MuchMusic recently released this video of Selena’s WOWP inspired MMVA commercial. Selena, whom is set to host the Sunday, June 19 award show can be seen playing with a ball-like thing below…

I’m thinking that Justin will show himself sometime during the award show, likely with Selena; and why wouldn’t they write in an awkward kiss if he’s gonna be up there.

Is that a frog? Wow, i wanna kiss it and maybe it will turn into my princess.

i'm going to push you in, okay? No! Get your hands off me.

there it is, that damn frog again... at least the cameras can see my tattoo clearly now.

this is so boring, can we please go somewhere fun?

is that a smile? or is the sun in her eyes?

ot: come on, it's time to go in. j: no mom- i wanna play, look how handsome i am. ot: JUSTIN NOW! j: but mom, it's so hot, and this water is so cool.

this seriously looks painful. like i can't even make up something sarcastic because my neck and frontal face hurt so much for the both of them.

the really funny thing is, we’ve been told this is a private beach; no paparazzi allowed.

come to me... we gotta get this shot in before the storm comes. watch out over there, there might be glass... don't look at scooter, don't make it obvious.

What happens in Hawaii, will end up on XOXOPLB, remember that-



19 thoughts on “Maui…

  1. Lexi says:

    hahaha your caption for the second picture kills me! he looks like shes pushing him away. they are too much,like i cant even. hahahaa.

  2. amy says:

    I love the second picture, it’d be funnier if she actually looked happy and he just kept his… un-happy face. it’d be like “seriously, get you hands off me” haha

  3. Emilie says:

    Hahahaha the frog thing cracks me up.

  4. AWaka says:

    You guys are getting OLD and DRY. Your hate on Selena is sickening.

    You guys shouldn’t even be talking about Justin, worst fans EVER.

    • Amberly says:

      Umm, old and dry? Really? If they are “old and dry” then why are you reading? Get the hell out of here then. And btw no one is hating on Selena. She’s nothing and last time I cheeked… you can’t hate on nothing. You’re the hater! But what can I say? Hasters godda hate right?

  5. true says:

    fame-whores, it’s such a shame..where is the innocent boy that i met once??
    what a example for the teens?? and people talking about how jasmine v was a slut, guess what? they were wrong, the real slut is selena who is dating a minor and almost having sex with him in nasty…

  6. Lalo says:

    God, GET A LIFE!!

  7. Patricia says:

    Omg I almost peed myself from laughing at your captions hahaha. But honestly this is heartbreaking and a shame. I always knew that Jelena was fake,but I never thought that it would go this far. I love Justin to death but that pic is disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves. What kind of example are they setting for their younger fans? Kids look up to them both and they do this publicly. Where is Pattie in all of this? If I was a parent ( and Im close to that age lol ) I wouldn’t want my kids looking at this stuff. They’re gonna lose so many fans over this. Is it really worth it? What happened to that innocent, down to earth Justin we all loved? I was saying the same thing on twitter tonight and so many people unfollowed me and called me a hater. But I was being real. I still love Justin though.

  8. uzzi says:

    some of your pics aint loadingggg!!! the smile one, the mum one and the storm one… this is all from the same day right?!

  9. Nada says:

    Honestly, the last two kisses looked VERY forced, right?

  10. ashley says:

    they know that the cameras r there totally 4 publicity
    jelena is setup and fake

  11. Elena says:

    i don’t get why they never get in to the water. i mean the only pose and only there feet gets weet. like when im in the beach i go all in lol

  12. Natalia says:

    remeber wehn justin said that if he doesnt say it himself its not true? maybe hes trying to tell us something by not announcing it. maybe hes trying to hint to us that he isnt confirming anything cause its fake. cause he did say “if you didnt hear it from me 99.99% of the time, its not true.” maybe that .1% is his feelings for selena that is true.

  13. candygirl :) says:

    normally if i see a ‘real’ couple doing what selena & justin were doing in picture 2 they would actually be laughing or atleast smiling but selena and justin look so miserable there… and if they’re actually trying to convince to people that they ‘love’ each other they should try to work a little harder with their expressions…they are SOOOO fakee!!!!

  14. Kelly says:

    I’m beginning to think you guys are right about Jelena. However, Selena is getting the majority of the heat for this. Justin is hardly innocent. He bitches about the paparazzi, but there he is, engaging in blatant PDA. Well, if anything happens between them (i.e., loss of fans, credibility, unplanned pregnancy, it’s gonna be his problem, not ours.

    • dami says:

      i’ll support justin forever.. but yeah it’s really hypocritical of him to complain about paparazzi and do this. if jelena ISN’T for publicity and he’s just being open about their love, he just comes off as a brat that wants all the positives of fame but can’t deal with the negatives like paps.

      • Amberly says:

        Both of you are right! That is hypocitical of him to say about the paps. Then a few months later it’s a kisses and hugs for them? I don’t know if I even like him anymore. I feel like eveything he says from now on is a lie. I know I am not his friend or anything, but you can call me a fan. (Back then) And how can he get mad at people for doing their jobs? It’s just like all the JB haters who say that he shouldn’t sing. Is he going to stop? No. So why would they?

  15. Ronnie says:

    If this is a private beach, how did these pics get taken? I feel like I’m watching a photoshoot. Next time he’s asked about her “oh she’s really special to me” please that’s way more than special -_-

  16. Bing says:

    On the photo in which you didn’t know what to add as a caption of them 2 kissing, here’s my thought:
    “Kiss me, k-k-kiss me. Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison.” from Katy Perry’s E.T. That’s what came into my head when I looked at it.

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