A Little More Of Jelena…

We cleared up that Jelena IS fake and WAS fake. Now, I did more research. More research giving me so much more pieces with this… fraud. Let’s begin.

As you know, Hollywood= Fake 99% of the time. Jelena’s relationship is fake. BUT, if you go all the way back in time (like we did with the last post), you’ll really get this.

Now let’s think back to the guys Selena has been known to date. All famous guys who happen to be the teen “it” thing. Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Dylan Sprouse, James Austron, many other big celebs, and now Justin. Coincidence?

This is all a set up basically for more publicity and fame. (That setup worked great at that) Especially now since Selena is ending WOWP she needs to start off her brand new ‘adult’ career somewhere right?

Okay, so, does anyone remember Pattie telling Justin to stay away from Jasmine because she was or could be using him for fame? We do. What makes Selena any different? The difference is obvious, Selena is way more famous than Jasmine. By “dating” Selena, Justin gets more out of it for himself. If he dated Jasmine and she really was using him, he gets nothing. She get’s all the benefits from the relationship.

I got this from a website. I’ll decode it for you. Read it. (WE DID NOT POST ANY OF WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO READ It’s all from an undercover blog that exposes Hollywood publicity stunts.) BLIND GOSSIP WAS THE ONE THAT SAID THAT PEOPLE TOLD THEM THESE THINGS. They’re actually sources for many blogs such as Perez Hilton, OU, and well known magazines/etc. But we’re not 100%. We’re just posting other people’s opinions on all of this. We’re open to all opinions in this blog..

Sincere couple/ no matter how sincere they might seem- No doubt Selena and Justin have a repuation for being genuine and real. They seem like people you can trust and that would never lie about something like this.

Young stars- Who else could this be? What other two stars are dating at the moment that “we love”?

A lot of buzz- EVERYONE was talking about their relationship after the Vanity Fair party. They made their public appearance Feb 27th, and this blind item came out March 1st. There was nothing but buzz about the two at that time.

She gets a ride on all the extra publicity- We all know no one is getting more publicity than Justin. He’s the biggest star around. Selena, needs all the publicity she can get with her show ending and her upcoming album and summer tour.

Arranged by publicist and management- This is how the game works in Hollywood. Managers set up these fake relationships for their stars all the time. That’s why it says “this relationship is ALSO a setup”. Because it happens all the time in Hollywood. ALL THE TIME. It really is nothing strange or new.  So here’s the part you all want to know, does Justin know? Is he in on it too? He doesn’t need publicity so why would he be okay with it? “he gets a piece of what he’s wanted for a really long time” If you remember, Justin has always been about making his cash. That’s right. Justin’s getting a huge piece and chunk of money for going along with this. I’m sure he’s not complaining about everyone thinking he’s dating Selena. Let’s admit it, she’s beautiful. Not only is Justin in on this, so is Sierra and all of Justin’s close friends and family. Why do you think Jared Justin’s cousin always talks about how hot she is? You don’t do that to your cousin’s girlfriend. Justin is also okay with Jared talking like this about Selena, which tells us it obviously isn’t a true relationship. We all know Justin is the protective type over his girls. We’ve gotten word that Sierra knows about the whole thing but has sworn to secrecy. But someone else, who knows about this has spilled everything. That person is Caitlin Beadles. Caitlin told us everything she knows about the topic and she has told us Justin herself has told her and Christian the relationship is fake. -BG

We’re not fully sure on who this was set-up by. But it most likely has something to do with Jelena’s ‘people.’ Maybe Scooter has something to do with this. Who knows, he IS the one that always denies Jelena and says paparazzi are lying. But how can paps be lying if there are pictures of them kissing everywhere? All we know is, is that Jelena is a fake relationship. It’s a publicity stunt. Keep in mind, this is NOT the first time this has happened in young Hollywood. Trust me. It’s not.

The website the picture was from is blindgossip.com (I think) Read more about it. We’re not 100% sure about what they said but all we have to say is.. “Oh the lies of Hollywood..


Credit to The Undercover Blog for the heads up 😉

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34 thoughts on “A Little More Of Jelena…

  1. :) says:

    i knew it was fake…
    oh and if they want their relationship to stay in private,then why are they exposing themselves when they knew somebody will take a picture of them like in this new pic : http://twitpic.com/4p34zl
    this is a totally fake relationship…

    • Kayla says:

      i feel sorry for justin cuz he cant date anyone without knowing that they are useing him for his money….selena is a slut and always will be 1…i hate jelena i just respect the “J” in jelena…i cant even look at selena (this is true) because everytime i see her i feel sick to the stomach or either puke she just disgusts me i rather have justin date a classy girl like jessica jarrell or a belieber ❤ but out of all the girl really justin really Selena *aka the most sluttyest girl in hollywood* hell i rather for you to date miley cyrus :/ lol

      • Patricia says:

        hahaha thats what I always say too. I hate Selena, but I think that him and Miley would make a cute couple or Taylor Swift.

    • Daisy says:

      WTF? You completely copied my Jelena article and then tried to take credit for it. How brilliant of you. Maybe you should give me some credit.



  2. courtney says:

    So, a couple of days ago I found this ‘fake’ acc on twitter, trying to fool people for being Alfredo Flores.. @AIferdoFIores (check him out)
    and he’s tweeting pictures of them that, to be honest, I think only the real Alfredo could have taken, but that’s only what I believe. And then I read your posts and now i’m half-thinking that maybe this is a part of it all, that it’s actually the real Alfredo claiming not to be real, but still tweeting all this to blow the rumors up of it all. What do you think? Could be true!

  3. Marykate says:

    WHOOP WHOOP first comment =D
    I also kind of knew it was fake because both Justin and Selena’s management crews have both denied to them being an item. But if the relationship was set up by Scooter and Mandy then would Selena still be using Justin? And also who’s Sierra? haha
    But besides two of those things, another fantastic blog covered by the PLB crew ;D

  4. Naja says:

    Sierra is Justin and Caitlin’s friend from ATL. You guys know people are going to ask Caitlin if she really told you guys about Jelena. She may deny it, she may call you guys out. So be prepared for backlash.

  5. Naja says:

    Not to say I don’t believe you guys, but where’s the proof that caitlin told you and where’s the proof that Justin’s cousin Jared says that Selena’s hot?

  6. Bri says:

    I’ve just found this blog and already, I feel at home. The intellect and sheer reason throughout your “Jelena” posts is highly commendable. Thank you for sharing with the world! I only wish more people could see the light.

  7. natalie says:

    I totally agree. And if this is true, I’ve definitely lost respect for Justin. We MADE him famous, and he goes abusing that power and lying to fans (even though he barely tweets us anymore anyways)it’s just wrong. If we didn’t make him famous, he wouldn’t have even a chance of dating her. So I think it’s totally wrong he’s dating her, real or fake, and not telling us about it. He said 2 years ago we’d be the ‘first to know’ if he ever got a girlfriend. Just abusing the power of fame and going behind the fan’s backs after telling us and making us feel like we’d have a real relationship like him unlike any other fan base hurts, definitely. I really wonder sometimes. Who is he? Scooter said the fans know him better than anyone else, which is obviously a lie.

    Anyway, I wish I could talk to Caitlin. Not about Justin, but in general. She just seems like such a sweet person. But, what did she say exactly other than it was fake?

    • Fellize Riddle♥♥ says:

      Well, to clarify your statement of you saying “we MADE him famous”, you didn’t. The haters did. Otherwise, JB wouldn’t have a lot of publicity or needed publicity if people didn’t hate him.

  8. Yogini says:

    I like your blog

  9. char_bieber6 says:

    oooooooh, and with the set up bit, that’s why in the last post you guys said why did Justin need to talk to Selena over twitter saying I miss you – becuase he wanted beliebers to see that they are actually together! sneaky…but I still love him 😀

  10. Uzzi says:

    Another thing Justin gets from this relationship: he looks older.
    I know you might argue but it’s true. Everyone still thinks of him as the 15 year old “girl” in a hood singing “aye, aye”.
    By dating a Disney star and yet not being one, and dating an older girl therefore having to be “more mature” he “looks” older
    Frankly, I think he needs to stop pushing his growing up and wait for it to happen naturally, because it is and it shall.

  11. Brianna says:

    That can’t be true, because when Selena and Justin started to go public, Christian and Justin weren’t friends. They just recently made up but Justin isn’t over it quite yet. That’s why Christian were saying thing on twitter like “Justinbieber is a great friend, he has mad swag.” Christan is trying to befriend Justin again by saying nice things. But, when was the last time you heard Justin even mention Christians name? Juston brings Ryan and Chaz on tour a lot. Ever seen christan? No. So if Justin was faking this relationship, why would he tell his ex-girlfriend and ex-bestfriend? He wouldn’t. My point exactly.

  12. steph says:

    I knew something was fishy when that ‘Latin girl’ song “leaked “.

  13. Sofia says:

    Christian and Justin have always been friends. It’s just a rumour going around that they are not friends anymore. I have seen a lot of new pictures of them hanging around. Before Justin was going on his europe tour he was with christian.

  14. Susan says:

    I’m surprised she hasn’t dumped Justin yet and clinged onto one of the guys in One Direction.

  15. sklfjiwe b says:

    LMAO this site is ran by a bunch of haters and ignorant people. bye.

    never visiting this site again(:

  16. ioana says:

    justin are christian are still friends. the beadles and justin had been togheter for a whole week right before his movie came out.

  17. MIND FUCK says:

    I just realized something…
    Scooter and everyone else are ALWAYS denying Jelena’s relationship. They’re always saying how they aren’t dating. Truth be told, they AREN’T dating. So if you think about, no one is really lying except those who haven’t denied the fact and admitted to them dating. Anywho, all in all, it’s sort of a trick, ya know? I honestly have no way to explain this. But like, they aren’t lying to us when they deny things and say that they aren’t dating… cause they aren’t! It’s all fake! I hope someone understands what I’m tryna say here haha 😛
    But I love you PLB (: you’re wayyy better and much more accurate then http://bieberheiress.com/ Just sayin 😛 heheh (:

  18. ItsBarbieBitch says:

    all u jealous girlss haha IF ITS FAKE OR REAL their aint no shit that u can do coz their not gonna stop coz some jelous beliebers are hating on them and writing a whole blog about how its fake..

  19. […] A Little More Of Jelena… (via XOXOPLB) Posted on May 7, 2011 by xoxosweeties We cleared up that Jelena IS fake and WAS fake. Now, I did more research. More research giving me so much more pieces with this… fraud. Let's begin. As you know, Hollywood= Fake 99% of the time. Jelena's relationship is fake. BUT, if you go all the way back in time (like we did with the last post), you'll really get this. Now let’s think back to the guys Selena has been known to date. All famous guys who happen to be the teen “it” thing. Nick J … Read More […]

  20. linda says:

    When I read this, I came to think of something. I read somewhere that Justin wanted to keep the “relationship” private, and out of public, but Selena was the one that didn’t. She wanted people to know, even though she knows she’ll get death threats and alot of haters for dating Justin. I’m just glad it’s fake. I hate Selena Gomez

  21. Saeyra says:

    wow this is weird this couple acually a fake…..

  22. AmelieMay says:

    my take on the whole “fake relationship” however how sincere it might seem…

    obviously it was fake, she is mature and he just isn’t. she called him a ” dork”,”little kid”,”little brother” etc. and she made it clear that she won’t date him and even called dating him “illegal”. What’s very suspicious is that just a few months later, she’s all over him and suddenly he’s the love of her life…you just can’t change your mind that fast,it’s weird. And they’re both busy stars, so what gave them the time to hang out enough to completely change selena’s mind about dating him? it’s just isn’t believable to me from the start.

    And those photos were so staged by the way, i mean on the yacht? really, who poses like that anyway?..and as we know they are very into PDAs,aka they can’t help but kiss in public all the time, so if they have been dating for months already,then why haven’t they been caught earlier, at the rate they’re going with the pictures now,you’d think that they were like that before too,but nothing has been found except for the staged ihop photo,which was obviously planned out(oh c’mon there weren’t any people but them).

    The reason of selena is obvious, her show is ending,she has a new movie and album and nobody cares..so she needs the publicity fast and what better to get you in the headlines than to be justin biebers girlfriend(i don’t know about you but it seems to be working,sadly) and as for bieber, well we all know he gets called gay a LOT..and if he still doesn’t have a girlfriend then that will only make haters call him gay even more, problem is who the girlfriend would be? finding a girl in short period of time,that’s convenient for him..i could only think of one teen star slutty enough to do it for more fame and that’s selena.

    and about selena…

    She’s fake as hell, and she’ll never in a million years compare to the true teen queen that is Miley Cyrus, sure she’s had some lows but have you ever seen Miley try to get publicity from famous dudes? never. It’s the other way around even,heck she even made Liam famous just for dating her..I’ve always been her fan and Selena stole Nick from miley for what else? more fame..and she gets rewarded for all her famewhoreness by being even more famous,it just makes me sick.

    and as for bieber …

    i also think he wants to be seen as mature,that could be another of his reasons..it’s ironic because it seems the fans feel that he’s changed and actually preferred his immature prankster flirty self,which he basically changed or she did..who knows. Also haters can stop calling him gay because he has a girlfriend,which is all too convenient for him.

    and lastly,he have always seemed the type that prefers his relationship to be private,remember the song kiss and tell? he don’t want tmz and all that..but now they’re basically begging paparazzi to picture them making out and they couldn’t bother to get privacy. and don’t even tell me that because bieber is so famous,it’s will be hard to avoid paparazzi and that is why they keep getting caught kissing..my answer to that is Miley Cyrus and Nick jonas-she was the biggest thing that time and they weren’t caught making out at every picture-and it’s becoz they want privacy-it isn’t impossible..

    but these two: bieber/gomez-(i don’t want to call them jelena-it’s sick)they clearly want publicity or she wants it more than he does-check out their kissing pics or vids-she’s practically begging him to kiss her in public and he’s looking at the camere wtf-so fake-hahaha.

    they’re a sad case-especially gomez since it’s her third strike after nick and taylor..i didn’t think bieber would get caught in all that hollywood shit,but apparently if you stay long enough you can’t avoid it.

  23. koko says:

    I’ve read the whole thing from beginning to end and all I have to say is….HIGH FIVE. THANK YOU FOR AAYING WHAT I’ve BEEN TRYING TO SAY ALL ALONG! I 100% AGREE!

  24. fuckoff says:

    Stop hating. Why don’t you go meet Justin & ask him? Stupid fucking bitches.

  25. lovethisblog says:

    there friends with benefits that why there doing it to

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