In New York

As if the matching dog tags, J and S henna tattoos and matching outfits at the Oscar party weren’t enough, the couple decided to take it to the next level and get matching Louis Vuitton bags. They probably got them when they went on that shopping date on Justin’s birthday, and poor Alfredo was the bag holder.

It’s like this couple never stops with trying to prove how in love they are, how they are just like every other couple, doing what other couples do and trying to seem normal. The couple was out and about today all over New York. From rock climbing, to grabbing lunch at Mc Donald’s, to shopping at the Nike store, to ending the day with a nice dinner, they were non stop on the go today. Again, for a couple that seems to like their privacy and doesn’t want people in their business they seem to be in the public eye 99% of the time they are together. While they were out Justin had stopped for a couple of the fans that had asked for pictures. As he took the pictures- he seen sporting a brand new Louis Vuitton backpack unlike his usual black back-pack he always has on.

A few hours before that @AdamBraun (Scooter’s brother) Twitpic’d a picture of Kenny holding a bag. It was a female bag, and in the background Selena and Justin were there. So people caught on to the fact that it was Selena’s bag. but they missed the part where that bag is the same bag as Justin’s new back-pack, but in purse version. If you look closely you could tell they’re alike.

Anyways, Justin and Selena seem to enjoy strolling all around New York. That fun is soon to end this weekend seeing as Selena will be heading out to London on July 5th to finish promoting her new album “When The Sun Goes Down”. She’ll also be meeting a couple of fans at a signing there. After that, I assume that she will begin rehearsals for her Summer tour- since that starts a few weeks after her UK trip. With that said, do you think that Justin will follow her to the UK? Or do you think they will call it quits before her tour begins? If so, What will their break-up excuse if they split this month?


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18 thoughts on “In New York

  1. Glen Coco says:

    selenas gonna be meeting fans and signing copies of her new album at HMV Oxford Circus, LONDON on Tuesday 5 July at 5pm.

  2. ashley says:

    they r probaly gonna end the big publicity stunt when she goes on tour with all star weekend and say that something like what vanessa and zac said about face time but justin is still single

  3. :) says:

    Uh…smh at these two…you know what couple really keeps things private?Beyonce and Jay-z.But then again they are REAL and they don’t need to show that to people.And that’s why i’m fed up with ‘Jelena’,they are everywhere and it’s irritating.

  4. nadine says:

    hahaha their excuse will probably be:long distance doesnt work or she was getting cozy with cameron!! LOL

  5. :) says:

    Well justin is gonna hang out and get some quality time with Christian Beadles and his ex Caitlin Beadles. We’ll see how Jover takes this 😉

  6. Celia says:

    they r probaly gonna end the big publicity stunt when she goes on tour with all star weekend and say that something like what vanessa and zac said about face time but justin is still single

  7. Jenn says:

    I don’t think they will be breaking up any time soon. They both seem so happy. Even when Justin was meeting fans at Macy’s, he was truley happy. So I think they both keep eachother grounded. Yeah, sure, they are are always in public, but if you were in love, you would do the same.

  8. BELIEEEBER. says:

    Their break-up excuse? ”He’s like my little brother!” – Selena Gomez.

  9. Nae says:

    Well she’ll be on tour all summer with All Star Weekend and more importantly Cameron. And from what I saw when they were together before they were very good ‘friends’. I suspect ‘long distance issues’ or Selena moving on to the next thing.

  10. Hdhdjxjhxjc says:

    I think that they won’t call it quits and Justin won’t follow her to uk but they will most def call eachother

  11. How idiotic. So wanting privacy = never going out together? That’s so stupid. There were little to no paparazzi pictures which is good. I think when they want privacy, it’s from a media standpoint. We would have never known they had gone out if it wasn’t from word of mouth from fans and fan photos. & Why would they break up because she is going on tour? :s I don’t understand the logic behind that…

    • Amberly says:

      Are you dumb? He is Justin Bieber. The Justin Bieber. Do you really think that people wouldn’t know who he is from afar? They don’t privacy. If they did, they wouldn’t go out and public all the time. They try to be “normal” teens, but their not. They need to stop acting like it. I don’t really know if they would break up, but the chances are high. He movie came out and she is going on tour. She’s got what she want, she can drop him now. Then it’s on to the next one…

  12. Uzzi says:

    Umnia Singing “World of Chances” by Demi Lovato

  13. Patricia says:

    I hope they break up asap cause I am so sick of hearing about jelena and seeing their ” happy ” pictures everywhere. I believe that Cameron really likes selena and she likes him back. So lets all pray that they get together. I feel like this charade is coming to an end cause selena’s new movie and album both came out already so she has nothing left to promote anymore.

  14. kirsty says:

    I think that girls facebook is now deleted.

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