JayBieber from “Baby” to brat?

Manila Airport Drama

It’s been all over the headlines. “Justin Bieber knocks CD out of a fan’s hands.” Well I’ve looked at the 19 second video found here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRBkLH2Dr3Y&feature=player_embedded and I while I can’t see Justin clearly because of a crew member walking in front of him, I don’t think he did it at all. As a matter of fact I think that Justin was set up. Think about it, security was FILMING Jutin arriving, and while yes they were likely informed of his arrival before hand, why weren’t they doing their job? v7andrea, the uploader of the video added, “Where are your manners now kiddo? (I) know you’re sick but you could’ve at least said sorry you are not signing anything. How could you do that to my father?” More like, How can your father do that to him? To me, Justin doesn’t touch the man, he actually looked startled by the CD hitting the ground. If I had to guess what happened in that plane connector, I would say Justin was set up. This was right after the Marg incident, the perfect time to set something up sure to get noticed. Security should have been doing their job, keeping people from getting to Justin and other members of the flight, not harassing him themselves. The setting wasn’t even ideal, assuming there were other people on the plane besides the crew, they would have been holding everyone behind them up, why would security even try that? Why would security even attempt to get at an ill star in such a compact space? What do you think about the situation?

Barack, Barack, Barack Obama

Despite all the bad news that has surfaced, Justin won’t let President Obama’s promise to 14-year-old Payton Wall go ungranted. Payton, whose father died in the Sept. 11 attacks at the World Trade Center, tweeted Justin on Feb. 19, “hey! I have an awful life story and without your music idk if i could have survived. do you think i could send you a letter?” When her tweet got lost within the thousands of messages sent to Justin every day, she sent an email to President Obama, who was so touched he invited Payton to be a special guest at the May 5 wreath-laying ceremony at the WTC site. At the ceremony, Barack told Payton he “knows Justin” and promised her he would help them meet. After a May 12th article by the New York Times doubting that the President could follow through, Justin tweeted, “I think you’re wrong. pretty sure President @BarackObama will keep this promise. #payitforward”

Free Scooter

You may or may not remember that horrible scene at that New York mall signing two years ago. It was a scene so violent not only did it overwhelm security, but it also sent one young girl to the hospital. justin and several crew members were told that they would be arrested if they didn’t tweet to cancel the chaotic signing. Scooter, apparently refused to send the tweet, was arrested for misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance. Executives at Island Def Jam will plea guilty to the incident, and pay $8,000 for the cost of excess personal that was needed to control the crowd. As part of the deal, Justin will record a public service announcement to advocate against cyber-bullying.

More Jelena 

Selena was recently featured in TeenVogue. The June//July issue will be on stands shortly, but here is an inside scoop from her interview.

This is a photo of the cover, I hope this is just a leak though because this doesn’t suit Selena. She kind of look like a cross between a dead body, and an image of a kidnapped child, what they would look like if they were around today.

After admitting that she can’t stand paps because they use her fans for information, she is asked about her famous beau. It hasn’t been revealed if she ever outright admitted to her relationship with Justin yet, but she did ay this “At this moment in my life, I’m at a point where I want to be in love, to give my all and fall head over heels.” She added cautiously, however, “I’m 18. I’m not going to marry anybody I’m with and I know that. The next heartbreak I have, I’m sure I’ll be like, ‘How can I live without this person?’ But I’m still trying to dive in and enjoy it.” Now keep in mind that this interview could have been done before they came out with their relationship, but none the less she doesn’t have plans on marrying Justin. Could this mean trouble in paradise? That’s even more of a reason to believe that Selena is using Justin to keep her afloat as WOWP wraps. At least he will be back in town to possible make a surprise appearance on the MMA, maybe even premiere that little song of theirs? What’s the name? “Attention Seeking Whore?” It doesn’t have a great ring to it, but the truth hurts.

Here’s an inside tip, S: the faster you rise, the harder you fall. Hope that Hello Kitty sleeping bag doubles as a parachute.



11 thoughts on “JayBieber from “Baby” to brat?

  1. MynameisAshleeyyy says:

    Selena looks really effed in that picture….. and good blog, as always! 🙂

  2. I'd rather not tell you says:

    Ok about the whole “justin knocking the cd out of the father’s hands” I also watched the video many times, It looks like the guy in front of him with the skateboard accidently knocked the cd down and by the time he realized it fell he was too far ahead. I really think you’re over thinking the whole “he was set up” theory!

  3. taylor says:

    no offense to Selena in that cover but she’s looks shitty and needs less makeup. She’s really gorgeous but it’s just too much for her. And I agree with the dead body.

  4. Ella says:

    Btw just wanted to say that the last line of the paragraph – “Hope that Hello Kitty sleeping bag doubles as a parachute” is from gossip girl, not fooling anyone there!

  5. Patricia says:

    I also watched that video many times and its hard to tell what really happened, cause its so blurry. But I believe that it was all an accident. I don’t get why people jumped to conclusions so fast. Was the father ever actually interviewed so he could tell people the real story of what happened? Why would Justin even do that to somebody, especially to his own CD? It makes no sense to me at all. And now this stupid vid has everyone hating on him, and its really starting to annoy me. They have absolutely no proof that Justin knocked it down, all they’re doing is assuming shit. I think that it was knocked down by someone bumping into him by accident. Btw selena does look bad wearing that red lipstick and I am NOT looking forward to hearing that song.

  6. no says:

    Selena cant stand that Justin is not over Jasmine
    see new video of Justin talking about Jasmine in Philipines

  7. Rachel says:

    Selena doesn’t even look like Selena! She just looks like some random girl on the cover of Teen Vogue. Ah, the power of makeup…

  8. Lexi says:

    ew, wtf is up with that cover? thats a super unflattering picture. she has a huge head, all of my guy friends have said that. lol i used this blog name in my scavenger hunt email, if you guys got it from me, im honored youd use it 🙂 if not, great minds think alike! great blog girls!

  9. dami says:

    lol! what did they do to selena? shes pretty why photoshop her that much?

  10. m says:

    the “Justin Bieber knocks CD out of a fan’s hands.” is actually true..if u have seen the video… and by just looking at the crews (ladies) you’ll know what happened. you’ll see the hands of Justin knocking the cd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi_IqFPclQ4&feature=related (<< watch the video. wait for justin's hand to tap the cd)

    and by the " Justin was set up" –that would be a mistake.. because even you would take a video of justin walking infront of you.

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