Man of not so mystery anymore.

Everyone must know who robinnnhood is right? He/She made a twitter trying to act like they’re justin bieber, as if it’s his personal twitter account. If you have no idea who robinnnhood is, or if you’ve been fooled by this man of mystery, we’re here to crack this case down and get down to the bottom of this mystery. Us over at plb have even been fooled once by this robinhood person, but we learned that they’re nothing but a phony. We got a story sent to us through dms last night, (not going to say who sent it, because we wanna keep that private.) and it will open up your eyes to this whole “mystery” robinhood is trying to portray.

“there are way too many things that lead to the fact that robinnnhood is a big ass fake lol. for starters his grammar sucks dick. Seriously the fact that so many people think he’s biebs and suck his dick (or tits probably) annoys the fuck outta me lol. So I’m pretty sure he also owns @lovebiebskie (which used to biebersucksdick or some hater account) and he faked the whole hacked thing and then the funny part, He screenshots supposed ‘dms from jasmine v’ (jas follows robin idk why) but he doesnt show the ‘inbox’ part SO obvious he wrote up that shit and sent it to jasmine and then screenshot his sent folder lawl and loads more (check the twitpics)… and then of course there’s some random foreign verified account following him @dannapaola is one of the only verified accs following him so of course being the whore he is he acts like he’s friends with her lol he made up a fake account today for selena too @meowskiibaby and then ages ago he made up a fake caitlin account lol. it was @lipstickbaby18 or something whose account was private. So when you saw his tweets you would think he was having a conversation with her but you couldn’t see her tweets cause they were private. The funny thing is all the tweets he was ‘replying too’ were the same tweet. hahaha like the status link was the exact same every time. One more thing, if robin was Justin and he didn’t want people to see those dm screenshots, why would he tweet that @lovebiebskie hacked him when clearly the lovebiebskie account tweeted the screenshots and its on their page? and then when you tell him he’s not justin he’ll say “never said i was” LMFAO then this one time robin and justin tweeted together so to save himself he said “using safari and google chrome at the same time.. #swag” lol”

Here are the dms supposedly from Jasmine v:

1) If someone were to hack someone, I’m sure they would have found all the dms in their twitter account. Not just one from the most famous chick that’s following you. Also, they would have showed both sides to the conversation. This “hacker” just leaked the ones that Jasmine sent to them. Hackers like to expose people, they leak everything juicy that they find, not just one side of the story.

2) Right after I read that story in dms, I was just like really? how does someone have that much time on their hands to be able to make it seem like they’re legit Justin. To go through all the trouble in making so many different accounts, just to make it seem like you weren’t being a phony. I guess having conversations with yourself is the new thing. Robinhood has also been in a tinychat before, on camera and they ended up being a girl on the screen. Not justin, but yes a girl. I’m not sure where the screen-cap of it is, but if anyone has it please send it to us so we could add it onto here.

3) Jasmine is with Jinsu, they have been together for almost a year. I really don’t think she would do anything like this. She seems as if she’s really into him and they’re in love. When i first saw these dms they caught me off guard to a point where i was like Woah there, what is going on? Then we realized that it wasn’t legit and had nothing to worry about afterall.

one Dm from that dana chick:

1) I really don’t know who this girl is, other than she’s a latin singer and i heard that she only follows twitter accounts that are verified and legit. I don’t have much to say about this, other than the fact how would the hacker somehow get dms from Jasmine through the computer, then dms from a phone? I haven’t seen dms look like that before, unless that’s some special twitter that I’m not aware of.

Justin’s uncle from canada had even called out this Robinhood person:

-I don’t see why they would continue to keep up with this when clearly he has already been called out.

Another girl had dmed us their robinhood experience. Not going to say who sent it once again, because we wanna keep that private. The dm had said “I used to talk to him a lot, he even told me that he was falling in love with me.”

1) If they were “Justin” why would they constantly talk to a fan on twitter, then eventually say they were falling in love with them? I’m not saying that it’s not possible cause I know that Justin has had his share of talking to a few fans, and then possibly hooking up with them. But never have I heard a story about how he actually started to grow feelings for one, then say he was falling in love. Justin has even said before that he has felt what love is, but he’s never actually been in love. Justin is also very cautious to who he shares info with and talks too.

This was just one big hot mess, and we’re glad that we might put a stop to it all.


8 thoughts on “Man of not so mystery anymore.

  1. ah says:

    hahahaa that’s fake but it was funny…and jasmine is inlove with jinsu…she is moved on from JB

  2. Ryder says:

    I’m confused about a few things. Now im not trying to defend the fact that ROBINNNHOOD is a phony but anyone can put a ROBINNNHOOD as a name on tinychat and 2. How did ROBINNNHOOD get his hands on the picture that justin posted on instagram of him kissing selena? cause ROBINNNHOOD did post that picture on his twitter. Im just saying. Im a fan of the blog by the way. It seems legit. but im just asking.

  3. Shaaaaay says:

    LOL this is all such a joke. what kindof a looser spends THAT much time on pretending to be someone they’re not. I dont get it. just be YOU.
    PS.this guy/girl is a major tool.

  4. Lexi says:

    the dana thing is REALLY weird…but who spends this much time pretending to hack a twitter? lol it probably is a girl..what a loser.

  5. Patricia says:

    I’ve been waiting for someone to expose this phony since last year! One time a year ago I tweeted that Robinnnhood is a fake and whoever is behind that account blocked me. So thats how I knew its true. They’re afraid of the truth coming out. And then I seen the tweet from Rob ( Justins uncle ) saying that he’s fake too, and now I know 100% that its not Justin. And yeah I remember some Robinnnhood drama from last year ( forgot what it was about ) and I saw a picture of the girl who supposedly runs it. I have no idea why so many beliebers actually believe its Justin. Its so annoying when I tell them its not, and they won’t believe me -_- Hopefully now they will. Good job girls.

  6. So.. says:

    He actually came clean last year and said he wasnt Justin, because he got caught out, so he just chose not to do it anymore. Guess he thought it was fun, so he decided to start again.

  7. PaulaZachary says:

    Yes!! You guys rock! I’ve said it to my friends that the whole thing about robinnnhood is fake! They didnt believe me! But wait…there’s a tumblr acc that’s made just to reveal robinnnhood is real. Theres a proof that when justin bieber in las vegas robinnnhood tweeted a photo about las vegas. and I just know it, it is taken from a mobile phone. And theres a screencapture justin saying “yes you dont know who I really am. I could be Robin hood, the man in tight…” So I’m a bit confused here. Little help? Xx

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