Twitter War

So, if you aren’t aware of the immense “Jasmine vs. Selena” drama that has been rising via the Twitter world, you must live under a rock. Ever since Justin and Selena started ‘dating’ and becoming more publicized it seems like everyone has been comparing Jasmine and Selena. Whether it came to dancing, singing, acting, showing more love to their fans. The two teen stars have been compared a lot. The main topic they’ve been compared in is who is better… for Justin. Last night, like almost every other night since “Jelena”, drama arose on Twitter. And this incident was actually worth laughing over.

It all started with a tweet (Lol, fairytale remix.) Jasmine tweeted a Selena hater on May 31st:

First, let’s explain this. The Selena hater (who has now changed their twitter name to @iSupportJasV), tweeted Jasmine about how much she loved her and how big of a fan she was of her and her music. Since Jasmine was replying to her fans that day, like she does daily, Jasmine replied to the hate account. Which was the wrong move.

Jasmine soon got hate from the tweets. The percentage of those hate tweets were from Selenators and Jelenators of course. Everyone suddenly went on saying Jasmine was jealous of Selena.

There were many other tweets that dwelled in the “you’re just jealous” excuse. Jasmine tweeted some of the haters that were replying her on twitter. Here are a few tweets to haters she replied:


Someone then asked Jasmine if she hated Selena, and her reply was, I guess you’ll have to see for yourself:

Jasmine also tweeted something stating “everything that’s fake eventually comes to an end”

This was very soon caught on by Jelenators and they went all monkey balls on Jasmine. Jasmine didn’t go complaining to magazines about the hate. She laughed if off, finished tweeting her fans and the drama was done for the day. Though, she’s been getting non-stop hate ever since from Selenators, she continues to ignore it.

–Now, let’s skip to where all the Justin vs. Jinsu drama happened.

Yesterday, the Biebster went all #badboy on us, and indirectly tweeted about Jinsu. Shortly after, Jinsu DIRECTLY tweeted Justin back.

Lol, ‘rookie’… haha. Alright, anyways! This was so uncalled for on both parties (see what I did there? I’m going politics on you guys ;D)

1.) Justin tweeting “go sell some records bro” is only showing that he thinks he’s better than Jinsu because he sells more albums. Seriously, Justin has accomplished a bit more than the KING Michael Jackson when it comes to Never Say Never movie sales, MSG, and a few young awards. So does that mean Justin is better than MJ because he sold more ticket sales than MJ in a week? No, never. I don’t think that should even matter how many albums you sell, unless you’re only in it for the sales, not the passion for music.. Which should be the only reason you’re doing this, right Justin?

2.) Justin would of been better off just saying “Some people just want attention. lol”

3.) For the other tweet, I can agree on because a lot of Beliebers were actually following Jinsu before and after this Twitter war. Most of Jinsu’s fans on twitter are Jasminators/Beliebers that found his music through Jasmine and so on. So props to Justin for being aware and creeping through Jinsu’s tweets. But it seems like with ‘Jelena’, Selena’s recent magazine covers mention a LOT of Justin. Wonder if Justin realizes he gives her more attention as well..

4.) Justin did play his cards right though. If he would of tweeted Jinsu directly, that would of caused more tension and more people would of found out about Jinsu in the first place. But sadly, people talk. Soon after, we all knew who Justin was talking about.

-You’re probably wondering how this all even started out with Jinsu… let’s  rewind, shall we? *makes magical dream noise that are usually overplayed on Disney shows*

For the past few days people have been tweeting Jinsu- @SQJinsu (Jasmine V’s new boyfriend) all kind of hate. And Jinsu has been sticking up for his girlfriend Jasmine no matter what.

A belieber tweeted Jinsu saying that Jasmine was jealous of Selena and that Jasmine was uglier than Selena and he simply replied back to this:

And that’s how him becoming involved in all of this started.

He’s dating Jasmine. That’s the most beautiful girl in his eyes at the moment. Both Selena and Jasmine are gorgeous. Selenators called Jasmine ugly, then Jinsu said Jasmine looks better. He never went on Selena saying “she’s ugly.” Simple as that.

People were also saying that Jinsu was a real man for sticking up for Jasmine and their relationship. Jinsu ended up RTing a lot of it:

Jinsu can tweet whatever he wants about this since it was involving him. But he should of just ignored RT’ing those. Why? Because then beliebers, once again, assume that he thinks he’s better than Justin. The RT’d tweets are basically saying that Justin and Selena don’t have a real relationship like Jinsu and Jasmine. Which is sad but true, I don’t think Justin would ever stick up for his relationship or Selena to his fans in that case. No one even knew Justin and Jasmine were dating before because Justin didn’t admit it. But ‘Jelena’ is different than what Jasmine and Jinsu have. So comparing their relationships probably isn’t going anywhere. It most definitely won’t change ‘Jelena.’ Jinsu created more drama involving himself by even RT’ing those tweets. He could of tweeted about it and went on with his day, ignoring everything else. He most definitely made everything worse.

Some of the hate Beliebers/Selenators have been sending in are were way too much. They weren’t even necessary to anything at all. The tweets have ranged from Jinsu/Jasmine being untalented, to all the way bashing on Jinsu and Jasmine just because of their race and ethnics. Many people were calling Jasmine a Mexican, how she’s ‘gross’, how she’s dating a N*gger, how Justin is better.. Basically a lot of ignorance and BS if you ask me. Here are some of the tweets caught that Jinsu/Jasmine’s mom RT’d, though there were a lot more:

These tweets were before the Justin vs. Jinsu drama even happened. When Jinsu and Justin were in their little argument, some people who claimed they are just true beliebers sticking up for Justin people that should die in a hole, started sending Jinsu a lot more racist remarks, as well as Jasmine and her mom (@quad_JmomV) as well.

Jinsu didn’t even mind that he was being called all these things. Because he STILL stood up for Jasmine and ignored the racial remarks:

Honestly, this was all just irrelevant. I applaud Jinsu for sticking up for his girl Jasmine even though Selenators/Beliebers were offending him. He got my respect for that. I don’t think him calling Jasmine prettier is a bad thing, at all. Although, he still wanted attention from the topic overall, I would of went crazy if I was sent racial hate. Like seriously it’s 2011. Some people need to take their ass back to the 1950’s if they want to tweet that. This all just started because Jinsu was trying to stick up for Jasmine in the first place, and it all got to his head. I guess Jinsu thought he could get more attention just by going along with the drama, instead of ignoring it. Which is what happened.

1.) The fact that Jasmine haters were even tweeting Jinsu first is totally irrelevant to anything. You don’t like JASMINE. So why do you have to tweet her boyfriend? And the reason for you not liking her is because she tweeted a hater of your ‘Goddess’ Selena? Tweeting Jinsu was basically bringing the drama to him. He is not going to step away from that. It all just added more fuel to the fire. If you look at Jinsu’s earlier tweets it didn’t even revolve around Selena/Bieber BS. He only started tweeting about it, after he was flooded with hate. He even ignored a majority of it that were flooding his mentions in the beginning (after Jasmine RT’d that Selena hater on May 31st.)

2.) Jinsu had every right to stick up for his girl. I mean what guy wouldn’t. Even Bieber himself claims he’d to anything for his girl and protect her from harm. And that’s exactly what Jinsu was doing to everyone hating on Jasmine. It’s not like he just jumped up and decided to tweet about it. If it weren’t for Seliebers tweeting him and Jasmine constantly, none of this drama would of even occurred. Honestly if you think about it, it’s true.

3.) You can tell Jinsu didn’t regret anything he tweeted. Why? Because he did it for Jasmine. Do you think he enjoyed being called a Nigger, ape, untalented, etc by ‘Beliebers’? NO. But he wouldn’t take any of his actions back because his feelings for Jasmine are that strong. Lets be honest, that’s what real boyfriends would go through for their girlfriend if they REALLY truly cared that much. Jinsu shouldn’t of had to go through that in the first place. I don’t know if all Beliebers know this, but discrimination is the low. The only thing you proved when you were ‘sticking up for Justin’ is that some of you are so willing to do anything for Justin, you’ll put other people down because of their race just to make Justin look higher. That is all. Justin should of most definitely said something about the racial acts. It seriously makes him look bad too because a lot of people judge Justin based on his fans. Which is one of the reasons some people have hate toward the Biebs in the first place- because of his fans’ actions.

4.) Now that this drama has occurred, Jinsu is more known. Along with that, the drama between Justin, Jinsu and Jasmine has surfaced to the top. Good thing Jasmine is ignoring it. Well at least on Twitter anyways…

Justin, as usual, gave us the “kill em with kindness” tweet and Jinsu seemed to agree:

But then, Jinsu went on talking about the situation. It’s like he found all the drama that occurred entertaining. It certainly seemed that he wanted more from it. While Justin, or Scooter (whoever was on Justin’s account) went on a RT’ing spree and continued watching the basketball game.

Then, like every other time, we have all of Justin’s other crew members suddenly signing on and adding their take to the feud:

It seems like everyone wanted to get involved somehow in this, and it’s just too funny.

1.) I remember when Scooter did that ‘Answer’ tinychat on January 4, of  2011, in which he talked about those ‘Jelena’ pictures of them on Christmas break that leaked. And SOMEHOW he happened to bring up Jasmine in it to take the blame off of Justin and Selena’s pictures. *go to 1:00 onward*

If you have the FULL tinychat video with Scooter, send it in. Basically Scooter was talking about how Justin wasn’t dating Selena because he didn’t see them kissing, but he did see JASMINE kissing Justin. That just caused more hate towards Jasmine on Scooter’s behalf. First of all, Jasmine kissing Justin was months prior to anything. So the fact that Scooter would go all the way back just to put somewhat of blame on Jasmine instead of Justin and Selena is truly tacky. To be honest, Scooter is the most publicized manager ever. He’s always with Justin even on some of Justin’s ‘dates’ with Selena, therefore everyone knows him.

2.) I thought Alfredo and Jinsu have been working together… Mhmm, this might put a dent in their relationship.

3.) Kenny’s just hilarious, I can’t even. Haha. Wow!

Even Mr. Rob had a lot to say, like he always does… Rob Swanson (@TheRobSwanson) went monkey balls and completely bashed Justin and Selena last night. If you don’t know who Rob is; basically he’s a Director/Editor in LA. He was good friends with Justin and he went on the My World Tour with the Biebs. Rob worked with him on many occasions with tour and all. Now they completely dislike each other for their own reasons. Surprise, surprise- one of those reasons include Scooter. Scooter, why are you always mentioned in all this teenage drama? Mhm.. anywho, Rob is still close friends with Jasmine, Jinsu, Jessica Jarrell, the Beadles and many other celebs and stars connected with Justin. Rob even tweeted this last night:

Then he quickly deleted it. Sadly, Scooter tweets for Justin 85% of the time and it’s increased a lot recently dude to all the drama going around. I think everyone knows that so let’s not even get into it.  About the mail/art, I guess a few people know about that from watching iJever’s video- in which iJever showed how a fan made a scrapbook for Justin, then Justin told the guard to give it back to her because he didn’t want it and so on. (Link to video:

I don’t know why Rob and Justin’s crew were even tweeting all of this though. The twitter fight was between Jinsu and Justin. Even Jasmine didn’t tweet anything about this mess, and it involved her! She’s smart and knows that tweeting anything about it causes a bigger problem.

Jasmine’s brother, an aspiring rapper, JDrew even had something to say as well:

I think by us viewing some of these tweets, it’s obvious that this drama didn’t all just start because of what Jinsu tweeted. There’s been tension between Jinsu and Justin months prior to all of this. Surprisingly, they all revolve around stupid drama that went down when Jasmine was on the My World Tour and started seeing Jinsu after her and Justin split up. As well as the drama between Selena and Jasmine personally within the recent months. Also, keep in mind that Jinsu and Justin have many mutual friends, if they’re BOTH talking about each other, word gets out to them- causing even more tension, hatred and jealousy. The tweets are deeper than what Jinsu RT’d about Selena.

If Justin was even tweeting that for Selena, Justin would of put a hint of that reason in there.

-I, for sure did not see Selena’s name anywhere in Justin’s tweets.

I don’t think Justin would stick up for Selena against Jinsu. Why? Because so many Beliebers dislike Selena and tweet worse stuff about her, so Justin might as well tweet his fans too, correct? Exactly.

I doubt it was just Justin sticking up for himself in some case either. A good amount of Justin’s old friends from Stratford have been saying he’s changed and how they don’t like him now, even hating on him and Selena coming back to Canada, but Justin doesn’t tweet anything against them about that. So why would he tweet Jinsu about it? What’s so big about that drama with Jinsu? It certainly is deeper than what we’re shown. Seems like their Twitter war is more about JASMINE than it is about Selena. Who knows, maybe Justin might still like Jasmine..

Jinsu and Justin are both different people. Selena and Jasmine are both different people. There’s no need to compare them. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Hopefully, they call each other and talk it out. If you ask me, #teamjustin and #teamjinsu is not necessary. Not only because more people will be on Justin’s side because he’s more famous, but because of the fact their Twitter fight was boring to be honest. Rihanna and Ciara’s Twitter war was WAY better.

Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of” HAHAHAHAHAHA -dead- Oh, Rihanna, how you crack me up. #teamrihanna..

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52 thoughts on “Twitter War

  1. woo says:

    yeah and it’s funny that justin knows everything about jinsu, i mean he told him to sell records, and called him rockiee hahaha woo justin, you see so busy but still care about your ex new boyfriend, to me justin is jealous and even if he refuses to admit it, justin still loves jasmine in my opinion.

  2. woo says:

    but also, i think jinsu and justin should stop fighting and ignore the haters,..

    but it’s weird that justin knows that he has so many haters but he noticed jinsu on twitter..
    haha, justin is jealous.

  3. alyson says:

    the fight started cuz justin talks crap OFFLINE: thats why Jinsu said something about if your going to talk, say it to my face. They all have mutual friends and things traveled that justin was talking shit about Jinsu. If Jinsu is so irrelevant and a nobody rapper people don’t care about, then he shouldn’t phase justin. Obviously there is something about Jinsu that makes justin want to talk behind his back and when that happens its usually jealousy since they really don’t even hang out…even with mutual friends. Justin is a cocky jerk apparently around friends. almost EVERYONE doesn’t like him. Some of the people that do its like that fake frenemy thing or he’s cool in small dosages but they could never be total attached at the hip type of friends with him cuz he’s pretty fake and bratty. Justin is like the Regina George of the whole LA Teen Hollywood circle, but the difference between mean girls and the real LA is that there are people that will challenge him.

  4. mxtan says:

    you are a genius!

  5. Damn my EXACT thoughts:) FINALLY someone understandss!

  6. daaaamnbieberimsad says:

    AAAAH, this makes me almost regret that I ordered my NSN dvd that comes out 27th of July here… shiiittt… it was much money on that, lol. 😀 but enough of that.

    Justin seems reeeeally arrogant. i mean, seriously! he isn’t kidrauhl anymore

  7. truth! says:

    Jinsu is loving the attention and he even tweeted that he does. as for Jasmine she might not have said anything but she was sitting right next to Rob Swanson when he was tweeting that crap to and about Justin. and i don’t doubt she was hiding behind his account. Justin might be jealous but Jinsu is as well. its obvious Jasmine is not over Justin cause she always tweets these indirect tweets about him. Jasmine wants to be famous and Jinsu knows Justin can make that happen. Jasmine would leave him to be with Justin if it meant she could make her dreams come true. its what Hollywoods about. celebs of the moment help those struggling to get more fame. ps jelena is fake.

  8. Annoyed Observer. says:

    If you guys want to be taken seriously as ‘gossip bloggers,’ you really need to get your facts right before making silly claims.

    Saying that Justin has accomplished more than MICHAEL JACKSON (one of the most iconic artists of all time) is so stupid. He’s obviously not. Thriller is the best selling album of all time with nearly 110 million copies sold worldwide, and that is just one album of MJ’s. Yes, Bieber has had number one albums too, but he’s nowhere close to selling as many units, he’s never even had a number one single.

    Your claims are silly, your grammar and spelling are atrocious and your blogs are too long because you repeat stuff a lot. I really don’t understand why you dislike Selena so much. I’m not even a fan of hers, but your blogs are so biased because all you seem to do is put her down all the time. Surely making blogs about someone you dislike is just a waste of your own time? Just saying.

    One last thing. I’m not voicing my own opinion on whether or not the Biebs has changed but even if he has, are you trying to say that you’re thesame person you were two years ago? No, because EVERYBODY changes and grows up. That’s life, so I suggest you guys should get one and stay out of Justin’s.

    Fans should support his MUSIC and CAREER. The rest is quite frankly none of your business. Goodbye.

    • FanGirlx says:

      No offense… but they CLEARLY stated that Justin accomplished more when it comes ot Never Say Never because Justin sold more movie sales than the Michael Jackson movie. They never said anything about Justin selling more albums than MJ. Justin has sold more ablumbs than jinsu obviously because no one really knows Jinsu.. no offense to him. there’s nothing even wrong with their grammar and spelling.. everything looks spelled right in this blog. Them saying Selena is gaining more attention is true. She’s being introduced at Justin bieber’s girlfriend half the time now. not just “Selena Gomez” so they’re not putting her down. That’s just want everyone’s doing. bringing attention to selena beause of her dating Justin. like other blogs, they’re not calling her trashy, a slut, blah bllah or saying Jasmine is way better than selean. verse visa.
      Justin’s FRIENDS have been saying he’s changed repeatedly on twitter and completely hating on him and ‘selena’ as well. he’s been acting rude to his fans, forgetting his non famous friends etc. are you saying that when celebrities “grow up” they shut a fan’s camera down, drop their cd’s and not sign autographs? if that’s the case. can’t wait to see how justin turns out when he continues to “grow up”

    • ughhh says:

      First of all, I want to say that normally I cannot stand this blog and how biased and untruthful it is. I wanted to read what you had to say about Jinsu. I found myself reading the same thing over and over again in different paragraphs. I could not agree more with Annoyed Observer. The drama was dumb but Jinsu should have something to back it up if he is going to come after Justin. Just saying.

  9. omgsogirly says:

    this is exactly what i think!
    love your blog! xo Kelsi! (:

  10. Pauline says:

    is that why i didnt get anything back when i sent him fan mail? /: ):

  11. lovieee says:

    I think i was the of your followers that asked you guys to write a big blog on the subject because i haven’t been on twitter in a few weeks. so idk why you’re getting hate for trying to explain everything for the people that asked via twitter…. js
    i didn’t even know that jasmine tweeted that selena hater. i don’t think selenators should of gotten mad over that because i mean, c’mon. it’s just a tweet. jinsu was being rude about everything though because it seems like he just wanted attention himself. justin was being a huge brat.
    calling Jinsu out because he doesn’t have as much followers and because he doesn’t sell as much records as you? seriously justin.. thats low and proves that you let all the fame get to your head since you have as much fame as you do.
    i think that jasmine can sing better than selena.. i mean selena’s all autotune. i won’t compare them on acting because jasmine hasn’t acted in like what, 4 years? while selena on the other hand has a lot of experience with acting.
    its good that no one chose sides as to who was better than the other.

  12. Heyy says:

    if you ask me all this started way back probably when jasmine dumped justin. they’re relationship didn’t even end on a clear plate. it’s like they broke up in october because of all the drama with the pictures kissing each other in the back seat.
    justin seems a bit punkish though. i don’t think he’ll stand up to his fans for selena because obviously he’s scared to lose fans or because jelena is nowhere near strong.
    But doesn’t that prove that Justin is obsessed with having fans? I don’t know, but if I was him I’d rather have a fan base that won’t hate on me because I have a girlfriend.
    Justin seems to still like Jasmine in my view, and some of the tweets she’s been tweeting about love and stuff for the past couple of months could be about Justin and her… i think if she could chose she would chose Justin over Jinsu in a heart beat. or maybe she really likes Jinsu because he keeps it real while justin will never admit anything. And Justin puts on a ‘good boy’ act all the time. It’s funny because his behavior with his friends are way different than his fame behavior. I’ve seen videos of justin cursing etc, but on camera he acts all good and innocent. While on the other hand, Jinsu’s like “fuck it, im me. deal.” selena is just irrelevant to anything because she’ll never be as strong as Jasmine.
    Whenever selena gets hate she goes and cries to a magazine about it and spills a bit more about her “relationship” with Justin. then she gets like what $6,000+ from doing the magazine spread? its all publicity and who knows Jinsu could want it too. have you seen his tweets after the fight? #CRAZY

  13. Patricia says:

    Honestly I could care less about this whole mess. I’ve never liked selena or jasmine. They’re both fake and annoying, and I don’t find either of them attractive. And neither of them can sing. The only person I love and respect is the Biebs. Yes I do know he changed, but everyone does. Nobody stays the same person. Im always gonna love and support him no matter what. Isn’t that what a true fan does? As for selena, jasmine, jinsu, and rob Im not interested in any of them, so I don’t care what happens to them. They could all fall of the face of the earth and I wouldn’t care to be honest. #teamBieber

  14. Jasminehater says:

    i think that all of jasmine and her little friends just want fame. i’ve always hated her. and I think selena is better than her.. though I don’t believe in Jelena. ever since Jelena there’s been non stop drama all the time. And scooter tweets for Justin so he probably could of tweeted some of what justin said or even deleted some of Justin’s tweets. justin was also with scooter and kenny that night so… it’s like they all started. Jinsu needs to sit down because no one even knows who he is. he’s not famous and he’s going nowhere in life. #teambieber

  15. Real says:

    i’ve already knew about the Justin throwing away fan mail becuase I actually had a little incident with that after a concert of his. Rob Swanson shouldn’t of said that though about it because now all the fans that send him stuff feel retarded. Rob ALSO wants to ride the justin fame bus.
    but not only that because no one knows the FULL story. Justin has been texting Jasmine a lot even though hes with Selena.. you wonder why she didn’t go to the Never Say Never movie premiere? she said she was sick but on a tinychat she left it on, and while everyone left she started talking about the drama and how she was asked to go MANY times to the NSN premiere but she didn’t go. Only a few people heard it on the tinychat because the rest ALL left because they thought jasmine was off camera.. but she left her audio on. Justin wanted Jasmine there, but she didn’t go. she was with jinsu and said she was ‘sick’ I think justin likes jasmine

  16. Justin says:

    Jasmine cannot even sing at all, selena has more talent. I’m siding with Justin and Selena because they’re way better than Jasmine and Jinsu. No one even knows who Jinsu and Jasmine are if it werent for justin he helped their career

  17. dami says:

    i love jasmine and justin but jinsu’s pretty cool to me tbh, he says what he thinks, and he defends his girlfriend. AND he’s pretty hilarious. i think beliebers went overboard with the bullying on jinsu. but how do people know justin was trash talking jinsu in real life?

  18. Amberly says:

    All of the haters can go fuck off. No one cares if you don’t like the blog. Some ppl do (me and my friends) and that’s all that matters. Leave. Just go. You are sitting up here saying how you don’t like the blog… on the blog. Like really, get a life. Bye, leave, we won’t miss you.

  19. Kelly says:

    At first, I thought Jasmine was using Justin to get more famous, but now I kind of feel sorry for her. However, she’s going about this the wrong way. The best way for her to get over this would be to take all her anger towards Justin and use it to fuel her ambition and push herself to get success on her own merit. Personal success is the best revenge and nothing pisses off your detractors more than seeing you excel and thrive!

  20. Nada says:

    Okay, so Jinsu’s tweets were really applaud-worthy when he was defending his girlfriend, but after those its just like attention-hogging stuff

    And Justin? Well, I’m not sure….if Scooter is the one tweeting then I’m so confused.

  21. what happens says:

    something happened recently because they were calm.
    until jasmine and alfredo flores stop talking on twitter..
    then alfredo was tweeting jas but she was ignoring..
    in other thing, i heard justin followed rob?
    i dont get it…why justin and crew care too much about these people..
    what do they know that we dont/??

  22. well says:

    i like jinsu too, he seems like a street fighter and needs to control himself but i think he is a nice guy who loves his people. He just needs to relax.
    and to me, justin got scared lol

  23. well says:

    i wonder what happened??
    maybe something happened recently, maybe justin started texting jasmine again and that’s why jinsu got jealous….
    what happened???

  24. well says:

    also, even though i like jinsu, he shouldnt reply the hate tweets..
    also he should stop talking about justin. and selena..
    but i think there’s something more but we dont know.
    i still wonder how justin noticed that he was talking about him??
    it looks like justin still cares about jasmine and his crew..
    i mean, he has over 10,000,000 never replies to me , but he notices Jinsu??

  25. Ryder says:

    To be honest with all of you, I never like Selena. Jasmine is 10000x times prettier and has more talent than Selena. Selena is all auto tune. Jasmine broke up with Justin because it was too much drama. To me Jasmine deserves someone better than Justin. Someone who isnt afraid to tell the world “THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND!” and thats what Jinsu does. Justin doesnt do that. I hope Jasmine doesnt go out with Justin again. To me Jasmine likes Jinsu more. I think Jasmine & Justin should remain friends. But there’s too much tension going on between them. And Jasmine & Justin dont look all that cute together. But if Jasmine really was still in love with Justin or whatever; Jinsu would certainly know. They just have a BIG BALL of drama that they need to sit down and talk about it. And get over it already. Supposedly Justin & Selena are so happy together, right?

  26. my theory says:

    and yeah it’s about jasmine i think, cause after their fight jinsu replied a person who tweeted about giving him props for defending jasmine.
    To me jasmine dumped justin for denying her, when justin knew that jinsu was in miami, he called selena and started dating selena and all these games started..even scotter admited that.
    Justin loves selena, i have no doubt, but there’s also another woman in his heart, just a month ago he talked about jasmine while he was touring Asia…Justin
    looked heart broken when he was talking about her…he must be missing her a lot.

    maybe wants to see jasmine again, he is in the bay area now, lol, maybe that’s why he wants to confront jinsu who knows but justin shouldn’t be lying to himself.

  27. […] Twitter War So, if you aren’t aware of the immense “Jasmine vs. Selena” drama that has been rising via the Twitter world, you must […] […]

  28. KateBooBearLove says:

    WOW. You guys totally changed my point of view! I mean, Jinsu does have a point, like, he’s defending his girl. But Justin is just being a brat. Just ’cause he has more followers, song, albums, records etc. he doesn’t have to rub it in Jinsu’s face.

  29. brianna says:

    tbh i could careless about justin’s personal life. idc if he is a jerk, he’s never been a jerk to me so idc. i support his music not his life. yes i love jelena but i wouldn’t care who he dated. and the whole fight was pointless and immature.

  30. lmao says:

    LOL at the person that said Jasmine couldn’t sing.
    Selena has a weak voice. Have you even heard her live? I went to her concert before because I used to like her… now, not much. She can’t even sing most of the song. There’s AUTOTUNED music playing in the background and she’s lip syncing to the high notes and other parts she couldn’t sing. She SHOULD stick to acting. That’s her talent imo.

    Jasmine is a much better singer and dancer lol. Singing was her thing since she was really young. As for dancing, she dances a hell lot of times in her shows when she was starting her career until now. She has more experience.

    And as for the drama, I don’t really give a damn. lol

  31. Ignorance is NOT a bliss says:

    Am I the only one pissed at the fact that some people are as ignorant as @Gomezgle and @YoungLsuperstar?
    Out of everyone mentioned in this drama, they are the most aggravating. If I had fans like that, and was in a position similar to Justin or Selena, I would call them out.

  32. danielle says:

    i dont know.. but i hope jasmine stays away from the drama. shes such a sweet girl, at least in person

  33. well says:

    i tried to advice jasmine but she ignored my tweets but replies to selena haters and that’s a bad from her part. She should keep away from the drama..
    this is only affecting her cause most of his fans are bieber fans..
    she doesnt attack bieber but replies to selena’s haters , i think jasmine is jealous cause she still loves justin even though she tried to hide it with the hate…

  34. TRUTH! says:

    Jelena is fake. it took me a while to get my head around it and understand it but they are fake and that is why you have never officially heard Justin say they are dating. the questions i kept asking myself are why? Justin doesn’t need the publicity. True he doesn’t but Selena does. Justin & Selena are friends. like really good friends. Like him and Jessica Jarrell. in hollywood to avoid being dropped by your label you have to sell and there is a lot of pressure. the way i see it, Justin is helping out a friend. (you would too if you were in that situation. and that is why nobody is panicking about it. because its a set up. as for Jinsu & Jasmine i couldn’t care less about them. Jasmine is bitter. she tweeted (ThatSlutenaG & Wantselenadead) and that is no coincidence. she is making it known that she doesn’t like Selena. and then all these indirect tweets are just to get people talking. i do believe Justin still likes her but with Jinsu hanging round like a bad smell it will never happen for him. Jinsu is a famewhore. he tweets all this shit like ‘im known’ ‘ask around people know me’ and he isn’t even signed. TWAT! attention is the only thing they want and they know they’ll get it if they make it look like they have dirt on Justin

    • danielle says:

      jasmine has tweeeted selena and jelena fan accounts too. shut up

    • Patricia says:

      I also agree that jelena is totally fake. You said how would Justin benefit from this, well I’ll tell you. Lets face it theres a lot of people out there who think that Justin is gay and jelena is helping him get past that issue and he also wants to attract an older audience ( like me lol ). Over the past year he’s been slowly changing his image to a more grownup one and selena is helping him with that. So honestly they’re both using each other.

  35. Lalala says:

    And this is why I read XOXOPLB and not Bieberheiress , amazing blog btw! My personal opinion I think Jinsu is an amazing artist , he seems like an amazing boyfriend too. If you watch Jasmine V and Jinsu’s ustream videos they seem genuine, in love and Justin should respect that and stop texting Jasmine or whatever and rub his ” girlfriend’s” feet. SMFH #teamprettybitches

  36. Lexi says:

    anyone notice EVERYONE in the bieber drama circle have names that start with the same letter?
    Justin, Jasmine, Jinsu.
    Selena, Shay, Scooter, Shanaz.
    Chaz, Caitlin, Christian.
    Ryan, Rob.
    I just think thats so weird! maybe its just me, haha. anyways, i think this whole thing is SO stupid. like first off, rob swanson just annoys the hell out of me, like he’s soo irrelevant! he only wants a piece of twitter fame or whatever! what does he even do? nothing! and as much as i dont like selena, i dont think she has anything to do with this, i kind of feel bad for the hate shes getting in this situation cause she obviously was not even around when whatever HUGE BLOWUP between justin/jasmine/jinsu happened. the selenators need to shut up because this doesnt involve them.
    2. i honestly think justin dumped jasmine, and im guessing jinsu was really sweet to jasmine about the breakup, and once they started dating justin got PISSED because i peg justin has one of those guys that think that even once they break up with a girl, he think(or knows) she’s still wrapped around his little finger. i think hes super cocky when it comes to girls.

  37. Layla says:

    justin always tweets himself not anyone else just justin is tweeting

    • Lol Scooter tweets for him a majority of a time. Remember when he was in that UK interview last year and they asked him what a belieber was, he’s like what? even though few hours earlier ‘justin’ retweeted a tweet about beliebers. Scooter was most definitely on at that time because 2 minutes later scooter tweeted himself

    • Patricia says:

      Sweetie I love Justin too, but don’t be so naive to think that Justin is the only one tweeting on his account. Remember that pre-concert vid a year ago where a fan asked Justin about the ” party on wheels ” that he kept tweeting about all the time, and he didn’t know what she was talking about? And I remember Justin saying in some interview that Scooter has his twitter password. Why else would he have it, other than to tweet? Its easy to tell when its Justin tweeting, cause he usually misspells words or uses slang, or bad grammar. All of the promotional tweets are Scooter.

  38. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  39. GREAT REVIEW! I agree with pretty much all you said in your article, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, this info is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog:) Isabella S.

  40. what there doing is imature.
    justin’s not better then him and jinsu is not better then justin. there cockyness needs to leave and they all need to let go of the bitterness.
    seriously they all need to grow up.

  41. Erin Sholtz says:

    I cANT believe justin doesn’t tweet and its actually FUCKIN ASS DUMB SCOOTER BRAUN

  42. Jinsu was a TRUE man there, for defending Jasmine BUT they both acted like brats. I lose sooo much respect for Justin with the @/Gomezgle’s tweet that he RT’d. He’s the first one who said that “#hatehasnoplace”, that the only thing he hates is rascism but this time is wasn’t the last too show hate and rascism. He’s being so disrespectful.. And who knows how much imma “belieber”.

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