Bracelet swag

We don’t have much to blog about this situation, but we’ve been noticing something lately. The fact that even though Jusmine (Justin and Jasmine) is long gone, and has been broken up for almost a year, Justin still wears the bracelet that they both of them got while they were together in Hawaii. I’ve been seeing many different stories about this and for one, it’s not Jasmine’s bracelet that he’s wearing, they each have their own bracelet. Two, It’s a black beaded bracelet but i noticed that they have a white beaded one as well? Unless it’s just a coincidence that they both bought the same bracelet.

If you don’t know what bracelet we are talking about look here:

We also made a college of Justin wearing the bracelet the past few months here:

We are by no means saying that they are “secretly” dating, still have feelings for each other or anything of that sort. We know that they both have a significant other at the moment. We just noticed that he’s been wearing the bracelet as if it’s apart of his daily wardrobe, and never taking the thing off. Why do you think Justin still wears the bracelet? Even though he’s “with” Selena?

Let us know!


16 thoughts on “Bracelet swag

  1. plbrulzzz says:

    I’ve noticed that his significant “other” seems to wear also a bracelet similar to the black one he wears. Since I don’t like her, I see this as just one more way that she is copying someone. I also notice that she always has JB wear some sort of marker, like a T shirt with her on it, to denote that he is with her. Could be part of the publicty but she superficial, it seems the only way that she can announce to people that he’s hers, like she needs that. Well, that’s what I say.

  2. lovinjbieber96 says:

    well i think jasmine & justin did went out & stuff but like their label didnt like that so it had to end with no “goodbyes” just keep going forward and pretend their little relationship didnt happen thats when they started to find new people (justin & selena) (jasmine & jinsu) but its not a coincidence that they move on so quickly & hooked up with their ‘significant other’ the same day.i believe that justin & selena was real for couple of weeks but now its obvious their relationship is plain publicity and i guess justin realizes what going on but its too late to fix it or turn around so i guess he is force to stay with selena but it doesnt stop him from think about his pass relationships so idk what gunna happen between justin , jasmine , selena and jinsu it seems like a love square to me but im #justsaying

  3. whoohooo.. says:

    Ryan Butler also has the white beaded braclet. Maybe it was a friendship braclet or something.

  4. Martina says:

    or it could be that Jasmine V is just coping him. so that ppl would this that he is having a affair with her. Jasmine and Jinsu are so DESPERATE for attention. I’m sorry but your blog is just stupid. so what if h wears that same bracelet? maybe it represents their FRIENDSHIP. also we all know a lot of your posts are FAKE AS FUCK!

  5. Jazmin says:

    They’re called friendship bracelets…

  6. Lexi says:

    I think it just reminds justin of a happy time in his life..he was on tour,he had hit it big, he had jasmine. we don’t know what went on in hawaii,probably just something jasmine and justin know, and it probably makes them smile when they see the bracelet. it may sound weird,but i have a necklace an ex gave me,and sometime i wear it and it just reminds me when i was happy in my life.

  7. yo says:

    she doesn’t eevn wear the black beaded bracelet anymore… all u jasmine haters stfu.

  8. -.- says:

    The white braclet is a tresor paris braclet and loads of celebs wear them not just Jasmine and Justin.

  9. Riley says:

    Uh-oh looks like someone is unfaithful, oh well. why would I say unfaithful I mean Justin is not really with Selena (its just a public stunt).. so Justmine.. Hahaha..

  10. Hdhdjxjhxjc says:

    Hey the bracelet where you see them in a boat is the hotel bracelet they had to wear to get in and the other one is well i dont know

  11. Patricia says:

    I’ve been wondering that myself for the longest time. I’ve noticed that he wears those same beaded bracelets everywhere he goes and figured that it must mean something special to him. Why else would he wear them everyday? Im not a Jasmine fan at all, so I didn’t know that she has the same bracelet. Who knows what this is about, but it obviously means something to him to keep wearing it.

  12. Macy says:

    I think that it’s just something that they have has friends. I mean, they had them when they went out and they have them now. Just because they don’t go out anymore doesn’t mean that they can’t be friends?

  13. says:

    Justin still loves her ———he is now copying her with quotes..
    quotes are so jasmine…so yeah…..

  14. SO yeah says:

    actually in these photos ive noticed its mostly justin wearing the bracelet. I think Jasmine has moved on. Justin is the one still wearing it mostly.

  15. confued says:

    mhmm maybe there friendship braceltes and i think that jasmine when out with justin so she can get more famous and idk if he still does i dont think he does cuz hes heads over heels for selena so yea

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