Where Are They Now Part 1

This is just a snippet into the lives that are or once were close to Justin, before the fame.

Lets start off with the wonderful Caitlin.

Caitlin and Christian have been living with their mom in LA. Read this next part carefully, I am not saying that their parents are divorced. I’m just saying their dad is still in Atlanta. He has visited them in LA, and he went with Caitlin to doctors appointment in Minnesota, then she followed him back to ATL. She Ustreamed that, #JS.

Keep in mind, she’s has a new “crew” which included upcoming celebrities, such as Brogan Burnside (@broganburnside), The Theiman sisters: Graysan (@GraysonTheiman) and Madison (@MadisonTheiman), and Sammi Hanratty (@SammiHanratty1), whom has been featured in movies for a few years now, and Christian Fortune (@Christian4tune). Is this her hint that she could possibly be attempting to enter the Hollywood ways? Only time will tell.

Caitlin has mentioned something about having an internship. I’m not sure what that mean, but it was on her tumblr sometime and it would take ages to find it… but if you want to, feel free to snoop. Whatever the reason, I’m thinking that someone wants to be famous… at least they aren’t using Justin to help them, that would be so much easier.

Caitlin on Tumblr



Next Up: LittlecBeadles

This pint size ball of fire is defiantly trying to break into the business. He has been auditioning for various things. He actually landed a role in Brogan Burnside’s first music video. (as seen here –> http://www.youtube.com/user/BroganBurnside) on her youtube, you can see his audition; fair and square. He won his role honestly, it wasn’t by the hand of his superstar best friend. The making of the music video could be the reason the Beadles and their new crew formed and are now hanging out daily.

Jeremy Bieber

While yes, Jeremy has gone on tour for part of the way, i.e. Isreal, he hasn’t been quiet at home. http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/Justin-Bieber-s-dad-pals-around-with-UFC-fighter?urn=mma-wp2050 in fact, Jeremy has been hanging out with a UFC Fighter. It seems as though have a superstar, with a net worth of $65 million, for a son has an advantages. Now their was a bitter dispute between Pattie and Jeremy in the early days involving the custody of their child, so Jeremy really does love his son. But is it right for him to walk the red carpet and the AMERICAN GRAMMYS? He wouldn’t be the first parent to cash of their child, remember Lindsay Lohan, well her mom sold stories of her drug issues; Jennifer Aniston’s mom wrote a tell all book… Its something that only you can decide. I personally think that Jeremy is a very loving father, maybe he got caught up in things, but I think Justin really loves having him around, honestly. Maybe Jeremy is just living up the bachelor lifestyle, too bad, i really like Erin, but she’s out of the picture..


As lovely as ever, Pattie has seemed to fade out of the tweets of the crew. It’s rumored that she hasn’t been on tour with him as much,, I guess what they say is true.  ”Growing up only means one thing: I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E” Speaking of independence, apparently Mama took Justin’s grandma to buy him a $1.7 million condo near the Westwood area of LA. This 3 bed, 4 bath pad is 2,400 square feet and was owned by a model… they apparently wanted it in time for his 17th birthday. http://thejustinbiebershrine.com/2011/02/justin-biebers-new-apartment-in-los-angeles.html?replytocom=15297 Now that Justin may be out, not quite on his own, but with a little less mommy guidance, it will be interesting to see how he matures. Will he become a Lindsay Lohan, with drug and alcohol charges; a Charlie Sheen, who knows what thats about; a Justin Timberlake, and fade from view; or will he follow his own path, keep his head on straight and be more like his mentor, Usher. Only time will tell if Mama P instilled the things he needs. But hey, all of her tweets are bible verses, so I don’t think he will get too crazy.

This was only the warm up. Betcha can’t wait for part two!

Better get your beauty rest now. Things are going to get ugly tomorrow.



7 thoughts on “Where Are They Now Part 1

  1. Jen says:

    Christian has also booked roles in a few TV shows as well, and he’s been taking acting class. He definitely wants to break into Hollywood.

  2. Danielle says:


  3. Victoria says:

    I didnt even know jeremy got another divorce D:

  4. Sofia says:

    haha Usher keeping his head high? NOW but in the past he was a cheater (with his FANS), did drugs and so on. But that’s Ushers story, let’s see how Justins will begin…

  5. Patricia says:

    damn Jeremy is freaking sexy 😉 Im older than most of you girls on here, so yeah I wouldn’t mind getting a taste of Jeremy. Glad to hear he’s single 😀

  6. spoonswaggering says:

    I believe Caitlin’s internship is for fashion. Because she told people to email her for dress sizing and she’d send them back example of clothing. She is good at color coordinating and accessorizing 🙂

  7. megan says:

    Jeremy and Erin were actually never married,they were just together because of the baby’s..but idk what happened between them. And I love what you said at the last part about Caitlin..its so true! She’s not using bieber and that’s good! Lovely blog gals(:

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