“Will The Real ‘Next 2 U’ Girl Please Stand Up!”

Everyone has been wondering who the mystery girl is in Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber’s “Next 2 You” music video. Some think it’s Anastasia Kassar. She was the leading lady in Justin’s “U Smile” music video which premiered near the ending of 2010. There was a lot of buzz about Anastasia. Now that the Next 2 You music video has leaked, the topic has expanded.

I think most people agree, the girl in the Next 2 You video is not Anastasia Kassar. Then again, some people are still wondering.

We had a little chat earlier on twitter, trying to figure this out. We figured out that yes, Anastasia Kassar was in the U Smile video. But no, she is in fact not the girl in the Next 2 You video. They are both different people-

“U Smile”

“Next 2 You”

As you can see, even though they may be about the same age, they both don’t look much alike. The girl from the U Smile video’s hair is clearly platinum blonde- unlike the girl in the Next 2 U video, who is more brunette. They are both pretty girls but the U Smile girl also look’s as if she’s older than the Next 2 You girl. Anastasia also has a rounder face than the love interest in the N2U music video. We don’t have any clearer photos of the name of the girl from the Next 2 You video, but you can clearly tell if you look closely that they both look different. When the video is out, and there’s more news about it I’m sure we’ll all find out the name of the girl in Next 2 U. Hope that we cleared up some of the confusion that was buzzing around.


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30 thoughts on ““Will The Real ‘Next 2 U’ Girl Please Stand Up!”

  1. Patricia says:

    I wouldn’t call the next to you girl a brunette cause she looks like a dark blonde to me. But I agree that its NOT the same girl even though at first I did think that. All I know is that her and Justin had some awesome chemistry together and it would be nice if he dated her instead of selena. She seems so much prettier and more real than selena, and that kiss was magical. Compared to her selena looks like an ugly troll 🙂

    • Hafsah says:

      They obviously had Chemistry on screen because it was a music videos. And stop trying to choose who jb dates. And Selena is way prettier than the Next 2 You girl. Get a grip :/

      • dami says:

        no wayy. the next 2 girl is fucking hot. selena is average and overrated she looks like a 14 year old has a big head for her skinny body and a squished face.

      • dami says:

        and selena has a fat nose too haha

      • khmerphone says:

        selena is a fucking slut so you shut the fuck up!

      • No one can choose who Justin dates, His choice, His life. Get on with it. Fair enough, At the end of the day, We’re still his fans. We should have a right to know who he dates and that crap. But if he wants to keep things private in his life, We should respect that and support him no matter what.

  2. :) says:

    Anastasia is so beautiful!!!!

  3. dami says:

    the girl in next 2 you is way cuter. anastasia looks old and trashy. btw i thought anastasia was pregnant, it was just a rumor i guess.
    i liked the next girl 2 you girl a lot better, she actually seemed in love with justin, and they look so cute together ❤

  4. Me says:

    “As you can see, even though they are about the same age”
    “the U Smile girl also look’s as if she’s way older”
    Your blog is very contradictive, but I like how Bieber Heiress got something wrong.

  5. do you know the name of the girl in the video next to you????

  6. alyson says:

    the eyes and the smile give ti away. i cant describe how they r different, but they’re def different bone structures. They so slightly similar tho, like the U Smile girl darkened her hair…but idt its her. At first I thought it was Summer Glau from The Sarah Connor Chronicles…but her nose is tiny. Like almost looks like she got a nose job tiny haha.

  7. (: says:

    on this pictures it looks like anastasia kassar isn’t the girl in the nex to you video. but in the video i doubt. in the video she really looks like her.
    i really believed that the girl in the next to you video is anastasia kassar, but now i’ve seen these pictures…
    i don’t know, lol.

    • yo says:

      ok i wear glasses, and my eyesight isn’t the best, but it honestly never crossed my mind that they looked alike. this girl seems more petite (smaller and thinner), is kind of toothy which the u smile girl wasn’t, and anastasia has really light hair while this girl has a darker shade. basically no i dont get how you could get them mixed up. but whatevs

  8. Lexi says:

    im kinda sure anastasia would have said something on twitter about if she was the next 2 you girl..she always tells us when she’s working on or audtioning for something..

  9. Daniela says:

    I think Anastacia Kassar is really pretty, she looks really young in the U Smile video,
    Would’ve never thought she was in her twenties!

  10. Dizzle says:

    Selena is way prettier than both of them! I actually don’t find the girl in “Nezxt 2 You” pretty. She’s just. Regular. I don’t know.. i don’t think she’s pretty at all. Sorry. But yeah, the girl in U Smile is pretty.. But but but.. Selena is prettier as i said. And please! Don’t say JB should date any of those two.. he has Selena. And she seems nice. So stop it. Let them enjoy each other.
    I can’t understand people who says that JB and Selena shouldn’t be togheter? Is not your business. You’re not involved in the relationship.

    // Dizzle

  11. shahbaz says:

    who issss sheeeeee. She’s so pretty and innocent looking. Selena is average.

  12. anonymous says:

    hoo is d girl in nxt 2 u shee is soo hot i wanna noe her name

  13. johnbelieber says:

    her name is valerie pinero.

  14. idk says:

    i just found out!!! her name is valerie pinero she is a model i searched her up and they look identical so it has to be her!!

  15. biebefan0 says:

    i just found out her name is valerie pinero!!! shes a model!! and they look identical!!

  16. who’s the brunette tho???

  17. They’re both pretty, So what’s the big deal? Selena is pretty, That girl in the music video is pretty. I’m sure Justin himself will agree, C’mon, Deal with it, Justin is dating Selena and you can’t do anything about. No one can. I’m just saying.

  18. Simrun says:

    In the video for N2U behind the scenes they ask her is she a fan and she says yeah i am he is really sweet and I am really lucky but if she was in ‘U SMILE’ then she would have mentioned that she has met him before!!?? hmm……??:S:S

  19. shao says:

    N2U girl is way hotter than selena…i don’t like selena…she’s too old for justin…

  20. Mary R says:

    she’s in this. she’s interviewed for a second.

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