Where’s Cameron?

Just as I was about to go to bed, we got this dm from a girl who sent us some pretty interesting info.  She linked us to a tumblr, I won’t give the account out just in case they don’t want to be out in the public. I will however show you the screen-shots i took of the tumblr. Let’s just say they saw some pretty awkward things go down in Allstar weekend’s live chat tonight.
If you can’t read what the screen-caps say, I’m going to be putting it underneath.
“Cameron is with Selena BREAKING NEWS. It’s 1 a.m and Cameron Quiseng is missing from the tour bus. The tour bus is moving…which can only mean…he is on Selena’s tour bus…. awkz.”
Is this a joke? Or real? REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I was just watching there live chat and Cam was not there, but the bus was moving. Everyone was asking where he was, but he’s not there and they were avoiding answering, because they can’t lie…the car is moving.”
“Cameron Quiseng is in a band called Allstar Weekend and they are on tour with Selena. So they were having this live chat for an hour or so, and Cameron was not there. They showed several places in the tour bus and it was visible that he was not in the tour bus. He is still very much on tour with them, and I am not implying he is sleeping with Selena, or dating her. I’m just saying he is riding in her tour bus. It’s cool, I was just pointing it out because everyone in there mother was writing ‘Where’s Cam?’ and Zach would look at the comments and avoid everyone asking. It’s kind of obvious if you ask me…or maybe he was taking a really long pee. Who knows.”
But that doesn’t mean he’s with Selena! I don’t like jelena at all, but I am just saying. What If he was in the bathroom? Was it a bus, or a car? That will make it more realistic for me here. They were in the tour bus, but they did show the whole tour bus and they were on the live chat for about an hour before Zach’s wifi wore out because they were driving. He even said they were driving. I’m not implying anything like he’s sleeping with her or anything, it’s just weird that he’s over there on an overnight drive. Mikey actually came out of the bathroom I believe, and then they started doing some awkward dancing…”
As you can see, things are looking pretty fishy. I’m not gonna start pointing fingers but where else could Cameron be? The tour bus was moving and it was in the middle of the night. 1am to be exact.
– One of the band members went to the bathroom during the chat, Cameron couldn’t have been in there. Unless they have two toilets in one bathroom.
– They were showing several parts of the tour bus during the live chat, and he was nowhere to be found- unless Cameron is a pro at hide and seek. A tour bus is not that big, you could see what is going down.
–  Cameron is their band member, how could they not know where he is or what he’s doing? That is just bizarre to me.
– If he was sleeping, don’t you think they would have said that? instead of avoiding all questions about it and looking awkward/getting quiet each time they were asked.
-It was a moving tour bus, they must be going towards the next tour date. Cameron can’t be out taking a walk, at a store, at a hotel room or outside in general. That wouldn’t make any sense, seeing as it’s a moving tour bus. He has to be on someone’s bus, if he is not on his own.
– Not only that, Cameron has been spotted side stage watching Selena’s set a few times right after their set is done. Don’t you think that if any of the other band members were side stage, they would mention their names too?
– Also, Cameron seems to be the only band member she spends most of her time with. Taking instagram pictures with, going to open mic shows, playing in the rain and etc.
So, what do you guys think? Where could Cameron be?

Mystery tweets solved.

I know that this is mainly about Bieber but we found out a few interesting things that we’d like to share about Jasmine v and her crew. So last night, a few tweets have spread around twitter like wildfire. Mainly including Jinsu and Jasmine’s mom. When everyone read what their tweets were, it got everyone on twitter talking. Who could they be about? Could it be Selena, Justin or someone else? Well, we are here to tell you what’s going on.

First this tweet showed up:

Which then lead to this tweet:

Then caused this tweet:

Finally, ended with this tweet.

Just by the first tweets you can already tell that for once, they aren’t talking about Justin or Selena. You can all breathe in and out, because those tweets aren’t about them. It’s about this chick named Jazzlyn marae. She used to be close friends with Jasmine, but i guess they just had a falling out and are no longer amigos anymore. Jasmine’s mom claims that she has copied Jasmine. First Jasmine came out with Just Jasmine episodes on youtube, where she would post videos about her daily life. Jazzlyn ended up making the same thing on her youtube channel, it was called Simply Jazzlyn. After that, Jasmine made a cover song youtube of the song Talking to the moon. Days later, Jazzlyn ended up making the same cover video on her youtube. That’s all so weird to me, why can’t people have a bit more originality these days? Or maybe those two are just a coincidence since I’m not sure what else she has copied from Jasmine.


Bracelet swag

We don’t have much to blog about this situation, but we’ve been noticing something lately. The fact that even though Jusmine (Justin and Jasmine) is long gone, and has been broken up for almost a year, Justin still wears the bracelet that they both of them got while they were together in Hawaii. I’ve been seeing many different stories about this and for one, it’s not Jasmine’s bracelet that he’s wearing, they each have their own bracelet. Two, It’s a black beaded bracelet but i noticed that they have a white beaded one as well? Unless it’s just a coincidence that they both bought the same bracelet.

If you don’t know what bracelet we are talking about look here:

We also made a college of Justin wearing the bracelet the past few months here:

We are by no means saying that they are “secretly” dating, still have feelings for each other or anything of that sort. We know that they both have a significant other at the moment. We just noticed that he’s been wearing the bracelet as if it’s apart of his daily wardrobe, and never taking the thing off. Why do you think Justin still wears the bracelet? Even though he’s “with” Selena?

Let us know!


Man of not so mystery anymore.

Everyone must know who robinnnhood is right? He/She made a twitter trying to act like they’re justin bieber, as if it’s his personal twitter account. If you have no idea who robinnnhood is, or if you’ve been fooled by this man of mystery, we’re here to crack this case down and get down to the bottom of this mystery. Us over at plb have even been fooled once by this robinhood person, but we learned that they’re nothing but a phony. We got a story sent to us through dms last night, (not going to say who sent it, because we wanna keep that private.) and it will open up your eyes to this whole “mystery” robinhood is trying to portray.

“there are way too many things that lead to the fact that robinnnhood is a big ass fake lol. for starters his grammar sucks dick. Seriously the fact that so many people think he’s biebs and suck his dick (or tits probably) annoys the fuck outta me lol. So I’m pretty sure he also owns @lovebiebskie (which used to biebersucksdick or some hater account) and he faked the whole hacked thing and then the funny part, He screenshots supposed ‘dms from jasmine v’ (jas follows robin idk why) but he doesnt show the ‘inbox’ part SO obvious he wrote up that shit and sent it to jasmine and then screenshot his sent folder lawl http://twitpic.com/5xi3wg and loads more (check the twitpics)… and then of course there’s some random foreign verified account following him @dannapaola is one of the only verified accs following him so of course being the whore he is he acts like he’s friends with her lol he made up a fake account today for selena too @meowskiibaby and then ages ago he made up a fake caitlin account lol. it was @lipstickbaby18 or something whose account was private. So when you saw his tweets you would think he was having a conversation with her but you couldn’t see her tweets cause they were private. The funny thing is all the tweets he was ‘replying too’ were the same tweet. hahaha like the status link was the exact same every time. One more thing, if robin was Justin and he didn’t want people to see those dm screenshots, why would he tweet that @lovebiebskie hacked him when clearly the lovebiebskie account tweeted the screenshots and its on their page? and then when you tell him he’s not justin he’ll say “never said i was” LMFAO then this one time robin and justin tweeted together so to save himself he said “using safari and google chrome at the same time.. #swag” lol”

Here are the dms supposedly from Jasmine v:

1) If someone were to hack someone, I’m sure they would have found all the dms in their twitter account. Not just one from the most famous chick that’s following you. Also, they would have showed both sides to the conversation. This “hacker” just leaked the ones that Jasmine sent to them. Hackers like to expose people, they leak everything juicy that they find, not just one side of the story.

2) Right after I read that story in dms, I was just like really? how does someone have that much time on their hands to be able to make it seem like they’re legit Justin. To go through all the trouble in making so many different accounts, just to make it seem like you weren’t being a phony. I guess having conversations with yourself is the new thing. Robinhood has also been in a tinychat before, on camera and they ended up being a girl on the screen. Not justin, but yes a girl. I’m not sure where the screen-cap of it is, but if anyone has it please send it to us so we could add it onto here.

3) Jasmine is with Jinsu, they have been together for almost a year. I really don’t think she would do anything like this. She seems as if she’s really into him and they’re in love. When i first saw these dms they caught me off guard to a point where i was like Woah there, what is going on? Then we realized that it wasn’t legit and had nothing to worry about afterall.

one Dm from that dana chick:

1) I really don’t know who this girl is, other than she’s a latin singer and i heard that she only follows twitter accounts that are verified and legit. I don’t have much to say about this, other than the fact how would the hacker somehow get dms from Jasmine through the computer, then dms from a phone? I haven’t seen dms look like that before, unless that’s some special twitter that I’m not aware of.

Justin’s uncle from canada had even called out this Robinhood person:

-I don’t see why they would continue to keep up with this when clearly he has already been called out.

Another girl had dmed us their robinhood experience. Not going to say who sent it once again, because we wanna keep that private. The dm had said “I used to talk to him a lot, he even told me that he was falling in love with me.”

1) If they were “Justin” why would they constantly talk to a fan on twitter, then eventually say they were falling in love with them? I’m not saying that it’s not possible cause I know that Justin has had his share of talking to a few fans, and then possibly hooking up with them. But never have I heard a story about how he actually started to grow feelings for one, then say he was falling in love. Justin has even said before that he has felt what love is, but he’s never actually been in love. Justin is also very cautious to who he shares info with and talks too.

This was just one big hot mess, and we’re glad that we might put a stop to it all.


The Morgan sisters.

I’m sure you all have heard about the blog @lovetiffanyalex and her bieber crew wrote up a few hours ago exposing the Morgan sisters. This is the continuous blog for those pretty little liars. In order to understand what we’re about to write, you must read her blog first. We’ll be showing you all the emails they had sent us trying to get their story out there for all blogs to write about.

So, it all started last night when an anonymous girl emailed us about a couple of sisters name Cassie and Elle Morgan. We get stories like this 70% of the time, some could be true, some could be as fake as Pamela Anderson’s boobs. This story was one of those. At first, it seemed like they had their story all put together. It looked legit and we ALMOST fell for it. That was until she began to send us pictures for their “proof”

 The first picture with Selena and the Jonas Brothers, that picture was from the Disney Channel games a few years ago. Those random girls in the back were disney channel stars from other countries. Also, why would Justin meet up with a girl he was supposedly dating on the side, with the girl he’s “dating” in the public? I know that Justin can be a little dumb sometimes, but he’s not that dumb. He wouldn’t just hang out with both of the girls and buy them both bags.

Here is when we stopped emailing the girl back and forth. They constantly tried to email us wondering if we were interested in the story still. They asked us if they should take it to another blog because it was like we didn’t care. It’s not that we didn’t care, it’s just that why waste our time trying and write a blog if something is completely untrue? All of the pictures look like they were just mashed up together, yeah it was a collage but i’ve seen better. If you’re going to fake a story at least be good at photoshop. Also, everyone knows about the “Sex Panther” nick-name. It’s not some sort of secret. One more thing before we go, notice how they kept saying things and places that both Justin and Selena have been spotted at? This whole situation was just completely ridiculous, and they need a class on how to lie 101.


Wedding Crashers..

Most of you already know about the wedding crashing adventure Justin and Selena had last night. I’m not going to go into detail because 1) It’s already all over- so that would be a waste of time to repeat the same stuff and 2) We also ranted about EVERYTHING on our twitter.

Anyways, So, we stumbled upon a longer video from the wedding crashing. One that was more detailed and showed what had happened unlike the :30 video that’s been going around. You can view it over here:

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a play-by-play. Justin comes into their party, automatically goes near Paige, stays beside her for a little to slow dance for like two seconds, heads toward the other girls to take a few pictures, Paige introduces her cousin to Justin, He says a few things about the bride and groom, goes back to Paige and has this extreme smile on his face 95% of the time, Selena pops out of no where and they both grab hands then walk right out of the place. It lasted for about legit 3 minutes, and TMZ says that they stayed for about 10 minutes just to take pictures and then left. What’s funny is that, I specially remember Paige talking about how she “finally got to dougie” with Justin. In the video, I don’t see any douging going on- nor did TMZ really say anything of that sort. Hmm, has someone been caught in a lie?

New Subject:

There’s this DM flying around twitter that Justin has been messaging a couple of fans defending Paige. At first It was pretty sketchy, because people can fake DM’s easily and with all the drama going on- you can never be too sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore. The girl who posted the DM’s had two versions of them, one that was up close; and one that showed her whole computer screen.

If those DMs are legit, it’s interesting how Justin won’t hesitate to defend a fan, but when it comes to his “Girlfriend” who gets hate as well- he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t say one word about it. Sort of like brushing it off his shoulder and being like “Oh, you can handle that all on your own.” If he took his time to send out those DMs, he must care about the girl even if it’s just a bit. It could be on the friendly side or it could be that he might have a small crush on her. We’re leaning more towards the friendly side, as in he probably just thinks she’s cute. The reason why we think that is because, Justin has even said himself that he wouldn’t wanna date a fan that would do anything for him, or was so in love with him. Seeing her reaction on Ellen made it obvious that she was in that category. Maybe his thoughts on that whole or deal has changed since then.

What do you think about this? Do you think that it could be real? Do you think that he could have a slight crush on Paige?


Chaz Somers clothing line

Looks like Chaz Somers- one of Justin’s best friends is starting to make his way into the business. Not the singing one of course- but in fashion. He’s created his own clothing line called LeNinja.  It’s for both men and woman and It’s up for pre-order right now. Most of the guys from Stratford have even been tweeting the line hoping that most of the beliebers would end up buying it.

Not only is he selling t-shirts around 20+ bucks but he is having a drawing where if you buy a shirt- you will be entered into a drawing where you could be the leading lady in his photo-shoot for the LeNinja line. Must be nice to have Justin Bieber as a best friend, Ryan’s focused on becoming a director and Chaz is trying to come out with a clothing line. Could this also be the reason why the both of them started hanging out again and going back to the way things used to be- instead of it just being Ryan and Justin all the time?

Wonder if Justin’s ever going to tweet about the line and tell people to buy it- because you know how he loves to #supporthisfriends. Are you going to buy LeNinja?