Jover in Hawaii

So Jover has arrived in Hawaii..

Shortly after their arrival in Hawaii, Jover was spotted on their way to the beach. Justin is filling out. He also got another tattoo.

(We’re told it means ‘Jesus’ in Hebrew. Not sure about it or when he got the tattoo.)

Why so nervous Over There? Are beliebers descending? Is PETA tracking you now? Or is that a look of seduction?

There’s nothing else out on this hot couple, but rest assured we will post it as soon as we find out. : )

No ones safe, we’ll be watching.



25 thoughts on “Jover in Hawaii

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow, I mean they’re so cute together but if he’s going to be in Hawaii for a whole week, chances are the rumor of him, missing his little sisters (Jazzy’s) birthday are true. That’s just sad I can’t believe it, I mean your own sister… Smh. We’ll see if it’s true or not.

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh and since when are they called Jover? Lol

  3. shay says:

    i was too distracted by justins body to focus….over there looks like a pedofile in that last picture…. LOL

  4. True blieber says:

    I know hebrew and his tattoo means jesus
    He have got really hot

  5. Patricia says:

    When did he get a new tattoo??? I can’t believe Im saying this but I miss the old Justin. This new one goes on vacations with his girlfriend and is now getting more tattoos. I know he’s growing up, but its all hapening way too fast. Im one of his older fans, but its still weird for me 😦

  6. Rachii says:

    Pedo look in the last pic!!! hahaha!!
    And I dont get how they are called Jover :/ there’s no V in either of their names. And I also don’t see how his tattoo says “Yeshua”, I must be blind :/ lol
    I hope he doesn’t miss Jazzy’s birthday, or it shows how obsessed he is with SelG. Personally I wouldn’t miss my little bros birthday even to hang with Justin himself, but thats just me..

    • Lovelaughstoo says:

      Put you out of your misery…at the concer with Ernie Halter, he called her “over there” when referring to his girlfriend and now it’s not Jelena it’s Jover.

  7. Cutiesapphi says:

    Selena looks retarded in every picture. And guess what…SHE’S WEARING PUSH UP BRAS at the beach FROM VICTORIA SECRET…Hahahaha…LMAO

  8. jamie says:

    the word that justin has as a tattoo on his body is ישוע
    it means Jesus in hebrew i speak hebrew so i know the meaning
    look on his body he’s getting hotter everyday that pass

  9. VickySelyDemi says:

    I dont like Jelena !!! and you have sooooo right and i believe you girls !!! Jelena is Fake !!!!!!

  10. Cutiesapphi says:

    Please delete the aboce comment whoever is the moderator…

  11. ddddddd says:

    “Or is that a look of seduction?” This had me laughing for 5 minutes hahaha.

  12. amii says:

    I’m still not sure what to believe.. :-/ do you still think that they are a real couple now or just fake? 🙂 please answer!!

  13. fake says:

    people called jasmine slut but she is always with her mom,even when justin took her to hawaii, unlike selena where is her mom>?believe it or not I think justin still has feelings for Jasmine, he followed a jasmine fan last night,jasmine is still a shadow wherever he goes, i believe that Jasmine dumped him and justin wants revenge, that’s why he is trying too hard.

    • brianna says:

      Selena isn’t with her mom because Selena is almost 19, she’s not a kid. But Jasmine is only 17 and was 16 at the time of Hawaii. So that is why Jasmine brings her mom everywhere since she is still an underage kid.

    • Amberly says:

      Thank You! Somebody who knows what their talking about. It is ALL fake. The kisses, the dates, the everything is just one big fat lie! Justin must be a really good friend for letting her just use him. You know how I know? Pretty easy. Where would she be if Justin wasn’t famous? Oh, right nowhere. Now I used to be a big fan of the two together, but when my friend asked me that… it had me thinking. Well, that was three months ago and now I see clearly. I don’t really like her, but I don’t hate her. Him (sigh) it’s all up in the air now. Whatever to you people who think that this thing is real. They know that we know so now they have to do this (kiss, hug all the time, be seen together). You’ll ALL see what I mean soon.

  14. lovevanillacoke says:

    Don’t you get it, Jover is based on Selena’s new nickname ”Over There” that prettylittlebitches came up with in the last post. Funny as heck I love it.

    One thing i don’t love is Justin’s new tattoo, i could see another tattoo coming but i somehow hoped he would be different. In a couple years he’ll be covered with tattoos and it sucks.

    I don’t like Selena and I hate to admit that she actually looks surprisingly good in the Hawaii photos…

    • dami says:

      i know i don’t like selena either but she looks better than in pics she’s wearing a turquoise bikini.

  15. dami says:

    justin looks sooooooo hot! after these pics i changed my twitter name to JBsHotBody. follow me haha

  16. Lovelaughstoo says:

    The pics of them make me uncomfortable. Over there has such a limited view of the world and always will. She’s so harsh inside and that contrast with him so much. He’s trying so hard to please her. It’s gonna end so badly for him. Another note–what is that look that she has on her face on the last pic? She looks evil.

  17. alison dilaurentis says:

    I have to admit it Jelena or ‘Jover’ haha is really cute on the photos. Why Selena is always uncomfortable. Like she doesn’t want to be seen with Justin ‘the little boy’ I mean why she looks suprising ? Or smiling like ‘Yeah beliebers look at us I’m sexy with my pink bikini (from victoria’s secret) and Justin is a man with me, we are badass’ About the photos together when they are going to the beach hummm I mean really? Look at Selena she is covering her face like she’s afraid like people could say. Justin seems like ‘I’m sexy with my girlfriend business’ and on the last picture LOLOLOL I can’t stop laughing! She looks like ‘omg I’m just thinking it’s illegal to date your lil bro’ baby baby baby oh jelena is so funny. What the next? Seriously I can’t wait because it makes me laugh! Xoxo

  18. Lexi says:

    i have her bikini… lol awkward. Its from VS they prob bought it when they went on their little trip there 😉

    THEY NEVER LOOK AT EACH OTHER IN PICTURES. am i the only one that thinks thats weird?

  19. Ronnie says:

    I just really hope justin isn’t gonna end up covered in tattoos. I hate tattoos when their covering your body and such, just creeps me out. I have to agree with Lexi, they never seem to look at each other…..

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