Justin and Cameron Quiseng Feud

Everyone knows how Selena and Cameron from All Star Weekend seem to be the best of friends right? Well, I was creeping around twitter earlier today and ending up finding some interesting info about Cameron.

One of All Star Weekend’s band-mates, Greg (@GregSomething) was answering questions on his twitter and I found one question in which a fan was asking if she might catch a glimpse of Justin on the tour this summer, he replied: haha he and Cameron (in the band I work for) kinda have beef. Idk how much he will show his face.

Moments later, the tweet had already been deleted. He probably started to get attacked with tweets from Beliebers, asking why would he have beef with their “lover?” Greg later realized that it wasn’t such a good idea to tweet such a personal subject that will of course get people thinking and start talking. Why would Cameron and Justin have beef you ask? Well, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Or in this case, Selena and Cameron lane. I have always wondered if the two got along, Wouldn’t Justin feel worried about what his ‘girl’ could be doing when he’s away? Selena seems to hang out with Cameron every time she isn’t attached at Justin’s hip. Does Cameron have beef because he’s upset that Justin just came along and took his precious Selena away from him?

Whenever Selena would visit Justin on tour, the first thing she would do when she came back to LA- was hang out with Cameron. They’ve been seen many places together this year, without their crew members. Just them… alone. 😉 When she visited Justin in Asia on his world tour, The minute she was back in the states, Selena tweeted this picture of them hanging out with two other friends. Having a grand ol’ time while Justin was on tour singing love songs about how he wants her to ‘come home to him‘.

Before I get carried away, Let’s go back down memory lane so you will all get an understanding about how Cameron and Justin could have beef.

This little “friendship” didn’t just start this year. A year ago, The pair hung out a ton of times, going on mall dates, bowling trips, Jamba Juice trips, Twitpicing pictures of each other together and even opened up for her at her first few concerts when she began her singing career. They were together enough to where they were even rumored to have dated. This was way before she started to ‘date’ the Biebs. Cameron ended up asking Selena on a couple of dates, in which we saw pictures of them looking like they were having a good time, but Selena unfortunately got the wrong idea and thought they were just hanging out as friends.  Was it because he wasn’t famous enough at the time Sel?

Here are a few pictures of the pair hanging out back then.

I think they missed the memo on the funny face pose.

*Teach me how to Dougie theme* Teach me how to bowl. Teach me, teach me how to bowl! All the boys love me, all the, all the boys love me. All the boys love me, you ain't fuckin' wit my bowlin'.

"S: Guys, buy their album please. So one day I will be able to date him." LOLJK

She sure seems way more open about her hang outs with Cameron than she does with Justin.

Anyways, after all that misunderstanding the pair disappeared from the media for the rest of the year, but still remained to stay friends. She later then of course started dating the Biebs. Poor Cameron must have been heartbroken when he found out the news. Just because she was with Justin, that didn’t stop her from trying to rekindle her friendship with Cameron again. When Selena visited Radio Disney a few months back, Selena had talked about the ringtone on her iPhone. Which is in fact an All-star Weekend song. Wonder how Justin felt when her phone rang and they were together?

If that wasn’t enough, the same day she also had called him “the coolest person” she has ever met. Did someone forget about a certain someone at that time? You can tell how excited and happy she gets when she talked about Cameron. It’s completely different from when she talks about Justin. Selena and Cameron seem more of a real couple unlike Selena and Justin.

Here’s an article from Radio Disney on Selena talking about Cameron:

“In response to a fan’s question on who the coolest person she’s ever met, Selena said, “The coolest person would have to be Cameron (Quiseng) from All Star Weekend. He is so funny and he is very nice, and I don’t believe a person can be that happy all the time. He’s very interesting and he’s very sweet!” Ernie responded, “So out of all the people you’ve ever met and look up to, Cameron’s the coolest?” Selena added without hesitation, “For sure, yes.” “

Here’s a video of Selena at Radio Disney; Talking about her ringtone.

Later on in time, once Justin had left for his world tour in March. Selena was seen with Cameron quite a few times. She even tweeted things like she had before when her and Cameron hung out a lot, The tweets that weren’t just all about promotion. Her tweets were all about how Cameron brought her and her friend Jamba Juice, then a few other random Macbook pictures they had taken. In Selena’s case, It seems like when the cat’s out, the mice will play.

Here are a couple of pictures from their photo shoot if you must:

"I'm not listening, I'm just happy I got some Jamba juice."

"S: Do you think that Justin would get mad about this?"

"Let's all pull the clueless look, like we have no idea what's going on"

Here are Selena’s tweets about them, In which she deleted minutes after:

Those tweets were only up for a few good minutes before she ended up deleting them completely. She must have got attacked by some Beliebers, accusing her of cheating on “her man.” Or maybe she didn’t want her beau Justin to see them. Either way I really wonder why she ended up deleting them.

Let’s fast forward time just a tad bit, the pair was spotted, yet AGAIN chilling in ASW’s dressing room before their show in March of this year for Concert Of Hope Charity. Justin was still away on his world tour at the time, So he wasn’t able to make it. She kept Justin in spirit though, because in the video she is clearly wearing one of his dog-tag’s that he always used to wear around. Must have been awkward for Cameron, he was trying to spit some game while she was over there wearing another guy’s necklace. In the videos Selena and the guys talk about how tickets for their Summer tour is now on sale, then a bunch of bloopers of them being goofy and hanging out.

1) If you watch just the first five seconds, Selena’s arm is around all around Cameron, but she pulls it away once she starts talking.

2) If you keep watching and listen closely when Selena says “I’m going to be the only girl. Help me!” The other band member Michael, softly says “You’ve got Cameron.”  That’s when Selena gives him this look like “Oh, no you did not just say that!” Cameron also gave him a little whisper after that comment. Wonder what he said.. So, hmm, What’s going on over there Selena? Are you going to be having a little fun with Cameron now that Bieber could be possibly out of the publicity picture?

3) Selena has always been a touchy feely kind of person, but when she’s with Cameron it’s a different story. They just have some sort of chemistry that isn’t on the friendly vibe.  In the videos you can already tell that Cameron is still into her, and never got rid of that crush he once had on her. His face lit up during all three videos, It’s kind of cute how much he likes her. The question we have is, does Selena feel that way about him now? If she was like this with every band mate, somewhat flirting, touchy feely, hanging out on a daily basis type of deal then I would understand that she’s just being friendly. But she isn’t. So, that is why we think something could go down. Especially with how Cameron lost her to begin with.

Phew, now that it’s all over, What do you guys think? Do you think Cameron and Selena might re-lit their flame from the past? Do you think that Cameron is a little bitter and jealous that Justin got to have bikini humping sex with Selena on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii? Who won her heart?


23 thoughts on “Justin and Cameron Quiseng Feud

  1. Jen says:

    Well, if Selena did get the wrong vibe from him, there’d be no way she’d invite them to be on tour with her. If I were her, that’d be a little awkward, so I definitely think there is still some feelings there.


  3. Fail says:

    You spelled feud wrong. LOL

  4. truth! says:

    Selena is a tool. now that her & Justin are over she put her purity ring back on. like wtf? she used him for fame and now that she has what she wanted she’s left him. she is fake and needs to get a grip. i hope she realises that its back to being irrelevant now that she doesn’t have biebs. I’m happy that they’re over but i don’t know if Justin is broken about it. hopefully he isn’t cause she’s a waste of time. and now he can find somebody who makes him truly happy & concentrate on his career :):)

  5. DeVonna says:

    I remember that picture of Selena and Cameron hugging.that was right after her and Nick broke up for the second time.

  6. PLBSupport says:

    Gosh, if they dated then THIS would be amazing.. but he isn’t famous enough i guess.

  7. :) says:

    Wow,she’s so different when she’s with them…she’s funny and happy…i like this selena better than the boring one with justin…

  8. Naja says:

    I’m sorry, I’m feeling the need to be a grammar Nazi.
    *Feud not Fued
    *She and Cameron, not Cameron and Her or Her and Cameron.
    *And the punctuation is all . Try using some commas and breaking up Sentences to prevent run-ons. -_-
    I can’t take it.
    Other than the grammar, the article was pretty interesting.

  9. JBiebsSwagga says:

    Hah. She might like him still but can’t have him because she has Justin and if she’d leave Justin she wouldn’t get publicity much anymore.

  10. shellynjane says:

    in video number 2 he was trying to say that cameran is a girl lol just saying

  11. Lexi says:

    how are there no comments? this blog is GREAT, good work girls, you got alot of proof to back this up.

    i dont even like selena, but i LOVE her and cameron. she seems so much more herself, more relaxed, more real around cameron. he seems more mature then justin and i think selena is really mature and thats what she needs. they seem like a REAL couple, like they care about each other alot. they would make such a cute couple. i also saw a picture on tumblr of sel and cameron right after hawaii where there were on a lake dock hanging out..they seem like a much better match. theyre adorable.

  12. Emma says:

    Ooh! I love your blog!

  13. July says:

    Do you think that Cameron is a little bitter and jealous that Justin got to have humping sex with Selena on the beaches of Hawaii, and won her heart?
    << No , no Selena has not had sex with justin, justin always wears his purity ring(You can see from the photo the MTV Movie Awards)

    Justin has not obtained the heart of Gomez Jelena is because of advertising
    The couple "Jelena" is wrong!

    • Ashley says:

      Just because he still wears his purity ring doesn’t mean he hasn’t had sex. He just wears it so he gets good publicity. Him and Selena defently had sex.

  14. Patricia says:

    I love this article! You basically said everything I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I still think that Cameron is selena’s secret boyfriend. Since we all know that Jelena is fake, of course Cameron is gonna be jealous of the Biebs, cause he gets to hang out with selena in public and kiss her and stuff, while with Cameron they have to keep their relationship on the down low. And its obvious that selena cares more about Cameron than about Justin, and has way more chemistry with him. Its time for Jelena to break up already, so that selena and Cameron can be together. They actually make a cute couple. Btw I met All Star Weekend last year at their show, and Cameron is a hottie 😉

  15. yo says:

    apparently they were just joking, because everyone knows cameron likes selena and she’s with justin.

  16. Great review! You actually covered some interesting things in your post. I came across it by using Google and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, will be following you on my iphone 🙂

  17. anonymouuus! says:

    I honestly think that Selena & Cameron would be an adorable couple! He obviously still likes her ALOT and whether she wants to or not, you can tell she kinda likes him too.

  18. Matilda says:

    I love Selena and A-Dub (Allstar Weekend). Sure I think Cam and Selena would make a great couple but I don’t know… Cameron has never has a girlfriend before, well that’s what he said in videos and that, and I just don’t know what to feel about it. I actually think Selena likes Cam more then Justin. I still think she doesn’t really like Justin in that way but has to do it… That’s what I think…

  19. ANON! says:

    ummm the 2nd video when she says “i’ll be the only girl on tour” and he says “you’ve got cameron”. I think they meant to tease cameron that he’s a girl, therfore selena won’t be the “only” girl on tour with them.
    Yeah, that’s the only part where i disagree. But other than that, this post was really interesting! (:

  20. Selena Gomez says:

    i love Jelena but i really like Cameron and Selena i think they would make a cutie couple i bet of Selena and Justin bearks up (not that i want them to) i bet Selena go out with Cameron they are really cutie and Selena is so much more her self with Cam than she is with Justin . Maybe Cameron is Selena’s ture love what do you think ?
    Selena go to Cameron and maybe Selena would be more happy

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