World War lll

Late last night, I (Amanda) had a little “clash” with @TheRobSwanson. Obviously nothing new for him. Rob specifically tweeted, “Just finished filming at @AlfredoFlores’s house with @SQJINSU.”  See, Rob always seems to try way too hard to get attention, and makes it obvious.

I tweeted Rob a couple of times, and he replied, saying “yawnnn.” And I think we all realize by now, he never has anything to say, to stand up for himself. He’s cocky, and doesn’t know when to shut up. He also, called a girl, a bitch. Not a shocker to me, and doesn’t surprise me one bit.

So, between him tweeting other people, I tweeted him asking how he was at Alfredo’s house. Just the other day Jinsu was on twitter bad mouthing Alfredo and calling him a “soft ass niqqa.” And Alfredo was tweeting about how Justin is the good guy. And “good guys always win.”

Now the next day they’re all good enough to be at his place? It didn’t make any sense. We looked at Alfredo’s twitter to see if he had said anything, and the weird thing is that he’s actually in New Jersey spending time with his family for his birthday. A fan that lives in New Jersey had tweeted us and told us that they spotted him at the mall as well. So, how could Rob and Jinsu be at his place in LA? Here’s what Rob had to say about it:

I’d suggest you don’t go to his page looking for it because like always, he deleted that tweet– another cry for attention. And if you follow him, you most likely know, almost every tweet is to get attention. This isn’t the first time he has brought someone innocent into his web of lies or cries for attention. Two days ago he tweeted something about a new project in the works with another artist in Hollywood. Her name is Avery. And let’s just say she had no idea what was going on when Rob started tweeting her saying that he was gonna start filming with her. Rob blamed it on a misunderstanding, but it really didn’t seem like that at all.

Here’s Avery and Rob’s “disagreement” on twitter.

So, Moving on..

After beliebers found out that Rob and Jinsu trespassed Alfredo’s property. Some were pretty angry and upset with these two. Most were tweeting around, and trying to make it aware to Alfredo that he should get some better security around the place. Other Beliebers and some Selenators decided to bring Jasmine into the drama. Which was completely uncalled for. This is about Jinsu and Rob. They didn’t need to send their hate towards Jasmine just because she is associated with the two. A few of them tweeted her saying that she should “keep Jinsu on a leash“, “she deserves way better“, “she needs better friends“, etc. Jasmine doesn’t control Jinsu. She’s not his brain. Jinsu is a man who says what he wants. People shouldn’t bring up Jasmine, Jasmine’s mom, or Jasmine’s brothers just because you feel like they should stop this.

Here’s what Jasmine had to say about all the hate she was getting.

Just when we thought the indirect tweets towards each other was over, You thought wrong. It has only just begun. Jinsu was doing what he does best today, which is creating drama. Here’s the buzz today:

1) I really don’t understand why Jinsu has to bring everything on twitter? He’s basically airing out all his dirty laundry for everyone to see. Jinsu should keep this off twitter and stick to dealing with all this drama in private. It brings so much tension between everyone and it’s very unneeded.

2) Scooter is a tool. This is not your battle to fight. Scooter doesn’t need to be butting into all of this teenage drama. Doesn’t he have a Bieber finance to pay attention too? Business meetings to attend? Or just anything that a normal 30-year-old would do? It feels like Scooter gets into Justin’s business more than his own parents do. You shouldn’t be so quick to point fingers at Jinsu just because he’s the one that’s tweeting about it. We don’t know what happened in the phone conversation, and we probably never will. Things could have been said that made Jinsu act this way. Think about it.

Any who.. besides all of this drama, word on the street is that the video Rob and Jinsu filmed yesterday on Alfredo’s property was a video for all the Beliebers. It comes out sometime tomorrow or next week. What do you think their video is about? Do you think that it was trespassing, even if Rob claims that ‘it was an open apartment complex‘?


21 thoughts on “World War lll

  1. woo says:

    maybe justin called jasmine again but jinsu didnt like it and for that reason they are fighting …jinus is jealous of course…

  2. truth! says:

    Jinsu is a tool. he’s ruining things for Jasmine but like she said its her choice. Scooter is tryna defend Justin. granted he maybe should stay out of it. they want attention and they are winding up beliebers to get it. its almost a year ago what happened between Jasmine & Justin so clearly one still has feelings. Jinsu just needs to keep his trap shut. IDGAF what went down between them

  3. Lexi says:

    can i ask how old is rob? same with jinsu? arent they like 20? im pretty sure if rob is old enough to be a “director” hes old enough to stop starting shit on twitter.
    and then Scooter..ugh I CANT EVEN. whats up with him latley? why does he need to be involved? oh wait, he doesnt. like you said, scooters like 30. he has fiance and a life..i mean i guess. maybe not since he obviously has nothing better to do then get involved in justins drama. if Scooter/Justin would stop replying to Jinsu&Rob they would probably just shut up already…

  4. anon says:


  5. taylor says:

    jinsu and rob.

  6. YouWouldNeverKnow says:

    I don’t even think Jinsu should’ve tweeted about the “Jasmine is prettier than Selena”. I agree with him, and I know he’s in love and so on. But it’s still disrespectful to Selena. I could say that on MY twitter because I only have 1000 followers, but when you have a famous girlfriend, and “fans” and tons of followers you should just keep your mouth shut. OR he could answer something like: “In my eyes, Jasmine is beautiful. Selena is pretty too, but Jasmine is my girlfriend so therefore I think she is the most beautiful.” Or.. yeah, something that’d bring less drama. Sure some people would still hate on him, but it wouldn’t be so “harsh”. And why do Justin even care? He shouldn’t tweet indirectly about it. He should just let Jinsu hate, and act like he didn’t know. And Scooter? Why doesn’t he get his OWN life soon? I know he’s in Justins’ crew, but he’s not some kind of “I-decide-everything-you-should-do-or-say”.. C’mon.

  7. woo says:

    taylor justin still cares cause he still inlove with jasmine…but she now rejects him and jinsu wouldnt let him to get close to jasmine i think.

  8. ME & MY OPINION. says:

    I’m getting really tired of all this BS. I’m disliking this whole Bieber-world more and more. But then again I can’t because I love him too much. Still BS and publicity much. I used to tweet jb everyday and check his page every few minutes now I actually don’t give a shit anymore. Whenever he tweets something it’s always about some Basketball game or vote for me here and there or buy my stuff there and here. BS. I want the old Justin back. #justsayin’.

    • Lexi Iagnemma says:

      I know what happened to the Justin that went on twitter to talk to his fans. Now all he does is have us vote and promote him, I get he is in a business but he isn’t the same Justin. He needs to spend 2 weeks in Stratty no Selena, no papz, just his hometown friends and family. And maybe he will find the old Justin in Canada because THAT Justin’s fans miss him.

  9. Lalala says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with ME & MY OPINION – Justin needs to go home and chill the EXPLETIVE out.. Jinsu is such a FUNNY GUUUY! LOOOOOOL I’m actually laughing so much at him trespassing hahah! -DEAD-

  10. Lalala says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with ME & MY OPINION – Justin needs to go home and chill the fuck out smdh.. Jinsu is such a FUNNY GUUUY! LOOOOOOL I’m actually laughing so much at him trespassing hahah! -DEAD-

  11. Emilie says:

    Jinsu is so immature. I hate how he uses the letter “Q” instead of “G”.

  12. Ryder says:

    They are all acting like they’re 5 years old. They need to stop calling each other, and tweeting each other & handle this shit face to face. Cause they ALL look like a bunch of pussies. But have you guys ever stopped and thought that maybe this could be a publicity stunt? That maybe they want us to think all of this? Hollywood and this industry is evil, disturbing, and disgusting.

    • Daisy.Rae says:

      i agree with hollywood being evil, and always needing publicity, but remember they didnt start the trash talking/ fans did. and jinsu took up for his gf, and he did do the right thing, but went a bit too far, though i did enjoy it. and thats when this shyt started. i side with jinsu and jasmine though, justin is cute but easily swayed and not to mention more of a douche now. and selena…….I KANT EVEN. this bitch has a flat ass and a pug face with no personality whatsoever. ill take jasmine anyday.

      • Daisy.Rae says:

        sorry i replied to the wrong person lol. Ryder i kouldnt agree more. they are making themselves look like little bitches. i for one cant stand internet beef id much rather settle it in person. whats the fucking point of talking but not backing that shyt up. we all know justins not going to do anything but run his mouth.

  13. Emma says:

    could you guys put the video here when it comes up? tnx

  14. yo says:

    lol jinsu’s funny but he’s seriously a douche and loves pissing off the beliebers. tweet about your love for jasmine or something, shut up about the biebs. and tbh, i want jb to trash him a little. he (jinsu) is asking for it.

  15. pissed says:

    jinsu is a tool in need of attention and scooter and justin should just stop tweeting him and giving him what he needs. and me myself i just cant believe they trespassed alfredo’s house. they should get arrested NOW. >:|

  16. Bum says:

    I agree with every comment on here. I started follow Jinsu 2 days before this crap started thinking he was a cool dude that wants to protect his girl. But now he’s an immature JERK! And my opinion is starting to change on Jasmine too. She indirectly tweeting about the situtation. The only good one left is Jessica.

  17. Patricia says:

    Hey stop hating on 30 year olds. Im the same age as Scooter and yes I do have a job and life, but Im also a belieber like you guys are , so I end up getting involved in this stupid drama too. Jinsu and Rob are both the biggest douches ever. Last night Rob was hating on beliebers again, he’s so annoying. I think they’re both jealous of Justin and mad at him for being with Jasmine first. Justin doesn’t give a damn about them. They both need to gtfo of twitter and quit trespassing on peoples private properties. I wish that Alfredo would have arrested them for it.

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