Justin gets sick in The Philippines.

Poor Justin, after a tweet yesterday “sick as a dog… But the show must go on” Justin decided to preform, being the fan driven singer he is. However he took a few break to vomit backstage. Suffering from a supposed chest infection he got last week, he was still able to manage a full set. After the show he tweeted “the show was hreat, but tough. Real sick. Time to rest. #muchlove #wegohard” props to Justin for not canceling his show.

6 thoughts on “Justin gets sick in The Philippines.

  1. JBCaitlinn says:

    I don’t think JB was sick. If he was, hope he gets well. I just think he went somewhere like back to Singapore or Boracay, Phillipines to be with Selena since we’re on the gossip trail.

  2. natalie says:

    Ughhhh, that would suck. Imagine having to perform for so many people and being THAT sick. I haven’t seen any of the videos from the show yet, but pooor thing. Thanks you guys for these posts, I’m addicted. ❤

  3. nina says:

    Aaah he was amazing nonetheless ❤

  4. Hi i attended the concert last night and alot of concert videos are up on youtube or you can just go to my blog meplusconcerts.tumblr.com to check on it.
    I think this is one of the most biggest crowd he has ever performed especially in Asia.
    They said around 40 to 50 thousand attended the concert and it was the biggest so far we had in Manila.

  5. JB123 says:

    I’ve heard on twitter today that he’s in the hospital? From some of the asian twitter accounts.

  6. Patricia says:

    awww poor Justin. He does so much for us fans, even sacrifices his health for us. He does tend to get sick a lot, but thats cause he’s always traveling and not resting enough I guess. But how do you girls now he vomited backstage? That just makes me feel so bad for him. In one video he did say he has a chest infection. I really hope our boy gets better soon 😦

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