Wedding Crashers..

Most of you already know about the wedding crashing adventure Justin and Selena had last night. I’m not going to go into detail because 1) It’s already all over- so that would be a waste of time to repeat the same stuff and 2) We also ranted about EVERYTHING on our twitter.

Anyways, So, we stumbled upon a longer video from the wedding crashing. One that was more detailed and showed what had happened unlike the :30 video that’s been going around. You can view it over here:

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a play-by-play. Justin comes into their party, automatically goes near Paige, stays beside her for a little to slow dance for like two seconds, heads toward the other girls to take a few pictures, Paige introduces her cousin to Justin, He says a few things about the bride and groom, goes back to Paige and has this extreme smile on his face 95% of the time, Selena pops out of no where and they both grab hands then walk right out of the place. It lasted for about legit 3 minutes, and TMZ says that they stayed for about 10 minutes just to take pictures and then left. What’s funny is that, I specially remember Paige talking about how she “finally got to dougie” with Justin. In the video, I don’t see any douging going on- nor did TMZ really say anything of that sort. Hmm, has someone been caught in a lie?

New Subject:

There’s this DM flying around twitter that Justin has been messaging a couple of fans defending Paige. At first It was pretty sketchy, because people can fake DM’s easily and with all the drama going on- you can never be too sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore. The girl who posted the DM’s had two versions of them, one that was up close; and one that showed her whole computer screen.

If those DMs are legit, it’s interesting how Justin won’t hesitate to defend a fan, but when it comes to his “Girlfriend” who gets hate as well- he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t say one word about it. Sort of like brushing it off his shoulder and being like “Oh, you can handle that all on your own.” If he took his time to send out those DMs, he must care about the girl even if it’s just a bit. It could be on the friendly side or it could be that he might have a small crush on her. We’re leaning more towards the friendly side, as in he probably just thinks she’s cute. The reason why we think that is because, Justin has even said himself that he wouldn’t wanna date a fan that would do anything for him, or was so in love with him. Seeing her reaction on Ellen made it obvious that she was in that category. Maybe his thoughts on that whole or deal has changed since then.

What do you think about this? Do you think that it could be real? Do you think that he could have a slight crush on Paige?


29 thoughts on “Wedding Crashers..

  1. :) says:

    all i know is that i like selena way more than paige…jelena ftw

  2. france! says:

    Idk… I think maybe him and selena did that just for a little more drama, or maybe he has a little crush on her… wait and see 😉

  3. Mia says:

    I kind of think that the DM picture is fake. Because he has space between the “…” and the next word. If you understand what I mean? When he tweets he never have those spaces :p

  4. Nadine says:



  6. Klaire says:

    who is paige ?

  7. spoonswaggering says:

    I think he does. He’s always like :DDDDDD around her. And everyone else is like 🙂

  8. brianna says:

    i don’t like paige because she seems really fake judging from her old tweets, if you look on bieberheiress’s site and there article about her. it makes me not like her.

  9. Lexi says:

    LOL at the fact that everyone was like “justin bieber oh my goddddd!” and no one said anything about selena

  10. Patricia says:

    Its weird cause before all of this drama I just thought of Paige as a VERY lucky fan who got to experience every beliebers dream. But now Im beginning to see her for who she really is. Who knows maybe Justin does like her cause he has always said that he would date a fan. I just don’t get why he showed up with selena. Paige must have been so pissed about selena showing up lmao. I don’t know what to think, but its obvious that theres some shady shit going on here.

    • Celia says:

      everything that justin and selena does is all 4 attention and publicity and is all planned out by scooter and mandy so maybe scooter and mandy sent selena with justin 4 publicity whenever justin is with selena he is never happy he has a fake smile and justin and his family and friends just want it 2 stop now

  11. Kristy Jo says:

    At first I was like “Who is Paige?” then I remembered that she was that girl from Ellen. In the video, I didn’t know what was going on. First of all, how the hell did they just show up at that he’s wedding? Then he started to dance with Paige? Where was Selena when this happened? That’s how you could tell that they are fake. If I saw my man dancing with some chick, then it would be on and pop’in! She didn’t even do anything. Then she came out of nowhere at the end. S.M.H. Makes no scene at all. And the dm stuff, idk. Could be real, could be fake. Time will time…

  12. Tea says:

    I just thinks that it’s rude. I mean, I don’t that he did it because of this, but, at a wedding it’s supposed to be about the people who are getting married. The bride looked like she didn’t care he was there, that’s because it’s HER day… not Justin’s. All eyes are supposed to be on her. Why does it have to be about him ALL the time? On tv, books, mags, internet, now at someone’s wededing?

    “Here comes the first dance”
    “OMG, wait is that Justin Bieber!” Lol 😀

  13. Macy says:

    I’m like “what the hell is he doing at someone’s wedding?”. First of all, why is he there? It just doesn’t make any scene to me. It was someone’s WEDDING. It’s not about you justin, god, does he have to be in the spotlight all the time? Second, Justin was dancing with that Paige girl for like a few seconds, but still, where was Selena? Guess she didn’t care that her “boyfriend” was whispering in some girl’s ear and dancing with her. Yea what are the odds of him showing up there?

  14. Belieber says:


  15. Shaaaay says:

    I honestly think page is the cutest thing ever! And as much as i`m jelous, i DO think Justin has atleast a small crush on her….she is adorable, so it makes sense. They should get married….I`d die happy. lol

  16. me.. haha says:

    i just think this whole thing is weird.. shes like a psycho fan and he brought Selena.. and shes really not that pretty… idk personally if i was him i would have done the ellen thing, thought she was a crazy obsessed freak and then moved on with my life.

  17. Belieber says:

    i ‘TRY’ and treat all my fans the same. he tries, but it never works.

  18. lina says:

    She DID the dougie with him. That wasn’t a lie. Check out her youtube and you’ll find the video (another one) 🙂

  19. Justin blocks people who hate on Selena. & there are DMs where he sticks up for her. You just like to assume everything is fake!

  20. yo says:

    everyone was happy justin did that they thought it was a nice gesture and they only had nice things to say about him AND selena. stop ur hate.

  21. Swaggaaa. says:

    Oh, THAT Paige. I honestly thought she was a 30-year old woman getting married, I didn’t understand who she first was, lol! But then I remembered that she was the ”Superfan”… Well yeah, it kinda is unfair that she first gets such a huge surprise and then this… But yeah. I dunno… ;/

  22. Mrs Bieber says:

    So now UR saying paige & Justin are a couple?? Ha. W O W

  23. Jenn says:

    It seems all kind of weird …
    How Justin pops up at the wedding & Paige supposibly ends up being there too ? I have a feeling Justin & Paige have some sort of contact with each other … just seems weird .. he’s walking on the beach , hears his song playing at a wedding & he decides to crash it with Selena & then Paige is there? What a coincidence ..

  24. isabel says:

    something’s fishy..

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