Adios Jelena: Jelena Split?

We kinda weren’t going to blog about this. We’ve tweeted about what’s going on for the past few days. Since everything has gotten a bit confusing, we decided to blog all this recent ‘Jelena’ drama! Word on the street is ‘Jelena’ is NO more. If they ever were before 😉

The same source that sent us the Jelena ‘split’ information sent @LoveTiffanyAlex the SAME info today and she has already blogged. Therefore, if we were to write about the ‘Jelena Split‘, there’s no point because it’d be the same thing. But keep reading if you wish! Here’s the blog:

Via Formspring, no less. Contrary to popular belief, Justin does indeed have a Formspring account but doesn’t broadcast it. Of course, any fans who find it, he welcomes them. And there is proof of this being the real Justin.

Justin apparently sent out an announcement yesterday on his account for his fans following him to send him their numbers and that he would call them!

According to the source who sent me all this info (and yes, I have a legit source, I swear) Justin even called up and talked to her friend!

Now on Justin’s account, there are several questions asking Justin if he has a girlfriend and of course, Selena’s name popped in. Justin simply answered the question as “We broke up.”

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In my opinion, this very well could be real, especially since there’s proof of the account being real.

Now my only question is did Justin and Selena really “break up” or has the duo just agreed they earned enough publicity for one year?

xx Love, TiffanyAlex

What do you guys think about this? This could be for more buzz but it seems quite interesting. Especially with the fact that Selena and Justin haven’t been glued to the hip bone for the past few days, like they usually are. Oh, and while you’re at it, read this post too. It’s about Selena telling fans that Justin was waiting for her in the car in Texas, though Justin was in ATL with Wilson and Mama J (his voice coach):

Click here if you’re sexy 😉

Justin is at his second home in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment. But it seems like someone else is going to be in town as well! Check out this tweet Selena tweeted TODAY-

This obviously created for more buzz since we all know Justin’s already in ATL. The girl who sent the information also posted this Twitlonger

If Justin and Selena really did ‘break up,’ the irony that it’s before all the movie promoting, new albums, tours and so on is hysterical. Will pictures of ‘Jelena‘ leak this time? Doubt it. I guess we’ll see.


28 thoughts on “Adios Jelena: Jelena Split?

  1. Blahn says:

    Well, I guess we’ll know if they re unite in ATL.

  2. woo says:

    maybe justin is trying to break up with her by not spending time with her and going to Atlanta…he doesnt know how to break up…but selena cant see it it seems

    she is blind and inlove…

  3. Patricia says:

    I got several questions here. How do you know that the formspring is real? What kind of proof do they have? I would be very cautious cause there are so many Justin fakes everywhere. Personally I highly doubt Justin would have the time to go on formspring and answer questions, and then actually call his fans up. I don’t really believe it. But I’ll go on formspring and have a look at it. And didn’t some girl tweet you yesterday saying that she went to selena’s mall appearance and selena told the audience that Justin was in the car waiting for her to finish. I don’t think that jelena broke up yet cause they still have a lot to promote. But idk I guess we’ll see what happens next.

    • We posted the link to a blog about how Selena said she was with Justin in TEXAS. Even though some of his old friends in Georgia like Wilson were talking about how they were in Pink Berry with Justin in ATL that day. click the link

  4. hitherre says:

    Whats the proof of this account being real?

  5. Marisa says:

    Um yah Chaz and Ryan both said Justin doesn’t have formspring. Justin himself said he only has Facebook twitter and myspace. U guys really need to stop falling for posers if u wanna blog. But I do kinda think jelena broke up. There’s no evidence yet but stil…

  6. Patricia says:

    It took some time but I actually found this account on formspring. I still don’t know if its real, but I hope it is. Theres a few girls on there saying that he did call them from a blocked number and that they actually had a conversation with him :O Idk what to think about it.

  7. lex says:

    Okay, I wanna see actual proof of that being his account. or this blog is false. lol.

    • Truth says:

      It’s real I posted my number and HE called me and it wasn’t a recording I asked him what’s his favorite episode of SpongeBob just to make sure and he said “When they borrow the balloon! That one always makes me laugh!”

  8. nadine says:

    !!!!LOL!!!! this couple is sooooo stupid!! amazing as always! love u PLB!!!!

  9. ashley says:


  10. bieberfever says:

    I think he needs a break from her. They’ve been doing so much together I think THEY BOTH need to take a break and focus on careers. Also solve the drama because I think we’d all like to know whats going on here

  11. Salma says:

    sorry but to the person above, do you think justin would actually say he has a formspring? he has a tumblr but he doesn’t say he does, and I am positive that it’s his, as it’s connected to his tweets and he posts private pictures of him and his family. im pretty sure that is his formspring, why wouldn’t he have time? he’s not doing anything atm, and he’s not exactly spending a lot of time by going on formspring for an hour, if that, answering fans’ questions.

    • Kayla says:

      I have been looking all over tumblr for his account! There were so many posers that I kind of gave up? Would you mind putting the url?

  12. Morgan says:

    Hey yes! I was the one who posted the information. It is real, because if you read the twitlonger, you would see that he called my friend. If you have anymore questions you can contact me @morglovesbieber on twitter. My tumblr is also there. I can say that this is 100% real!

  13. purpleninja says:

    oh please. that formspring is so freaking fake. trust me , it is! justin doesn’t have a formspring, and even if he did i dont think he would tell us that they broke up. sorry but i really dont think so. and btw, last time you guys said “jelena is over” it came new pictures of them afterwards lol. sorry but that was a fail, and i bet this one will be a fail too. i know jelena wont last that long, but no way its over now, already. they will stay together for a while im sure. i really like this blog, but sometimes you guys need some proof, and just not post things without a history or evidence. just sayin!! keep up the good work :))

  14. well says:

    well, here is a proof that justin feels confused about being inlove,
    more proof that jelena is lust and not true love..
    he might love her but justin cant forget her

  15. brianna says:

    i just heard that they were together in Atlanta, and they were seen at Chick Fil A

  16. mari says:

    yeaaah, first of all what makes you think this isn’t just another poser poses as justin? Is it because some girl did say that justin called them up ? There’s a huge possibillity that they just did it to get attention, which they did…. And about Jelena, why do we care so much about them, If they’re a couple, then okay, if not then okay…. Give justin and selena a break guys….

  17. holybiebs1 says:

    i dont know if the formspring account is real or only fake.cause we know guys there are so maany t justin fakes account there. and im still need a proof if jelena are ‘broke up’ . and FYI justin is still following selena gomez on twitter.if they’re already broke up,the first thing that justin do is go on twitter and then unfollow selena. ahaha im confused :O

    • Kayla says:

      You don’t know that? When my relationships end, I don’t go unfriend them on facebook. What makes you think he would unfollow selena? He’s still following Caitlin and they are waayy over.

  18. Emilyy says:

    Guys, if you know how to use the internet properly, it takes 2 minutes to find the account and see that it’s real. Like I just did it.

  19. Kelly says:

    I don’t know about any breakup, but if they keep on engaging in PDAs and making their relationship very public, they won’t last long. They’ll have a very public break-up and it won’t be very pretty. Also, what did Nick Jonas do to Selena?

  20. Madison says:

    Selena was just in ATL with Justin., & i heard he has candles and rose petals on the restaurant table for her…i guess we’ll have to wait and see if they really did split up.
    maybe tonight at the MMVA, they’ll kiss of something.

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