Where Are They Now? Part 2

Jazzy and Jaxon

not to much to say,, but they are as adorable as always.


“Thank you for an amazing show last night Dixon. You’re so amazing!!! Who says you’re not perfect?!!!” That was a tweet after a concert in Dixon. Let me start off with her music video. “Who Says” my problem is, why did she use herself in that music video. Isn’t the point to make OTHER girls feel beautiful? So you “took off” you make up, but that doesn’t do anything for us normal girls who have makeup artists and teams of editors that cam make us look flawless. Sorry, but your music video was a #fail. Next time you want to market to normal teens, try using normal teens. Next stop on this leg of the race, “I think I may be in love.” Selena stated for a Seventeen Magazine article. Hmmm, I don’t really have a comment to that. Then there is the kissing in Indonesia. That spread like wildfire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRwImB8y07k for those of you who live under a rock, I think they need some kissing lessons; sad to say it but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEN-kHe5o_Y&feature=aso isn’t this a real kiss. How old are they again. Nine, WHAT? Now that Wizards is ending, Selena needs a little help keeping up her fame; which gives us a reason for the announcement that she will host the MMA. Plus, her new CD has a few songs by the famous Britany Spears, can’t wait to see what happens with that. You do realize people can work out deals to host those shows right… but then again now that she is dating Justin, doors are opened wide.. funny how that is.

The One, The only: Justin Bieber

So rumor has it that Justin has been trouble on flights. He cleared it up and it was just an exaggeration. A costar recently gave him a bad review, calling him a brat… Did you ever stop to think that he is a prankster, he could have  been pranking, and while it may not have been appropriate, for the situation she just took it out of hand. Its not really a big deal. It appears as though members of the crew aren’t so excited about the trip to Japan. Scooter apparently isn’t too thrilled about this decision. http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/ask_the_answer_bitch/b240578_japan_too_dangerous_justin_bieber.html?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-celebritynews&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_celebritynews reports. But is Japan reallt too dangerous for the Biebs? Reports say that radiation levels are back to normal and it is safe to travel. It’s very sweet of him to continue on his tour to Japan… giving hope to the people that were previously devastated in the spring events. Some of you may have heard speculations about Justin modeling for Dolce and Gabbana, however, while D&G have commented “it’s impossible to deny that he’s a model for his peers…He’s very attentive towards style and he takes care of his look.” While this does not mean he will be a model for D&G, I’m thinking, let it take its time, I wouldn’t doubt it, and from the photo I’ve seen, it’s only a matter of time.

Private Accounts

You guys are seriously obsessed about private accounts. Please keep in mind, they are private for a reason. If they follow a ton of people, its not them. If they are followed by a ton of people, it’s not them. If they ask you for your number, its not them. If they ask you for a picture, it’s not them. @JustinBieber is for the fans, but on his private, he follows close friends and family as well as other people he feels he should. He doesn’t want to be spammed guys, thats why were not giving you the accounts, even if we did you would spam him out of twitter and facebook and tumblr, he is a regular teen, he just has a multimillion dollar career. So next time you  ask us about it, think about him. Would you want to be part of a giant hide and seek game if you were him, you have to respect that he wants to be able to have some what of a normal life..

Keep your eyes out, you never know when the next iron will strike.


11 thoughts on “Where Are They Now? Part 2

  1. Karen says:

    Hi! Jazzy and Jaxon are so cute 🙂 and what is your twitter? jw

  2. Jill says:


  3. chels says:

    the picture of justin in the d&g undies is clearly photoshopped, i mean look at the legs and arms… it doesn’t match him at all!

  4. Nikki says:

    that justin underwear picture is SO FAKE. i love him to pieces, but he doesn’t have that much hair, he isn’t that muscular, his hands look nothing like that, and his legs are much thinner in reality. i think that you guys keep having problems with being called out about your inaccuracy because you don’t necessarily check the validity of your information. look at his head in that picture: it doesn’t fit right, the shadows are off, and it just doesn’t look right. as much as we all wish it were him, it’s definitely not. i would be more careful because sometimes silly stuff like this gets to the media and could hurt him in the end.

  5. ... says:

    this made no sence

  6. dami says:

    lmaooo!! this post is gold because of the picture of justin

  7. :) says:

    actually,the rumor about britney writing songs for selena isn’t true.

  8. Patricia says:

    hahaha that Justin pic is so fake, but still sexy;) I actually found Justins private twitter account, but I can’t see it anyway cause its set on private. But I understand that he also needs to have a private life or he will go crazy, and we don’t want that. I agree that people just don’t understand Justins sense of humor, he is a prankster. About selena, I have no comment -_- She just annoys me so much. And Jazzy and Jaxon are so adorable ❤

  9. Cath says:

    ahaaa.. some of you guys are stupid ! it’s obvious that photo of justin is fake, anyone with common sense would know that it’s the reason they posted it. It’s called a J O K E. ahaa.. some of you are a little bit on the sumb side xoxo

  10. alyson says:

    LOL!!! y’all are taking that picture too seriously. they KNOW it is fake. But this post would have just been extra boring with a plain picture of Justin

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