The Morgan sisters.

I’m sure you all have heard about the blog @lovetiffanyalex and her bieber crew wrote up a few hours ago exposing the Morgan sisters. This is the continuous blog for those pretty little liars. In order to understand what we’re about to write, you must read her blog first. We’ll be showing you all the emails they had sent us trying to get their story out there for all blogs to write about.

So, it all started last night when an anonymous girl emailed us about a couple of sisters name Cassie and Elle Morgan. We get stories like this 70% of the time, some could be true, some could be as fake as Pamela Anderson’s boobs. This story was one of those. At first, it seemed like they had their story all put together. It looked legit and we ALMOST fell for it. That was until she began to send us pictures for their “proof”

 The first picture with Selena and the Jonas Brothers, that picture was from the Disney Channel games a few years ago. Those random girls in the back were disney channel stars from other countries. Also, why would Justin meet up with a girl he was supposedly dating on the side, with the girl he’s “dating” in the public? I know that Justin can be a little dumb sometimes, but he’s not that dumb. He wouldn’t just hang out with both of the girls and buy them both bags.

Here is when we stopped emailing the girl back and forth. They constantly tried to email us wondering if we were interested in the story still. They asked us if they should take it to another blog because it was like we didn’t care. It’s not that we didn’t care, it’s just that why waste our time trying and write a blog if something is completely untrue? All of the pictures look like they were just mashed up together, yeah it was a collage but i’ve seen better. If you’re going to fake a story at least be good at photoshop. Also, everyone knows about the “Sex Panther” nick-name. It’s not some sort of secret. One more thing before we go, notice how they kept saying things and places that both Justin and Selena have been spotted at? This whole situation was just completely ridiculous, and they need a class on how to lie 101.


15 thoughts on “The Morgan sisters.

  1. bieberwhores says:

    Wow they are pathetic like really I could tell you all those pictures were fake.. Great job


    lol jk

  2. Mrs Bieber says:


  3. la says:

    Those pictures with the girl look so photoshopped lol

  4. Elli says:

    they look photoshopped. especially the texts lol

  5. Macy says:

    This is just sad. Some people would do or say anything. You could tell that it was fake. Sex panther? Who says that? And even though I don’t know Justin, as a fan I KNOW that he wouldn’t be saying some shit like that. I use photoshop in my school and whoever it is did a bad job. Also, they are trying too hard to make it look real. They have been doing this for some time you know? These girls or girl needs some help. Because really, who are they fooling?

  6. lya says:

    wtf lol photoshop fail. remember how her ‘elle’s stepsister’ said she knew how to photoshop? haha. FAIL.

  7. Nadine says:


  8. brianna says:

    lol she’s fuckin stupid. seriously.
    her pictures “with him” look beyond fake.

  9. Lexi says:

    lol are people forreal? that’s so stupid, those pictures are the worst photoshop ever. and anyone can change a name as an iphone contact and send fake messages. haha some girls,i swear.

  10. Patricia says:

    I could tell at first glance that those are some fake ass, photoshopped pictures. All these bitches trying to make us believe they’re actually dating Justin. SMH They all need to get a life.

  11. lababy says:

    I don’t think justin would date her she’s ugly AF hahahahah

  12. isabel says:

    i dont tink he would date her shes not really pretty…


    Plzzz can you look at thath pictures? I know this is a french website but anyway… click on pictures to see them and especially look at the last two!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. isabel says:

    thats the worst photoshop ive ever seen, lol (the pictures of them together). besides, if they were really dating, dont you think they would keep stuff like that…private?

  15. PaulaZachary says:

    lmao the pictures are fucking fake! The justin bieber in pictures look so flat like all of them made of paper. Lol!

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