Hanging with the Smiths.

Justin had a day to chill out with friends before he had to attend the BET awards yesterday. What did he do and where did he spend it you ask? He went to the movies and had a boys night with Jaden Smith. Now, before I get to the boys night part, lets talk about the movies. Everyone had thought that it was just the two of them hanging out, and being normal for a few hours. Little did they know they had a few girls that they were with them.. and I’m not just talking about the girls that were attacking them for pictures at the movies.

I’m not jumping to conclusion and saying that it was a date or anything, because I’m not really sure who these girls are- I was reading their bio and it said that two of them were upcoming singers in LA- and I heard that one of them was Jaden’s cousin? Whatever connection they have, they seem to know Jaden and his crew very well. Basically, all i’m trying to say is you know how flirty Justin can get when there’s girls around. He isn’t really shy to say what’s on his mind or pull some moves. He’s been knowing for flirting up a storm with any girl with a pulse-  and hey, Selena isn’t around to keep him linked to her hands. After their movie, the crew headed back to the Smith residence to play a couple video games, surprise fans on tinychat, hacked each other’s twitters, and slept over etc. Wonder why the paparazzi didn’t decide to show up? This just adds more suspicion to Jelena’s date night’s- because they always seem to make it out for those.

We’re always watching..


8 thoughts on “Hanging with the Smiths.

  1. sandra :) says:

    omg, i love your blog! ;o

  2. Aye says:

    Jordan is Jaden’s cousin. Jillian Say is Jordan’s best friend. I don’t know who Kate is though

  3. .... says:

    Most of those people are Jaden’s cousins, the others are their friends (:

  4. Zap says:

    I’m fucking jealous.

  5. Amberly says:

    I’m wondering too. Maybe the tip the paparazzi where they will be???

  6. Patricia says:

    Those girls were so damn lucky to hang out with Justin. Yeah Im sure Justin was flirting with all of them lol, we all know how pervy he can get 😉

  7. Kierraaa says:

    okay so i know those girls VERY well. jordyn has beem friends with jaden for the longest. she def was not tryna get some of JB. and jill is FAR TOO OLD to be tryna get with the biebz, plus hes just not her type. lol, theyre all just friends of jaden. thats all i gotta say. lol…. this blog was kind of unnecessaryy.

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