“I probably won’t date a fan” Real or Fake DM?

So someone sent us this link to a Tumblr that had this DM on it:

Within the past week Justin has been sending DM’s to basically almost everyone that has said he’s changed, so this wouldn’t be a surprise. But it looks iffy. Still not sure who this DM was sent to if it’s true, or who posted it, we’ll update on this. But I’ll let you decide for yourself on this specific DM. Real or fake?

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11 thoughts on ““I probably won’t date a fan” Real or Fake DM?

  1. Lucy says:

    That’s fake. LOL i know how to do that on my computer. Anyways, Justin must be pretty damn quick at typing if it says “less than 5 seconds ago” for all of them.

  2. PLBSupport says:

    justin actually DID changed.
    but this DM is fake. i mean, justin’s link are actually blue..

  3. Kala says:

    Lol, fake. He’d never address Selena like that. He acts like nothing ever happens

  4. Somebody says:

    LOL, not sure if it’s really true… But, if it’s true it’s not him, seriously.. Maybe, Scooter know his password 😉

  5. Patricia says:

    haha these are so fake. Actually it sounds like a selena or jelena fan wrote these. I don’t think that Justin would be defending selena like that and he built his whole career on the idea of him dating a fan someday, so I really don’t think that he would say that to a fan.

  6. Leah says:

    this is probably fake. and idk i’ve never seen justin wrote ‘pls’ :S

  7. Me? says:

    Yeah this is exactly fake… I could make the same right like what u did with computer program that i had. Lol. but thats funny i thought

  8. lovethisblog says:

    i wonder if he would really date a fan but i doubt it cuz 99% of girls wanna date JUSTIN BIEBER! the popstar and like 1% would wanna date the guy justin not then celeb. so i doubt he would cuz most of his fans wanna date the celeb not the person

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