This is my (Tia) stand point; I’m not doing this because  whoever wrote that particular blog may have made some  mistakes; but in geometry I learned about contradictions, where you can prove something is wrong but one example of it not being correct. Such as all blue cars have power windows, but there’s that one blue car that makes it fake… blah, blah, blah. If you’re reading this because you think there could be something else about Jelena just stop now. BH made no comments about Jelena whatever the reason was, maybe they are on our side, but whatever the reason, there is NO Jelena in this blog. Maybe next time.

BH Factual Error 1 and 2: Shay. While yes Justin has said that he has yet to “fall in love.” Don’t you have that one person that you love. That person you would do anything for, and even though you aren’t dating them,  you are still super close to them? It could be the boy next  door, whoever, that’s not the point. Have you ever thought that maybe Shay is Justin’s? I’m not saying they are madly  in love, loving someone and being in love are to different things by the way, but they are still good friends. Shay and  Justin wouldn’t hang out if that weren’t the case, true? How does BH know that they didn’t date for (ABOUT; look at PLB blog) 2 years, while there is no proof either way; dating is different for every age group and especially in different regions, so unless someone from BH is from Stratford, or they  have talked to Justin or Shay personally, they couldn’t  possibly know for a fact. Is dating from 13-15 really that big a deal; it likely wasn’t serious, but serious in my region  is talking about marriage, which isn’t expected out of young  teens. Do they not realize that you are 15 for 365 days, 366  if it is a leap year? There is plenty of time to date two  people in that time frame.

Factual Error 3: “They never got over each other.” As stated above, would they really be hanging out if they  hated each other? I don’t think so. While it is true that Shay has a new boyfriend, how many of you honestly are over  your last boyfriend that moved to another country to pursue a career that led him to be the most famous teenager in the  world. I know that if my boyfriend moved to another country when I was their age, it wouldn’t be ideal to stay together,  I mean, give me a break. Even though you swore up and down you would wait for him to come back, you would probably start  liking someone you actually saw more than a few times a year;  some that you could go on dates with; someone that could hold you in your arms when you were upset. iCHAT DATING IS NOT LOGICAL! Especially when you are 17 years old.

Factual Error 4: Shay’s Party. Look at the photo for yourself from the original PLB post,  Shay tweeted that Justin was with not only her, but also with Ryan and Chaz; she later had a soccer game, which Justin would be attending, she said so herself. She was not heard from again that day. No one really knows what happened that night, unless they were there or have shared photos on Facebook. But Shay DID tweet “Had a great day yesturdayy…” the next day around 3:30, now I’m not an expert, but I don’t know how much “fun” soccer  games really are if you’re playing in them, personally. I wouldn’t use the phrase great time though referring to just the game. I also didn’t see a reason for BH photos, you can’t prove that they weren’t partying that night with a picture that doesn’t have dates on it or the person there prooving. Let me upload a picture of myself, but I’m going to straight out tell you that this picture was taken on a day I was supposedly partying, but since there’s no date on the photo you’re going to have to believe me. JKJK, I’m not actually uploading a picture= but did you see what I did there? And BTW, I don’t know of any parties where canned OJ are served, I’m thinking that was a more intimate event, with a few friends.

Factual Error 5: Hanging Out. That proves nothing besides the fact that they have hung out before and that photo they selected to be “recent” was in September. Keep in mind, Justin has been on a world tour lately, I don’t know but that could play a role in him hanging out with her? It’s not like they don’t want to hang out, they may or may not, I don’t know them personally, but I would say that being in two separate continents doesn’t make hanging out easy… and maybe they don’t take pictures every time they are together. Think about it, Shay and Justin are long time friends, its possible that she may have his iChat, or  maybe even his phone number; but that’s a crazy thought. Why would you talk to someone that you see practically every time you’re home when you’re ‘not there’? Hmmm.

Factual Error 6: Shay Misuraca lives in London.!/shaymisuraca/status/14523443995217921 unless she has moved since December, she lives down the street from  Chaz. Or how about this tweet from March?!/shaymisuraca/status/47017207699484672 – but BH is probably right… She probably lies about where she lives. I do, all the time.

Factual Error 7/8: Shahnaz. I know nothing about this, however there have been online news posts about it; but whatever. BH used WordPress last summer, so unless they want to recover their blogs, dead center. But Shay talks about what happened between Justin and her a lot. And from what SHAHNAZ stated via Formspring (hishaz), BH surely did exaggerate what happened that night. Along with many other blogs. No one can be proved right or wrong. I have yet to see any proof that this was not Shahnaz either, so bring forth the evidence and we’ll talk.

Factual Error 9: Jasmine V. So since you know Jasmine V personally, you must be connected in some way or another. Strange isn’t it.

Factual Error 10: Key Necklaces. Ummm, I can’t see that clearly, did you distort the image so you couldn’t be proven right or wrong, or do you have a super human eye. Whether it is the same key or not, they ARE close friends, that could symbolize something in their “friendship” or whatever it is they had going on. But I haven’t noticed either of them wearing it lately. Not saying they haven’t, but not in the pictures I have seen. They sure did wear the necklace a lot though within those few months they were a ‘thing.

Factual Error 11: The deal with Scooter. If there’s anything more shocking than the truth, it’s the lies that people tell to cover them up. But really, would you admit that you were getting your information from an inside source.. How the hell did they know how Selena got to Asia without being seen? How did they know what the room that they stayed in looked like? Justin was sick and stayed behind. Come on! Personally, I don’t know why the crew would leave Justin behind, alone. I never heard that rumor, for non-obsessive fans, they must be dedicated to their blog to spend HOURS researching stuff for their blog. Maybe they should make a deal with Scooter, at least they wouldn’t have to work so hard. I also can’t understand why they would go all the way back to January to find such tweets, or how they did it so fast.. damn, I need that app.

“As always, we reign head of all things Bieber gossip. And as always, it only takes a second before we dethrone those who try to compete.”  That was a quote from the BH blog… I think it’s been more than a second though, where can I ship the stopwatch so you can get your time a little more accurate? But on the bright side, we’re ‘throned’, whatever the hell that means since none of us are in the line to any throne. As a matter of fact, we aren’t in the line to any throne, or Heiresses. But the BH girls probably can’t say the same. Also from their blog- “Keep trying ladies, but you’ll never be an Heiress. ;)

Has anyone spotted Twitter’s ex-queen-bee? Where does dethroned royalty stay these days?  — What’s going to happen? Wouldn’t you like to know.


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24 thoughts on “Contradictions.

  1. Uzzi says:

    OMG ENOUGH!! who cares anymore. What are you gaining from proving them wrong.. Same as what do they gain from proving you wrong! JUST STOP IT LIKE NOW!!
    people have decided what side they’re on. Let’s end it all there.

    • taylor says:

      OH HOT DAMN. i agree. lmfao. i love both websites. seriously. who cares who’s wrong or not. people DID pick which blogs to read and I choose both because their juicy ;))

  2. Ronnie says:

    Ohhhhhh damnnnnn! 😀

  3. Leena says:

    I wnt more jelena…new vid of them kissing in asia…:/ hmmmmm…..^o)

  4. Zara says:

    This is bullshizzac.
    BieberHeiress are and ALWAYS will be number one. They have proved they are trustworthy. You guys just seem so fucking determined to wipe out Justin. He’s a 17 year old, OBVIOUSLY he’s going to drink & try out new things like drugs. Loads of people do it in my school. Not gonna lie it’s gross but who the fuck are we to judge him?!

    It’s his life, what he does is his business. We’re here for the music. You’re not his mother or anyone close to him. Leave him alone.

  5. Just Sayin says:

    I just wanna say it’s really sad that you guys are trying to drag this out. It’s really damn annoying and this is why several people love BH more. Because they have class. They’re not sitting there, hugging onto their 15 minutes of fame while trying to make other people look worse than themselves. Seriously. Get the fuck over it.

  6. yup says:

    BH is so fake 😀

    Caitlin Beadles (the real one) said that this Blod is “fake and not true” 😛
    she said it on her tumblr 😛 (her real one)


  7. Patricia says:

    I like BH but lately almost all of their blogs have been about Jelena, and Im so sick of hearing about that fake relationship. I love Justin, not selena. Thats why I’ve started reading you guys, cause you don’t BS like they do. Keep up the good work 😀

  8. Ronnie says:

    Their late for everything, you guys are always one step ahead of the game.

  9. straatty girl says:

    Alright this is honestly the first time reading your blog but to be honest, Bieber Heiress is full of shit and their last blog calling you out was nothing but lies. I know Shay personally for one, so I am unsure of why they think it’s okay to scoop up pictures from Shay and Neil’s Facebook profiles. Secondly, Shay LIVES in Stratford. She goes to St. Michael’s Catholic School and it’s the only Catholic school in Stratford. The other two schools, Central, and Northwestern(The one JB went to) are both public schools. The only Misuraca that lives in London is Kaejon and Shay’s older sister Kira, who attends the University of Western. Shay lives down the street from Chaz’s new house which is STILL in Stratford, London is over an hour away from Stratford. On her Facebook, the only reason her location says “London Ontario” was because she updated that when she was spending time with her sister at her residence in London and she must have forgotten to change it back. As for the pictures they released about “Justin and Shay at a party not drinking” Those pictures are from one of Justin’s promotions before his concert in Chicago I believe, And Lisa and Shay are both wearing lanyards(those passes around their necks) I don’t see why someone would need backstage passes to go to a house party.. And the song Baby, the “rap” version was inspired by his past relationship with Shay whom he dated when he was 13 years old. Justin finished off his 8th grade year before moving to ATL. I’m friends with all of these people so I obviously know the truth. And the rumor they brought up about Shay not hanging out with Justin that much anymore? Completley false. They all hangout as a group everytime JB comes home, nobody uploads pictures of Justin on Facebook for a certain reason, so they don’t get leaked, and that’s out of respect for Justin. And Yes in the summer Shay did have a party and yes Justin and Shay did have long lost feelings for eachother and YES Justin did give her a hickey at the party. Justin is not perfect he DOES party and trust me on that. He’s a normal kid, and he’s not going to stop trying to be a normal kid when he’s home with no paparazzi around and good friends that won’t upload pictures that can destroy his career. Sorry that’s all the rumors I can clarify because I don’t know the other girls, but your blog DOES hold a lot more truth then Bieber Heiress does and I’m very disappointed in them. Keep up the good work!!

    • Uzzi says:

      At about the drugs and alcohol?!

    • dami says:

      well, i know a girl who ran a shay misuraca facts twitter and she also talked to shay (and put unseen pictures so its not like she had no proof and was making up facts) and said shay is from stratford but currently lives in london.
      this is the twitter

    • Patricia says:

      Wow thanks for clearing that up. You should work for PLB since you know so much about all of them 🙂 Im from Chicago and was just wondering what promotion did Justin do here cause I’ve been to all of his concerts that he’s done here and I haven’t heard of him doing any promotions. And I met him going into the arena before his concert around that time, and I didn’t see Shay or any girl with him. Just saying 😀

  10. Ally says:

    I agree with Uzzi. Stop the fighting, it’s stupid and no one cares. Get back to the real blogs.

  11. GlitterDreams says:

    Yeah I mean we’ve had enough of your drama you dont need to post 3 blogs to proove BH is wrong we get it! Now we want some Gossip! Dont take my comment the wrong way…

  12. wowza says:

    Ok so ur facts are all opinions and not truth u are making up situations which could or could not have happened… also u have to be blind as a damn bat not to notice the difference between the two keys and just because someone buys a key necklace like someone else between a couple months means nothing… ur facts arent legitimate at all its just a load of crap… BH is a more reliable source and has more facts than you… end of story

  13. #TeamBreezy Love u chris brown says:

    U bitches are LOSERS hah and tia u are SHIT at blogging compared to Nina and Kimberely..BieberHeiress SLAYED u haha u guys got battered woop and this is the most rubbish COMEBACK EVERR hahaha #teamheiress forever..keep dreamin but u guys are shitass bitches…ugly litlle bitches

  14. Lexi says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS. BH was so rude on their blog! “you’ll never be an heiress?” like seriosuly, are you regina george? this is not “mean girls” TWO, why are they saying the thing about Shaz isnt true, ive read ALL their blogs, i was sick and read throguh all the archives a couple weeks ago. They posted about Shaz!! So why would they say “she made it up, its not true” and Shaz is like 18, I dont think she would take the time to lie to all the q’s on formspring. So I don’t get why they made that up. They are obviously threatened that someone else can write good blogs too. Thank you girls for not being rude and immature like they are! Even when BH was attacking you on Twitter you replied calmly, and in your recent blogs have not been stuck up or rude towards them, unlike them. THANK YOU 🙂 oh and whos Tia? I thought it was Nina&Kim? also, I feel bad for Shay, everyone should just leave her alone, and she is old news. We want juicy new stuff 🙂
    Love you girls! Thanks for staying classy!
    Xox, Lexi.

    • dami says:

      i cant believe justin hooked up with that shahnaz girl. shes seriously ugly. justin can hook up with waaaaaay prettier girls. although he did want caitlin who’s as average looking as can be.

      • lorelai says:

        damn lol. so true, but this shay chick is no better her hairline starts at her fucking shoulders..

  15. Maddie J says:

    I love how some people are gonna sit here & bitch telling you guys to stop dragging this out.. last time i checked BH started this shit first, calling you out. & i’m pretty sure as well that you guys aren’t trying to “hug” your 15 minutes of fame, you guys are way better than BH & since BH wanted to start shit first you should already know that you already above ’em. Haters gonna hate, but don’t let that stop you guys from keep posting more amazing TRUTHFUL blogs. Keep it going, you got my support 100%. 🙂

  16. carina says:

    this is the 3rd blog you made without any facts its just your opinion AND MOST OF THEM DON’T EVEN MAKE SENSE…

    call me when you become a real blog. Until then, i’ll ride with BH…no hard feelings tho.

    Well maybe just a little 🙂

  17. Amber says:

    at least this blog has the most recent news.. 😀 takes BH forever to update

  18. jasmine was his gf says:

    yeah, he mentioned jasmine in Philipines..
    he is still remembers her.

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