Mystery tweets solved.

I know that this is mainly about Bieber but we found out a few interesting things that we’d like to share about Jasmine v and her crew. So last night, a few tweets have spread around twitter like wildfire. Mainly including Jinsu and Jasmine’s mom. When everyone read what their tweets were, it got everyone on twitter talking. Who could they be about? Could it be Selena, Justin or someone else? Well, we are here to tell you what’s going on.

First this tweet showed up:

Which then lead to this tweet:

Then caused this tweet:

Finally, ended with this tweet.

Just by the first tweets you can already tell that for once, they aren’t talking about Justin or Selena. You can all breathe in and out, because those tweets aren’t about them. It’s about this chick named Jazzlyn marae. She used to be close friends with Jasmine, but i guess they just had a falling out and are no longer amigos anymore. Jasmine’s mom claims that she has copied Jasmine. First Jasmine came out with Just Jasmine episodes on youtube, where she would post videos about her daily life. Jazzlyn ended up making the same thing on her youtube channel, it was called Simply Jazzlyn. After that, Jasmine made a cover song youtube of the song Talking to the moon. Days later, Jazzlyn ended up making the same cover video on her youtube. That’s all so weird to me, why can’t people have a bit more originality these days? Or maybe those two are just a coincidence since I’m not sure what else she has copied from Jasmine.


9 thoughts on “Mystery tweets solved.

  1. ha says:

    i’m glad they were not talking about jelena…

  2. Patricia says:

    I don’t know why I even read this article cause I hate both Jasmine and Jinsu. They’re both spoiled brats who like to cause drama -_-

  3. Adrienne says:

    Yeah, they seem very close!! 🙂 I really dont know what happened to them two, that’s only if the tweet by Jin and Bernie was for Jazzlyn, but yeah Bernie’s tweet matched with the video Jazzlyn did. Its kinda sad now that theyre might be fighting since Jazzlyn was the girl with Jasmine in her Werk music video!

  4. jamila says:

    Wow! Really? a fight because both girls did a web show? why not bring in to the “Twitter Bashing” the thousands of others that did similar shows? And I went and looked up both versions of The cover and noticed that Jazzlyn did a cover before Jasmin, so do we assume that she was copying her? I would bet that Jasmine just wanted to cover the song also…. Jazzlyn probably liked the song, and wanted to play/sing it….. Did all the other people that sang the same cover copy? Get a life. (Not you, the blogger) I understand you are just reporting… But come on… really? Why would everyone assume that Jasmine and Jazzlyn were talking to each other in those tweets? They were Hash tags… trending topics, I don’t assume my friends are talking about me when they answer those. Anyhow, just my opinion.

    • Just so you know, we aren’t assuming things. One of jasmine’s friends had actually dmed us and said that this blog was all facts. We don’t know the whole story but what we had blogged about is what went down in all of our eyes.

  5. Celine says:

    What I’m confused about is why Jinsu is so rude to Mrs Villegas. She is his girlfriend’s mom after all.

  6. Sara says:

    Although I don’t know Jazzlyn or Jasmine personally and for the record I think they are both beautiful and talented… Jazzlyn had a webisode called “Jazzlyn says” a few years ago and deleted it about 8 months ago…. I’m not sure why. so she really didn’t copy the idea, and besides so many people do those… Remember the “Miley and Mandy” series? Also Jazzlyn did a cover of “Break even” on June 2, …..Jasmine did the same cover on July 21, but I don’t hear or read anyone saying she copied Jaazzlyn. I think perhaps everyone is jumping to conclusions…. Seems like a silly thing to go all nuts about!

  7. alliyah says:

    Ur blogs hv bcome so shit…used too love em before bt there nw so uninteresting, wasnt gona post a comment like dis bt hey no one else is commenting so I thought id just air my opinion

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