit, Selena dropped him and moved on to the next one. But recently, Quiseng and Gomez have been seen around a lot. And it seemed like one of the group members dropped a hint on the two in the video on Selena’s youtube page.

Listen at around 0:25. Selena says “Basically I’m going to be the only girl on this tour, HELP ME..” Then Michael Martinez, (the one to the right of Selena) says, “You’ve got Cameron…”. Then Cameron leans over and says something to Michael behind Selena.
I don’t know about you, but the two seem pretty close.

Now obviously, we know Selena is going to be the one to hang out with the guys. But, “What about Justin?!” You ask. “He’s innocent, right?” Think again young grasshoppers. Justin is just as guilty in this ‘cheater cheater pumpkin eater’ situation we’ve got here. Justin has been DM’ing a lot of fans recently. Knowing the boys hormones are going crazy and his ‘girlfriend’ isn’t there to give him the pleasures that he needs as a 17 year old teenager, he is going to flirt and be dirty.
March 22nd, @iBeliebed2007 had tweeted Justin saying something that was pretty sexual:

And Justin, being his 17 year old self, replied to her saying:

By the way the reason "Twitter" is spelled with 3 t's is because that's what she saved twitter as on her phone. It's not fake.

Sounds pretty cocky. “Nah, that’s not weird, I’m used to girls wanting all this sexiness.” Hahaha, no but let’s be serious.
Then after this happened, 3 girls DM’ed Justin saying something dirty, and he replied. Not gonna say he replied FULL FORCE dirty, but that’s another story that we haven’t digged up all the details on yet.

Anyway, see? Both Justin and Selena have some part in this business. And then for them two to meet up in Malaysia after all this drama, I can’t  help but think they aren’t in the happiest state right now.
Must have been pretty awkward for Justin to see his girlfriend after all those rumors of her with her ex, huh?

But what do you think about this reunion? Think them two are actually together again? Or, is this just for publicity again?
Do you even think they were together from the get-go?
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26 thoughts on “Jelena Reunited and It feels So…Awkward.

  1. sasha says:

    I think you may be wrong about the first picture. It seems to me justin looks bored and selena is smiling and hiding from the paparazzi to try and insinuate that something is going on. And of course kenny looks stressed. He knows what’s going on between the two of them and he’s stuck carrying her luggage! I think that right now they are either in a very open relationship or they’re spending time together for publicity. Or justin is sticking this out because he truly likes her and selenas along for the ride. Just my opinion 🙂

  2. Nadia says:

    in the first picture it kinda looks like selena cant believe how many people came and laughs about it, and is it enjoying it, and justin looks bored as anything! but thats what i think.

  3. tanya says:

    ppl are saying how happy justin & selena are & he has that smile while being with her.well, i didnt see justin smiling even once at the pics in malaysia and indonesia.isnt your boyfriend supposed to be happy after not having seen you in months?you know, justin must be really good at hiding it bc he didnt look happy…not at all.the more time passes,the faker this relationship seems.even their so called kiss was so awkward:selena looking around to c if there are cameras then turns back to justin and tell his smth after which he quickly pecks her and looks at the!now that’s what i call a kiss!but what do i expect?i mean, wouldn’t it be great to be kissing your ‘little brother’/’older sister’?please dont answer that!!!it’s funny how in back in november (or maybe september) when sel was asked about justin she was like: ‘WHAT?! no,no,no.he’s just like a little brother to’d be illegal dating him’ etc. and then to months later gomez & bieber spotted together.and then again and again.they even went on a holiday together & then pics of justin trying to grab selena’s ‘ass’ came out.oh, how much attention did that brought them.especially to sel.she was in magazines, ppl were talking about her.she needed it, she really did.her show was ending, new album was coming out and not to mention her tour.but what did things look like before ‘jelena’?of course ppl new selena,she had the little girls watching her show.and that’s it.hardly anyone ever mentioned her if it wasnt one of her 10yr old fans(no offence!),she wasnt in magz & newspapers.ppl were starting to forget her.she needed to catch the attention of the media & who could help her better than justin bieber,the most famous star atm?and i guess that’s how the bromance started.she was in ppl’s mouth again…she was getting all the attention she wanted and needed.but so was justin.he had a movie coming out & a world tour & no matter how famous he was,and still is,a little more attention wont do him wrong.after all every publicity is a good publicity.k, that was long…my fingers hurt from typing on my phone (btw sorry for any mistakes).basicly that it.i thing,& it looks like it’s all set up BUT then again that’s my opinion, who am i to know the truth?!’s just…like i already said the more time passe the faker it seems.justin went on tour,ppl forgot selena & now she went to visit her brother/boyfriend who doesnt even seem happy…

    • ashlyn says:

      exactly. the funny thing is she said it like in september, yet they started dating in october. so selenators saying “feelings can change”, yeah, can they really change in ONE month??

  4. ashlyn says:

    whatever. i dont like jelena. but scooter said justin and selena werent dating when they were. so he could have been lying saying they werent skyping together. just sayin

  5. Gabby says:


  6. Gabby says:


  7. jasmin says:

    Idk..I Miss The Justin That Was Flirty..and Tweeted Every 15 Minutes!!???! But I Think Its Fishy Tht Selena Said “justins like My Lil Bro” Well FUCk That…She’s So Fake I Hate Her She’s Changing Justin WTF!? Find Someone Ur Own Age!! First She Dated Nick..then taylor And Now Justin Wat The Hell Wat A Whore oh justin DON’T KISS Her Ur Gonna Get Hurpeys!! Ugh I Love Him I’ve Known Him Longer Then She Even Hs Wtf!? Her Moms Her Managr Obviously she Wnts Her Daughter 2 Be FAMOUS!!!! So She’s Going To Schedule Her&justin Together Wow Selena U crush Beleibers Dreams!!! Ugh…

  8. Jennifer says:

    i.don’t. know what to think anymore. I used to think that Selena was guilty for everything. then after reading what you have posted,my mind has totally changed. I can’t even believe Justin is doing this to US. & you can tell he’s the one in love with HER!. Selena? she wants the fame. What’s gonna happen when she moves on to another guy? Justin’s gonna want us! & i’ll be there… but this really hurt me. I can’t believe all they want is publicity. Justin why? </3

  9. Doha says:

    hey guys, the real reason why Selena covers her face is
    1. her eyes can’t handle the lights
    2. face shots of a celeb is a lot more valuable then one where she covers her face so her manager (her mom) told her to just do that in a peaceful way to ‘fight’ back
    3. she doesnt like/respect the paps and she d

  10. Annabel says:

    when selena said the thing about her being the only girl and the guy said “no youve got cameron” he didnt mean like “oh dont worry youve got a boy toy to keep you company” he meant “cameron’s a girl too so you wont be the only one” nice try

  11. Carrie says:

    The video of Selena saying about being the only girl on tour, the boy was referring to Cameron as a girl and as you can see the video skips a bit which makes it look like its straight after, but apart from that, its okay and the pic with Selena walking in front of Justin, her mom Pattie is right behind them 🙂

  12. Jen says:

    You also forgot about Taylor Lautner, and how she was with him right after Twilight got famous.

  13. natalie says:

    Hey! I listened to the video, and they didn’t say “You’ve got Cameron.” When she was saying she’d be the only girl, he said “cameron!” and stuff, basically calling him a girl. just pointing that out. 😉 xoxo

  14. jfkdsljsd says:

    okay at this point, i think we all know Justin’s not innocent, that’s a given. & clearly the kid is joking around..he flirts with his fans because it’s fun. He likes to joke around with us, it’s not like he’s starting a damn relationship. and Selena, she can just go somewhere.

  15. Lily says:

    I dont know what to think. I dont really think their relationship is fake. If you dont know about it, they had been going out way before september of last year. Its no big news. The reason why selena always answer the same answer “he is my little brother” and justin would always say “she is an amazing friend” is because they didnt want anybody knowing about their relationship at the beginning. Afterall, the media sometimes its the cause of many broken relationships. Then maybe the media caught them and step by step they started showing signs of them going out. But then, their is something that doesnt make sense in this relationship. And im not saying its just me, because I’ve talked with many beliebers and fans of him, and they all tell me the exact same thing “I think Selena is amazing and so talented. And I love Justin, but their is something that I just dont like or doesnt make sense in their relationship”. Maybe, afterall its jealousy.

  16. HisPrivacy says:

    okay really. i don t believe nothing i just read. To me your over analyzing things. You see things that…. well isn’t there. and so what if he DM fans it aint like he saying for her to come and get or something. Like seriously ppl really need to just let their relationship be. Its totally understandable that you dont like jelena not everyone does but at least respect her.

  17. TheDMisreal says:

    he really did dm tht girl. my friend is friends w/ her and knows her pw so she got on and saw the dm. i dont think she responded to his dm though .and i see on her fs and twtter she kind of ignores it bc she doesnt want to deal with haters and stuff so its kind of pointless tweeting her about it but if u ask her on formspring she might respond i think her fs is rachbeliebs but im not posotive

  18. Brooklyn says:

    And the fame whore strikes again ! I seriously dont like her

  19. TakeItFromMeBitches says:

    WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO JEALOUS OF ALL OF HIS GIRLFRIENDS!?! Why can’t he just be happy with the girl of his choice? Why are the BELEIBERS ruining Justin Bieber’s life? Why are you hating on Selena. There are a million other questions I could ask you guys but I’d rather tell you this way. BACK THE FUCK OFF OF BOTH OF THEM! You Psycho Ass Beleibers are ruining the person’s life who you claim you love! You guys do nothing but bother Justin all day long! Don’t you have a life!?! If Justin really wants to date you Bitches he would tell you! Back off! He does not want to date you! Thats obvious because he has a girlfriend!!!!

    • lol did we ever say we wanted to date justin? no ones hating on all his girlfriends. calm down. you’re making no sense. we don’t even believe in Jelena

      • lorelai says:

        rite on PLB! i dislike selena for a wholoe other reason, and this fame justin has given her has landed her all over my favorite mags and websites. i do think justin is attractive and i think he’d be better off with me but thats every celeb guy i like. hell, i like reggie bush and i think we’d be a great couple. but. if i dont like someone i dont like em. im not gonna change my mind.

    • Selena says:

      we didn’t say we wanted to date him. we just want the old Justin back

  20. Selena says:

    I don’t think Justin would go out with her given the choice. their personalities are SOOOOOO different. He is a adorable prankster, and she is a more serious.(sometimes) I think her mom was worried about her show ending, and wanted her to have publicity. The author of this blog said that Selena’s mom is a stage mom. She probably called Scotter and planned this. I want to know how long this will last. I want the old Justin back. The one who cared about his fans, and didn’t ignore them. The one who hasn’t changed for Selena

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