Oh, Canada!

This week Justin flew back to good ‘ole Canada with his ‘girlfriend’ Ms. Gomez. And, I must say it seems like some of his fellow Stratty Canadian pals weren’t so enthusiastic about his arrival or Selena’s either.

On Wednesday, Sadie Nelson (@Sadienelsonn), who’s friends with the whole Stratty gang tweeted:

Then we have Mr. Robbie (@robbieruns):


Robbie got to see Justin, but not hang out with him for much long because on Robbie’s formspring, he answered these:

What Jake (@jakenear) tweeted:

@jAyenew tweet about Jelena:

There was a lot more drama at school and on Facebook about Justin and Selena’s arrival in Canada. Justin didn’t really hang out with people that much during his vacation in Stratford maybe cause of the fact not many people really wanted him there or it could be because he was with Selena the majority of the time.. Of course Ryan and maybe Chaz are still sticking with the Biebs. But yet they’re still close friends with the people trashing him too, so I guess they could understand their points. And when Ryan and mostly Chaz are tweeting these people and being all friendly, odds are, more Beliebers will see their tweets about Justin, etc. It all just causes more curiosity.  Well there you have it. Not only Bieber fans are saying Justin has changed, but his friends that knew him before the fame are saying the same.  I don’t think it’s easy to use the “he’s just growing up” excuse this time…


27 thoughts on “Oh, Canada!

  1. Lucy says:

    Watevs, I don’t think Justin is changing much. But the only person that is changing Justin is fucking Selena

  2. :) says:

    When his friends are saying that he’s changed then it’s really true.He needs a reality check.And surprise surprise,when do his friends say that he’s changed?Since he came with Selena..last year they weren’t saying these things.Well,I guess that’s what fame does to people…

  3. Maryam says:

    Everybody changes, but i know he says he’ll always stay humble i think he has to act upon it! He has to know where he came from & be thankful. (i know sometimes he is) But in all reality i think he is REALLY falling for Selena. & when you fall for someone you forget about the people that you care about. we’ve all been through it, his is just in the limelight i guess…

  4. dami says:

    i dont really care what other ppl say about justin. i know he’s changed and i understand when ppl say they miss the old justin because he seemed sweeter. but i still support him, and btw, this guy doesn’t sound like a friend. i’m not judging justin on someone else’s opinion of him, i’m waiting to meet him before i judge, and i’ll always support him either way.

  5. dami says:

    and to be honest, i actually feel bad for justin because everyone’s talking crap about him lately. even his fans and “friends”.

  6. The truth says:

    Well in interviews Justin has said he only has two “real friends”, Chaz and Ryan. I’m pretty sure everyone EXPECTS you to change after you get famous. That’s why most celebrities only keep their closest friends to them, and make oter friends in the industry, because they know what it’s like.

  7. The truth says:

    And Robbie sounds a like a douchebag. Btw.

  8. boomboompow says:

    robbie is a fucking douchebag. i read his earlier tweets and he was trashing justin but when he found out that he might be able to meet justin he started kissing justin’s ass again. and chaz kinda seems like an asshole too. like he’s the one that’s been tweeting all of these “friends,” not so much ryan. i don’t think justin and chaz are still as close as justin and ryan.

  9. brianna says:

    sorry but what kind of “friend” talks shit about you? if he feels like Justin has changed maybe he should tell that to Justin and not Twitter. i feel bad for Justin honestly, it sucks when even your friends talk about you…

    and YES Justin has changed, oh well. support him or don’t.

  10. APRIL says:


  11. robbie says:

    shut the fuck up i did the twitter just to post shit idgaf about fucking faggot beliebers if im a douche bag dont follow me the fact is justin is an asshole and i wasnt kissing his ass i was talking to his mom because i know them to get an autograph for my baby sister so go fuck yourself

  12. Kreni Dee. says:

    I understand that Justin has changed. He’s seventeen, great for him, happy for Biebs. But when Chaz Somers, Ryan Butler, Sadie Nelson, and probably even Shay Misuraca say that he’s changed, something has to be true. I mean, they’ve known Justin since he was a little kid. But DON’T go telling me, that if you were a celebrity, you wouldn’t change. If Justin was the same kid from Canada today, still famous of course, people wouln’t support him as much. I love Justin, and I love Selena, but seperately. He’s changed, maybe for the better. Only time will tell.

    I know that it must be hard to have all the fame, and all the fans saying things like that. The truth is, Justin probably will NOT date a fan. I mean, sure, the occasional lucky girls get to be his One Less Lonely Girl, then there is Cheyenne Grannis, the girl who’s sister cried for Justin and got to meet him, and of course, Paige Conway. All lucky, I’m sure, and to be honest, I think that Paige was good for him, normal nice and adoring. But he’s changed, because before he wouldn’t dream of dating a girl like Selena, and he’d go for the Caitlin Beadles, Shay Misuraca, Paige Conway types.

    Sure, guys opinions change on the kind of girls they like.

    I just feel bad for Justin. It can’t be easy going onto Twitter, checking out your friends’ twitter profiles and seing all the news that he’s changed. It’s got to hurt.

    I also feel so, so sorry for Erin. Where is she now?

    Thoughts go to all his forgotten friends.

    Love love love!

  13. Ali says:

    What happened with him and chaz?

  14. Patricia says:

    I feel so bad for Justin. Lately it seems like everyones hating on him, including his ” friends ” and his fans. Of course he changed, all of us do. No one stays the same. People need to accept the fact that he will never be that little, innocent 15 year old boy again. He’s growing up, becoming a man and since Im an older fan, Im loving it. Im glad he’s maturing cause it was kinda awkward for me being his fan before.

  15. Reallybiebs? says:

    Wow Justin is such a little fucker.

  16. Lyan Lon says:

    I think that Justin has changed because of Selena. I know he’s head over heels for her. And because of that, he’s willing to do anything for her. I think it does feed his ego to date her. I mean she’s gorgeous. But on the inside, she’s kind of not nice. There’s something sharper about her and now it seems like he’s got that inside of him too. I understand its because he’s fallen so hard for her. He’s put her completely on pedestal and thinks that she can do no wrong which is wrong of course. I don’t know if he’ll come out of this. I think they’re headed towards marriage prematurely. Thoughts?

    • Daisy.Rae says:

      not to sound bitter, but shes not gorgeous at all. she is average looking with a big head. i mean are u kidding me? the people on this site including u and me are probably wayy hotter than her. don’t put her on a pedestal remember this bitch wears tos of make up at all times. she’s cute/average. but ive seen wat she really looks like without make-up and she looks like a fucking tranny.

  17. yo says:

    that’s weird, justin hung out with nolan shay and other stratty ppl just last year in about september? has he changed so much in the last few months? but tbh, it’s wrong for us to know so much about justin… we should support him as an artist more than anything.

  18. mjeh says:

    Ofcourse he’s changed. First of all, he is getting older, he is not a child anymore. And second of all, do you guys know what fame does to people? He constantly has to watch his back, for paps and fake friends. I understand him. Not that I know anything about what fame does to you, but I can only imagine. You should think before you post things.

  19. robbie says:

    yeah sorry that was a bit rude but i was kinda pissed haha

  20. charlotte says:

    lololololol he didnt even know half those people before he became famous. LOLOL.

  21. Me says:

    I’m done with this blog. Is it just me or does it seem like PLB is hating on Justin? If they’re not fans, why write a blog like this? A chance to lash out at Selena, maybe? Just my opinion.

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