Justin not so pure after-all?

Who remembers that one TMZ video where Justin was talking about how he is going to stay pure until marriage, and wait. If you don’t here’s the video right here:

So little, and So pure. Or so we all thought he was, for the longest time everyone had thought that Justin was a virgin and did not interact in anything of that sort. They fed into the image they were trying to portray for Justin Bieber. He had about two purity rings as well, As if one ring was not enough for him. One was from an ex girlfriend Caitlin Beadles, and the other from his mother Pattie. Who knows what has happened to those rings now. Two years after that TMZ video had been on the internet, Justin did an interview for Rolling Stones magazine. He talked about a few personal things, America, and of course his views on pre-martial sex. His answer changed from Waiting until Marriage to waiting until you find someone who you’re in love with. When I read that article I was like da fuck? how could he go from waiting until marriage to waiting until you’re in love with someone? Those are two completely different views. Could it be because the biebs is no longer the owner of his v-card? It wouldn’t be right to talk about something, believe in something that is no longer true to your life, right? Well, that’s where we come along..

Does anyone remember the girl Shay Misuraca? She was the first girl Justin had ever fell in love with, his first kiss, his first girlfriend, First hickie giver (lol) Probably his first everything- we aren’t sure beyond the one’s we stated.

The reason why we are bringing her up is because a few of the guys from Stratford seem to be letting out a few secrets that involve these two love birds. A few guys from Stratty been on their formsprings answering questions about Justin like there’s no tomorrow.We’ve also gotten a few emails about the two as well. They obviously aren’t a couple anymore, but everytime Justin visit’s Stratford they seem to always pick back where they left off since Justin has moved. Even if Shay has another boyfriend now- and Justin has himself a girlfriend. Here are a few of the screenshots we took from their formsprings:

The typical guy talk, sharing stories about who they have hooked up with. Kinda like that one tweet Ryan posted one night saying that Justin was a beast with a little winky face at the end. Also, it looks like we actually can blame something on Nolan, and he really wasn’t there.

Before we get into the story we’re about to write-up, Let me tell you that this is not recent. This “Hook up session” Most likely happened the same night when Justin was giving out hickies at that Stratty party last year. The last time Justin was in Stratford he was with Selena, he wasn’t able to visit Shay or any of the other girls that he normally hangs with.

I don’t blame these Stratty boys for all wanting a piece of shay, she’s gorgeous. Does this mean Justin wasn’t Shay’s first kiss/boyfriend? Because they started dating when he was 13?

The question everyone has asked us, and for everyone that was asking how do we know if Justin is a virgin or not. There’s your answer. Looks like the Purity phase wasn’t working real well with Justin after-all.

When Justin goes to visit Stratford it looks like he never wasted any time. He never rarely get’s to visit his hometown and chill with his hometown friends, so i figure that he would go all out every chance he got to be “Normal” It also seems like most of the people of Stratford know all about this hook up session. I knew that it was a small town, but i didn’t think it was that small to where everyone know’s about everyone’s business.

What do you think about Justin’s whole purity act? Did you believe it at first?

Remember, We’re always watching..


26 thoughts on “Justin not so pure after-all?

  1. Maci says:

    Lol.. I can’t even imagine that.. not that I want to O_O I guess Justin is a normal teenage boy XD

  2. smiler says:

    the old bitches are finally back with dirty justin shit lol. Loved it. Justin is a beast tho

  3. xbelieber says:

    I don’t doubt this is true tbh. Like you said, Shay is beautiful and he was a teenage boy, why wouldn’t he? especially since she was his first love. And whether those two really did hook up or not, i’m sure there would be someone else he has with. Anyone who really believes Justin is ‘pure’ is just dumb or doesn’t wanna face up to the fact that he’s not this squeaky-clean angel that he’s made out to be. I quite like this side of Justin, his constant ‘perfect’ image can be a little irritating when you know that its probably false. Anyway, Love the blog! 🙂 xo

  4. Meghan says:

    Ok so u really believe some random person from Stratford would even HAVE a formspring? U don’t even know who could be behind that computer typein this stuff on this “guy’s formspring”. Like really? Gullible bitches………

  5. Stephanie Bettess says:

    So what if Justin had sex with Shay!!! I mean this boy is 17 years old! Just because he’s JUSTIN BIEBER doesn’t mean he can’t do normal stuff like this-_- I mean yeah he told the world that he was going to wait till marriage, but i mean a lot of teenagers these days (Justin’s age when he said this) say that they are going to wait till they’re married, but then actually don’t. I still don’t believe Jelena what-so-ever, so yeahh i believe Justin goes to see old girlfriend’s when he goes back home. Everyone just needs to realize that Justin Drew Bieber is a 17 year old boy..no matter if he’s famous or not he’s still a regular boy!

  6. Hayley says:

    basically no one really knows, or will ever know
    unless Justin tells us himself and it should stay that way.

  7. :) says:

    Hell no,he looks like a typical teenage boy and i’m not surprised that he had sex.

  8. someone says:

    OMG. idk what to think actually…. people talk a lot, i think this may be either true or false… btw wasn’t justin shay’s first kiss etc too?

    *sorry to comment twice, i messed up the first one a little ><

  9. Naja says:

    I think that’s kinda fucked up for his supposed friends to be telling everyone his business. That’s supposed to be someone that he trusts. You figure, he can’t trust a lot of people anymore, and I guess he can’t really trust his “friends” much either =/
    About Justin not being a virgin, it doesn’t surprise me. He’s cute, Shay’s cute, it was bound to happen. Although I think 15 is a little young to have sex. I wasn’t sure if he was, because he is a perv, and he’s human. I also don’t know that many 17 year old boys THAT ATTRACTIVE that ARE virgins lol

  10. Natalie says:

    Duh he’s had sex, he’s hot. He has a hot girlfriend. He’s a horny teenager. Obviously he’s not a virgin. It’s not a big deal.

  11. brianna says:

    idc if he had sex lol. if any of you actually care, you should get a life and get over it. he’s a teenaged boy, of course he had sex.

  12. July says:

    This may be true as false, but I think there is still a virgin, it’s still a kid ignorant! I think the guy on formsprings can tell anything and everything ….

  13. Belieber says:

    See like everyone said above. No one; no fan; can trust what anyone says about Justin unless Justin says it himself!!! I’ve been a fan of Justin ever since his first video, and i mean who cares if he’s had sex. I mean aren’t we all supposed to be supporting him for his music?! I mean yeah we’re all supporting fans, some a little overboard, but i mean He’s 17!!! && he’s a boy:D LET HIM BE NORMAL, and stop over reacting about this whole situation about him having sex with Shay! Now it’s a different story when time goes on and she’s pregant o.O Ha ha ha but like i said before we need to be more interested in his music than his personal life….hint the word PERSONAL? Ha ha all i know; i was a fan when he uploaded his first video and gonna be a fan when he uploads his last video…no matter what he does(: -Belieber ❤

    • Anon says:

      I agree with u 100% i think justin’s personal life is interesting but seriously we r in this as FANS!!! that’s all we r here for! I wish more Ppl would understand that! I actually asked one of the questions up there I really didnt care that he might have had sex seriously I wasn’t surprised celebs lie all the time! So I wasn’t shocked I think we should all get over Justin losing his v-card cause it’s soooooo last year k love y’all PEACE!

  14. Naja says:

    Oh and even though the thought of it creeps me out, I’m sure Justin and Selena have had sex,too, considering how intimate they are in public.

    • Anon says:

      Oh yeah I think they have too and bc of that reason I dont think it’s creepy u would think that ppl with common sense I would!

  15. stfu says:


  16. koko kiss says:

    omg shay is so ugly. her and selena’s heads are massive and even though i dislike selena with a passion she looks 10x better than shay. why does her hairline start at her shoulders??

  17. Maddie says:

    I think Justin has had sex, but at 13 years old? Lol no. He probably lost it too Selena or possible some other girlfriend we don’t know about. But if he was dating Shay when he was 13 then I honestly doubt he did it with her.

  18. July says:

    I think it’s still a virgin! Lol I think the guy could say anything behind his computer to the buzz, let alone that it had sex with Gomez, because it’s their realation pub, and then Selena is not as idiot lost his verginité with a guy of 17, who for her “was” as are little brother! : D

  19. Patricia says:

    Is anyone really surprised at this? Justin has millions of girl and women fans all over the world who would love to sleep with him, not to mention all of his ex-girlfriends. He would have to be gay not to take advantage of all that. Any guy would turn into a male slut if they had that opportunity ( Im not calling Justin a slut btw ) Who really remains a virgin till marriage nowadays? I lost my v-card when I was 17. I think it would be more of a surprise if he was still a virgin honestly. Who cares? I prefer the bad boy Justin anyway over his fake manufactored image.

  20. Khadijah says:

    I DON’T think justin lost his v-card yet. Those formsprings probs don’t have legit info. Why would his friends post stuff like that knowing they are being watched?? Secondly he damn sure didnt have sex with selena. 1. They’re not real. 2. He wouldn’t unless he was IN LOVE. 3. Point blank I still think he’s a virgin!

  21. seniorchick says:

    the point is…justin, (even though he’s known world wide and is an icon) HE’S A TEENAGE GUY! its what 17 year olds [and some younger] do. idk if all of this mess is true, but its not like i would be suprised. i suspected he wasnt a v-card holder from about the begining of his career. yall act like its a big shocker…but me (being a 17 year old girl) , i know whats up. ((no pun intended)) lol. let jbiebs be a guy. you cant espect so much from them. theyre gonna do what they want and just because he’s in the spotlight doesnt mean he’s gonna treat his PRIVATE life any different than any other guy would.its not fair to him. and i know hes a role model for kids and all that but yall just dont know how many role models arent as pure as you would expect. no matter what they may say. 🙂 YOU DO YOU JUSTIN. much love!

  22. Me says:

    I just hope he didn’t do it when he was 13… lol

  23. isabel says:

    i bet he visits old girlfriends cuz hes friends with them when he goes back to standford and thats normal that he does. and im not surprise if he did lose his v-card,

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