Oh Jover..

Looks like Justin and Selena decided to take it up a notch for the release of Selena’s new album that dropped today. The couple had been spotted earlier today at some cozy diner in New York, Source below says that they were arguing over who ate the most french fries. It doesn’t get anymore romantic than that- cause that’s what I like to do when I go out with my boyfriend.

Later the couple was spotted doing what they do best- Shopping. Here’s an article from The Hollywood Life:

“Justin and Selena were holding hands as they shopped and said ‘I love you’ to each other not once, but several times in public. Everyone could hear them,” our source says. “I guess they want to share their love with the world. They were at the store about 5:30 p.m. and stayed for about 20 minutes or so.” Adds the insider, “Justin’s bodyguard wouldn’t let anyone get to close to them, but that didn’t stop them from showing off their affection for each other. They were just in their own world…dazed and in love!”

S: Justin, what are you getting me? J: Good question.. wasn't that louis vuitton bag enough for you?

1) does anyone else find it weird that Justin has had all the free time in the world lately- besides the press he was doing for Someday a couple days ago, but the only time he decides to visit Selena is when her album drops and publicity is needed towards her? If he missed her he would of visited her when he had all that free time before. Guess he didn’t miss her enough because he was too busy spending time in ATL.

2) Stories of them admitting that they “love” each other in public drops the day of her album. They know what they’re doing, and how to do it. Looking as if they were still going strong and in love would only keep people interested in them and of course keep people interested in Selena.

3) I know couples walk around saying that they love each other all the time, but for a couple that says they are only friends? and doesn’t like to put their private life in public? You’re asking for it- it’s also totally obvious if you’re doing it out in the open. If you don’t want people in your personal life you don’t walk around stores in the public eye- saying how much you love each other and hold hands every second of the day.

4) Selena’s album was just #3 on Itunes earlier today as well. Wonder how that happened so quick? I’ll admit a few of the song are actually not that bad, and i’d jam out to them but I honestly don’t think it would have such a good outcome if she wasn’t known as Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend. She was also interviewed by Time Magazine earlier today. That wouldn’t of happened unless she had these connections.

5) The couple are rumored to be attending the Transformers 3d premiere tonight, The Smiths are at the premiere right now, but no confirmed word that the couple are there. Must be too busy sucking face, or telling people to buy her album? What do you think about this New York trip? Do you think it was planned?

We’re always watching Jover, remember that.


20 thoughts on “Oh Jover..

  1. Madi Hart says:

    I think the thing is so planned. I mean Justin has had so much free time the past few days or so isnt it it just a bit weird that today of all days he goes to see her. because everyone knows that them together gets press. plus i live in new york and i today i went shopping with my two friends jenna and brittany. we saw them in the store when they were online. they sure as hell werent saying i love you and all that shit. they werent even holding hands. they looked bored to tell you the truth. dont believe me the pictures of them say it all. they werent stand right next to each other. selena was just standing there staring into space. justin was paying them they left. dont holding hands on the way out or the whole time they were there. JS

  2. brianna says:

    i don’t think the french fries thing is that big of a deal. me and my boyfriend joke around and act silly like that all the time. i’m sure they were just being cute and silly.

  3. Lucy says:

    The thing about them at the mall saying I love you more then once, is so not true. My friend was there and she said there weren’t holding hands at all or cuddling, they didn’t talk to each other the whole time they were there justin was just talking to Kenny and the both seemed really unhappy. Btw dont say I’m making this up because I no what I’m talking about

  4. Amberly says:

    Here we go again… I just hate it how every time Selena is being asked about Justin she uses placeholders ( I’m just focusing on my fans) and never answers the questions that the people are asking. She always seems like she wants and has something to hide. Like, what the hell? We ALL saw the pictures on the beach. We All saw the pictures on the boat. We ALL saw the Billboard Awards. We saw everything and she still tries to hide it? And now their going around saying “I love you”. What? Haven’t the only been “dating” for a few months? To fast to fall in love and I bet the next in interview she is going to act clueless again when Justin comes up (as always). Tik, Tok, Tik, Tok…

  5. Blahn says:

    Well, how can she be so totally in love with him and gushing and then meet Shia LaBeouf and clearly in a non fake way, be gushing over him too. IT just doesn’t add up. Another good lay out of the facts PLB!

  6. btc says:

    honesty when is this crap all going to end ???

  7. Monika says:

    I so agree with that post, like really if Justin missed her why he didn’t come earlier when he had a lot of free time, and when Selena’s album is out, they together, like c’mon, it’s to obvious that ‘Jelena’ is so fake..
    And to xoxoplb, love your posts, forever yours reader 🙂

  8. nadine says:

    totally planned!!!

  9. :) says:

    I actually love them both but honestly,they are getting on my nerves,if you want to have privacy you don’t do that shit in public.I’m gonna leave twitter and internet so that i can’t hear anything about them cause they are getting boring.And yes,i think it was planned.

  10. Amelia says:

    If they really were in love they wouldn’t care what people think of them or their relationship. As Kingsley said, their relationship is fake as fucking cafeteria cheese.

  11. Vanessa says:

    It’s also funny how Justin tweeted his 10mil+ followers to buy Selena’s album yesterday. I’m not trying to badmouth Selena here but Selly, you need talent to get your album to sell, not a 17-year-old teen sensation named Justin Bieber.

  12. ashley says:

    i think that it was all planned by scooter and mandy and they told justin and selena what to say and do

  13. Caitlyn says:

    They don’t look like they’re dazed and in love in the pictures lol js……nd I think it’s totally fake and planned like the day her album cones out, they’re spotted together like seriously how obvious can they get???
    Love your blog<3

  14. well says:

    justin doesnt even wear nice clothes for her..
    at least when he was with jasmine he took a shower and looked handsome…
    that shows he is not into selena that much..he loves her yes but in many cases you never endep up with the person you really love.

  15. Swaggaaa. says:

    So planned. It’s just too obvious. But what can we do about it, nothing. If Justin wants to hurt himself and his own feelings by staying fake with Selena and giving her the publicity that she wants, then fine, we can’t do anything about it.

  16. Nada says:

    Just one little question: WHEN will it end? Don’t they think we know already, I mean come on!

  17. Ansley says:

    They seem SO fake. Selena and Justin better be glad that I’m not some radio DJ cause I would sure as hell call their fake asses out of all of this BS

  18. Patricia says:

    I agree with everyone saying how fake this whole charade is. Just looking at the pictures themselves I can tell how bored and miserable they both look. In fact they look miserable in all of their pictures together. So that whole ” dazed and in love ” thing is BS that their PR agency made up to drum up interest for selena’s new album and movie.

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