EGG-streme, EGG-out!

Like my wordplay up there? Yeah, I know you do. No big deal. I’m cool.

Anyway. IT IS THE LEGENDARY, PLB (hold your applause), and today we are here to talk about something that went down yesterday, April 30th 2011.
J Bieber got thrown SIX eggs at him while performing on stage yesterday at an arena in Sydney, Australia. Now I’m not one who knows it all (so correct me if I’m wrong here), but isn’t a concert supposed to be for FANS who paid money to see a celebrity perform live?
Tell me this, what belieber would egg Justin? Who eggs someone they look up to? Aren’t you supposed to cheer them on?…Yeah, a little lost there.
It’s not like whoever did it was trying to egg someone else because they were CLEARLY being aimed towards Justin. It’s kind of awkward though if you look at the video.

I think this was the stage Justin acting here. The way he just slipped back? I mean, the backstage Justin would have probably flipped and cursed whoever did that out. *cough*

Or, Ya’know…like thrown a skateboard at ’em or something.

No, but in all seriousness though. We just think that was a little uncalled for, for someone to pelt Justin with eggs. Couldn’t it have been something more nice? That smelt a little better? Like flowers?

Justin has had a wide history of HATING people throwing this at him on stage. We don’t know if it gets him annoyed, or what. But he definitely does not like being pelted with object on stage. ANY.

December 21, 2009.

September 20, 2010.

April 9, 2011.

As you can see, Justin does not enjoy the company of random object on that stage of his.
But according to the egg video, he doesn’t really care about eggs apparently. What he really should have done was stopped the concert and gave everyone a lecture about throwing things again. That would have been gold.
But any who, We think Justin handled that situation very well. He just stepped back, some people cleaned it, and he continued on with his concert. That was mature of him, We respect that.

Update: The people who threw the eggs at Justin have been arrested. They planned the whole thing. It wasn’t ‘birds.’ They were haters who threw it at him.**

OVER & OUT. Thank you for reading πŸ˜‰
XOXOPLB; Kimberly

16 thoughts on “EGG-streme, EGG-out!

  1. BeliebersHI says:

    I hate these haters, like seriously.
    Haha, and the last video was April 9, 2011. It was the concert in Switzerland i was there. He actually wasn’t mad and was really nice πŸ˜›

  2. katerina says:

    There was a nest of eggs and happened to fall when he was performing. The eggs fell from above so if there was dangling fans on the roof then it was obviously them. Bit I highly doubt that. Over and out bitches x

  3. Patricia says:

    Wow first comment!!! I seen this video yesterday and I still don’t know what to make of it. Im kinda doubting that its haterz who threw them, cause they come from straight above, from the ceiling. Maybe it was a prank played on Justin by his team, or maybe they were bird eggs that just happened to fall on him. No one knows. But Im really hoping that we get an explanation soon cause the suspense is killing me -_- As for Justin not liking stuff getting thrown at him, do you blame him? Especially after the whole so called ” water bottle” incident, that haterz still make fun of him for. If you’re a real fan, than you should know by now to NEVER throw stuff at Justin while he’s on stage.

    • Jessica says:

      Totally agree with you. I’m pretty sure they were bird eggs that fell down from the noise of the concert. Why would someone on his crew prank him like that? They would probably lose their job and how would they get up so high to do that as well. It definitely wasn’t a concertgoer as the eggs clearly fell from directly above. And he definitely would have stopped the concert to tell the crowd not to throw things. And others did say that after the song while he was changing costumes, he was pretty mad about what had happened but he carried on like a pro. I swear your blogs have absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

    • amy says:

      it actually was haters.. my brother knows the guy. he had the tickets given to him and got paid an extra $100 to egg him so yeah, I was so angry that someone did that, so pathetic i say.

    • Belieber <3 says:

      No actually it was a 17 year old hater who tresspassed the acer arena and threw eggs at Justin from the ceiling.
      He’s now arrested and going in to court πŸ™‚

  4. Ariel says:

    Wow. I heard about this yesterday, but actually seeing it on video… obviously, it wasn’t a Belieber. What fan would throw eggs at their role model? And what Bieber hater would PAY money to go to his concert JUST to egg him? I swear, some people are just so damn pathetic. -.-

  5. Nicole says:

    You guys post too much shit about Justin. What are you, ten?
    I mean, c’mon give it a break…

  6. Ellen x says:

    He looked like he didnt notice them… am i wrong???

  7. bbibi says:

    I want more posts about the investigation of Jelena. That was really awesome of you to discover such conspiracy between them. Love you Kimberley!

    • umm says:

      lol the only reason he didnt flip the fck out is because he performs “one time” with a backing track and he cant exactly start cursing when his pre-recorded vocals continue to blast through the speakers. haha

  8. Erica says:

    NO ONE THREW EEGS AT HIM!!! there was a birds nest at the top of the stadium and eggs fell from it. if you look at the video closely, you can see the eegs came from above justin.. not the crowd.

  9. yo says:

    idc. he’s beautiful and talented either way! ily justin ❀

  10. Saraah says: This is the facebook of the guy who was arrested for the egging. Apparently he was released of bail but was charged with breaking and entering, trespass and malicious damage.

  11. Belieber <3 says:

    Actually, a belieber didn’t throw any eggs, it was a 17 year old boy hater who tresspassed the acer arena, climbed to the top, and threw eggs from the top.
    He’s arrested now and going into court πŸ™‚

  12. oh my i was at the concert the night before i felt so bad! but im from Sydney and apparently it was a fan trying to get his attention ( a very stupid male fan)

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