5 Hour Vacation, Fun Fun Fun.

So I’m sure YA’LL know about Jover aka ‘Jelena’s’ Hawaii vacation. They flew to Hawaii yesterday and here’s a picture of them at the LAX airport:

At the beach:

And they went on their ‘vacation’ with Carin and (insert sarcasm here) surprise, surprise, Scooter Braun! (Creeping in the background):

But it looks like Jover took the shortest ‘vacation’ in the history of vacations. Here’s a post from Perez Hilton’s new blog:

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong to the Disney corporation.

It would seem that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez cut their Hawaiian vacation a bit short as last night, the pair were spotted back in Los Angeles on a group date with Selena’s BFF Demi Lovato and Justin’s chum Chris Brown. The foursome reportedly took in a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (supporting the parent company, very nice!) and apparently had a really nice time just hanging out…like normal kids.

Other movie-goers in the audience reveal that the stars were “so amped up to be hanging out they kept jumping up and down.” No one reportedly bothered them, which was nice since they supposedly didn’t have any bodyguards on hand. And, before the movie was over, the four of them snuck out of the theater without being noticed by a soul.

Must’ve been nice to just have a normal evening out for a change. No frenzy, no fanfare. Bet they could’ve been mistaken for any plain old group of high schoolers…and their chaperone, Chris Brown. HA!

Or…Gosh, please don’t tell us you two were trying to set Chris and Demi up? No!

Just no! Mark that down as the WORST IDEA EVER!!!

[Image via WENN & Ramey Pix.]

So let’s get this straight. Justin and ‘Over There’ flew to the Hawaiin island Maui, got to Hawaii yesterday, went to the beach. Then on the SAME day flew back to LA and watched a movies with a few friends? So much for a romantic vacation. I thought the purpose of a vacation is to, well vacate?  If they only went to Hawaii to go to the beach for a few hours, that’s just odd. Why not go to the Malibu beach?

Also considering they took LAX that means they would of planned their tickets ahead of time and for a specific plane and plane time too. So they must of well planned their airflights unless someone did it for them. Obviously planned. If you’re in Hawaii you wouldn’t just call up Chris Brown and Demi Lovato and be like “We’re in Hawaii and bored, should we fly back to LA and go to a movie?” It makes no sense. I can imagine the phone conversation right now.. *day dreams*

Justin: “Hey over there! Let’s plan our vacation.”

Over There: “YEAH!”

Justin: “Okay let’s go to Hawaii, then come back 5 hours later!”

Over There: “That’ll get some buzz.”

Justin: “Mhm, and the chance for the ladies to see my sexy body! ;)”

Over There: “YEAH!”

Over There: “And we’ll try to hook up Demi and Chris.”

Jover -together- : “YEAH!”


-If it were Scooter the conversation would probably go the same way. Lol but back to serious-ness-

It seems like after they got their huge buzz and magazine posts from going to Hawaii together they were probably done with that vacation cause it CLEARLY didn’t last longer than a couple of hours. Good job Jover. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

When there are more pictures update! What do you think about that little 5 hour Hawaiin getaway? All I gotta say is, I hope Justin got some in that hotel room 😉 Victoria Secret pushup bras for the win!



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34 thoughts on “5 Hour Vacation, Fun Fun Fun.

  1. why would u say “i hope justin got some in the hotel room” :(((( omg this is so sadd</33 yet, so fucking fake. selena GTFO

  2. LOL says:

    LOL…Perez is so much fail I can’t the demi and chris story came from HollywoodLife.com and they like to make up some much rumors in which they themselve are the sources. Well I guest you can’t expect much from Perez anyway you guys should definitively check out that site you can get your next “big” story from there.

    • jessica says:

      And the Hollywood Life article said they went on the movie date last week not yesterday. Plus I saw a picture that someone posted on Twitter that showed Chris, Justin and some fans in the lobby of the movie theatre on the weekend. You girls need to check your facts before just posting shit. Plus it’s “would have” not “would of”. You obviously need to spend more time on your English homework, losers.

  3. jessica says:

    This blog is so fucking pathetic. Perez Hilton got his facts wrong. They went to see the movie BEFORE the Billboard Awards. It was either the day they shot the music video for Next 2 You or the day after that. You girls write like you have the education of a 12 year old. It’s “would have” not “would of”.

    • The truth says:

      Yes, listen to Jessica. They went BEFORE they left to Hawaii. Prettylittlebitches is pissing me of because this shows they’re posting LIES and all these dumbasses are believing it!

  4. Jen says:

    I just love how there was paparazzi already on the beach waiting for them. There are many beaches in Maui, so someone (Scooter) must have told them where they were going.

  5. Ally says:

    This is getting pretty old. They needa just stop. Although I’m not sure of it being fake or real & idc. But I hate this drama. :/

  6. The truth says:

    Uhm the article you guys got was WRONG. Te correct article says they attended a midnight showing. If they attended a midnight showing, that means they went on friday. You guys are not pulling at straws to try to prove jelena is fake, but your information is WRONG. Now you just sound stupid and pathetic.
    It happened before they left

    • The truth says:

      “Now Justin and Selena are off in Hawaii together,”

      • The truth says:

        Oh and they were with 6 other friends not just them four. Y’all are dumb for sourcing Perez who incorrectly posted his own article base off other articles. Prettylittlebitches = pretty fat fail for this one.

      • Uzzi says:

        Eff off.

    • dami says:

      are u from bieberheiress?? how do you have this info that they were with 6 other friends??
      and i dont know if the demi/chris/jelena date is true because the paps follow justin everywhere more so if he’s with selena, and there are no pics of this. btw, chris and demi? that’s kinda random

      • The truth says:

        Because on Hollywood life, it says it happened before Hawaii and that there with other people! Read the link i just posted because that was the original story!

  7. Hannah says:

    No one in their right mind flies for 5hrs to quickly change and swim for a cpl hours and fly back to LA for Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp is great but not THAT great.

  8. Lexi says:

    the awkward moment when you have the same bikini as selena…and it looks a thousand times better on you(; jk…maybe. lol mines hot pink though, its from VS, they prob got it while they were there. anyways…
    do you notice how they NEVER look at each other in pictures? like they never make eye contact, which is weird. go look at older pics of zac and vanessa a compare. and LOL at scooter, why would he go? 20 bucks he tipped of the paps to “leak the pictures.” oh scooter, when are you gonna learn teenage girls arent dumb?

  9. Ally says:

    “They” as in whoever sets these Jelena things up (if it’s fake).

  10. Abby says:

    Im srry but i doubt tht thing with demi lovato and chris brown was a total lie cuz the only time selena ws hanging out with demi was whn she was getting a whole bunch of atention than after tht whn her attention seemed to simmer down she stoped hanging out with her smh at selena gomez

  11. publicity says:

    they will stop acting when the media stops covering everything they do…

  12. Andrea says:

    HAHA, over there ! hahaha, can’t stop laughing.
    But yeah, seriously; over there and JB should really do something about there relationships, i mean, i think it’s a lot of beliebers tired of the “little kiss” thing, AND hahaha, i laugh even more . You know at the billboard awards? An MTV man or something , asked “what is the best kiss?” and JB answeard; close your eyes. Have you seen the kissing parts? he doesn’t close his eyes. Sometime JB failes.:) but i still loves him

  13. Patricia says:

    hahaha Jelena is so fake! Why am I not surprised that Scooter went with them. And there just happened to be paps at the beach waiting to catch there every move, when no one supposedly knew they were coming there. This whole Jelena drama makes me laugh cause its so sad and pathetic. Honestly Im getting tired of it. Justin is so much better than this, he doesn’t need to be creating scandals like this for attention smh.

  14. harley says:

    ahahah, you guys are hilarious.

  15. Mireia says:

    I’m just gonna say… WHAT’S WRONG WITH SELENA SHOES AT THE AIRPORT? Are they from his grandmother or something? Gosh

  16. Ally says:

    You guys are getting annoying. Used to love the blog. But they are starting to get confusing and you are not very good at explaining things. If you’re going to run a blog, learn to write please.

  17. Lisbetnanny says:

    That’s stupid, if they wanted to go to the beach why didn’t they go to one on LA, like seriously why Hawaii? Lol it pisses me off and just for a few hours I mean I would of said “Aww so cute Jover.. I mean Jelena is spending time together on a vacation!” But no it’s a few hours!!!!! GOD THAT PISSES ME OFF!!

  18. Carli says:

    Ok, why do you guys spell “YA’LL” like that?? It’s Y’ALL. As in “You all” LOLLL

  19. jessica says:

    Notice how this stupid blog never bothers to admit it was totally wrong. I mean Justin just tweeted that he is still in Hawaii. Just goes to show that these girls have no credibility whatsoever. Plus their spelling, grammar, and punctuation are just atrocious. How can anyone take what they say seriously?

    • We clearly stated via twitter about what Perez said. And how do we know it’s Justin tweeting? scooter has his password also and scooter has been tweeting for him recently? plus he could of went back to Hawaii. It’s not that long of a plane ride to California. And sorry you feel that way. But when Justin tweets with messed up grammar, punctuation, and your instead of you’re etc no one seems to mind? Guess we shouldn’t take the Biebs seriously…? And why are you reading it is you don’t like it? This is what, your 5th comment?

  20. Cat says:

    i find your “over there” thing not funny at all. its clear you’ve run out of things to say or proof that she is so “fake”. trashing her makes you guys pretty childish and petty, i used to like this blog aswell. i get your opinion no need to be so mean about it tho

    • we’re not trashing her in this blog? And Over There isn’t even meant to be funny. Since Justin said his “beautiful girlfriend over there.” his girlfriend is overthere. He’ll probably NEVER say Selena and girlfriend in the same sentence so why stick with Jelena. This blog isn’t even about Selena in particular. So simple as that.

  21. But I don’t understand something what does that mean exactly “Jover”?
    If possible answer me on my Twitter! 🙂

  22. Hollywood Life is a great accomplice of Jelena! I think we know a lot of things we, the French!You are at early compared to us! On my blog, (in French), you will be amazed at all proof I have that Jelena so FAKE ! U mad ? Now the bitch who thinks that she’s more than the owner of this blog should shut up! Yeah you should do it! Good luck PrettyLittleBitches 🙂

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