“Love Rectangle?” More Like Disaster..

Hello there rowdy readers 😉 I’m sure you’re all in remembrance of the whole Justin unfollowing Selena a while back on Twitter, Nick unfollowing Jasmine, Selena and Jasmine not liking each other, and pretty much all the other drama caused by ‘Jelena’? If you’re not familiar, pay close attention because this could get a bit confusing.

What you’re about to read is from a Tumblr post. (Link to the owner’s blog and twitter):

So we all know the annoying rumors of “Selena Gomez unfollowed Justin, Nick Jonas unfollowed Jasmine V and Justin unfollowed Selena AND Jasmine.” Well… no one knows the exact story… until I got THIS news.

Someone sent me this story and of course, they get to remain anonymous but this is the story they had to tell:

Alright this is what i got from somebody.. “You know how Selena iChats and stuff?Jasmine kept trying to come in on the chat but I was told Justin kept blocking her off without telling Selena. Well she was iChatting with Justin and then she (Jasmine) started spazzing out and crap. And at first, Justin was on Selena’s side trying to get Jasmine to calm down. Selena said the same things you all were saying, like “Why am I even arguing with a sixteen year old?” Or something like that,  and Justin got offended even though she was talking to Jasmine. So Selena ended the chat, and Justin got on twitter and unfollowed them both Selena did and Jasmine did too. Thats when people started talking.

Later, Justin was rehearsing or something like that a little while later and was angry and had a bad attitude because of what happened and multiple people picked up what was being said. It spread around in the business and eventually other celebs picked it all up.

Acorrding to this source, JELENA never was and never has been. Also, “Nelena” (Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez) is rumored to spark back up somewhere between January-March 2011.

It is also rumored that Jasmine only kissed the rapper, Jinsu at her birthday party to get back at Justin for getting so close to Selena.

So how believable is any of this? It would explain why everyone got so mad at each other and ended up taking it to Twitter.

Remember that you heard it hear first!

xx Love, TiffanyAlex

That sure does explain a lot. Whoever posted this most-likely posted it a while back during all this drama. But they sure were on point on everything. How Nick and Selena were rumored to hang out and ‘re-connect’ again during the early months of this year. And what do you know? They were seen many times hanging out this year.

During those estimated months they were planned to be ‘hanging out’ Selena even re-followed Mr. Jonas on Tweeeeeter. (Picture from OceanUP):

Back to the whole story here;

Recently on Jasmine personal TB, a lot of people have been asking “why don’t you like Selena?” and she’d simply just answer “personal reasons.” I’m sure a lot of you that follow the personal, know all about that. Though she and others never say what really went on.

And who remembers that whole ‘Girl Respect’ tweet Justin posted not too long ago? :

A lot of u are tweeting me about the TT #girlrespect so im gonna chime in…all girls should feel beautiful. a real man knows to treat a lady like a queen. ur happiness comes from theirs. step up fellas. #girlrespect” –Justin Bieber

Shortly after, Mrs. Villegas surely had something to say about that:

Some of Jasmine’s friends throughout twitter have kinda been bashing on ‘Jelena’ and Selena in particular. Here are some tweets of one of Jasmine’s friends Molli:

None of them will fully say why they don’t like ‘Jelena’ or Selena in that matter, but they know everything that went down. Though they won’t say what happened, I’m sure we all catch the drift. Am I right?

The last couple of tweets probably highlight this whole post. “The truth will set you free… the REAL truth not the posed truth.” I don’t know about YA’LL, but I can’t wait for the real truth.


16 thoughts on ““Love Rectangle?” More Like Disaster..

  1. Patricia says:

    Another great blog girls 😀 Why would Nick Jonas be following Jasmine in the first place? Thats really random lol. So Im confused. Was Nelena a fake relationship too? I was never a Jonas fan so I don’t know anything about their relationship. Can someone tell me Jasmines tumblr? I had it before but then I lost it. Im gonna go follow that Molli girl on twitter cause she seems to know a lot about Jelena.

    • Marisa says:

      Nick followed jasmine because they wrote
      A song together a few months ago. Nelena was real it’s jelena that’s fake. I think jasmines personal tumblr they are talking abought is a poser just saying. Also the whole tumblr posted seemed fake. U gotta watch wat u believe Hun 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Nick and Jasmine have been working together on a few songs for her upcoming album. That’s the only reason I think he’s following her.

  2. taylor says:

    I love you guys. SERIOSULY. you update more now and amazing bloggers ❤ thanks. :)))

  3. MynameisAshleeyyy says:

    On Jasmine’s tumblr someone actually sent that to her, she said it wasn’t true though, did you see that post??? 🙂 Other than that.. still lovin’ your blogs!

  4. natalie says:

    That molly girl isn’t her cousin, i don’t think? She posted a twitlonger about her experiences and was freaking out at parts about meeting jasmine’s mom and stuff. if it was her aunt, why would she be so excited? haha


    there’s the twitlonger btw

    • Molli says:

      to the girl who said i i am jasmines cousin? where in the world did you read that in the blog? hahah jasmine is not my cousin but she is my friend ha we do live in different stated but i flew out there with another one of our friends and we all hung out and went to her birthday party but no i am not related to jas but i do love her like a sister!

  5. megan says:

    Amazing, fantastic, great blog girls! I love this one the most and all your others too but this was outstanding!

  6. Carolina says:

    this picture is from 2010.

  7. dami says:

    wow. you guys apparently believe any gossip that comes out. you probably also believe that nicholasandsel girl from twitter and her bullshit. and those nelena pictures are fucking old! from 2010 not early 2011. selena has been with justin all the time in 2011.

  8. devenyy says:

    I asked Jasmine if it was true and she said it was a lie.

  9. no says:

    justin still following jasmine, I just checked it on twitter, and Justin still remembers Jasmine
    proof here new video of Justin talking about Jasmine V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w3YsLpKFfQ

  10. alyson says:

    only the person who initiates the ichat can add people to it and if someone is already in an ichat and u try to send them a video request it says their camera is in use and it wont work….so this ichat thing doesnt make ANY sense.

    I’ve been to a party with Jasmine and Jinsu and jasmine was ALL OVER HIM….in FRONT of her mom. Her and Jinsu are really real. Its Jelena that’s fake and for publicity

    • Lorelai says:

      damn really? i don’t have the guts to try something like that in front of my mom. i don’t think i’d want to either, that’s disrespectful as hell.

  11. Eliana says:

    I honestly don’t see Selena doing anything about this. Obviously, she’s truly showing that she’s mature and that she doesn’t give a crap. To me, Little Miss. Molli is mad because when jasmine was dating justin, she didn’t get any fame, because molli thought that if she was friends with “JASMINE V” and she’d get famous too and shit.

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