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Oh, Canada!

This week Justin flew back to good ‘ole Canada with his ‘girlfriend’ Ms. Gomez. And, I must say it seems like some of his fellow Stratty Canadian pals weren’t so enthusiastic about his arrival or Selena’s either.

On Wednesday, Sadie Nelson (@Sadienelsonn), who’s friends with the whole Stratty gang tweeted:

Then we have Mr. Robbie (@robbieruns):


Robbie got to see Justin, but not hang out with him for much long because on Robbie’s formspring, he answered these:

What Jake (@jakenear) tweeted:

@jAyenew tweet about Jelena:

There was a lot more drama at school and on Facebook about Justin and Selena’s arrival in Canada. Justin didn’t really hang out with people that much during his vacation in Stratford maybe cause of the fact not many people really wanted him there or it could be because he was with Selena the majority of the time.. Of course Ryan and maybe Chaz are still sticking with the Biebs. But yet they’re still close friends with the people trashing him too, so I guess they could understand their points. And when Ryan and mostly Chaz are tweeting these people and being all friendly, odds are, more Beliebers will see their tweets about Justin, etc. It all just causes more curiosity.  Well there you have it. Not only Bieber fans are saying Justin has changed, but his friends that knew him before the fame are saying the same.  I don’t think it’s easy to use the “he’s just growing up” excuse this time…


Bieber Family Tension

Ever since Monday, May 30th on Jazmyn’s birthday, there’s been a lot of Justin ‘drama.’ Whether it was about him not being with his sick mom, Pattie last weekend. Not seeing Sean in the hospital, being with Selena everyday, or even not being with Jazzy on her birthday. Although Jazmyn was with her mom Erin on Monday.

Earlier this week, Jeremy Bieber (@lordbieber) tweeted, “Soon we’ll be so small, you won’t even see us.” Not long after, Jeremy deleted the tweet after everyone started replying him that it’s about Justin and re-tweeting the tweet. On Tuesday, Selena and Justin went to good ‘ole Canada to visit Jazzy, Jaxon, and had a sleepover later on that night with Ryan and Chaz..

Anyways…… There were many pictures of Selena, Justin, Jazmyn, Jaxon and Papa Bieber at a park having the time of their lives!


Justin: Stop looking at the camera Jazzy *turns head*

Roc-A-Bye baby, on the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle Selena will rock.

*dun dun dun* SUPERMAN!

See this? The paps ran all the way to the other side, to get the same picture of them at a different angle. Awk.

Jeremy: I don’t think your ready for this jelly, I don’t think your ready for this! Cause my body’s too bootylicious for ya babe 😉

Why so serious, Papa Biebs?

*Beyonce’s voice* “Pose for da camera, now *click* *click* *click*”

“Hey camera guy.. you lookin’ nice today ;)”

Haha seriously, this whole ‘family outing’ is just a hot mess.

Sadly Jeremy didn’t tweet anything this whole week about being with Justin, like he use to. Not even on his birthday.

Justin (I hope it was Justin..) tweeted:

Jeremy tweeted nothing in return. Maybe that’s because Jeremy unfollowed Justin earlier. And of course when everyone started @replying Jeremy and freaking out, he re-followed Justin to stop the drama.

If you look at Jeremy’s follower list, he is now following 49 people. The LAST person he followed was @justinbieber. I remember when Justin used to be the first person followed..

Isn’t this awkward….. on the brighter note, Jeremy turned 37 yesterday and he’s still SWAGGING it out. I see you Papa Biebs 😉

*Update: Pattie, @studiomama, has ALSO unfollowed Justin but then she re-followed him when all of it started to cause even more attention.

Now Justin is the latest person she has followed yesterday.

Who knows, Maybe all this drama has something to do with these pictures? Their ‘family’ looks a bit depressed..

Six Flags Over Texas

Yesterday, Jelena was taking over Hawaii. Today, Jover was spotted taking over Texas. Good thing Texas is big enough for their teenage hormones

Is it just me, or is this more like an actual teenage relationship; but than again, most teen relationships are real.

J: Look I know we just made sweet love in Hawaii, but I'm still not ready to call Selena my girlfriend.

**Update: We recently spotted this photo of them on a rollercoaster at Six Flags.

Justin and Selena in the front 2 seats, and strangers in the back. Lol at those people in the background staring at the camera..-

Mhm, I’ve never been on that ride. Looks fun..

Are you really surprise that Ryan tweeted Justin:

I mean, that’s the least you can do for someone who paid for you to go to Spain and Italy, including a D&G party. I really wouldn’t be all that surprise to see more tweets like this out of Ryan; and who knows, maybe Chaz will tweet something similar in hopes of getting dibs on the next vacay with his homeboy. He’s kinda been excluded out of the St. Lucia, Spain, etc vacation. Poor Chaz.

-And for anyone who will be at Disney World in Florida this weekend, keep an eye out for Justin and Selena. It’s been reported by an anonymous emailer that Justin will be in Florida this weekend to pick out a present for Jazzy, then he will make his way back to Canada to surprise her with her birthday present on Monday.

Who knows what’s next for these teen idol, who of course, are traveling with all the money you’ve spent on shirts, and tickets, and cds. No worries though, at least he’s going to his sister’s birthday. Wonder who else might be joining…


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What’s This I Hear?

We have recently been enlightened with an email. Now, please keep in mind that this MAY OR MAY NOT be true. The person was unable to provide evidence, but if your in this situation, you likely wouldn’t rush to pick up your recorder, you would want to hear the conversation… please keep that in mind- this is the only reason that I (Tiarra) have chosen to post it. You can decided if it is true yourself. I will not be offended either way. I personally am iffy on believing it, but it seems like it could almost be true- we will never know, but here it is.

“it’s about what happend with justin and selena last month

so i cant find the nespaper that my dad gave it was
a nespaper from italy and my dad was in italy at the same time that justin was.

but my sister is working where justin was in israel
she’s working as a
in this hotel so she and another woman were the head of the suites 
of justin and his crew
at the 3rd day of justin in the hotel he was so pissed about
the paps so he stayed at the hotel and my sister told me that
 when his mother and kenny left the hotel he made a phone call ffrom the hotel(it’s cheaper) and my sister heard abit from the phone call that he made it was like that
justin:you cheated i know that it’s not true what we do

(i’m translating what my sister told me)

justin:but it still hurts 

some1:…..dont fucking tell me that it wasnt true 
and nick also you know that it’s all bullshit 

justin:i really dont know what to say 
some1:we need to talk face to face it’s not working like that
justin:do whatever you want i honestly right now dont give a fuck

the phone is true i really dont know who is this person that he talked to but let me gusse 
you cannot believe that but this is what my sister told me
and she will never lie to me about it”

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm because there is no proof, so you’ll just have to believe it if you want to or not. the choice is yours.


Here are the screenshots by the way:

the same person that originally sent this just sent us this by the way:

so i saw that you put what i wrote to you on your blog

and i saw the comments

i just want you to tell them

that my english is bad because i’m from israel and that

justin used the phone on his suite

and in this hotel you can hear all the phonecalls

in the control room

i’m a blieber and i love justin and selena well she’s fine

but i dont hate her that i will spread a rumer

about them



Jelena “Sex” Pictures: Real or Fake?

Recently, these pictures of supposedly “Selena and Justin” have been floating around. And they came out around the whole Malaysia drama. they’re quite blurry so you can’t eve see who’s face it is. Everyone’s saying these are of Selena and Justin during ‘sex.’ The whole thing is quite hilarious, because there’s not really much to see. But we’ll let you decide for yourself.

(There are more pictures but this is the only ones we have, so if you have any clearer ones, send them in!)

Firstly, it doesn’t look much like them. For example, how there’s blonde hair in the back of Justin. He has lightish brown hair. Therefore, in this picture it wouldn’t be that light. But then again it could be the light mixed with the blur. And even though the picture is blurry, it doesn’t look quite like Selena.

If it WERE them, why would someone take pictures of them while getting intimate? It makes no sense. So we fully doubt these are real especially based on the fact that you can’t clearly see their faces. Maybe if someone sends in more clearer one’s it would be easier to decide.

Although many people and Beliebers are saying it’s ‘Jelena’ in this picture, there’s really no evidence of that. What do you think? Real or fake? Comment below.


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Where Are They Now? Part 2

Jazzy and Jaxon

not to much to say,, but they are as adorable as always.


“Thank you for an amazing show last night Dixon. You’re so amazing!!! Who says you’re not perfect?!!!” That was a tweet after a concert in Dixon. Let me start off with her music video. “Who Says” my problem is, why did she use herself in that music video. Isn’t the point to make OTHER girls feel beautiful? So you “took off” you make up, but that doesn’t do anything for us normal girls who have makeup artists and teams of editors that cam make us look flawless. Sorry, but your music video was a #fail. Next time you want to market to normal teens, try using normal teens. Next stop on this leg of the race, “I think I may be in love.” Selena stated for a Seventeen Magazine article. Hmmm, I don’t really have a comment to that. Then there is the kissing in Indonesia. That spread like wildfire. for those of you who live under a rock, I think they need some kissing lessons; sad to say it but isn’t this a real kiss. How old are they again. Nine, WHAT? Now that Wizards is ending, Selena needs a little help keeping up her fame; which gives us a reason for the announcement that she will host the MMA. Plus, her new CD has a few songs by the famous Britany Spears, can’t wait to see what happens with that. You do realize people can work out deals to host those shows right… but then again now that she is dating Justin, doors are opened wide.. funny how that is.

The One, The only: Justin Bieber

So rumor has it that Justin has been trouble on flights. He cleared it up and it was just an exaggeration. A costar recently gave him a bad review, calling him a brat… Did you ever stop to think that he is a prankster, he could have  been pranking, and while it may not have been appropriate, for the situation she just took it out of hand. Its not really a big deal. It appears as though members of the crew aren’t so excited about the trip to Japan. Scooter apparently isn’t too thrilled about this decision. reports. But is Japan reallt too dangerous for the Biebs? Reports say that radiation levels are back to normal and it is safe to travel. It’s very sweet of him to continue on his tour to Japan… giving hope to the people that were previously devastated in the spring events. Some of you may have heard speculations about Justin modeling for Dolce and Gabbana, however, while D&G have commented “it’s impossible to deny that he’s a model for his peers…He’s very attentive towards style and he takes care of his look.” While this does not mean he will be a model for D&G, I’m thinking, let it take its time, I wouldn’t doubt it, and from the photo I’ve seen, it’s only a matter of time.

Private Accounts

You guys are seriously obsessed about private accounts. Please keep in mind, they are private for a reason. If they follow a ton of people, its not them. If they are followed by a ton of people, it’s not them. If they ask you for your number, its not them. If they ask you for a picture, it’s not them. @JustinBieber is for the fans, but on his private, he follows close friends and family as well as other people he feels he should. He doesn’t want to be spammed guys, thats why were not giving you the accounts, even if we did you would spam him out of twitter and facebook and tumblr, he is a regular teen, he just has a multimillion dollar career. So next time you  ask us about it, think about him. Would you want to be part of a giant hide and seek game if you were him, you have to respect that he wants to be able to have some what of a normal life..

Keep your eyes out, you never know when the next iron will strike.


Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline

We all have our own opinions. If you’re a huge Jelena supporter it’s YOUR choice to read or not to read. We’re not forcing you to do anything. We’re proving a point.

You don’t have to read anything you don’t want to. We’re just taking this into another perspective instead of the “perspective” of the people making MONEY off of ‘Jelena’ and the perspective of Jelenators saying everything Justin and Selena do is perfect.

Howdy again, perceptive readers 😉 So as you guys know, we get hate like every week. Hate from Selenators and hate from Beliebers who think we need to “respect Jelena.” We aren’t complaining though, we actually love all the attention. It’s actually funny, because unlike most Selenators or Jelenators we respect all opinions. Even if you 100% disagree with us. Plus, we love proving them wrong. Keep in mind, we never post anything without any proof. This whole blog is based on proof and exposing the truth. It’s also our opinion on everything analyzed or opinions of people associated with Justin. And if you actually take another perspective, instead of being so obsessed with your own belief, you’ll realize what we say actually makes sense. We go back and forth with these people because we are determined for every single person in the Twitterverse to believe us when we say Jelena is as fake as a three dollar bill and both Justin and Selena are faking Jelena.  90% of our readers believe us when we say Jelena is not real, then we have the 10% that stay hating and being in denial against our posts. So this post, this post goes out to that 10%. This goes out to the people in denial. We love you haters so we are about to single handedly make you eat your words up like no other.

“One less lonely New Year”

You know we had to start off with New years 2010. If you don’t know, Justin and Selena spent New Years 2010 in Times Square together at the Ball Drop ceremony and performed One Less Lonely girl together. Well, Justin performed and Selena just kinda sat there looking awkward until the end. Any who Justin serenaded Selena and she just looked awkward. The whole time she was just smiling and looking around like “Oh, kids. They sing the darnedest things!” If you have never seen the performance, you might wanna take a look.

Justin looked very genuine during that performance and looked like he was having a fun time. Selena looked like she was trying too hard. Sure, it was nice of her to come out there but the way she looked at him was like he was a little baby. Plus, Justin went out there with his broken ankle and all. Let’s hope she didn’t bruise his pride too much. But then she stood up and started dancing and singing along. Don’t know why, but she did and it looked awkward because she was so tall next to him.

If it wasn’t obvious enough, for Justin that performance wasn’t really fake. We think he genuinely liked her at that time. In 2009 he’d had a couple interviews before where he would say she was “only pretty” but he didn’t like her. This performance was probably the one where he began to like her, because straight after that they were rumored to hang out ever so often and become ‘best friends.’

Skip to 6:53 and listen to the conversation. The interviewer goes “Who’s your number two pick?” and Justin says, “I think Selena Gomez is pretty. But I don’t like her. I think she’s cute, I think she’s a cutie but…” And then they proceed to talk about what could happen between them in the future. (This video was posted September 29th, 2009. So he must have said that some time before that date.) Late 2009 Justin was just everywhere talking about Selena and how he didn’t ‘like’ her, he just thought she was pretty. But I think you and I both know Justin had a bit of a crush on little Ms. Gomez. Even though around that time, Selena didn’t really care. Before Justin’s HUGE burst of fame last year, Selena wasn’t anywhere talking about Justin even though she most likely knew Justin had a little crush on her, until…

HOLD UP. Lets go a little further back before the dates began.

Selena Gomez’s DREAM OUT LOUD.

This honestly, is the confusing part. It confuses everyone, including us.

Well, who has seen Selena’s Dream Out Loud behind the scenes video? I have. Maybe you haven’t but here’s a screen shoot of one of the screen shots.

Surprise, Surprise, now look at that. The Justin Bieber sticker. Now why in the world would they zoom into that? Perhaps It was zoomed in on purpose. Perhaps they knew a fan would see it. Yes and yes? What I find funny though is this was around the time Justin supposedly had something with Ms. Villegas. So the fact that Selena has his sticker is just confusing to me. Unless Justin is a two-timer.. then that’s another story.

Now this was way before they started thinking of each other in the girlfriend/boyfriend way. And way before they even started hanging out a lot.

Now, who else would tell the camera man to zoom in her cell phone? Perhaps, Selena herself? Maybe, maybe not. But the possibility could be..

Selena’s Stage Mom.

Now, when a celebrity has a manager it’s nothing unusual. But, when the celebrity’s manager is their mom, it says a lot. It says your mom is a stage mom. A stage mom is someone who pushes their child to be famous.

This comes to us as no surprise. Selena’s mom, Mandy Cornett also wanted to be a famous actress but wasn’t successful. Mandy’s aspirations to be a famous actress must have something to do with why Selena is famous today. When you have a stage mom who happens to be your manager, you don’t exactly have a lot of room to make your own decisions. Selena does what Mandy wants. Trust us when we tell you that Mandy is the type of person who wants fame. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that Selena met Justin through her mom from a call from Justin’s own manager, Scooter. It seems like Jelena’s ‘people’ are basically in control of their whole lives. No wonder why these teen celebs seem lost. Selena actually knew Justin a year before he became famous. But they were still ‘brother and sister‘ so she would “never think of him THAT way.”

Okay. Moving on.

– until….

The “Dates” Begin

October was when everything blew up for Justin and Selena. Selena was everywhere being asked about Justin, and she was just sticking to her same little line. Saying the same things, over and over. “He’s like my little brother!” “He’s a dork!” “He’s little!” Everywhere. Every interview, every question, same answer. This went all through October and November.

He’s a dork.’ – October 1st, 2010.

He’s little.’ – October, 14th 2010.

‘He’s like my little brother!’ – October 18th, 2010

(Notice how Selena replied so quickly to that statement Ellen made, and her reaction was so fake. She looked out into the audience too right when she said “WHAT?!” It didn’t look real. Probably planned out by their people, keep denying)

My question is, through all these interviews how Selena is saying she’s “known Justin for so long” and “Hangs with him,” when had she ever hung out with him personally in 2010, before October? (Which again is around the time Justin and Ms. Villegas had something going..) I recall Justin touring through most of 2010 so how was there ever any room for them to become ‘best friends‘? Selena was filming WOWP, doing her clothing line and working a lot overall. Justin was making a book, doing concerts nightly and hectic interviews/schedules. So I want to know, why all of a sudden Selena was saying that. It’s funny how she all of a sudden went from ignoring him to hanging out with him ‘ever so often.’

Straight after these interviews passed was when everything went down with ‘Jelena’ Starting with…

This must have been the funniest thing ever for us. Justin made it too obvious that this was just a little publicity stunt. The night of November 1st, Justin and his buddies were out at a haunted house. As you know, they were not alone. “Who were they accompanied by?” You ask? Well the answer to that cute little question of yours is obviously, Selena Gomez. They were both in California at the time and Justin made it too obvious that they were together. “But how is this a publicity stunt?” You ask. Well the night of the haunted house date Justin tweeted:
Why, Justin? Why would you tweet that if you were just in a haunted house with her? (And we’re assuming he does have her number. Because, I mean, according to Selena they “have been best friends for like years” or something, right?) I’m pretty sure Justin could have texted Selena that instead of going on twitter and slipping that tweet in. Some people are saying he didn’t have to. But Justin, if you’re really “trying to avoid drama” and you “want your life private” why would you tweet that for your millions of followers to see? He knew it was going to start something, which is exactly why he tweeted it. Then what do you know? More Jelena ‘dating’ rumors occur. Now I’m not saying this was Justin’s plan, but we are not that stupid. Come on, dude.
Next date was a little smaller, and not that big a deal. Same exact date of the last outing, a little weird. But it was still a date, none the less. It’s what we like to refer to as…
OUTING TWO: LE FOOTBALL FUN: November 1st 2010.
Let me just point out that this wasn’t at a random football game. No, Justin did not just pop into a random high school stadium and go “Looks like a swag football stadium, let’s sit here and watch it!” Even though that would be something Justin would say. But no, this was Will Smith’s oldest son (Trey Smith)’s football game at Moorpark, California. Justin joined Jaden and Will to the game and brought along his date, Selena. Honestly, for a date Justin didn’t look to excited to be there. He was tweeting on his phone the whole time and thanking his fans for not getting too wild at his arrival. So what kind of date is it when you’re not focused on the girl, nor the game? Sounds fun.
Next date was big. Out of all dates this was the one people made the most out of…
OUTING THREE: LE PANCAKE DATE – December 9th 2010.
If this didn’t spark up rumors, I don’t know what did. First of all, what’s with the sitting on the same side of the booth. On a date you are supposed to sit at opposite sides so you can look into the person’s eyes, so what was that? (UD: The people at the diner also stated that Justin and Selena basically spent the whole time just fooling around and looked very ‘touchy‘) Couldn’t you guys of just done that at your hotel room? Instead of having to go out in public? Then, they left with their heads down and linked arms. That’s how you were able to tell they were already an ‘item.’ (Unless you link arms with your little brother and go on iHop dates with him too, because that’s totally understandable.) Anyway, on this date was when Selena began to just become sarcastic and lie. This was when people began to dislike her. She was interviewed by MTV a couple days after and explained the whole thing. Saying it was “all innocent” Right, We’re sure it was.
What kills me Selena asks the questions that are most irrelevant. “Who doesn’t like pancakes?” Selena, everyone loves pancakes. But that has nothing to do with the subject here. Aha, oh brother. Honestly, she and Justin chose to go out and be flirty in public. You guys aren’t regular teens. It’s a big deal. Just in case Justin and Selena don’t know, there’s a thing called Paparazzi.
She also said on this date that Scooter was the one who called and told her that Justin wanted to hang out with her. And how she said ‘Yes‘ because she felt like a “big sister to him and wanted to protect him.” Yah’know, I can’t help but notice Scooter is always caught in the middle of these two between everything they do. He has some part in it. Then when they ask him questions he either lies about it or avoids the subject. Think about it. Maybe he’s into this publicity thing also. The more fame Justin gets, the more money Scooter gets. Anyways..
Next was jingle ball. Jingle ball 2010 wasn’t a big deal probably to most Beliebers because Selena and Justin weren’t seen together. But what you most likely don’t know, they were together. Trust me, they were together.
Honestly, I don’t really get the point of them having to take the picture of Justin with this coat on. I just don’t understand how this could possibly have “leaked.” It was obvious that they WANTED this to come out. Either that, or Justin was feeling silly and decided to flash a picture of him in the coat and send it out. Selena was probably performing or something while this picture was taken, or thye were all just hanging out in the dressing room. Who knows what really went on? This isn’t all innocent though. I don’t understand why the paps made a big deal out of this. Who knows, maybe it was Jelena’s ‘people’ doing. Like most of everything.
After Jingle ball went through, it was Thanksgiving/Christmas time. This is when it gets funky.
(Down there is Priscilla Deleon, by the way.) Anyway, up there is the picture of Justin and Selena together on Thanksgiving in Selena’s house. Funny how in the picture that “someone” sent to the Paparazzi, only got them two. (Which is what was apparently stated.) I mean I’m pretty sure there’s more to the picture, like the full family, but it’s funny how this was only picture that surfaced the web to the paps. Not to say someone didn’t crop it and only leak this, but to me it seems like Pattie wasn’t part of this Thanksgiving decision fully. Now, I don’t know if Justin was with his parents, grandparents, etc. in this little get together with Selena, but it doesn’t look like it to me. He was said to be with his full family. Not just with his mom and Selena’s family. Also notice how out of place Justin looks. He’s barely smiling and just looks downright uncomfortable. Meanwhile Selena just looks happy about it. Justin could of showed a little emotion in the picture. It was his first Thanksgiving with his ‘girlfriend.’ Right?
Next big public outing, I have nothing to say to…
OUTING NUMBER FOUR: LE TOUR BUS FUN 😉 – December 19th, 2010.
I honestly, don’t want to know what they did in that tour bus, or why. But the more deeper into the relationship we get, the more touch. Woah there, Biebs.
NEXT. THE BIGGEST DEAL OF 2010. It was a vacation we’d like to call…
This was honestly just…. no words really. This whole St. Lucia, thing changed our opinion on Justin fully.  Justin and Selena went to a private place in St. Lucia with Justin’s buddy, Busty. And Selena’s cousin, Priscilla. Justin and Selena were awfully touchy-feely during this vacation. So when this happened, things switched a bit. Obviously we all know something fishy is going on between Justin and Selena. But this vacation included a lot of lies on Justin’s part. There was a lot of things that weren’t exactly true. He said he was spending Christmas with his family and ‘chilling’ the whole vacation with them. But honestly, what the hell. What kind of Christmas was that? How do you spend Christmas with your alleged girlfriend, best friend, and girlfriend’s cousin? Where was Justin’s mother through all of this? We know for a fact that she was on the cruise with them and Justin’s father at the time, well for part of it. Because Justin was still 16 at this time. If it weren’t for paps ‘catching’ these pictures, we all would of thought Justin was in Canada his whole break. More importantly, I love how the paparazzi never caught Justin and Selena kissing. They looked like they were close to kissing, but didn’t kiss. Or it was a kiss on the cheek. Also these pictures look awfully posed to me. It’s like those “couple” pictures of swimwear you see in Vogue or Abercrombie and Fitch catalogs, am I right? And funny how the Paps only get the perfect shots of them touching. Not talking. Just touching.. Mhm. So does that mean they spent their whole time out there just rubbing on each other? Haha, dirty minds (;
Now before we continue, I would like to present to you all with the three Jelena theories.
a) Jelena is a full publicity stunt for both Selena, and Justin. Whoever says this, sorry but you’re wrong. A lot of Selenators just love to flip the script and claim Justin is using Selena. But let’s be honest right now, shall we? If you have more popularity, fame and money than someone why would you need to use them? And, If you have OVER 9 million followers on twitter and over 20 million ‘likers’ on facebook would you really want to take publicity from someone who was less ‘likers’ and less followers than you? Yeah, Didn’t think so. Besides, (not kissing ass here) Justin seems like an overall sweet boy. He treats his mother with respect and we’ve seen how he treats other woman. We doubt he’d do something that disrespectful especially since he doesn’t need to use Selena for anything. While on the other hand she does. You never know. But for all we know, maybe he could be using the fact that he’s with Selena as an advantage. Again, it’s really up to all opinions.
b) Jelena is a sex couple. (Friends with Benefits)
Not going to lie, this passed through our minds a couple times now because of how sexual they got. Especially after St. Lucia and…
LE VANITY FAIR 😉 – February 27th, 2011.
Left bottom picture. Obviously Justin is shoving his head into whatever kind of cleavage the boy thinks Selena has in there.
I honestly, don’t know what that is. Like is that a sign of respect where Selena comes from? Is that some type of cool think that people do nowadays? Nah, that’s just sexual. So there is a possibility that they are ‘friends’ with benefits. Minus the ‘friends’ part because I don’t really know how good of a ‘friend’ Selena really is. *cough* I mean what “friend” doesn’t visit their ‘best friend’ Demi in rehab (only calls, but doesn’t visit) but has time to go cruising with the Biebster? Anyways, that’s on a different topic. But why would Selena and Justin feel the need to take a picture of their pictures or let Paparazzi (that they “hate so much“) take pictures of it? I’m sure they could of bought two sets of these pictures from the machine. They are Millionaires you know.
But the thing that gets me is just how Selena looks like she’s the one who controls Justin. Pushing his head in and all of that. He looks like a lost puppy in all these actions. They seem kinda pushy, both of them. It just seems all planned out. Because it’s like right after they take those pictures, the paps get a snap of it, then they move on.
c)  Jelena is just a publicity stunt for Selena.
That’s more like it!
Keep those three theories in mind, and on with the time-line.
Let’s go forward to a great, great event that occurred at the Vanity Fair party as well…
LE FAKE KISS – February 27th, 2011
We call this kiss fake for a bunch of reasons. Obvious first reason: Justin had his eyes open. Before we get deep, let’s ask some questions. When a boy kisses you are his eyes open? Is he looking directly at a camera? “No and No.Cool, just asking. Moving along.. So Justin’s talking to some dude, showing him stuff on his iPhone. Don’t know much about that. But after that, Selena tilts her head and it looks like she smiles at Justin then he kisses her. Then they lick they’re lips and look around casually. Honestly, what kind of kiss was that? Here is an example of a REAL kiss shared between two stars:
Zac does not quickly pull away and look for paparazzi, neither does Vanessa. Given, they are much older. But a relationship is a relationship and that Jelena kiss was fake. I also love how Justin was looking directly at the camera when he kissed her. Then when he pulled away he barely smiled and she did. It was the quickest little kiss ever. Some would think “Well maybe they didn’t want anyone to see them kissing!” But that would make no sense, my friend. Because they had just attended a red carpet even together and took some very dirty pictures of themselves in a booth, which they SHARED with the Paparazzi normally. Also I’m loving how for some awkward reason the Paparazzi just seemed to be watching Justin and Selena. It’s like the Paps knew they were going to do something. Am I right? So if you still don’t think that was the fakest kiss in the history of celebrity kisses, then you’re just in denial.
(Some people say Justin didn’t fully kiss Selena because they’d just been dating for a few months. Haha, that’s funny also, because when Justin and Jasmine had their thing for a few weeks. Justin sure did give Jasmine’s tongue a fun time those car pictures last October.”
Afterward, we had…
LE HABIEBERTH DAY! – March 1st, 2011!
First of all, I love how Justin was at a mall with Alfredo and Selena on his 17th birthday. I would have spent it with my family. All of it. And there were rumors that Justin had bought expensive Selena some things on his birthday as he isn’t sweet enough, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. (Holla at the Loui Vuitton :D)
We’re here to talk about…
Would the Justin you know and you look up to do something like that? It’s safe to say he changes when he’s around Selena because he does. He becomes this disrespectful, annoying little jerk. We’re not taking his side on this. It was wrong what he did and it was wrong what he did in incidents before this. (The incident at the hotel when he ignored those fans)OR (The incident at the movies when he almost ignored that little girl) He just acts totally different, probably to amuse her. Or make it seem like he’s more mature, but this isn’t mature. This is sad, fake, and annoying.
Moving on to a big part of the fake part here on this time-line…
Pretty sure all of YA’LL remember this, don’t you? Justin tweets Selena he misses her, “Aww! So cute! How is that wrong?!” Honestly, kids. Do we even have to explain this to you? Back to what I said about the haunted house tweet. Why would Justin tweet Selena saying that he missed her if he could have texted her? Does that make any sense to you at all? “Well, maybe her phone died!” WRONG, because she tweeted him back directly from Echofon.
Echofon is a MOBILE APPLICATION, for people with twitter. Everybody uses it. So how could he have not texted her saying that he missed her?
Also, what kills me is that Selena replied exactly 11 minutes after. It was like he told her to go reply to his tweet. Selena hadn’t been on twitter for like a day or two, before she tweeted that. So I want to know how she all of a sudden decided to get on and tweet Justin back EXACTLY when he tweeted her. Coincidence? Don’t think so.
(We’re aware that you can choose who you want to get tweets from. But this is what’s interesting also, she only comes on once for Justin but not her fans at that time. And considering that she was just sitting around, because if she was busy, she probably wouldn’t of replied that early, she could of been thanking her fans via Twitter too, right? Not only Justin?)
So then recently, we have Malaysia. Which we already wrote about.
But not just yet Beliebers, there’s more to the story. And what a sad story it is. Apparently Justin took a picture of his iPhone4g background of him and Selena. (April 22) Here’s the pic:
And ‘somehow’ the paparazzi got a hold of it and sent it around. First. There is no possibly way a paparazzi can get a hold of your personal phone pictures unless you send it to them or they steal your phone. Which they didn’t. Why would Justin need to use his other phone to take a picture of his background of him and Selena? Something’s not adding up. Also, that phone background picture has never been seen anywhere else. So that’s a private “Jelena” picture. Some say that Justin left his phone lying around and a fan saw it, then clicked on the screen, then took the picture and then left the diner. Excuse me while we die of laughter. First of all. Why would Justin Bieber, leave his phone (that has everything on it, possibly secrets, important phone numbers and who knows what else he’s hiding on there) on a dining table in another country? And we’re sure he went to dinner with other people, cause I’m sure a famous star wouldn’t go eat dinner alone. So odds are they would of told him about his phone being left on the table. And then he ‘somehow’ comes back for the phone and leaves.
And we must not forget that time when Selena lied about skyping with Justin (when he was clearly sleeping at 4 am in the morning), just so them could get more attention for RockMafia’s song that he’s working on with her. Read post here:
All these things going through your head. Everything is adding up now, isn’t it?
Basically to break it down; Their relationship is a publicity stunt. Not mainly for Justin though, but for Selena. Selena’s ending her show Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney this year and that’s where 99% of her income comes from. Since she’s leaving Disney, her fame could slowly slip away. She needs to keep up that balance though. People do things like that ALL the time in young Hollywood. Some go as far as even getting married. It keeps their name out there more and keeps the drama more interesting. The only reason Justin never confirms their relationship is because he knows there’s nothing to it. Why do you think when Justin and Caitlin broke up he talked about how he dated her and how he enjoyed her company. But he NEVER talks openly about dating Selena? Because Jaitlin was built on reality and Jelena was based on fame. Selena’s ‘people’ are just using Justin to keep her name out there and increase her fan-base. (As you can see she’s gotten 2 million new followers from Justin and apparently her dating Justin was one of the reasons Selena was even allowed to open for an award at the Grammys.) Dating Justin brings her loads of more opportunities. I think the only reason Justin is going along with this, is because he’s had a crush on Selena before and maybe he thinks doing this could lead to something more? But I doubt it. I just wonder how Justin will feel once Jelena is over. He could have some deep feelings for her you know.. It would hurt him to see that she’s moved onto someone else and that their relationship went by faster than a second. Both Justin and Selena are basically in the middle of all of this. I think this is the doing of their people. But then again, maybe Selena automatically woke up a week later after she said she would never date Justin, and decided he was “the one” for her. Then he took her on a cruise and they fell in love. Like a fairytale! Back to reality here..
I just want to know why Selena constantly puts Justin down saying she’d “never date him” “he’s a little dork” and they’re “nothing more than friends.” But then two weeks later when his new movie, NSN is coming out, he’s up to win 2 Grammies, he’s ending his tour that brought in millions of dollars and he’s been labeled as the Most Famous Teen Star on the Planet, Selena THEN all of a sudden loves him? Haha.. she’s funny.
So this is it; Why would Justin and Selena feel the need to look for Paparazzi whenever they ‘kiss’ while some couples that REALLY like each other look into each others eyes? Why would they feel the need to take a picture OF a picture they’re already in? Why would they feel the need to lie constantly about how they’re not dating? But it’s sweet that Justin is trying to help out a friend I guess. Like he always says…… “#SupportYourFriends” right?

Ps; You could honestly think what you want. But this post has a point. We’re just gonna laugh when “Jelena” ends and she’s dates a new guy after. Like what happened with Nelena, Telena, Delena and others. At least we have proof it’s fake. What do you guys have? The fact that she flew in to see Justin? Well Nick Jonas flew to LA, just to see Selena couple of weeks ago. Not suspicious, right? Selena flying in to see Justin is nothing. She’s a millionaire, it’s not a big deal. Everyone can have their own opinion on this Maybe Selena and Justin just happen to like sending their “private” pictures to paps. Who knows? If you disagree, that’s fine. Post a comment. But this is from OUR view. We’re not even Beliebers like that either or jealous. I mean I’m a fan of Jasmine V and Caitlin who’ve dated Justin). Jelena is fake, whether you like it or not. Her relationships last no longer than 6 months/tops. Wonder why.. Or maybe Justin just likes denying things. People say Justin would never lie. But “Never Say Never” right?
This is Hollywood. 99% of the things you see on TV are fake. Sorry, if you think fame is based on talent. Because nowadays? It’s not.
Both Justin and Selena could be getting a lot out of this. Not to mention their “people” who by the way, control almost their whole life.
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