Mr Good Cop

Although TMZ has reported that Justin was signing autographs when the crowd became unruly and an undercover cop came to the rescue, frightening Bieber- I just don’t understand. Why would an undercover cop break through a medal barrier to protect Justin when at least a dozen of uniformed cops were nearby? He tackled Justin to the ground, which is way too far for an undercover cop protecting someone. In the process he hurt a young girl. Witnesses have also reported that the man was clearly trying to attack Justin. Looks like Mr Good Cop, was really Bad.

Were always watching,

9 thoughts on “Mr Good Cop

  1. Kayla says:

    I couldn’t quite follow the video? I just saw a whole bunch of guys in black and one person in white chasing eachother. Was the person in white the 40 year old man or Bieber? lol, it would help if somebody could tell me haha.

    • nadine says:

      u can see in the second video the dude in white breaking through the barrier and then kinda jumped on justin and then like all the guys in black picked the guy up and carried him away! pretty much it!

  2. AJ says:

    They’re saying it was an undercover cop who was trying to protect JB, not hurt him.

    • Kayla says:

      I know, they rewrote the blog. At first it was just saying something about a 40 year old virgin and had the very bottom video where you couldn’t really see anything. Anyway, I posted that comment before PLB edited it and changed the story sooo yeah….

  3. Amber says:

    LMAO he wasn’t attacking Justin

  4. Belieberrr. says:

    What a motherfu….

  5. nadine says:

    hahaahhhahahahah WTF!!!!!

  6. Patricia says:

    Omg that second video made me laugh so hard! Those guys comments were priceless haha. Yeah I agree that theres something fishy about this story. Why would an undercover cop behave this way? Other witnesses say that he was also screaming at Biebs. Im wondering if the cop story is just a coverup? Maybe it really was a hater. There are a shitload of old men out there who hate Bieber and some of them are really nuts. Its quite scary. I don’t really know what to think about this, Im just glad that Biebs is ok and wasn’t hurt. The part that sucks about this is that Justin is now gonna be hesitant to go and meet his fans in the future, because of incidents like this.

  7. I.Speak.Truth says:

    Looooooool go tom peterson go tom peterson…who cares about Justin Bieber and who cares about Selena Gomez they’ll eventually go older and nobody will listen to their childish and disney-like music…selena gomez won’t become a succesful actress and Justin bieber cannot act one bit…go home kids, the shows over!

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