Things Are Getting Heated In Hawaii.

This is what I would see fit for a couple this age, no major PDA, having mostly fun right?

i don't think his head is in her boobs like at the oscars; but what is he doing?

anything in the bat cave justy?

why do you need binoculars Biebs?

I thought you had to be 18 to drive the jet ski; but i guess when you're famous you can break the rules...

i'm glad we made it back alive without running into paps.

j: the water is so pretty, how would you like it if you "fell" in?

OT: i;'m so happy your fans are paying for this trip

OT: Don't fall in, a trip to the hospital means less publicity.

thats a long way down...

finally, something appropriate.

OT: I know he's on a trike now, but one day, I shall call him brother. J: Dayummmm, that girls kickin'

pattie cake pattie cake, bakers man

45 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Heated In Hawaii.

  1. Leena says:

    Wow…dont knw wat to say!!!!! 😦

  2. candygirl :) says:

    jelena is SO fake i hate how people think they’re “cute” … i thought pattie wanted to be in control of his boy so why doesn’t she say anything about this????

    • ashley says:

      i know yeah totally for publicicty and attention so they try and make the relationship look real but when he kisses her his eyes r open thats why he had the binoculars to paparazzi

  3. sarah says:

    what is that star on his elbow on the 2nd to last picture?? another tattoo or is that henna or something?

  4. Me says:

    “pattie cake pattie cake, bakers man”
    omg hahaha.

  5. BELIEBER! says:

    it’s funny how they are releasing photos one-by-one. 10 new photos for each day :S

  6. Sandra says:

    On the Second photo look where Justin’s hand is :S

  7. Patricia says:

    Damn how many more pics are we gonna be subjected too? This is way too much already. Im being honest when I say that over there looks like a whore based on these pictures. Wow. On the second pic it looks like he’s touching her crotch :O I don’t know any couple who acts like this in public, and I know many. This is just sad and pathetic. I love Justin but I don’t even recognize him anymore. He completely changed. And whats with his new love for tattoos? And the sad part is that we all paid for them to take this trip.

  8. nasty says:

    so nasty, both are fame whores and they dont deserve our attention, but at least should be more respectful with the fans, the people who paid for their honey moon and the people who support them…
    respect your children fans who look at you..too..

  9. Lexi says:

    I think he’s holding her hip in that one picture, like around back,hahaha i dont think he would go that far in public but who knows. I hope Justin realizes the only reason hes on this vacay with over there is because we pay his bills..has any though of this? like we paid for this vacation,lol.

  10. Danielle says:

    Where the fuck is Pattie in all of this?

  11. Tereasa says:

    Well ever since she said “he’s my little brother” things have NEVER be appropriate to me, like ew no. And I found out Selena is a hoe, she let’s her boyfriends grab her ass all the down almost to her front business, I mean come on bro I understand the ass area not all the way down almost touching her front business.

  12. dami says:

    see pattie doesnt seem to care anymore, no wonder jb is acting like crazy lately! but i’ll always support him… and who knows.. jelena might be real.

  13. ashley says:

    they did that for show and if you see justin kissing her his eyes r open so u can tell it is a big publicity stunt setup by their managers for selena and selena is a actress so she knows how to make it look real

    • Amberly says:

      Thank You! Somebody who knows what their talking about. It is ALL fake. The kisses, the dates, the everything is just one big fat lie! Justin must be a really good friend for letting her just use him. You know how I know? Pretty easy. Where would she be if Justin wasn’t famous? Oh, right nowhere. Now I used to be a big fan of the two together, but when my friend asked me that… it had me thinking. Well, that was three months ago and now I see clearly. I don’t really like her, but I don’t hate her. Him (sigh) it’s all up in the air now. Whatever to you people who think that this thing is real. They know that we know so now they have to do this (kiss, hug all the time, be seen together). You’ll ALL see what I mean in a few months.

  14. JustinIs16 says:

    in the video you can see selena tell justin to move closer to her on the boat.

  15. rebecca says:

    isnt it kind of weird that there always in the same bathing suits. i’m pretty sure that they own more than one. just seems kind of fishy to me.

  16. megan says:

    If pattie hasn’t stepped in this must be fake. She’s raised Justin better

  17. Kiki says:

    These pics of Jelena make me laugh, & its even more funnier when people actually believe they’re in “love”. When the cameras are around, Jelena are like siamese cats, just attached to each other constantly, kissing every second, like cmon, way to make this “relationship” so believeable guys.. Bieber’s past relationships were under wraps & stuff, but notice how suddenly when Jelena has been created, its all OUT THERE in the open. So much for keeping your love-life private there, huh Biebs? AND just the fact that they do all this extra stuff, jumping up on each other, passionately kissing, makes it more known that Jelena is indeed … fake. I applaud the both of them, for fooling tons & tons of people into believing this is real. Oh, congrats to you “Jelena” *mwah* …

    • :) says:

      ^THIS!I agree 100%

    • Don’t worry girl, that’s what we’ve been trying to tell people forever. They act waaayy too fake. All the people that use to desperately stick up for Jelena now are like they’re fake. Notice how they’re wearing the same clothes too? There’s been 200+ of these pictures. So since the paps aren’t allowed there, who else is taking them? I somehow didn’t see Scooter around this WHOLE vacation, except a picture at the air port. Where are you scooter? But congrats Jelena. And it’s sadder that they’re little 10 year old fans will see this. Good job at keeping the ‘no sex until marriage’ image. Good job.

    • Patricia says:

      I totally agree with you. We barely heard anything about his exes, but with Jelena we see and hear EVERYTHING cause its all for publicity.

  18. Leena says:

    I think thats why hes always wearing glasses…cos his eyes are open when he kisses her…. Selena doesnt hv them on so does justin all the time??

  19. gabbbie says:

    LMAO this makes me laugh. ok their around the same age as all of us right? and their normal right? ok so please tell me why they feel the need to passionately kiss and makeout and touch each other in innappropriate places in public? doesnt make sense..some people dont get why justin would need the publicity..but think about it.. jelena started dating right before his tour in europe and asia and stuff..he needs the publicity so his fans in north america dont get bored and forget him.. and selenas just an attention whore. lmao like i honestly dont give a fuck who he dates but i prefer him with jasmine. so cute togtherr

  20. kaboomz says:

    hahahaah! LMAO at all the descriptions! haha Over There : Im happy ur fans are paying for this trip! LMAO!!! Pure genius! (:

  21. fake says:

    and yeah i noticed that justin kisses her with her eyes open and with sun-glasses..
    maybe he only wants selena for sex…too bad this girl doesnt notice that she is being used…but well he pays everything and he gives her fame…t

  22. Michelle says:

    Honestly I really regretted spending the whole time spazzing about Justin and spent my parents’ money on him. Ha. But really it kinds of pissed me off when PLB said we paid their stupid publicity getaway. That really made sense and we are paying for their sinful stuffs they’re doing in the pictures. Justin…how could you do this to your fans? Loyal fans out there? They spent a whole bunch of their money just to catch a glimpse of you at your concert, worked their ass off to win a competition just for a meet and greet.. And this is what you do.. I lost respect for you 😦

    Fans are the one who supported you, got you to the top, and now, this is what we fans got.. Some stupid publicity stunt? Not trying to blame Justin, but..what he’s doing is wrong. Not really all. I don’t blame everything on him, this is for the people who set this up, if this is fake.

    If it’s not, then congratulations Justin and Selena. All the best :’)

    But one thing.. It’s not nice to see both of you smooching, touching and do whatever inappropriate things in public, even though it’s a private beach whatsoever, this pictures got leaked and all your 10 year olds fans got to see this. (Or is this a good thing that showed their true colors? Haha, great job on that.) This is really a shame for teenage celebrities that has very young fans to do this, even in the name of publicity. How about, some other strategy? At least make it look real, ha!

    Hey one more thing.. This is only public. And they’ve done so much kissing in almost all the pictures. Wow. I wonder what they do in their hotel room. 24/7 sex? Haha!! Naughty naughty 😛 LOOOOL

  23. Shay says:

    ….LOL i think that selenas hair looks pretty when its just naturally curly…but still…eew. lol get a room.

  24. Ella says:

    I think all of these pictures and the whole relationship seem extremely fake. whether they’re fake or not I think these pictures are extremely inappropriate! I mean most of Selena’s fanbase is under the age of 13 (not saying all) and Justin has younger fans as well. I know if I were a parents and my 8 year old child saw these pictures I wouldn’t to be happy. Whether fake or not though, they went way too overboard with the pda

  25. amy says:

    wow. All I can say is wow. I get it now. The first few pictures (where Justin and Selena didn’t look happy) were taken one day and then they probably realized people were saying something was going on and they would break up. (and hey, break up means people will stop caring about selena) So then they probably put on the same bathing suits (I’m jsut guessing from what PLB said about them wearing the same bathing suits everyday) and took all these lovey dovey kissing perverted pictures

    • ashley says:

      i agree with u and i still believe it is a big publicity stunt just for selena and she does not seem that much into him and i think she only see’s as a little brother

  26. kala says:

    “Jelena” is so fake, to me, it’s disgusting. They obviously over do the PDA to try to convince people that they’re dating. No couple, no matter how much in love they are, are all over each other like that, especially at their age and in public. Honestly Justin has changed. The fame, and the money all got to his head. He is so much cockier now. It annoys me.

  27. alison dilaurentis says:

    He’s happy, I’m happy but I can’t stand with this Jelena stuff, so awkward. Pictures in Hawaii are too perfect like
    they made a photoshoot uhm just no… Scooter is really a genius. Now everyone is talking about Jelena. Good or bad comments, it makes them more popular. Braun Business part.6 js Jelena is in the papers, it’s on the tv, it’s everywhere that i go, Beliebers are crying, Selena is smiling & Cody is waiting his turn. ADVICE: If you REALLY want to be with Justin, call him your little brother. soon enough you guys will be making out on a beach in hawaii! Everyone is asking Where’s Pattie? She do shopping with the money of her son. Zanessa broke up so they want to be the new famous couple but they are just wannabe ‘jover’ you know what is it : Because of Braun Big Bro Bieber becomes Bofriend BUSINESS. xoxo

  28. Amelia says:

    In the second to last picture has he got a tattoo of a star on his left elbow?

  29. Uzzi says:

    Justin… I DARE you to call her a “good friend” now
    Go on. I FRIKIN DARE YOU!!
    but if youdo say It then your obvs being truthful coz your FAKER THAN KATIE PRICES BOOBS!!!!

    • dami says:

      shut up, justin has already said they’re dating, he called her his beautiful girlfriend and in an interview said he was giving selena his love. he also said she makes me really happy, u dont really say that about friend tbh. does he need to go and say “selena’s my girlfriend everyone!” for you to stop annoying him about not admitting it. i’m sure if he did, you would bitch about how it’s publicity.
      and selena is the fake one.

    • dami says:

      even better: does he need to announce it on twitter for u guys to be happy and stop saying “he doesn’t admit it”?

  30. Bing says:

    Over There got a flat ass and no boobs… C’mon, Justin! You can do better….

  31. LolJover'sfake says:

    do you guys think they had sex already? i really dont know, what about his promise to stay pure till marriage huh? i am not certain if jover is or isnt fake, either way things are getting out of hand, can’t they realize most of their fans are little girls? this is just out of control, if jelena is real they should stop showing that much affection in public, if it isnt they have to stop , they will end up losing fans instead of getting more famous

  32. me says:

    i dont think its a publicity stunt. you can see clearly justin likes her a lot and selena is a sweetheart. you guys need to stop questioning every single action of theirs. youre not exactly saints are you?

  33. Check out stresss relife right here you cant go worng

  34. lovethisblog says:

    where’s pattie?!!? like seriously ik she raiised him better then THIS!! mhmm…maybe she know;s its fake thats why shes okay with it for now..

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