Drive-In date for… Three?

After their Six Flags adventure, Justin and Selena couldn’t get enough of each other just yet. They were spotted later that night having a movie night at the local Drive-In theatre in Texas. Before I hear all the “AWW” “THAT’S SO CUTE” “HOW ROMANTIC” comment’s I should let you know that Selena’s cousin Priscilla joined them on this movie night. Not so romantic anymore now is it? We were told that they saw Hangover 2, and Priscilla herself had even tweeted about it saying that she was watching the movie a second time.

I’ve personally only been to a drive-in once so I don’t remember how it works but don’t you stay in the car while you watch the movie? Having Justin and Selena stuck in a car for two hours, seems like it would be a sucking face marathon- especially with all of their hormones and how they couldn’t keep their hands and lips off each other in Hawaii. So the fact that Selena went along and brought her older cousin along with her is Strange.

J: Hmm looks like the coast is clear S: Phew, okay. So we don't needa be attached at the hip.

I'm a gentlemen. Ladies it's all on me tonight.

Looks like Justin pulled the prince charming route and took the tab for the date as well. It’s like a ‘You give me some and I’ll pay for your vacations and movie nights’ deal. Not only did Priscilla awkwardly third wheel on their drive-in date, She was also with them at Six flags Over Texas- basically spending the whole day with Justin and Selena. It’s odd that they never seem to hang out alone? I understand that when you’re in a relationship- hanging out with your friends, family, and etc together is fun- But you also wanna have that time where It’s just the two of you. That special time together where the both of you can just bond and spend quality time together. Not for these two ‘Love birds’- Seems like the only alone time they enjoy having is when they’re getting down and dirty in front of the camera’s. Maybe they will get some alone time on their plane ride to Canada- If Selena is truly going with him….


37 thoughts on “Drive-In date for… Three?

  1. Wow. says:

    Boys usually pick up the tab on dates.

  2. Hannah says:

    I am all for proof, but the idiot who sent in the credit statement needs to be fired. Are you serious!!!! Justin’s signature could be copied……. who cares if he paid for eveeryone. A gentlemen always does. And Selena is home with her family so the fact that Priscilla is there isnt shocking its expected. Its like Justin going home to Stratford and not paying for Ryan Butler or Chaz…. c’mon!

  3. Gabbbie says:

    Wait, it says the total is 13.00$.. that’s the price for ONE ticket.. So justin didn’t even pay

  4. Kiki says:

    Their photographer is probably like, “hmm, that’s a wrap for tonight guys.” *both detach themselves from each other. I can’t wait to see Jelena crumble & just for those who actually thought the relationship was real see how stunted it really is.

  5. Emilie says:

    If thats really the reciept they are stupid for taking a pic of it.

  6. what a gold-digger says:

    she acts like she doesnt have money…
    and justin, your family misses you..
    and please talk about other things go to visit your family in Canada.
    thanks for the blog but you are giving too much fame to selena…i like your blogs but too much selena, talk about jasmine, caitlin, etc cause selena has too much fame already..but thanks for the info anyway.

  7. alyson says:

    haha i knew it was in ennis! the minute u said drive in theatre i was like “hmm, they’re probably at that one in ennis” (im form TX)

    the pics from six flags and the drive in actually look like candid/fan/paparazi//whatever you wanna call it pics. and there aren’t even a lot. It just proves even more that in such a public place if such limited and low quality photos arise, then the hawaii pics are all BS. Good job Team Beiber/Gomez management. they’re os dumb….

    • alyson says:

      sorry…didn’t feel like fixing the typos. :p

    • The truth says:

      Professional papparazzi usually have hi def cameras you moron.

      • alyson says:

        Paps in LA have professional cameras….not in TX.

        So 3 times while they’re out in PUBLIC with NO body guards
        1. absolutely no photos (movies wit Demi&Chris)
        2. there’s a couple of crappy quality photos (mall & six flags),
        3. there is ONE photo along with someone took a pic of their receipt. (drive-in)

        But when they’re at a PRIVATE island just ONE DAY where PAPARAZZI ARENT ALLOWED, 30+ photos come out in High Quality, near photoshoot looking photos appear :/. That doesn’t add up at all. Please try to explain the logic behind that.

      • Amberly says:

        Why are you so mean? LEAVE!

  8. OMG. Selena & Minors is Not Funny. its a Horrible “Joke” especially when your hurting someones feelings. -.-

  9. natalia says:

    you guys are getting more stuff before BH!!! uh oh!!! hahaha and its legit blogs

  10. Madison H says:

    i guess this website is trying to help justin career so why dont you guys give your comments to pattie or maybe she knows all this shit aboutu her son

  11. Madison H says:

    And what about pattie or same justin they try to hide all this lie or what.

  12. Maren says:

    I sent them these pictures.. The receipt is from buying Dip N’ Dots, not movie tickets. A girl I know was working there & saw them, & took the pictures

    • The truth says:

      Once again, plb is caught slipping cause they always have their info WRONG and spread bullshit.

      • Maren says:

        Or you’re just a fucking idiot because I personally know the girl that saw them. She works at the drive-in at Ennis & sold them Dip N’ Dots.

      • Lexi says:

        how is this wrong? oceanup postedpictures from the drive in too,and im sure its likely they bought dip n’ dots. soo i dont get what “bullshit” they’re spreading here?

      • Patricia says:

        stfu! They did say it was Dip N Dots and not movie tickets idiot. If you’re gonna hate on them gtfo. This is a legit blog.

      • Amberly says:

        The truth? Leave! Like your here, Still. If you don’t like them the bye bye, be gone, leave. What don’t you understand? Are you slow?

    • Naja says:

      Nice job, PLB. Way to be a reliable source -_-

  13. ashley says:

    plb facts and info is so true and jelena is created by managers and is a big publicity stunt for selena so the publicity stunt will end when she goes on tour

  14. Stupidasses says:

    U dont have ANY proof of this… And ur just so stupid.. U guys who think this is all for publicity is WRONG!!! They would have already stopped their ‘fake’ relationship if they got all this Bad publicity from people.. And u know justin will not do it for money because we know how he is. And he already has enough money idiots!!

    • Patricia says:

      You’re the idiot for believing this whole sham of a relationship! Haven’t you heard the old hollywood saying that anykind of publicity is good publicity? Celebs have fake relationships all the time and even get married and have kids for publicity ( I read this one secret hollywood website and it tells all in there ) Most of them are messed up in the head. selena needs the publicity cause her show ended and she needs to get a more adult audience to stay a star. Justin too. Most of the world calls Justin gay and a kid and he needs to prove it to people that he’s straight and growing up. Hence the sexy hawaiian pics. I could go on with this but I think I proved my point.

  15. Patricia says:

    I’ve never been to a drive in theatre cause there aren’t any by me. But having her cousin there does make it awkward. Well thats good cause then they couldn’t make out lol. I really hope that she doesn’t go to Canada with Justin cause he’s going there to see his family, not spend time with her.

  16. dami says:

    thanks for posting more news than bieberheiress and not kissing selena’s “ass” (she doesnt have any ass).

  17. Naja says:

    It wasn’t just three of them, Priscella was there with her friend,so it was like a double date.
    And who cares if he paid? It’s a DATE. So you’re saying Boys shouldn’t pay for dates?

  18. Tamia says:

    I know we all are really annoying about this but I wanted to know if you found JB’s private account by yourself, like you searched for a long time or ? (sorry for the mistakes, french girl here !)
    I swear I don’t have dark intentions or anything, I’m too selfish for that. I just wanted to know if this is potentially POSSIBLE to find his private account

    • Patricia says:

      I found his private twitter account but I can’t see anything on there cause its set on private and he would have to accept me as a friend for me to see it.

  19. katya says:

    omg i saw thm and got thier autograph 🙂

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