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Justin’s Fragrance “Someday” was announced today. The fragrance, an eau de parfum, will retail for $35 for 1 oz., $45 for 1.7 oz. and $55 for a 3.4 oz. bottle. Body lotion will also be available, and hair mist, of course. “They really let me take the lead on the entire project, because I know my fans better than anyone,” Bieber told WWD. The print ads have been produced and the commercial, which was filmed in a gravity free chamber of a NASA training jet, will premiere on TV sometime after Thanksgiving 2011. But if you just can’t wait until then to get “Someday” head over to your local CVS for a unisex scented Justin Bieber dog tag.

As you may or may not know, Justin landed at LAX last night,

After an 11 hour flight, he looks a little on the pale side, but this is also the first smile we’ve seen out of him in a while… he must be happy to be in the good ‘ole US of A.

But what you may not know, is that after tweeting the Come Home to Me music download, Justin surprise the singer, Ernie Halter, at his own California show.


at the end of the video, Justin makes a shoutout to his “beautiful girlfriend over there” strange how he doesn’t say her name, but i guess that’s as close as were going to get to him admitting it. As for Ernie who tweet how nice both Selena and Justin were he was interviewed by MTV this morning.

“I still can’t wrap my brain around it. It’s bizarre,” he told us. “I was really impressed with how humble and very sweet him and Selena [Gomez] were to me. They’re both incredibly nice people. It’s pretty crazy.” He then described how Bieber ended up taking the stage with him. “Well, I mean, him coming to the show, I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming. I just didn’t. I guess I’m slow, but I had no idea until I actually saw him and Selena. I went probably mentally not there for a minute or two. “I was at the gig last night, which is not close to L.A. at all. He really wanted to go and then I’m talking to someone and out of the corner of my eye I look over and that really looks a lot like Selena Gomez,” he continued. “I looked to see who she was with and I went speechless for a couple minutes. I asked him [to perform with me] and he said yes. It was a little bit of a surprise because I didn’t think he would do it.”

It was actually Ernie’s 3 year old son who go him into the Biebs, Ernie even posted a cover of baby on youtube. For those of you who want Justin’s “miss u” version of the song here it is, and no- we don’t know why Justin named the file miss u, or if scooter did it to get more publicity, but I’m going with the later. Anyway, here is Justin’s version.

 Justin Bieber Covers Ernie Halter

Justin and Selena should be arriving in Las Vegas anytime now. Justin must be excited to spend the weekend with her, I mean, he even has a cute little pet name for her, “over there” how sweet is that. Thank God my boyfriend never called me “over there” but hey, if thats how their relationship works… Can’t wait to see JayBiebs and Over There presenting at the Billboards Sunday night, check your local listings, but its on ABC.

No one is safe, these bitches are watching-



27 thoughts on “A Little Something To Get You Through The Day

  1. Nada says:

    AMAZING POST as usual

    PS: loved the Over There reference! :p

  2. a says:

    omg the nickname “over there” omg omg lmao

    • Mrs.Bieber says:

      I know right i sawthe “and justin even has a little nickname for her” and i was like O_O SAY WHAT!?!?!??!?!??! and then i see the “over there” and i almost piss myself of laughter but not with out doing a sigh of relief and a HO YAH BABY!

  3. Tee says:

    Ok, now you girls are just hating 😦 you guys are going a bit overboard with the Jelena hate! Justin practically admitted it…get over it!

    • Cat says:

      couldnt agree more

      • Taylor says:

        Same here 🙂 I love you guys but that kinda pushed me down a little after you guys commented on Jelena. They’re adorable and all but Selena shouldn’t be called “over there” and he probably doesn’t wanna cause more drama than now obviously. I don’t like Selena nor hate her. I’m just neutral. She’s doesn’t really catch my attention, but I will always support Justin and who he dates because if he’s happy, I’ll be happy for sure. Plus, Selena Gomez would be stupid for dating the most famous guy in the world for publicity because karmas a bitch and can bite them back if it really was publicity. We don’t need to get to the depths of jelan and saying that they’re not real. It doesn’t affect our lives and plus… I’m pretty positive they’re never gonna marry and shit. Girlfriends come and go but fans are there until the end.

  4. Nada says:

    AMAZING POST as usual, girls!

    PS: loved the ‘Over There’ joke! :p

  5. LOL says:

    So what If he didn’t say Selena, hahah.
    I think they make a great couple, and I’ll hope they’re
    both very happy 😀

  6. Rawan says:

    LMAO. the nickname is hillarious! “over there, come over here” lmaolmaolmaolmao

  7. Lovelaughstoo says:

    I support the J of Jelena. with that said, thanks for the blog post. I’m glad someone said something objective about this. I mean Ernie just kept saying, how bizarre this was. And I watched the video and its like, almost forced at the end when he says the thing about his girlfriend. Was she moving towards the entrance at the end of the song to leave? I want to support JB. I just can’t support this relationship. It’s like watching someone move their hands across a chalkboard and I’m having to hear it. Ughh x infinity!

  8. luvbieberness says:

    ‘over there’ how cute LMAO

  9. eeshaskyee says:

    ‘over there’ hahahaahha :,) that is a effed up pet name 😛 just saying


  10. Jessica says:

    LMAOOOOOO! “Over there” that just made me laugh so much “thank god my boyfriend doesn’t call me Over There” LMAOOOOO!! Oh god your so funny!!! LMAOOOOO! Can’t stop laughing.

  11. nadine says:

    LMAO !!! “over there”hahhahaha!! to me it looks like he just remembered he had a girlfriend and it also looked kinda forced cuz like when he said it his smile sort of faded!!! ohhhhhh well I’m not a hater of Jelena but I don’t really support them!!The age difference sort of grosses me out!! LOL anyway amazing as always! love ya PLB!!

  12. ash says:

    over there i love you LOL , im happy if justin smile but its funny the way he calls selena over ther

  13. Jordan says:

    Wonderful post, as always.<3 haha i loved the "over there" part! (:

  14. Jenna says:

    ‘Over there’ LOOOOOL Imagine him saying “Hey over there I want you to meet someone over here” ! 😉 Hahah!

  15. kat says:

    wow i JUST got it! like the ‘over there’ joke. like bcuz at the end he says ‘my beautiful girlfriend “over there” i get it.

  16. Sabrina says:

    Can’ stop laughing ! the ” over there” joke ! U are awesome girl , you HAVE TO know it 😉 xoxo by a french fan

  17. Patricia says:

    This whole Jelena publicity scam is really starting to annoy me now. Its so obvious that Justin didn’t really want to say that, look how quietly and fast he said it. He wasn’t even smiling. Scooter probably made him mention selena before he went up there to sing, cause he knew that people were gonna spread this vid around everywhere and everyone would see it. selena has a new movie, song, and tour coming up and they’re doing everything they can to get her more promotion. Its sickening actually and sad. But I will always continue to be a Bieber fan, no matter what. His performance with Ernie was amazing! I love that song.

  18. Patricia says:

    Oh yeah I can’t wait to buy that perfume. Im a perfume addict and have so many already, so I’ll be glad to add this one into my collection.

  19. alison dilaurentis says:

    You guys rock!!! Jelena makes me laugh. I don’t hate Selena at all cause I actually love her as actress. I really love her serie. Alex Russo is my bitch ok whoever. Here the history bro’ haha This relationship is too fake. In 2009 selena said ‘He’s so cute’ In 2010 selena said ‘He’s like my brother’ In 2011 at Ellen show she was laughing like nothing happened. Selena saw that Justin would be a good (aww c’mon haha) business man for her own career. And BAM Jelena exists. Justin never been honest with us. He never (oops Biebs) says exactly ‘I’m with Selena’ He just made a kiss to Selena to announce like ‘the rumors are true, now beliebers you know happy?’ I laughted so hard when I saw the video. Really? When you kiss a person, do you look the paparazzi around ? Uhhhhm error shawty mane! Some person say that they look like Zanessa. I don’t think so. Them, they admit it to be together. Justin and Selena are like ‘kiss and tell anything after it’ LOLOLOL Jelena is a wannabe Zanessa. Seriously when I see them I can’t stop laughing. I mean really? Bahaha! Justin is happy because he pretends to be with Selena Gomez (you know this girl in this serie who watched when he was a little boy) Do you remember the lyrics from the rap ‘baby’ When I was 13, I had my first love’ hahahah! Seriously if someone gives me Zac Efron or Nick Jonas (even if it’s fake) I will tell you : YES OF COURSE SCOOTER! oops. He called her ‘over there’ LOLOLOL. Justin never looks Selena in her eyes when he kiss her (OMG Bruno mars lied to us) Some of you are still saying this jelena stuff are true c’mon! They never talk about their relasionship, they can make a kiss but not admit it. They always act like nothing happened. It’s ridiculous. I know some beliebers are obssessed and hate on Selena so they don’t want more drama but doing that they create more drama. That’s why ‘Jelena’ is fake for me. It’s for fame, more covers, more money, more gossip. Drama makes rumor, rumor makes popularity, popularity makes you famous. Selena get it. But bro’ you know what is it ‘BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BRAUN’ oops I really love Justin and Selena. They are both amazing but not together. Just sayin. Ps: sorry if I made mistakes I’m french haha. Xoxo

  20. Danielle says:

    Haha loved the ‘over there’ joke. But you see how rushed and quiet he said that? Like he didnt want to but had to. ‘Jelena’ pisses me off , its fake , everyone knows its fake , so why continue ? She has enough fame now , just end it already

  21. ems says:

    do you think justin and selena fucked last night?? or that they ever did?

  22. Rachii says:

    He sounded really hot singing that 😛
    Oh and he seemed really awkward when he shouted out to his “beautiful girlfriend over there”. Just saying, if he REALLY loves her, he should be loud and proud, I doubt they are a real couple.

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