Awkward turtle.

So, looks like we have got another suspicious situation going on here. Justin was doing his daily twitter spree early this morning, but this time it looks like he had more than just fans wanting his attention. Nick Jonas tweeted him a short and simple tweet which you can see here:

First reaction to seeing that tweet is; Wait? What? I wasn’t aware the two knew each other besides their run ins and twitter conversations a couple years ago. It’s a pretty awkward situation- especially how 10 seconds later he ended up deleting that tweet- Acting as if it never had happened. Silly Nick you must not know PLB is always watching.. Hmm, could that tweet possibly have been a “Hey man, how’s Selena doing?” or “Hey man, I’m becoming best friends with Jasmine, and performing with her this week.”

As if that isn’t the only thing that’s awkward about Nick lately. He’s also been spotted lip locking, and holding hands with his 26 year old girlfriend Delta. Back then when he was “dating” Selena, he wouldn’t even wanna be caught dead holding her hand or showing any sort of PDA. Now, that those Hawaii pictures came out or maybe he listened to bang bang bang? it’s seems like he’s all PDA friendly.

Whatever may be going down just remember were always watching..


9 thoughts on “Awkward turtle.

  1. says:

    to me justin wants information about jasmine v. Remember she is going to perform with Nick, so maybe Justin sent a dm to nick, and that’s why Nick sent that tweet to Justin..
    open you eyes people, today jusitn followed jasmineempire and she wasnt even tweeting him back..Justin is acting desperately to know info about jasmine,,he is not over her! i bet he reads jinsu and jasmine tweeter everyday..he misses her! and despite the drama he still luves her.

  2. Blahn says:

    Thanks PLB!. Good watching and catching of the situation. Hmmm i wonder if Nick really wants Selena back and i wonder if Selena secretly wants him back. I just never felt that she could quite commit the way she should, to the Biebs.

  3. Kelly says:

    Frankly, I don’t know why Nick would even care what Selena does anymore. Hasn’t he already moved on with Delta Goodrem?

  4. Gabbbie says:

    Nick just tweeted his twitter was hacked and that wasn’t him

  5. Kaylie says:

    Yea thats def weird how he tweeted justin after all that time that went by i mean it should be awkward to him since him and justin dont like eachother :\

  6. nadine says:

    well thats odd… but awsome as always lol silly silly nick PLB are always watching! lool

  7. Elena says:

    i have a question, this has nothing to do with this , i was wondering if you guys know where i can watch the BET award 2011.

  8. Patricia says:

    Im not a Jonas fan, but it definatelly seems like him and Delta are also in a fake relationship like Jelena. Im aware that this is normal in hollywood and happens ALL the time. He was probably gonna tweet something more to Justin and then changed his mind, to avoid drama. But it is kinda weird how they’re both around each others ex’s lol.

  9. kelsi says:

    hmm. weird. how can he delete the tweet really fast when its 12 minutes old?

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