Fake Dates?

Yay, another blog about everyone’s favorite teen couple! After a month of being attached at the hip like Siamese twins, the couple finally decided to take a breather and let one and another have their own time to themselves. While Selena was sick in LA, Justin jetted over to his home in Atlanta, Georgia- to spend some quality time with his mother and some old friends back down south! It had only been a couple of days until the sighting rumors started to spread like wild-fire all over twitter.

The first rumor started in Dallas, Texas at Selena’s mall tour a few days back. The couple had not seen each other in a few days so, It has been all around twitter that since Justin was already in Atlanta, he was going to visit his ‘girlfriend’ at her show? Nobody was sure it would happen until Selena started her Q&A. A fan had asked her “Where’s Justin?” Selena replied to the question “He’s waiting in the car.” -insert smile afterwards- Excuse me but what? First of all why would Justin wait for hours in a car at your concert? Second of all, Justin has very low patience. Third of all, Justin was actually still in Atlanta during this whole Q&A. We (I) explained the whole thing on our twitter, so I won’t get into it much and just post the screen caps here:

Here a few of the tweets from fans at the Q&A:

Meaning, Justin shouldn't have cared about attention He should have just came in and saw everyone.

LOL is that the only way you can entertain your fans Selena?

It’s pretty sad how they had to make up some lie about them being together just to create buzz. Like we said before, during this whole Selena Q&A- Justin was actually spending time in ATL with his old friends he met a while back when he first moved to the states. He was nowhere near Dallas at any time of the day. You’re probably going to say ‘Well, you guys weren’t there so how would we know that he wasn’t there?‘ Well, we did a little investigating a few days ago and found a couple of tweets from this girl who works at a Pinkberry in ATL. She tweeted a few times that Justin came into the place, she served him his Pinkberry and even heard a bit of his conversation he was having with a friend.

If that isn’t enough proof for you, Justin was also seen visiting Mama Jan. If you don’t know who that is, she is Justin’s vocal coach who resides in Atlanta. Below are the tweets from her which she tweeted up a few hours later, after he got his yummy Pinkberry.

A friend of Justin’s had also joined in the Atlanta tweeting spree, and tweeted a few things about hanging with him, Kenny and Jaden. Here’s one..

There you have it! Justin was not waiting inside the car for Selena and he was surely nowhere near Dallas..

The second rumor Jelena or as we’d like to call it, Jover having a romantic dinner at Chops lobster in ATL. We all know how romantic Justin likes to get for his girls. When I heard about this, and saw the pictures of the table set up with all the candles and roses. Not gonna lie, I did let out a little “Awwww.” But sadly, That ‘aw’ went away quickly when I noticed that the Chops Lobster was not good at the Lying Game.

They tweeted this:

Then later on in the night, they posted a picture of Justin all dressed up in fancy clothes in front of one of their posters. Once fans saw the picture, their first question was “Where’s Selena?!” Where’s Selena? is right. We all know by now that Selena is no stranger to the cameras. So, why the sudden change of heart now? It doesn’t make any sense to us. I don’t have the tweet they posted minutes later, saying that Selena was unavailable to take a picture. But, they surely tried to cover up their lie by saying that Justin was the only one “available” for a picture. Usually both of them are “available.” Am I right? Well, Not this time. It’s weird how they’re having dinner together, yet Selena is not available. How that’s possible? I really don’t know.. To make this long story short, Justin was the only one in the picture because Selena was not there.

They tweeted this after the picture came out:

Someone needs a lesson or two in How to Lie 101. First they’re going to tell us that Justin and Selena dined with them. Tweet a picture of Justin, and say that Selena is not available- Then hours later after a hot mess surfaced the internet, they’re saying that only Justin dined with them? Get your story straight bro. That’s how rumors start. What makes this even more fishy is that the twitter for this restaurant had not tweeted a single thing for 44 days, until Justin and “Selena” decided to have a very romantic dinner at their place. What are the odds of that? Chops Lobster only wanted attention and business. They did what they had to do and got caught.

The third rumor Jover at Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta. After the couple had their romantic dinner at Chops Lobster, It’s been rumored that they went out for lunch at the local Chick-Fil-A. Now, this rumor might have seemed legit to most people cause we all know that whenever the couple visited Texas, they would always stop by Chick-Fil-A and grab a bite to eat. However, this time it was a little too impossible to do such a thing. First of all, Selena had to be at her mall show around 2pm. The Mall of Georgia is an hour away from Atlanta. How could they have had lunch, then have her rushed back to mall of Georgia to make it in time for her show at 2pm? That’s way too much cutting time, and wouldn’t be possible to do with all the driving in between. She also had to be at her show a little early to do sound-check, and all her warm-ups that she does before every show.

Here’s a picture a fan took from Chick-Fil-A;

As you could see in this picture from Chick-Fil-A. Justin is in line about to order his food, but where is Selena? If they are together wouldn’t they be next to each other? or Is Selena the one waiting in the car this time?  We already knew that this “lunch date” was false and impossible due to the fact that Selena had to be somewhere by 2pm, in a different city and a different location. Seeing that picture and this fan’s tweet about spotting Justin at Chick-fil-A made it more obvious.

It’s funny how the real person that saw him at Chick-fil-A didn’t even mention that Selena was there with him, yet they were together? She was there, she knows who was there or not. I’m sure the fan who spotted him knew who Selena was and would realize that they were together. There’s a picture, do you see Selena? I know I don’t. I’m guessing a Selenator, or better yet, a ‘Jelenator’ made this one up. Moving on..

The fourth rumor Justin visiting Selena at her mall tour in Atlanta. Every assumed since Selena and Justin are a couple, and they’re in town together, might as well support your ‘girlfriend’ at her show right? Wrong. This is also false. I’ve seen a few pictures of the two at the mall; don’t be fooled. Those pictures are from when they were in Arlington, Texas. Which happened around the beginning of June.

The two had not been spotted together for a little while. Therefore, Not too many people were convinced that Justin would go visit Selena on her big showcase. Well, that was until Kenny decided to tweet a picture of him at Macy’s. Everyone knows that 95% of the time when Kenny is somewhere, Justin is also there. So with that said, Those two being at a mall in Atlanta, the same day that Selena was doing her mall tour, created some thoughts into everyone’s minds that “HEY! MAYBE HE IS SEEING SELENA!!!!@#$%” Wrong again. Justin and Kenny were at Lenox mall. Selena was doing her mall show at Mall of Georgia, Those two are completely different malls. Both on different sides of Georgia.

Here’s the tweet from another fan saying that Selena was in Mall of Georgia.

Anyways, Moving on.. Wanna hear something funny? Selena’s mall show wasn’t even in Atlant. Yeah it was in Georgia but it was in a complete different city called Buford- which is a city an hour away from Atlanta. Wonder why Selena kept saying that she was in Atlanta? Probably so that she could let people create rumors like this. This girl don’t stop.

Justin could have easily driven there, but he choose to spend the day watching movies, shopping with Kenny, and playing video games with his buds. Distance never meant anything to them, they both have money to travel the world for each other. Wonder what changed their minds this time?

The fifth and last rumor, Justin following Selena to New York City/Canada for the MMVA’s. This is also so false. Selena went to New York to promote..for a day. Justin wouldn’t have followed her there. As you all know from all the party tweets, Justin was in ATL, but he is now in L.A celebrating Scooter’s birthday, while Selena is in Canada rehearsing for the MMVA’s (Much Music Video Awards) tomorrow night.

They must have mistaken Justin’s schedule. He will be in New York on June 23rd, for his Someday fragrance launch. Other than that Justin did not follow Selena around on her mall tour. Just because he’s on vacation, doesn’t mean that the first thing he’s gonna do is follow Selena around once she get’s busy.

Here’s a tweet stating that Selena is in Canada:

Here’s a few tweets from Justin’s crew stating he’s In LA and there are many pictures of him and Jaden performing at Scooter’s party (posting soon!):

Hope that these party animals are having a grand ol’ time. Don’t have too much fun without us now! 😉 Poor Selena, didn’t get to join in on all these festivities. With all this said, Some of these rumors, I could understand. Others, are just plain dumb. Especially with getting the management of all these restaurants to promote more Jelena ‘sitings’ with no facts of them being there? If you can’t back it up, don’t. Plain and simple.


16 thoughts on “Fake Dates?

  1. Tinky Winky says:

    OMFGGGGGGG This is one of my favorites.

  2. mia says:

    Genius. Pure genius. I love Selena, but what is she trying to do here making up all this stuff? – @springylife98

  3. Tina says:

    I was at The Mall Of Georgia when Selena came and she actually didn’t come until 6:30pm. The RADIO EVENT started at 2. She also only aswered questions and didn’t sing at all due to her recently getting out of the hospital. One question a fan asked her was what was her fav thing about Georgia and she said she “loves chik-fil-a and Coke” and she had happened to have some that day. I already knew Justin was at chik fil a that day aswell because my friends were lucky enough to see him there. I was unable to see Justin though cause I decided to go to See Selena and I was there REALLY early. But anyway, I’m pretty positive Selena was at chik fil a with Justin.

  4. uhh says:

    bad sign..why everytime he takes a girl to hawaii, he breaks up with them??

  5. bbibi says:

    one word, GENIUS. Whoever wrote this, I suggest you should be some detective or something in the future, or maybe write a novel.

  6. {sugar}high. says:

    I freaking love your blog! ♥
    Thanks for exposing the truth :—)

  7. nadine says:

    LOOOOOOL this girl is a bad liar!! ohhh Selena….. u need to get your story straight!!

  8. LALA LAND says:

    Uhmm I think it’s prettyy sick that she use Justin like that…… It’s obvi. that she only use his name so that HIS fans will come to her concert and all that just to see Justin(that’s not even there !!), but she dosn’t care! More “fans” is better than nothing right? Even if it’s not even her fansss.
    I think it’s pretty sad & very low of her to make up lies like that…. Guurl be yourself! Don’t play games u can’t play right!
    I think that this is just the beginning… can’t waiit for here tour. I bet there will be lots of rumors about Justin commin & that will make Beliebers buy tickets for her concert because they think they will see Justin but no the only one they will get too see is mrs. Gomezz. Really smart of u Sel 😉
    LOL the next thing u will hear is ” OMG Selena is gonna be at Madison Square Garden performin’ with JUSTIN BIEBER” AHHHHHH !!! …….NOOOTTT!!
    Okayy okayyy, hope u got my point. I really hope Justin realizes this. It’s pretty sad that Selena has to lie about things so that she will get more fame and “fans”…

    Thanks for thiss blog! It’s really exposing the thruth !! :)) ❤

  9. yo says:

    im happy that at least there aren’t pictures, but i wont get my hopes up. people are saying they will be together tomorrow

  10. unknown says:

    Wether they broke up or not, I could care less. If they did break up, then it’s about time. I was sick of seeing pictures of them attached at the hip

  11. Patricia says:

    i can’t stand how everyone is using Justin for his fame……. selena, his friends, and even random people. I feel so bad for him cause it must suck to not be able to trust anyone in his life and always having to be carefull about what he does and says in front of people. selena is coming to a mall near me too but I would never waste my time going to see her. She knows that most of her fans are little girls and thats why she has to use us ( Justins fans ) to come to her shows and appearances. Its all sick and im tired of the games already. Jelena needs to break up soon.

  12. Jdjdf says:

    I was at Selenas show in Atlanta, and she mentioned going to chick fil a that day. Hmm.

  13. yaya says:

    buford is in atlanta you fucking duck.

  14. -A says:

    Why are u always bashing jelena/Selena? It’s their life and they can do whatever they want and should be able to do it without people investigating. Is it your life? No. Are u family? No. Why do u need 2 know this? It’s their private life. And your messing with it. Ppl might see this blog and u have alot of readers u could change their opinion about Selena/Justin/jelena. pls stop.

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