Upon arrival at LAX Friday evening- TMZ was able to catch up to Pattie. While walking to her car, They asked several questions, however, with Pattie’s naturally quiet voice, I was unable to understand much of what she was saying. Although, I did completely understand that she was not with Justin during the time of the attack during his Macy’s Someday Event Thursday afternoon. She also said she forgives the man because everyone makes mistakes. Mistakenly attacking a 17 year old boy? A world famous 17 year old boy? How is it that things get out of hand when Pattie isn’t around, maybe she really is supermom.

On a seemingly separate flight, Justin was followed through the airport to his waiting car. He avoided looking directly at the camera. He was trailed by a separate person for an autograph. It seemed odd to me because it was an adult male, probably in his 40 holding a manila envelope who appeared extremely dedicated to getting his autograph on whatever paper he was hold…  Anyway, back to the video, Justin claims to hold no bad blood against he NYPD.

Can’t wait to see this “pretty fly for a white guy” at the BET awards…

We’re always watching,


6 thoughts on “LA LA BABY…

  1. Ashley says:

    Huh, Justin bieber actually gets zits…..

  2. Beatrice says:

    Why did he need to get a white iPhone 4 when he already has a black one. That is just pointless and immature considering how many people there are dying in this world and he thinks having the newest color on his iPhone is necessary.

    • boomboompow says:

      lol that’s like saying wanting a new tv or a new laptop is “immature.” yes maybe its unnecessary but at the end of the day he’s gonna spend his money however he wants to, and that is a really insignificant and petty thing to hate on him for……

  3. bbibi says:

    Dude, maybe you should stop COPYING the exact same article from some other sites. You never even gave them the credit. Get your own source if you want this site to be famous and succesful.

    • dude, maybe you should try reading the article, as it clearly states a TMZ reporter– yeah i used the picture from a different site, but really; and on the bottom there is a link to the video, which i watched and wrote about— hmmm… strange that thats “copying the exact same article” huh?

  4. Patricia says:

    hahaha you posted this on my birthday!!!! Yeah i still think that theres more to the ” attack ” story than they’re telling us. The whole thing is really weird. And the dude wanting his autograph probably just wanted to sell it on E-bay lol.

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