Jover In Maui; Fun in the sun.

If you didn’t know by now, the lovely couple we like to call ‘Jover’ are still in Hawaii. This whole vacation buzz they’re trying to create is a tad bit too odd. First it seemed as if they were having a five hour vacation to create a huge buzz for the two of them. IE: went to Hawaii, hit the beach, and flew back to LA right after to catch a movie with a bunch of friends.  Now they’re suddenly back in Hawaii? or never really left in the first place? I honestly don’t know what games they are trying to play but they have really made the world talk about this whole vacay- which is good on their behalf.

Let’s not forget about what Carin is trying to do on twitter, by uploading pictures from their Hawaiian stay. As you read that you’re probably thinking, Well what’s so bad about uploading pictures? The thing is that she’s uploading the same type of pictures with her in the same outfit, every other day instead of at once.

(If you go on her twitter you can click them. One was posted May 24th. And the other was posted May 25th. **She also posted another one May 26th.)

Sort of trying to make everyone think that they are still in Hawaii and most likely keeping the Jover Hawaiian buzz alive. If they haven’t really left then continue to #getsomejustin and enjoy your vacation while you still can. Anyways, Here are a few pictures of Jover In Maui; along with a little game of what we like to call Caption This.

Justin: “Oh damn! Look at that girl over there she’s looking mighty fine. I wonder If I can get away with talking to her for a second”
Selena: “Justin.. Were you just looking at that girl? Is my push up bra not satisfying your needs?” Justin: (Zones out and continues to look out at the beach.)
Justin: “Scooter? Can we have a meal without you trying to snap a few pictures. This is too much”

To be quite honest the second I found out that they were vacationing in Hawaii- I thought to myself “St Lucia pictures are about to surface the internet round two” but the couple surely decided to take a different route in how they wanna vacation in Hawaii this time. Scooter is also no where to be found in all of these picture, yet carin is in them? Hmm- What does that tell you? The times they have been spotted lately- they looked rather annoyed or bored to be with each other. No signs of showing PDA towards each other; No happiness; No nothing but blank stares. I don’t know about you guys but- If you really missed your significant other while they had been away for three months out of the county wouldn’t you want to be all over them some what? or have some sort of alone time together? Not a vacation where your manager and his girlfriend are with you every minute of the day? Kind of odd to me but If that’s the way they roll in that “relationship” then more power to them! All I gotta say about this situation is that- If I was in Maui the last thing I would do Is look like I was bored out of my mind. I would be having the time of my life, enjoying every second of the time I’m spending there.


18 thoughts on “Jover In Maui; Fun in the sun.

  1. ddd says:

    LMAO you killed me with the comment on the second picture.

  2. :) says:

    I find it odd that their parents let them be alone (i know,carin is with them) in a hotel,on HAWAII!I guess it pays off to be a teenage star. 😉

  3. Nada says:

    Maybe they’re breaking up soon…I mean, look at their faces!

  4. The truth says:

    They were in Hawaii, they went to the movies before they left on Friday after shooting next 2 you. You bloggers are fucking dumbasses, Perez had an incorrect article. had the correct info but Perez article which you listened to was wrong. So they have been in Hawaii since Sunday, they went to the movies on Friday. Fridays are the only time there is midnight showings. You guys are a fuckin fail.

  5. Lexi says:

    ahhh i have that zebra bathing suit over there is wearing, i have the other one she has too. lol at least jutin would like my bathingsuits 😉

    they NEVER are looking at each other. like never ever. weird much? also, have you noticed justin has tweeted us alot when hes been in hawaii? like his real tweets, replying to fans and not the usual “but never say never!” crap. if he was having that much fun i dont think he would be on twitter as much.

  6. amy says:

    They look pissed. Its pretty obvious that scooter is taken these pics

  7. ... says:

    they look so annoyed. ahahaha i bet the charade is getting old with them to.

  8. Jen says:

    These pictures were most likely set up by Scooter. When I was in Maui, I stayed at the Fairmont, which is right next door to the Four Seasons, and that’s ALL private property. Also, where the resturants are, are inside the resort or right outside them, so it’d be impossible for paparazzi to just be strolling around the resort.

  9. true says:

    yeah i noticed that Justin tweets too much specially at me Justin wants to comeback to LA….

  10. umm says:

    Justin is NOT in LA right now. Scooter and Carin are… but not JB. Notice how Scooter continuously mentions Justin on his Twitter? and how Justin tweeted “#HAWAII”. Did he do that in St. Lucis? NO, because he was actually IN ST LUCIA. Scooter needs to make it seem like Justin and Selena are on a hot, romantic getaway, when really they are doing nothing of the sort. The photos that you are seeing were all taken on the same, exact day and will continue to be released throughout the week to dupe you all.

    And wtf… This resort is entirely PRIVATE. The fact that a pap was there is furhter proof that this is a sham. Enjoy being PLAYED by Team Bieber. Also, Selena needs to wipe that extra serious look off her damn face. Re-effing-lax. Jeezus

  11. boomboompow says:

    you guys fucking fail. stop making up excuses. THEY NEVER LEFT HAWAII. you messed up your information by citing perez hilton, who was also wrong. just admit you were wrong instead of creating more speculation.

  12. Patricia says:

    I love the captions lol 🙂 Geez can they look any more bored and miserable? I agree with you that if I was in Hawaii with my boyfriend, I would have the biggest smile on my face and would be all over him. So this is definatelly weird. And where is Scooter during all this? He is obviously behind the camera. I used to like and respect Scooter, but lately not so much. He’s turning Justin into this famewhoring person that I don’t recognize anymore. And that breaks my heart cause I still love him and will continue to support him. But its hard watching him become this whole other person 😦

  13. ashley says:

    jelena is a fake relationship based on managers so they try and make it look like a real relationship and they don’t look happy when they r together and they put on fake laughs and fake smiles
    and btw justin still lives in atlanta

  14. angela :) says:

    honestly….theyre just the worst couple in the world…bcs they’re faking it!!!
    i mean just looka t them they kiss and almost have sec in pubblic when the cameras are around….
    they wont last forever so my dear people dont give a fuck and sit there all calm…
    btw they will break up soon bcs selena is going on tour with all star weekend which has included a romance between selena and the singer(sorry dont know his name but anyways)
    J over/J elena wont last forever maybe another couple of months and thats it…or mabe until a new boyband/singer comes out

    so act like you dont care bcs they get money from what we do…we buy mags with their pics and they get a proffit from that…as long as we ”want them” they’ll be around kissing and when they’ll see we dont give a fuck it will be over…and dont say i hate slutena homez bcs of justin i hated her since i saw her on disney bcs im a smiler and who touches miles is dead 2 me,then she wanted to be the new hannah,she stole nick(when they were in the highest point of their career),she dated every most famous guy out there and the biebs couldnt miss and then all her girl friends were in the same situation as the guys(demi lovato,taylor swift and now that the secret life of an american teenager is bog shes friends with one of them)…and dont hate me just respect other peoples opinion.. 🙂

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