Clearing Things Up

Hey guys, before you start reading- this isn’t one of our normal blogs. Nina is out on vacation- so she couldn’t be the one that keeps you updated on everything going on. Amanda and I (Jasmine), are here to let you know what’s been going down, basically our side of the story.

This all started once Nina put her foot down and let go of three members from this blog. I won’t get into detail why they were kicked off because Nina had already explained that in a previous blog. Two of the previous member’s took the news easy and let it all go. They understood what Nina did was right and that was it, they remained sweet about it and told us if we ever needed help they were there to help us. Sounds like nothing would be wrong right? Wrong! One member couldn’t stand the fact that Nina let her go so she decided that she was to give us some sort of payback. While i was on twitter last night, I noticed that some random blog was on our timeline- it wasn’t long before we began getting tweets from people asking what is this new blog, and what had happened to xoplb- our backup account? My first thought was confusion. Who could this be? and why would they do that? I wasn’t gonna be quick to assume things until I knew exactly what was going down. Once all the puzzle pieces came together and we had talked it over with a few people, we realized that it was one of our old members Tia.

She claimed that just because she had made the account, it was her’s to keep. Now I don’t know about you guys but why would you make a new blog that had all the followers for plb on it? It wasn’t much on there but it was still something. She decided to turn it into her own gossip blog, and claimed that she had all this dirt that she was going to expose. We had no idea what that had meant so we just shrugged it off our shoulders and remained on our blog.

Last night as i was replying to a few dms, I had noticed that we had a strange dm that was sent to someone. Here’s a screencap of it:

The first part of the dm had been deleted somehow, but it had said “Fuck off” We by any means have not said that to anyone who has supported our blog. Nor would we have a reason to say such words to someone. We also realized that someone had re-followed bh on our twitter.

Something else that I realized, that wasn’t smart..was Kimberly, an old member, that did the complete, exact same thing, allowed Tia onto this blog. I never really had a good feeling about Tia, and I guess I was right? Nina had told me today, in text, that she in fact did not even allow Tia onto the blog in the first place, she didn’t even know about it (just a little fact).

So, let me get this straight. She logs onto our email, screencaps everything, and uses them to her advantage. Which is usually smart to do; use something to your advantage. But not everything. This was probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen happen on Twitter. The dumbest. Especially hacking a PLB owned account, and changing it to something your own. It doesn’t matter if you made the email or the password in the first place. It is a PLB owned account.

Next topic. What happened to this “XOXOPLH” she had been talking about for days? Attention maybe? I think so. Why make your own blog, called “XOXOPLH” when it’s your personal blog..a different blog. Why? Here’s a little tip- be original. It’ll get you farther, and you’ll stand out more.

See, Tia has to take our emails, screencap them, and send them out, hack our blog’s account, and say shaddy things in dms to people on our account, to get attention and bring us down. I can think of many other ways, to get attention, not involving hacking an account, and sending out private information.

I think we have made it quite clear this is all for attention. You can’t deny it. All of the signs are there. If you’re going to do something like that, at least be smart about it.

2 thoughts on “Clearing Things Up

  1. Amelia says:

    About the “be origanal” bit, she must have picked up some things from selena. lol.

  2. nadine says:

    how bitchy of her!!!

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